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[02 Nov 2004|10:00am]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | Dawson's Creek Theme ]

On Saturday I can't remember what I did in the morning but I think afterwards I went to the movies with Carolyn and we saw The Grudge and it was scary as all Hell! The creature kept making this noise and I said that people came out of the theater trying to copy it and going:
And some guy was going Blagggghhhhhh ((Tounge out))

Well on Halloween I hung out with Jill in The Fun Filled Town Of Goshen! Yay! We went down the haunted street of Goshen and got hungry. Then I spun Jill around on the spinny ride in the park and she got mad because she wanted to stay in the park but I didn't. So we called Jess and she wasn't there then there was a bug in Jills shirt and she spazzed out and...yeah... Then we saw Amanda, Cat, Tina and Janine and we tried to decorate a statue and we found a barbie shirt. Then we hung out at Kwik Stop where I got picked up to go to a party. I lost the directions to the party so I had to go home and get them and then leave. The party was cool and there were many Albanians. Me and Chelsea hung out ang then she left so I chillizled with Sean "Dancing Shoes" Collins and Lauren. Then I went home and watched a Russian guy beat the crap out of some crazy bastard.

I didn't want to go to school yesterday but I did and it was boring and Jill was sad and hardly anyone was there. And Jill was sad.

Today I am going to the mall with Jill, Marcy and maybe Kristen. Ok, now I need to eat my omelette.

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[27 Oct 2004|05:19pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | Johnny Cash-- "I Walk The Line" ]

Eh...nothing really happened today but I did have a weird dream last night where Jessica and me were in the old math room and she couldn't see the board and she kept asking me what it said but she was crying. Then I looked over at her and her eyes were all red and bloody and the teacher was mad at her. Then I was in someone's house with a cat. It was a nice cat too and I think Stephanie gave him to me. :) Well I hope Jessica doesn't have any eye problems! Damn that was a crappy dream. Ok well today...I had a brownie and it was good and I scared Sal. Fun stuff. Tootles.

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[25 Oct 2004|07:32pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Guns N' Roses-- "Sweet Child O' Mine." ]

Friday- I hosted a ten years olds birthday party and they were annoying. End of story.

Saturday- Did my homework and sat around because I had a fever. Then I got ready for the dance and Stephanie made me look prostitutey. Then I got there and hung out with the posse. I saw Stefanie and said hello but she said she would kick my ass so I laughed in her face and pissed her off even more. She is funny. Britt and Michelle were drunk and Dennis was crowned Homecoming King. Me and Jessica danced and got tired. Then I hung out with Dave. He's cool. I saw Lauren and Jess got kissed.

Sunday- Grandpa's 80th b-day. It was fun but cold. We went backt o his house and watched a tape my dad made and everyone cried because it had people who had passed away in it.

Monday- Didn't want to go to school because I didn't do any homework. I was tired and tired. In math Sall was icky and sweaty and I got in trouble because I told him he was icky and sweaty. The End.

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[22 Oct 2004|05:03pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Green Day-- "J.A.R" ]

Today was hat day and we had to wear red. Stefanie dropped me off at school and I walked it and it looked really cool. My locker section was New Orlean/Mardi Gras. There was also Honolulu, Las Vegas and they had a sign that said, "What happens here, stays here." And then there was Hollywood. The people who put it together did a really great job. So here goes my day.

Before 1st period- I saw Jill and Nicole and Cassie and Carolyn and they were all, "Oh I love your hair!" :) Then we walked around.
Art- Worked on drawing a catfish/mudslipper with fruit.
Study Hall- Went to the library and took a typing test and wrote about a lot of dumb stuff. I saved it to my file.
Global- Talked about worksheets and reading. Talked to Jill but I dunno what we talked about.
English- Had the guidance lady come to our room and talk about guidance people.
Spanish- Sat with Carolyn and Kristen and decided that I will fail Spanish.
Math- Got my test back and I decided I will fail Math too. Sal asked if I got a hair cut but I told him I used different gel. LoL.
Lunch- Got a lot of compliments on my hair and Ryan told me I looked nice. He is nice. I like him again.
Chorus- Mike, Rachel, Nicole D and Autumn said I have nice hair. They are so nice. I also saved Caitlin W from tipping over in her seat.
Bio- We had a sub and it class was boring, then we went to the pep rally and had a good time. I got mad because people were talking during the national anthem and I thought it was very rude. The girl who sang it was really good! Then I got on the bus and went home and had an at home blood test. Then I watched Napoleon Dynamite. The End.

