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Monday, October 6th, 2003

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    wow i havent written in here forever!!! uuum this was a 3 day wkend and today is the last day :-( but this is wut i did:
    -michelle n tine slept over
    -hometown fair on sat with justine n meave
    -michelle got a new straightener!!! hehe
    -chilled out wit nick tchirkow
    -hometown fair on sun wit monica, sam, kristin, tine, kepeli, andrew, roxanne, other ppl
    -monicas house
    -didnt get any sleep cuz of sneaking out
    -kepeli, andrew, kayla, tine came over n we chilled in the camper hahaha
    -pedicure wit michelle and tine...after that we went to moons liquor and got sum grub
    -chilled at sandune
    -daniel bev and justin took me n a couple of girlies 2 the queen mary shipwreck halloween after...
    -meaves house wit tine lana delta casey n her friends
    -had my first beer oh wow hahaha
    -tines house lots
    -i was sick
    -zach came back this from college on fri but left early this morning

    im really 2morrow n i gotta do my hw cuz i didnt start it yet... i didnt include details bout wut i did this wkend so theres more...but ya
    sum more things i did lately...:
    -white stripes show at the greek wit zach B josh G andrew M n emily
    -amis been grounded...sniff sniff...miss her muchas n i havent seen her for like a month :-(
    -costa is fun...but lotsa hw...been busy wit it
    -club 17 wit daniel justin sean n ppl
    -dumped a bf about 2 wks ago...u can ask me personally why i did n who it wuz...if you want
    -sneak out
    -went to dondos football game one night wit justin oj jeff n andrew n i got 2 c scarlett miriam alexis audre and a buncha other girlies i miss so much that i hadnt seen until i was happyhappy

    Current Mood: tired, happy, thirsty

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