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I'm too cool for blurty now. [17 Jul 2003|10:24am]
I got teh Live Journal now. :-/ I'd keep you peeps hoppin' and poppin' up in this biatch except I can't be arsed to consistently update more than one thing so I'll just go with the live journal since it has a nice design courtesy of teh Eric Croskey. http://www.livejournal.com/~poolofink

If you're up in the LJ hit me up on my two way.

Fuck I'm stupid.
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Texas Instrument Remix. [13 Jul 2003|07:56pm]
[ mood | Eh. ]
[ music | Way Away - Yellowcard ]

Eh, decent weekend I guess. Went to the coffee shop on Friday night with Tom, Mike, and Ricky. Then to the Texan. It was fun. Tom is gay, literally, but he's still cool. Ricky met some girl, so that was good. He has girl troubles, I fear.

Saturday I wen to a graduation party and it was good time. I drank a Mt. Dew, that was dumb of me. I had to pee on the way to Detroit and we got stuck in traffic so it became slightly painful. We got to Detroit and there was a stupid Eminem concert so parking was jacked up even though we were four blocks away. We only paid ten bucks as opposed to the thirty other places were charging, what a fecking rip off. But regardless we got in pretty early and got right up front.

The first band was Rescue and they're math-emocore from Detroit and they were pretty damn awesome. I bought their EP and it's good stuff.

The second band was mind boggling. The band was Dance Disaster Movement and if you've ever had the pleasure of seeing them live you'll know what I mean. Those guys went freaking crazy. It was just two of them. The drummer, aside from drumming also beats on a trashcan and that's really neat. Then the other guy plays guitar, keys, and sings. He has some crazy Line 6 gear that allows him to just loop stuff after he plays it a few times, so that's rad. He danced like there was no tomorrow.

These Arms Are Snakes played third and they were really good. I wish I would've had more money so I could have bought a disc from them and DDM. Both bands were hella amazing. Because of These Arms Are Snakes I really want to get a Korg KP2 controller. That thing was tough shit.

Blood Brothers played last, obviously, and they rocked the undergarments off of everybody. The crowd was going crazy but I managed to get a few decent pictures. I learned how to do sequencing... I'm such a photographing newb, I rule. After about 5 songs I moved to the back with Mark and we finished watching the show, which was good. Both times I've seen Blood Brothers they've closed with Cecilia and the Silhouette Saloon. But it's a rad song so it's cool.

We got home really early so I hung around. Went to bed and woke up a few hours before my softball game. I went to the softball game and it was enjoyable. We got smoked but I don't give a flying eff bomb. I got my schedule for this week, everyday except Saturday and Sunday, which is pretty damn cool. I also got some gas and a slurpee.

I talked to Alicia for the first time in like two and a half days. It was nice. I <3 Alicia. Muah. That's a kiss. Haha, I'm a dork.

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ACT Sucks. [10 Jul 2003|12:13pm]
[ mood | Happy and disappointed ]
[ music | In The Event That Everything Should Go Terribly Wrong - Every Time I Die ]

For somebody who wants to be an English major I should have definately done better on the English portion of my ACTs. I'm a fucking twat, I say. I got a 27, overall, which is fine, I'm not going to retake it. But eh, a 27 isn't really that amazing. Only 10% of the people who take ACTs did better than I did... but that's okay. I think the meaning of life is much more important then the job you will someday have.

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In maybe forever land. [10 Jul 2003|01:35am]
[ mood | Sad ]
[ music | Postal Service - We Will Become Silhouettes ]

In maybe forever land I fell in love. And when I saw you for three straight days my heart grew wings, flew from my chest and fluttered around your head. And when I left on that fateful day, I hugged you, and kissed you. I held you close to my body, breathing in your scent and loving every single second of it. But when I got in my car and drove away my heart stayed with you, two hours away, and right now I'm dying.

That was spur of the moment, however, it's how I feel right now. I went up north to Alicia's cottage and stayed with her for three days and it was like the best three days ever. But now I'm back home and I won't see her for ten days. It always makes me feel like crying when I think about how I won't see her until forever. Oi.

