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Friday, July 20, 2007

12:45AM - Things I do when bored

1- Read the whole thing on scientology on wikipedia

2 - click random youtube links

3 - blog.


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12:31AM - Night Junkies

I've noticed that I'm a night junkie. Explained, I like to stay up late, doing absolutley nothing. I've also notice that there are two types of night junkies. So instead of a long, drawn out intor, we'll get right into the blogging.

1) The fat lazy smell Night Junkie - This one is self explanatory. Steer clear of these night junkies. One, they smell awful. Two, they might eat you. They probably stay up downloading pron and plaing Sims 1 or 2, and eating directly from the fridge. They probably have a small fridge within reaching distance. If they didn't they'd starve to death.

2) The fit Night Junkie - I fall into this categorie. There are very few of these left, mostly because being a night junkie involves doind, well, nothing. But apart from that, these night junkies are like normal people. The only difference is that theyget excersise, eat normally, and actually have seen the sun. That's why we are fit, however few there are left.

So that's it. You're probably a night junkie too, if you're reading this right now, 5 minutes after it got posted.
Sucks for you.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

6:42PM - D.C. owns.

D.C., is pretty much the best city, ever. Except the politics. Someone asked me, "Wanna go see the Congress building?" Sure! I'd love to see where stupid decisions are made! Eh, on second thought, there's a Fuddrucker's down the street. A girl gave me a magazine for free. It was the "Washington monthly." It had an ad inside that said, "If our magazine is so good, why are we giving it away?" Why should I care? I read further and it said, "So here's the deal: If you like it, keep it. If not, pass it along." I swear, that things gonna be passed around like a peace pipe. Before handing it off to some bystander, I decided to read a bit. The world is messed up, I'll tell you that. It was all this crap about all the president candidates are wrong(Hilary Clinton), and the atmosphere is screwed over, and New Orleans. All the candidates debate about the earth's atmosphere, but i beleive it was their fault in the first place. Thanks, for screwing the world over before passing it on.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

11:11PM - No title ideas come to mind.

As I begin this little side project of mine, I have just finished a 12 hour car trip from Jacksonville, Florida (where i arrived last week from Houston, Texas) to Washington D.C. And where better to begin a political satire/angry rant/comedic blog at? So I give you, my blog. Yes, I know, not much of a title. But it was all I could think of at midnight. So be glad you got anything at all. I will be more cheery and gentler, or at least less angry, next time.

A random quote, found at bash.org:
"So I turned a box upside down, and you know what it said? "Don't turn box upside down""

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