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    Sunday, February 20th, 2005
    1:41 pm
    The quiet things no one ever knows.
    Ok, well this weekend hasnt been the greatest,
    I was suppost to go to Nashville to see Wes play, but my mom is being a witch.
    Then my mom said she'd make it up to me by taking me out to go and get stuff to make purses,
    well she lied to me. She just came home and yelled at me and grounded me off the computer for the rest of the night, so I went to bed crying. And I hate it when I have to end a day like that.
    But I want to hang out with Kristin this weekend, but I didnt know that she wanted to on Saturday, but we were suppost to go to the show together, but she ended up going to the mall or something.
    Then I'm gonna try to hang out with her today. I hope that'll work out cuz this weekend has been crappy. And I havent like hung out with her out of school. I just hope shes not thinking about her guy, wow that sounded bad but he went away for a while and i dont want her to be sad. I know shes gonna find a guy, but it just takes some time, she likes certain kinds of guy, but we dont have much of them @ school, so hopefully since we have the basketball tournament at our school she'll see someone, and shes gonna go talk to him cuz whenever she thinks about the other guy she gets all upset and I dont like that cuz I dont want her to be upset, like i said before. But I know things are gonna be good for her.
    GOSH!! I just hope things will be good today...

    Current Mood: blah
    Current Music: The shooting star that destroyed us all-A Static Lullaby
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