So on Sunday I woke up at about 10:30, got ready and went and picked up Alicia's brother's (Bob) friend named Kurt. I know Kurt, so anyway. We began our journey up to Torch Lake, approximately 2 hours away, maybe a bit more. We got there a little later than that but it's becuase my car sucks. And finally I saw my girlfriend, man was I feeling electrified. So we went swimming. Then somebody threw shampoo waaaaaay out in the water so I went and retrieved it then felt sort of sea sick. We went and played tennis later and basically just hung out. The next morning everybody got up early to ski but I was the party pooper and just sat around. We lounged the entire day, played tennis again, swam lots. Next day, I woke up and tried knee boarding and skiing. I failed at both attempts really, but what can you do. Went kayaking, hung out at the sand bar. Went to the mall, and Borders. I bought Cursive - The Ugly Organ and The Postal Service - Give Up. Both cds are excellent. Then I bought Alicia's youngest siblings some Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans (Harry Potter, fools) because they couldn't go with us. Then we checked out this old insane asylum and this crazy tree. Makes me wish I would've taken my camera, but didn't, silly me. This morning I woke up about quarter to nine. Everybody went skiing except Alicia, Raymond, and myself. We were all pretty tired. Alicia and I went tubing about midday and I showed them all how much of a bad ass I was on the tube. Everybody went and saw Pirates of the Carribean but I choose to leave. I sort of wanted to go but I wasn't feeling to swell.

On the way home we decided to take a different route home. Bad idea, it took like an extra hour and I got stuck in more construction, boulderdash.

Lounged around, showered, then went to Joe's house. Everybody was playing Who's Line Is It Anyway, but I didn't participate. I started reading his copy of Salinger's Nine Stories and ended up boring that and two other books. I'll start reading them tomorrow.

We're supposed to have band practice tomorrow but Ryan can't make it. He said getting words down is one of the most important pieces right now, but it's impossible to do so if we don't practice anyway, Twatty McTwatTwat.

Ugh. Pity me, I miss my lady friend.

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Faced with the naked. [06 Jul 2003|02:29am]
[ mood | tiiiiiired. ]
[ music | Glow Shadow Glow - Arizing ]

I finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix today. It was stupendous, but now I'm sad. I have A) no more Harry Potter literature until like, 2005, and B) Nothing else to read as of right now. I need to hit the library and snag some books but I'm pretty lazy.

Not lazy enough, however, because I stopped at the cd store and picked up Elton John's Greatest Hits, Queen - Magic Live, and The Cure's Greatest Hits. The depressing thing is that only part of the Cure cd works. Part of it is like, missing or something. I don't know.

There's a huge list of album's I still want to get. Namely the Beach Boy's Pet Sounds, but whatever. There's a lot of other shiiiiiite too.

Tomorrow I'm driving way up north, about 2 and a half hours, and I'm going to finally get to see my girlfriend for the first time in a few days. It feels like it's been a super long time, but it really hasn't been too long.

Saturday Looks Good To Me is an amazing band.

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Air Conditioning is cold. [05 Jul 2003|09:59am]
[ mood | Tired, Cold, Sleepy, Cold ]
[ music | Dreaming Escape - Arizing ]

My dad won't let us shut the air conditioner off, it's sooooo freaking cold it's unimaginable. I'm wearing jeans and a hoodie right now and I feel like it's freaking winter in my house. I need a blanket or something.

So Alicia left for up north. I haven't seen her since Tuesday, that's sad. I'm driving up to Traverse City tomorrow to see her though and I'm staying at her cottage for three and a half days. That should be fun, except it looks dreadful outside, like rainy dreadful, so I'm hoping when I get up there it's not all rainy and stuff. Although I like the rain a lot... eh.

Yesterday I went to Meijer... I bought some awesome sandals. They're all squishy and mad comfortable. Anywho.

On Thursday I went to the Thursday concert. Every Time I Die opened and those guys were bad ass. I bought their new cd and it's really good. Murder By Death played second on their sound was pretty eerie. It was neat. Their cellist was bad ass. This Day Forward played third and I enjoyed them a lot. They played quite a few songs and a mildly long set, but they kept my attention pretty well. Thursday came on last, obviously, and they rocked the house down pretty well. They opened with their latest, "For the Workforce, Drowning" then they played a mix of songs off of Waiting, Full Collapse, and their latest effor, War All the Time. All in all, an amazingly great show.

