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Tuesday, August 12th, 2003

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    well yesterday i went 2 the beach at hermosa wit the usual crowd down there...las night went to the movies wit ami, kayla, monica, jeff, andrew, aaron, deen, n donald...we were at first gonna c SWAT but nobody came on time so we ended up seein american wuz me, ami, n monicas second time seeing was still funny tho...ami slept over...mike picked us up around 2 n we wanted fast food really bad but we went to taco bell, mcdonalds, and jack n the box n they were closed!!!! we went to 711 n bought a buncha food there n grubbed hehehe...then we felt like goin to the beach n he drove us 2 hermosa n we chilled on the strand for a while n ate our food...haha we ran into these ppl who were sneakin into this pool of this apartment off the wuz funny shit cuz they were drunk n actin fuckin retarded n were all talkin to us n stuff lol...we drove back to my place n went in my dads camper n we chilled in there, me, ami, n mike, for like 3 wuz fun cuz we tlaked lotz n jus hung out...he went home around 5:45 when the sun had jus come up...n me n ami went inside haha n talked for like an hr n then finally fell asleep...well she did...i didnt...-no ppl i did not go to sleep last night-...uh oh!!! haha uuum n ya today i took ami 2 hermosa wit me...n i picked up kayla too n we went to lunch at goodstuff...then beach n alexis, lana, n alexis's cousin (i forget wut her name is) were there too...n jeff, alli, jessica, aaron, deen were there of course...n me, kayla, n ami looked in ardvarks, restyle, n sum other stores to shop...didnt find much really...omg i tripped n my black rocket dogs strap broke n so now i dont have anymore platform sandals!!!!...tear** sniff ya then i came home 2nite n i couldnt go out or have ppl over cuz my mom says AGAIN that ive been out too damn much n that im always doing something...that i have to relax n shit like that...i didnt relaly care tho cuz im so damn tired...i havent been gettin any sleep at all lol all the sneaking out n sleep over im drinking my second coke in a row...i hope i can go to sleep lol...byebyebye!!!!!

    Current Mood: fuckin tired
    Current Music: MISFITS-scarecrow man

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