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[28 Oct 2003|10:07am]
Aaaagh, wtf happened to my suitemate, J-fluff??? I went in this morning to take a shower and it smelled HORRIBLE... I was gagging so bad.

Poor Auna!! I'd shoot myself if I were you, not only to be rid of J-fluff but that SMELL... ugh... It should be against GVSU policy for anyone sprayed with skunk to live in the housing facilities... how long until the smell's gone??? When my dog got sprayed by a skunk, it didn't go away for over a month... O.o...

I have a funeral to go to tomorrow, so my parents are picking me up tonight. Not sure how I feel... my great-grandpa was 103 years old, and we were kind of expecting it. Not only that, but I didn't really know him too well, so... I feel bad that I'm not overly sad about it; I just hope my grandparents will understand why I'm not.

Gah... tired...

.:end transmission:.
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[25 Oct 2003|06:24pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | "Traveling"- Utada Hikaru ]

Wow, I've been dead like all week :(

Ray and Steph are going out, and I don't think it's a good idea. Not because of me, but mostly because of what happened at the party at Meg's when he let Mel hang all over him. I don't think they're truly ready for a relationship; their love lives have been fucked in the head before. Besides, Ray's the kind of guy that doesn't like to show that he's in a relationship in public, only private. And when am I not around???We're best friends, the three of us... if it becomes "Steph and Ray.... plus Phèdre", then this little Phèdre is going be a tad upset...

Anyway, Rim's here and life is happy. We had a heart to heart talk that was long overdue in my opinion. It was cool.

I'm g/g for now...

.:end transmission:.

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Poor, poor John... [20 Oct 2003|03:57pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | I have Britney Spears stuck in my head!! The HORROR!!! ]

Yeah, I know I haven't updated this thing. Sue me ;)

Anyway, moving onto today's topic: John Peterson. He loves me so much and I love him... maybe it should be poor Shingo instead, b/c he and everyone else thinks I'm single ;-) But, anyway...

He comes out of his way to drive up here, from U of M to GVSU (That's 3 hours, people) just to see me, and I'm about to date Shingo b/c I'm left with no choice but to date in college. John's like, "He's Japanese!! That makes him better than me!!!" He's always felt so vulnerable about that sort of thing, because I'm so into the Japanese culture that he feels threatened when a Japanese boy/man likes me... ::sigh::

John, I still love you best of all...

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[14 Oct 2003|05:49pm]
Yeah, so baka me once again failed a damned math test. WTF is wrong with me??? Why can't I understand this?? It's like it's too big for me to understand...

Can someone tell me why I can teach myself multiple languages but I can't understand basic math?????
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Yet more idiocy... [14 Oct 2003|09:25am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | "Always"- Mitsunaga Ryota ]

I ran into Chris again last night w/ Steph on the way to North A...

Chris: (joking)"Jaenelle! What are you doing here??? Go home!!"
Me: "I'm a psuedo North A resident!! Besides, I'm going to see my aniki (big brother)."
Chris: "Oh, really? Going to watch Gundam Wing in Japanese again?"
Me: "No, I'm going to borrow money from him to buy ice cream."
Chris: "Ah. I see."
Me: "BTW, what else did you say to Shingo-san after I left??"
Chris: "Nothing, really. He already knows you like him. That's why he wanted to talk to you on Friday, and didn't believe that you liked him. So I told him that you were shy, and he just smiled."
Me: "NANI?!?!?! How does he know?!?!!?"
Chris: "Oh, no reason... I think I happened to tell him after you left Asian Student Union last Wednesday..." ::goes to leave::
Me: "Chotto! Omae! Nani itta no yo?!?! (Wait! You! What the hell did you say?!?!)
Chris: "Urusai!" (Shut up!)
Me: ::shakes her head:: "Iie! Sempai!! Onegai, nani ittan na no???" (No! Upperclassman! Please, what did you tell him???)
Chris: ::stops:: "Anata wa Shingo ga... suki... koto... omou... da." (I think you... like... Shingo.)
Me: "AAAAAAGH!! I can't believe you told him!! Now I'll never go to class again!!!" ::storms away, muttering::
Chris: ::calls out after me:: "Now all we have to do is get you two to be alone and actually talk to each other!!!"

Ah, yes... the plot unfolds...

::end transmission::

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Not so sure... [11 Oct 2003|08:04pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | "Dearest"-Hamasaki Ayumi ]

...what I'm going to do w/ this blurty yet.

I mean, I created it so I could defeat Daecivar and claim Lucivar Yaslana in more places than she can imagine, since she's claimed him a gazillion times on but in a way, I don't mind having two journals... it kind of seems like fun.

I have two ljs... ones for private and ones public... gah, who knows?? Hm... maybe I can get my friends off of Xanga to come here instead, since it's free and more fun than Xanga!!! Heh heh heh...

Anyway, I'm rambling :)

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Lalala... [11 Oct 2003|03:26pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | "Always"- Mitsunaga Ryota ]

So on top of my lj, I now have a blurty, which is pretty much the same thing, only you don't need a code.

Why is this blurty in existance?? TO DEFEAT the lj user known as Daecivar at her own game!! Bwahahaha! Lucivar shall be mine!!

...and for other stuff too.

Life is fun.

::end transmission::

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