We had Burger King on the ride home, it was fun.

Yesterday was fourth of July and I got paid, but my bank as closed so I lost five dollars to the man to get it cashed someplace else. I bought some stuff, mostly food, and gas. I got some boxer shorts and that's nice. And my uber-comfortable sandals. Then I sat around and I read "The Order of the Pheonix," and then I had to weed the garden. I called my dad 'silly' and I think that upset him, but who cares. Then I read more. Then I hung out with Mike and Ricky and we went to the Court Street bridge and watched fireworks. We waited a really long time but they were decent so that was nice. Then we met Jeff at the Texan and had dinner.

So I came home and hung out on the computer before heading to sleep at 2. But I woke up at approx. 9:15, which isn't really enough sleep. I'm gonna go lay down again. I guess. Except my stomach hurts, I need to clean my room, and do laundry.

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The Cure Lies, Boys Cry. [03 Jul 2003|12:32am]
I cried the other night, big baby, because of Alicia, but that's done and over with.

Locked my keys in the car the other day, hardy har har.

Bought tickets, going to see THURSDAY tomorrow, eat it.

Anybody want to redesign this bitch for me, I can't do it becuase I'm retarded.

I also wrote this:

A plethora of blood puddled on ceramic floor. Spelling the names of a thousand victims, in his own mind. And scattered through a pool of crimson was a wreck of pills that screamed s.o.s. as they drowned. Still the bathtub ran, overfilling itself with warm blood and mangled body parts. The toilet room was the place of the best kept secrets. And with each passing night the bathroom finds itself with another victim, another cold, stiff, body.

Night after night after night after night. Dusk to dawn. To dusk, to dusk, to dusk. Always in the night, before dawn breaks and light creeps into it's windows. And the stench is unberable because flesh rots in this humid weather. Still the pills lay scattered on the title, in the cracks. The medicine cabinet was ripped from the wall. The mirror and burned out light bulbs create a holacust of broken glass deadly to all.
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Nothing going on. [29 Jun 2003|06:48pm]
[ mood | My tummy is upset. ]
[ music | Welcome to Last Year - Fairweather ]

This weekend sort of drug on. On Friday night I had to close at work so I worked until 1:30 in the am. That was uber-sucky. It was almost fun, but not quite. I'm really ready to quit work sometimes. Cutting my hours, and all of this other bullshit, but it's hard. There's no place else to work really.

It's like, if you're not closing you never get all your hours because as soon as we get slow you get sent home. You could be scheduled for forty hours and end up only getting like thirty because you're getting sent home so friggin' early all the time.

Saturday I called in to work, I just didn't want to go. I went to Mitch's graduation party and pigged out on fruit, salad, and a bit of cake. We induldged in a game of Euchre and it was a lot of fun. Ryan and I left to go to band practice. It started raining, that was fun and bad. We get Ryan's stuff into Mike's barn and we're practicing and stuff and then Ryan and Mike get electrocuted. That was neat and scary at the same time. So we stopped practicing and just shot the shat for an hour or so.

Ryan and I went back to my pad, Joe came over, Ben called we had to go jump his car at work. Then we had to go pick him up because his car went whack again. The four of us hung out, Kim, Ben's girlfriend, came out as well. Then a plethora of others showed up including the Hammocks, Number 3, Alicia, Bobbie Jo, and Katelyn. It was good stuff. There was a big game of Risk that was probably pretty cool but I didn't get into it.

Today I went to work for 2 hours. I had to go to Home Depot and buy light bulbs. I wasted a half hour doing that. Then I had softball. It was pretty dope but we got waxed. That sucked. Went to Fazoli's, showered, and I'm just waiting for Alicia to come over for us to hang out. Might go see Hole's tonight. I don't know. I don't really want to see it but I'll go for something to do.

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I said. [27 Jun 2003|02:35pm]
[ mood | Happy ]
[ music | Young Brash Hopeful - Fairweather ]

I said, "I have something to tell you that might make it better."

She asked me what it was.

I told her, "It might only make things worse."

She asked again, "What is it?"

