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no one notices she's slipping away's Blurty

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  2004.09.07  06.39
untitled poem two

pure intended eyes
shifted down, round, and glassy
God knows how much they've cried
and she still remains classy

Chesnut brown hair
strands of it falling from her face
smooth, light pink lips
he has yet to taste

He knows her heart is broken
like glass thrown to the floor
theres just one thing hes unsure
who's heart is breaking more

He tells her she'll be okay
broken hearts will mend
Like he constantly tells himself
she only sees him as a friend

Mood: disliking morning

  2004.09.06  22.37
untitled one

drown in an ocean of wrecklessness
up to your neck in dispair
all you do is waste your tears
and cry sobbing lifes not fair

you'll always be helpless
you'll never have a chance
you wont ever be happy
and you'll never get a second glance

these strangers dont see you
and your friends dont know you're there
you have no real importance
because no one really cares

your emotions have no purpose
and your life no real worth
you're living in denial
this lie since birth

you're nobody to the world
and that's all you'll ever be
this is what life is like
being the girl whos never seen

Mood: accomplished