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Greetings... [01 Sep 2003|12:57pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

So...yeah. I haven't updated...since, a while ago. ^^;; I went over Anera's house on Friday and we frolicked outside with Camille, Jake, John, Jenna, and some other girl. Then John decided to be weird and pour water over my head, so I turned around and did it right back. So at that point we were both slightly wet, and he came after me. I was soakedsoakedsoaked. I had to go change into some of Anera's clothes. Ahaha.
So now, I'm watching a movie--which is of the interesting sort.

I'm trying to enjoy my last days of summer. But, now, that school is only a day away what do I have to show for myself? Some cash from working and a tan. Yay?

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