We walked to my car. It was nice outside, to me at least. She was chilled, but I was wearing pants. I pulled her close to me, hugging her.

"Hold your breath, this might only make things worse," I said.

"Just tell me already."

Softly, I whisphered in her ear, "I love you."

And she said, "I love you, too."

The fact that we won't see each other until Monday... I think "I love you" only made things worse. But last night was the best day of my life.

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It's just pizza. [26 Jun 2003|02:43pm]
[ mood | Missing my baby. ]
[ music | Let's Hear it for Dartanian - Fairweather ]

I've been down in Pontiac for two days, it was nice. On Tuesday night Eric and I went to see The Fight, Fairweather, No Motiv, and RX Bandits. The only two I head heard previously were the Fight and RXB. However, Fairweather was amazing and I bought their discs, got a sticker, poster, and two tracks off of their upcoming album Lusitania. The show was really good and we took a ton of pictures that I'm yet to upload to Rocking the scene, but soon I shall.

Yesterday Eric and I went to the guitar shop so he could get some strings and a cord and then we just lounged all day until it ws time to leave. We thought the Jets to Brazil show started at 8, but apparently doors were at 9. So we got there at like 7:20 and we waited around for a long time. The first band that played was The Love Scene and they were excellent. I bought their EP entitled Love is the New Black. That's an amazing title. Retisonic played second and they weren't too bad either. Jets to Brazil rocked the socks right off of me. They opened with China Town and closed with Rocketboy. In there they played Sea Anenome, a lot of Perfecting Loneliness stuff and a select few other tracks. I was disappointed in them not playing Sweet Avenue, though.

Woke up this morning about 8:30 and drove my ass home. Only took about an hour and a half or so, which was nice. Had to stop in Frankenmuth though because I had to go. And for the record, I hate public bathrooms.

Ugh, my mom wants me to clean house. Look bia, I haven't been home since Tuesday afternoon, this ain't even my mess. Blasphemy.

My brother and his stupid friends have been lighting fireworks all day, why god, why?

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Icky Icky. [24 Jun 2003|12:23pm]
[ mood | Happy and tired ]
[ music | Me Vs Madonna Vs Elvis by Brand New ]

I'm driving down to Pontiac today all by myself. Nearly two hours. However, I will infiltrate Eric's house and see his pooch, that thing was awesome the first time I saw him. I bet he goes nuts. Whooo.

Eric and I are going to see Jets to Brazil tonight and it's going to be a ton of fun. Then I'm staying the night at his house. I don't know if we're going to go to RX Bandits on Wednesday or not, but I think we are. Not sure. I guess it doesn't matter to me. I kind of want us to so I'm seperated from Alicia and so she can have a life for a short period of time, eh?

July is going to be killer. Alicia goes up north for like the first three weeks. I think I'm going to go up for a few days on one of those weeks so I can see her, go swimming and all that jazz. It'll be fun I'm sure.

Last night we were laying on the floor, staring at the ceiling and I said, "We need to go outside sometime, with a blanket, and just star at the stars." She told me I stole her idea and that she suggested that already. Well, she was right, but it didn't matter. I also want to find a nice, high area, where we can watch the sun go down someday because I think that'd be amazing.

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Rockets. [22 Jun 2003|03:57am]
[ mood | Tired, happy, lovely ]
[ music | Hum of the Computer. ]

I wrote Alicia an e-mail today, it said: Let's build a rocket and fly to the stars. Just me and you.

From now on that's my secret phrase. The secrecy is that by saying that, I'm really just saying I love her, I just don't want her to think I'm a nutcase and saying it far too soon or something. I'm scared. I'm in love. <3

Worked for 6.57 hours today, isn't that fun. I have work tomorrow, too, but I'm hoping that I can manage to somehow get out of it but I've got this sinking feeling that that isn't going to happen, buck futter.

Eric and I are sly pimps, we're going to be concert hoes this week. Also, we'll be best friends.

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My Wish List. [19 Jun 2003|02:03pm]
[ mood | Up to Par ]
[ music | Agenda Suicide - The Faint ]

So a few things on my mind right now:

Are we, or aren't we going to Hellfest. Allow me to elaborate. Everybody wants to go. Some people can't afford it and will end up not going. Some people don't want to go because they're currently fueding with other people. Me, I guess I've gotten to the point where I don't fucking care anymore. Just make up your minds so I can spend this money one way or another, cock and balls.