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[21 Oct 2004|07:39pm]
[ mood | pleased ]
[ music | Connie Francis-- "Anniversary Waltz" Damn straight! Oldies! ]

Well yesterday was my last day of horseback riding. Me and Cami went and I rode Galaxy for the last time. I will miss him so much, I might be able to share-lease him in the spring though. ((Smiles)) It was a nice ride and Galaxy had the best canter ever. I got some good pictures of him and Cami and Rusty and I will miss all of them so much.

Today was 80's day. I had a fringe shirt, leggings, leg warmers and teeny tiny shorts on. Woo hoo! I looked cool. Nothing special happened until gym and me and Kelly were goalies. We sucked and that damn Juevos kid is good at socker. Me and Kelly wanted to turn the goal around but didn't. Then we talked about the "Highschool SpiderMan?" Haha. Then I went to GLOBAL and I wasn't late! Me and Jill slipped notes to each other. The notes had nothing important except for toilets and chainsaws. Then I went to Englisha nd it sucked. Then to Spanish where some kid said, "Yo necesito un gato!" I need a cat? Some lady then came to the door and asked for me and said I was a bad kid. She told me I got a referral but I got mad and asked her why but she said she didn't remember. Ass. Then I got to the principles office and he gave me gum. Then we got into a discussion about how a teacher that I do not have said I skipped his class. So we finally figured out that the guidance lady didn't make my schedule change so I wasn't down for chorus, but I was down for study hall. I hate school and I felt ridiculous in my 80's apparel. Then he let me go back to class but class was about over so I went to math and did mathy stuff. I talked to Jess, Kerry, Sal and CHericka. Then Lunch where me, Bri, Jeff and the other people had a debate about Bush and Kerry. G Dubya won! Then I went to my locker and then to Bio Lab which was uneventful.

After school I went home and watched Dr. Phil and he had kids that did drugs and cut. Fun stuff. Lucille picked me up and Kim brought me to the hair salon but she went to the thrift stire and I cut my hair. Short. It looks cool though. Then I hung out with Kirk and Kim and got picked up by David. I pissed him off and it was funny, then I blasted Marilyn Manson and rocked his socks off! Now I am home and Nicole is interviewing me for a project. The End. Buh bye.

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[17 Oct 2004|08:50pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | Interpol-- "Slow Hands" ]

Well, my mousey died on Friday and I buried him on Saturday. I miss the little stinker. He was about 2 years old and he was kinda fat. I miss him a lot. Lucille told me to throw out all his toys but I kept them. I put a few flowers on his grave and put a cross there to keep away any bad things.
When I went in to feed him and he didn't move, then I went into this weird thing where I kinda forgot what was going on and then I kinda 'popped' back and started crying. It's kind of like I was in a fish bowl. Everything looked weird. Then I went into my dads room and started bauling as I held Ardon. I loved him. He was a great friend. R.I.P Little Ardon Mouse. 200?-2004.

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[15 Oct 2004|07:14pm]
Recap Bitches!:

Mall with Jill.
Made Build-A-Bear.
Gave my sister a birthday present.
Nodded my head like I knew everything.
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[10 Oct 2004|09:36pm]
[ mood | devious ]
[ music | The Casualties--"Punx Unite" ]

Well, this weekend was pretty fun. I had horseback riding on Friday and I might get a horse soon. Then I called Jill and the other people that are my friends and on Saturday they came to my house to sleep over. Jill got to my house first and she kinda jumped on my bed and made my toys do weird things. Then we hung almost outside the window and yelled to Kristen and Carolyn as they arrived at my house. Then we went outside and rode around in the go kart and got chased by Kristen with a stick. We went inside and watched SLC Punk! afterwords and that is one of the best movies ever! Then we like ate dinner and stuffs and I went in my room while they stayed downstairs. We also did my brother's hair and gave Kristen Cindy Crawford/George Washington/Donald Trump Hair. We tried to mohawk my hair but it didn't work so we decided to cut it instead. Later at night we did some weird things, karaoke, S Club 7 and passing out. So everyone fell asleep at like 1 and I was wide awake but I did manage to fall asleep and wake up at 6 to realize everyone else was awake too. Oh yeah, I looked like a Jag-You-Are. Roar! So then we fell asleep again and I had a dream my dad bought me a horse for 32 dolares. But I woke up because Jill was saying, "Mmymm...Amber?....Yuahmuan...." She talks Japanese in her sleep. Then at 10 we woke up and my brother danced and sand Hey Ya and I Like The Way You Move. So we had some say bacon that looked like melted crayon and eggs and bagels and toast for breakfast. Yum. Then Carolyn and Kristen left and me and Jill watched SLC Punk! because we love Bob and Sean and Stevo. When they all left my nose started bleeding and I took a shower and cut my hair some more. Then I came to my dad's house and ate dinner. And I read _____ journal and I really like it. Now I am talking about hair. That's it. I am tired of writing now. Bye.

