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Helen's Journal

7th July, 2003. 11:41 pm.

me, dani, and britt just kinda hung out today and watched movies. there was a thunderstorm. we had lots of fun making jokes about dani's mom, and some other stuff. we took hannah's car out for a drive like half an hour ago. i was sooo exciting, but scary as hell! none of us can really drive and britt's still 13! it was crazy. we have so much fun. but it's still kinda weirs being home. i miss camp and i miss jeanette and her awesome lake house and her hott brother who i wanna do! the 4th of july was such a good time! except for the falling 7 times and spraining my ankle part, but it was definitely worth it. i wanna go back and party again soon, they are all so fun!

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