Curfews, I'm sure now that I'm 18 my mom is more lax and my dad is probably even more strict. That's stupid.

My bedroom is a disaster, for serious. I need to clean it like whoa but I'm hella lazy.

My wish list includes a lot of cds, concerts, money, some books, and some more free time. It's summer but it doesn't really feel like it I suppose.

I got my report card today. I moved my cumulative GPA up to 3.703, which is good. I'm ranked 10th in the school, that's nice. When you think about it, most smart people know it, regardless of if they try or not, high school is not exceptionally hard. It's easy and you can get B's and C's if you just do you work. If you do your work on a daily basis and study you can probably get's A's.

Even though it's more than a year away, I'm looking forward to going to college, even though I don't know what I want to do with my life really. I don't. Boo.

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beepxboopxboingxblurpxbuzzxspadoinkle [16 Jun 2003|05:03pm]
[ mood | Awight. ]
[ music | The Faint ]

Up until Saturday when I didn't go to anybody's graduation parties except for Sam's and Jaye's I thought graduation parties were relatively hip. I guess I was wrong because I skipped two on Saturday and went to one yesterday that turned out to be pretty uneventful. I suppose the food was sub-par. Troy was there and that was cool because he was in his un-prime. By un-prime I mean it was one of the few times I had the chance to see him while he wasn't stoned. Troy is one of the few stoners I can enjoy being around. He's so damn nice to certain people. Plus! he had these little miniture bag pipes that made the most amazing jig-song vibrate the room from this tiny device. I was amazed.

However, the task at hand last night was mostly to see Alicia, which I did do. But the night turned out to be quite the roller coaster. As of late Jaye, Alicia's sister, and I have been sort of butting heads. It's not good because she and I used to be really good friends and we're sort of not anymore. So eventually I joked with Jaye and she got upset with me and I got upset so I left Carly's house to go to the garage to cool off and got some water. So I just kind of browsed through some stuff when Alicia came out with a few other people who all faded away leaving Alicia and I to talk. We talked and she was upset with me which was understandable but I didn't know what to say and she got mad at me I think. So I eventually just asked if we could leave. I sat outside while she said good-bye to everybody and the likes. I think she talked to Jaye about me and Jaye sounded sort of pissed. So, ugh.

I ended up at Alicia's sometime around 12. We sat around talking for a bit because I was really upset over it all becuase, for one, I can't take back what I've already done. And two, I know I fucked up.

Oh well. We ended up just hanging out until about 2:30 and I made my way home. Sat on the computer for a bit where I nearly fell asleep. This chair is comfy.

I woke up this morning and binged on Final Fantasy 9 for about 3 hours. That was grand. Sat on the computer, cleaned up a bit, then started writing.

Derek and I are talking about Hellfest, it's a go, I'm so glad. 105 bands, woot.

Jets to Brazil, Movielife, Further Seems Forever, and Autopilot off all next week. Maybe RX Bandits.

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fizzle fazzle [14 Jun 2003|12:19pm]
[ mood | ugh. ]
[ music | Beautiful Son - Cave In ]

Whoa. Yesterday I worked for a tad over 9 hours, man was that ever-so exhausting. I came home and did nothing. I should have prepared for the ACT but I didn't. I paid Derek the 65$ for Hellfest tickets, so we're definately going now. Talked to Alicia for a bit on the phone, nice. Slept.

I woke up at like 10 to 7 and realized just how bogus showering before the ACT was, so I skipped that. I show up to the entrance with extremem bed head, no deoderant, old sandals, and pants that I've worn at least three times this week. Cool.

Took the test, it didn't seem all to hard.

Some grad. parties today, but I wanna do something nice, the day is beautiful. Like, for serious, it's the first nice day in a long time.

The Faint is fucking fantabulous, everybody.

Going to see Jets to Brazil in a week and a half, Movielife in two weeks. Hellfest in 3.5 weeks. Fuck yes. Noooo money, wheeeeeee.