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[05 Oct 2004|03:03pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Interpol--"Public Pervert" ]

Um, well today I went Pumpkin Picking with my brother's class....at 8 in the morning. I was very tired. Then I saw some Higlander Cows and went in a hay maze, wow do i feel like a hillbilly. Um...well...let's see. The other day Stefanie, the one I hate, called me a freak again. I dont care. Um...I lit some incense and it smelled good. Um...I was gonna go to the mall with Carolyn but I didn't. I can't think of anything else.

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[30 Sep 2004|07:51pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | Prince--"Kiss" ]

OH MY GOOOOOODDDDDD! So much has happened and I am too lazy to update so here is a recap. (In no particular order)

-I found out who Sean Collins is and I also found out that he is a snazzy dancer.
-My mom found out about my...um...addiction. I dunno if that is the right word.
-I got a weird ruler thing from Sarah.
-I went to a "You Are Beautiful Seminar". Kick ass.
-I made new friends. And one of the friends wants to be stuffed.
-Fainted at the Renaisance Faire.
-Learned that word travels damn fast.
-Learned how to Sphere-Play.
-Got in a fight with Jill.
-Made up with Jill in Global.
-Moved my seat next to Jill in Global.
-Said, "You are beautiful." to a lot of people.
-Went to a nutritionist because I am borderline diabetic.
-Got scared of a website.

I'll put more later. Maybe...

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[20 Sep 2004|06:31pm]
Well today I got up really late and had to rush out of the house and it was 42 Goddamn degrees, so I froze, a lot. When I was in the car I heard Howard Stern and the girl that makes weird noises when she... Then I got to school and saw Carolyn's mom driving around with Missy in the car. Missy loves the car. Then I saw Carolyn and went to art and told the teacher about the person who drew a hat and coat on my numbers for my mural. Then off to Study Hall and I chatted with Devin, Jill B and Nicole and I went through Devin's bookbag and drew on some stuff. He is getting pretty hot. Ok!!!!! On to a new subject. I saw Jill in Global and then on to English where I didn't do my homework. Then Spanish and Carolyn had a tack in her pants and everyone at my table laughed. I also saw James. He got a lip ring. Meow. Off to math where I had no idea what was going on and I think Sal likes Jess. Haha. Then I went to lunch and nothing special happened. Hung out with Heather and talked about Maldonado. Um...then chorus and bio. I think I might have fallen asleep in bio. I got home and talked to my mom about a mohawk and I got mad. Then I got unmad. Then I went to guitar and voice and then I saw this adorable kid at a veggie stand. He was like 4 and he told me to take good care of the pumpkins he was watching.
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[17 Sep 2004|07:17pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Bowling For Soup-- "Girl All The Bad Guys Want" ]

Well today was pretty okay and then it just turned greeeaaaaat! I was walking out of math with Jessica and this asshole bitch walks up and talks in her Jew/Brooklyn accent and starts saying how Jessica is a witch so me and Jess laugh and she's like, "Fucking goth chicks....blah blah blah...oh moy gawd..." So I mock her by repeating her asshole language and well here is the convo:
Me. "Oh moy gawd Jessica."
Her: Do you think that's funny?
Me: Yes.
Her: I should punch you in your fuckin' face.
Me: Yeah, don't worry, I'll just stand there and take that.
Her: Yeah you will because I'll punch you again.
Me: *Laughing* Ok, good. I'll just beat the shit out of you though.
Her: I should push you down the fucking stair right now.
Me: Well seeing as I'm on the last step it's not gonna do you any good.
Her: *Walking away and mumbling* Asshole....
I was very calm and mildly sarcastic.

I was laughing just about the whole time and I just wanted to punch her fucking face in. I then told everyone about and I was very excited that I had met the girl to hate for the next 3 years. I ran into her about 2 more times and I was very very nice and cheerful. She also loves to mumble shit behind my back. Hehe, she is funny.

I also got some 40.00 wings from The Halloween Store and wore them through the mall yesterday. I got a lot of looks and I love it!!!

I love to fight assholes and get attention. Great adrenaline rush.

