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    Tuesday, October 28th, 2003
    8:16 pm
    Blah...just blah...Kayla, Chelsea and of course me made plans to hang out on Friday night. I've been looking for more pictures of Eiko (FFIX) and Quina cuz they're soooo cool. Quina says "there r 2 things in the world: things u can eat and things u can no eat" S/he (It's gender is unknown) is so funny. She has so many funny quotes like "Your town has no yummie yummies so we cook you for breakfast!" and "My master say if someone give you tasties, you give them tasties back. It good manners." Another one is "Is there problem in doing what me want? Sometime I want to be scold." That's kind of like me. I do what I want but feel a little bad about it. I listen to the little moogle (Mogster) in my head alot. I don't have a Jiminy Cricket, I have Mogster. Eiko has Mog, Quina has Master Qu, Zidane has Dagger, Freya has or had Fratley...um...Dagger has herself, Vivi has Zidane and that's how it goes. Everyone has that someone they listen to. And every has the someone they can live without and the someone they can't. I have't found either yet. Well...see you. Oy...g2g. Bye bye.

    Current Mood: touched
    Current Music: Goo Goo Dolls' "Iris" and System of a Down's "Chop Suey"
    Sunday, October 26th, 2003
    11:45 am
    I got my costume all ready : I'm a dark angel! Weeee! My pretty black wings rock. Ow...headache. Oh well. I have to go to a dumb acordian club thing with my parents and my bro...Boring! I'll just bring my sketchbook and make up some new characters for my book I'm writing. In church me and my bro were doodling FFIX characters like Quina and Eiko. Quina, Freya, Vivi, and Zidane are my favorite! I relate to Freya more but Quina is my alter-ego. I eat alot...yet I'm still tiny. Too tiny. Short too. Probably because lack of protein. After all, I went vegitarian for like 3 months and could hardly stand up. I can't live without beef though. I'm not to fond of chicken or pork...or fish. But I'll basically eat anything. I just ate like 3 chocolate cookies and 2 bags of teddy grams and a glass of juice and an eggo waffel. I feel like eating pickles. :3 *cough* Jeeze I'm tired. I'll update later, so...later. Coconuts!

    Current Mood: creative
    Current Music: Final Fantasy IX : Vivi's theme and "Eyes on Me" by Fae Wong
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