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Gracious. [11 Jun 2003|04:25pm]
[ mood | lost in the air ]
[ music | Breat of Water - Cave In ]

Work is a biznatch. I've not really had a day off of school yet to be honest with you. First, on Tuesday I went and helped Mrs. Rohde at school and she paid me ten dollars. But I spent from 9-2 at school, that's yet another day at school that was totally uncalled for.

After all of that Ryan and Bob (Alicia's little brother) picked me up and we ran out to Best Buy where the two of them picked up Old School and Road Trip. Ryan also picked up Strung Out - Live in a Dive which sounded pretty amazing when we gave it a listen yesterday. After Best Buy I suggested Media Play because I knew they'd have the cd I wanted. We got there and Casey and Trevor were there. Casey and I aren't on amazingly awesome terms anymore but we spoke briefly I guess. I grabbed The Faint - Danse Macabre and Cave In - Antenna Ltd. Edition. Both are amazing thus far.

After that we jetted over to Barnes and Noble to meet Jaye Marie (Alicia and Bob's older sister) she was reading so we bothered her. We sat in B&N chatting for some time before Ryan and I left Jaye and Bob there and headed back into town. Ryan's mom had ordered herself some nachos along with a order for Ryan so I had Ryan stop at Subway so that I could get dinner and talk with Alicia. I got a roasted chicken breast sub with Chipotle sauce which is just another word for Southwest Sauce. Those bastards at Subway and their trickery.

After my stop at subway we went to Mama Mia's Pizzeria. It was neat but the way they make their dough is lame. They say hand-tossed but not a person their hand-tossed their dough, bunch of wise-asses.

So quickly Ryan and I went back to his house with the 'chos and grabbed his equipment. We loaded up and headed to Mikey's where we proceeded to have a relatively productive practice. We worked on previous songs, all of which need drum parts, and for a few, lyrics. Then we wrote a new song that needs both lyrics and drums. However, no drummer means no drums. Sucky.

After practice Ryan and I came back to my house and awaited the arrival of Jaye, Alicia, Kim, and Ben. We hung out for awhile and had good times. Alicia and I went to 7-11 and I bought her a chocolate milk and some lottery tickets. I spent 6 dollars on tickets and won 9$ so I gained 3$ in the deal. I'm amazed.

Went to be early, woke up early. Went to work for an hour and a half to door-hang. We finished our area so we went home. I took back $15.70 in cans and bought some pasta and v8 splash. Good shat.

Sat around for a few hours playing Final Fantasy 9. I like to induldge in good RPGs every-so-often. It just so happens that this one is pretty rad. I enjoy it.

Work in 37 minutes, alright! I work 5-9 tonight which means I'll work like 5-8 if I'm lucky. At least it's sunny out, it was naaaaaasty weather earlier today, looked like rain.

Got on the guest list for Jets to Brazil in June. That's rad. I enjoy.

Party tonight at Senor Davey's, it should be a grand old time.

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All I wanna do is love you like no lover's ever loved before. [09 Jun 2003|03:47pm]
[ mood | Happy ]
[ music | Electric Avenue (I <3 the 80's) ]

School is finally out. I can think of my life for the next year and three months as a very long vacation with a few splurges of work. My senior year, starting September 9th, is going to be a blow-off mostly. I can't wait, honestly.

We had our first day of exams Friday the 6th and it wasn't half bad. I only had Spanish and Physics. I got an A- on physics and probably an A or A- on Spanish II. Today, our final day of exams I had History, American Literature, and Trig. Trig was wicked hard. Only 25 questions but I'd honestly be lucky if I got 15 of those right. It was incredibly hard. Studying would've made it harder probably. None of the work sheets we did previously would've helped. Nonetheless, I got a 100% on History and a 95% on American Literature. Too A's that will hopefully mark up my grades a tad, that'll be nice.

I'm supposed to go back into school tomorrow to help Mrs. Rohde so that will be okay.

Speaking of Mrs. Rohde she brought me two cds today. One is all 80's pop and the other is 80's funk. Hellz yeah.

I saw Finding Nemo on Saturday night, it was sub-par. I'm hoping to go see Italian Job tonight, but who knows.

