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    Tuesday, December 31st, 2002
    2:09 pm
    Hi! This is my new online diary (duh). This looks very similar to DeadJournal! I must find the way to change the template, it's way too simple :P
    I'm gonna try to improve my english, because it's embarrasing to see that I still speak like a baby! I want to write in german, too. This will be a very educative experience (?).
    Well, let's tell a little bit about myself. I hate my real name, so I like people to call me by my nicks: Helenna or Venus. I am 14 years old (so I'm not suppossed to use this till year 2006 or something like that) and I live in Madrid, Spain. I have no brothers or sisters. I learn in the german school of Madrid since I was 10. I hate it. OK, I don't hate it, but it's very frustrating to go there. Everybody does everything better than me. Anyway, my marks are not bad. Media of B, I think. Whatever.
    Gosh, here's my mother again. Gotta go. Bye! I love Severus Snape! :3
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