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[15 Sep 2004|03:35pm]
Well we had the tryouts today but that was after I got to school about 3 hours late. We did the audition then we had to do some other improv stuff. Then me, Carol and Kris saw Dennis and Pat and Sean and they were pretending to give him Freshman Friday, but it is Wednesday. We also found a car we really want.
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[14 Sep 2004|04:58pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | matchbook romance // if all else fails ]


your new fantabulous layout is finished , i couldnt find anything good on green day so just deal with this riskay and promiscuous layout.If you don't like it too bad . . . smelly hoe.

-jill <33

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[13 Sep 2004|07:21pm]
Well let's see what has happened, I wanted to go to the mall on Saturday but couldn't and neither could anyone else so I just held my two phones up to each other so all my friends could chat with each other. Weird. Then on Sunday I went to Carolyn's with Kristen and we did our audition skit. More later.
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[11 Sep 2004|02:11pm]
Well the dance pretty much sucked but I tried to make the best of it. I kinda spazzed out a lot. Haha, I'll write more later, for now just read this:

Is This It 04: Really, so...am I the coolest person ever?
j ii ll x3: of course
Is This It 04: Am I the sexiest person ever?
j ii ll x3: mmhmm
Is This It 04: Am I your number one bestest friend?
j ii ll x3: yes!
Is This It 04: Ok, just checking...
j ii ll x3: heh
j ii ll x3: i'm bored
Is This It 04: So what is your number? In case I need to tell you any plans that I have.
j ii ll x3: my house phone or my cell
Is This It 04: Either.
Is This It 04: I'm kidding.
Is This It 04: I don't need your number.
j ii ll x3: lol i'm lost
j ii ll x3: oh ok
Is This It 04: I was seeing if you rememebr the post you left.
j ii ll x3: i do
j ii ll x3: silly head!
Is This It 04: Silly nilly.
j ii ll x3: hehe
j ii ll x3: poo head!
Is This It 04: HAR HAR!
j ii ll x3: H@H@ <--- ooo , computer talk
Is This It 04: I lYke To tIpE lYK dIS
j ii ll x3: eww Ur lyKe S00 G@y!
Is This It 04: U r SoOoO fUkIn StUpIT!
j ii ll x3: NUhUH, U R! I MEEN LYKE,I SAW U WIT MUH BF bEhIn DA Sch00Ll LasTnite!
Is This It 04: Nuh Uh Dat WuZ ShaQuEsHa WiT U bf!
j ii ll x3: u thiink Ur Lyke So0o0o c00l but ya aint biOtch
j ii ll x3: shaquesha iiz muh bff , she dOn pull shiit liike Dat!
Is This It 04: sHEE pUL All Dat Shyt~
Is This It 04: ShE HaD Sex Wit YuR BF!
j ii ll x3: liike nuh uh , she be tappiin UR man hOe
j ii ll x3: >:odOn b Hatiin!
Is This It 04: Ur BFF iS dA pLAYA!
j ii ll x3: playa hata!
j ii ll x3: playa hata!
j ii ll x3: u dOn kno me!
Is This It 04: U'Z a bITCH!
Is This It 04: i DUZ 2!
j ii ll x3: ii aiint nO bitch , uz da biitch . . u biitch!
Is This It 04: fuk u u dam ho!
j ii ll x3: ii aint nO hOe , imma pOp a cap up iin HuRR sOn if u don stop beiin a hata
Is This It 04: u jus jelus dat ur boy gots a nu gf
j ii ll x3: nuh uh , she b a balla , sOn
j ii ll x3: haha i'm done
Is This It 04: she be ballin ur boy!
Is This It 04: Ok, fine.
j ii ll x3: i can't type like this anymore , it's making my head hurt
Is This It 04: Haha!
j ii ll x3: ahhhhh
j ii ll x3: **back
j ii ll x3: **english
Is This It 04: Cheerio.
j ii ll x3: oh no . . i'm . . talking in . . EBONICS!!!!