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My computer is a hooker. [04 Jun 2003|09:33pm]
[ mood | Tired, Happy ]
[ music | Cecilia and the Silhouette Saloon - Blood Brothers ]

It feels like I've used this title before but just let me say that it is the truth. My computer is a fucking hooker. Ugh, it's been so retarded as of late that it's unbearable. I hate it.

In other news, Alicia and I are doing phenomenal. For my birthday she got me a new pillow and a Flogging Molly t-shirt. It's very enjoyable.

For my birthday I threw a nice bonfire. It was pretty rad. We played a few games of Capture the Flag. Those ruled the school quite heavily.

On the subject of school I have one day left, then Friday and Monday are exams. On Tuesday I'm going in to do some cleaning work for a teacher which is aiding us in our trip to Hellfest.

Speaking of Hellfest, we're so going. From Saginaw, MI to Syracuse, NY baby, here we come.

Alicia came over today. May have gotten herself in trouble. Her parents are pretty strict on her, that's too bad.

I can't wait for school to end.

This entire post is completely random, so to continue with that, I don't know what I want to do with my life starting Fall 2004, aka, when I'm done with High School.

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And I'm 18. [31 May 2003|12:36am]
[ mood | Tired and Happy ]
[ music | God Bless You, Blood Thirsty Zeppelins - The Blood Brothers ]

I turned eighteen thirty-three minutes ago. It might be one of the better moments in my life time, too bad I can't spend it with Alicia.

However I spent most of the night hanging out with my closer friends at a hall show. It was very enjoyable.

Jettared, Arizing, and The Dial were all really amazing.

The singer from the Dial was really good. They reminded me of Rainer Maria a lot.

We tried to sell some pop so we can fund ourselves for Hellfest.

We're so going.

Work tomorrow 12-7:30, that sucks so bad. I'm supposed to work Sunday, too, but I am also on schedule with two graduation parties and I'm supposed to go out to dinner with Alicia. Ugh, need to get my priorities strizzaight.

Anyway, I can now gamble, rent/buy porn, visit strip joints, and my ciggarettes legally now.

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You don't even understand. PS-My computer is a hooker. [28 May 2003|10:10pm]
[ mood | relieved ]
[ music | Ears Ring - Rainer Maria ]

Today was a long, intersting, fun, and terrible day. All of that is rolled into one, isn't that ever so neat.

We'll start with a back story of last night. My car is being a hooker and won't start. Battery Acid all up in that biznatch. So I sort of get that fixed, at least to get home from practice. I start getting ready for a canoe trip that we had today for school, so I wash some clothes. Talk to Alicia on the telephono, finish laundry, and sleep.

I wake up at 6:15 and think of how tired I still am and how I need the time to get ready for the trip but I just go backt to sleep. When it's all said and done I'm finally down showering at like 7:10. So I pack then sit around. Go to leave and my car won't start again. I take our alternate car and get to school. We leave. Fun.

The bus ride was sort of long, but I sat with Alicia and talked with our friends so it was nice. We stopped at McDonalds and I had some hasbrowns and a bit of coca-cola. Back on the bus, finally get there. Sign this waiver and start canoeing. Right away Kevin and Jamie flip their canoe and all their stuff is soaked. Neither of them have any extra clothes now, that was funny. A ways after that there's a tree that spans across the whole river and all these people are jammed up there. I was like dubya tee eff. So Kim and I, who got partnered together since Alicia went with Theresa get in this jam then I get us out so we can portage around. Stephanie and Crawdad flip and that was funny except they almost drowned probably. So Kim and I get to shower and it's muddy like no other. I sink six inches in mud, get out then start helping everybody else. I get like ten canoes out before we finally start going again.

To the extent of it, that's it really. Stopped for lunch and Crawdad flipped Renee and Nicole, these two ditzy girls, so that was hillarious.

I got really bad sunburn. Oooooooow. It burns.

Went to A&W for dinner, it was alright.

After the trip Alicia came over until 8:10. She left and called like 40-50 minutes later. She said her mom found out my mom wasn't home and she was upset.

I got all worried and stuff but her sister just said that she wasn't in trouble, just couldn't come over for a while at least. That's not too bad I suppose.

So I'm relieved, for now.

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