Is This It 04: NOOOO!~
j ii ll x3: haha
j ii ll x3: i'm good now thouse,my english is getting better
j ii ll x3: *though
Is This It 04: It takes some time.
j ii ll x3: that it does
j ii ll x3: quite a switch
Is This It 04: Yes indeedy.
j ii ll x3: ::listens to bayside and taking back sunday mix cd::
Is This It 04: ((Listens to Marilyn Manson and Blink I82 mix cd))
j ii ll x3: mmhmm
j ii ll x3: haha what the fuck . . that's an oxymoron
j ii ll x3: not even
j ii ll x3: a contradiction
Is This It 04: What?
j ii ll x3: marilyn manson . . . and blink 182
j ii ll x3: they just don't go
j ii ll x3: amber!
Is This It 04: They are sexy though.
j ii ll x3: can u burn me a cd with bright eyes on it :-)
Is This It 04: If I get 200 dolares.
j ii ll x3: how about 10
Is This It 04: How about 190.
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[08 Sep 2004|06:24pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Eric Clapton-- "Tears In Heaven" ]

Nothing has happened lately, um...I started talking to Steph again but that's about it. Today I almost fell asleep in every class. Then after school I stayed after with Carolyn and Jill B and we are gonna try out. We are gonna audition as the Anchorman guys. We are so stupid. Haha. Stephanie said that she is gonna take me and like 3 friends somewhere on Halloween but I dunno where and I will feel really bad about the person I don't chose. I hate things like this. Argh!

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[06 Sep 2004|02:35pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | Blink 182-- "What's My Age Again?" ]

Yesterday me, my dad, Lucille, Steph and Adam went to some Alpaca festival thing with hillbillies and shit. But the Alpaca's were cool. I think I want one. So anyways, we walked around and saw Kim's old boyfriend and he raises Alpaca's. Then we were getting chocolates and some creepy old jewish lady comes over nad is taking the chocolate boxes whilst picking her teeth with a toothpick and making gross noises. The little Belgian lady selling the chosolates seemed a tad, how do you say, preturbed. That old lady was gross! Then some big mountain man came up to my dad and started talking about movies and shit and I drank some spicy wine. Then at home I got mad at Lucille and Steph and my dad because they were talking about how I can't stay at my mom's house too much because she makes me mean and shit. Well they can shove it up their bums.

Anyways, today I have to go to a family picnic thing. I also have crap school tomorrow. I wish Chris was in one of my classes. :'(
Is This It 04: HELLO!
ColdHatred666: hey amber
Is This It 04: How are you
ColdHatred666: ok
ColdHatred666: you?
Is This It 04: Peachin'.
ColdHatred666: i have yet to see you in school
Is This It 04: Well you are not in any of my classes.
Is This It 04: You should join my study hall. Then we could chat.
ColdHatred666: i'd hope not
ColdHatred666: they're freshmen classes
Is This It 04: So?
Is This It 04: It doesn't matter. You could walk on your knees and pretend that you are smaller so you can fit in.
ColdHatred666: haha
Is This It 04: I am so gosh darned creative.
ColdHatred666: yes..you're a genius
Is This It 04: I am.
Is This It 04: I invented the wheel.
ColdHatred666: i bet you did
ColdHatred666: you don't look that old though..
ColdHatred666: so idk how you could've invented the wheel
Is This It 04: I use anti wrinkle cream to look young and vibrant.
ColdHatred666: wow..
ColdHatred666: it really works well
Is This It 04: That it does.

Oh yeah, if you want to go on a road trip with me, Carolyn, Kristen and Cassie, leave a message.

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[04 Sep 2004|07:54pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Journey-- "Don't Stop Believin'" ]

Today I got my hair colored and the guy almost ripped my earing out when he brushed my hair. Afterwards Carolyn and Cassie came over and we watched the movie I made and we went outside and did pilates. And we watched a movie about pie and tried to parallel park. Then the turkey came int he house and I had to have my picture taken because my grandma wanted one right after I got my hair done. That was kinda it. The End.

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[03 Sep 2004|06:22pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]
[ music | Marilyn Manson-- "Vodevil" ]

Today I woke up and my ear hurt like a mo' fo'. So I look in the mirror and the ball part is gone and I run to my mom saying, "Oh no, oh no! My earing broke!" She looks at it and says, "It didn't break, the ball went inside your ear!" So I had to push it out and it was bleeding and everything. :'( So I then asked her to help me figure out my pants because they weren't buttoning on the bottoms correctly and she saw a cut on my leg and stuff... Then I got to school and found out Carolyn, Dustin, Jenee and Catroy are in my gym class. Then I went through the motions of a regular school day, got to Gobal History late and had just an apple, milk and a single freedom fry for lunch. I saw Jess in math and we had to watch some teacher made movie about school rules. It was funny but pretty corny. Someone in class thought it was a porn...yeah...I dunno. Well I saw Sarah then went to my other classes and almost missed the bus because people love to walk slowly. Now I have to get off at the Hughes' bus stop because my busdriving is an asshole. Then I got home and fell asleep. I love to sleep. :) Now I am at my dad's house. Lucille found bunnies in a tree stump too...interesting.

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