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[14 Feb 2005|07:06pm]
hi there & happy valentines day.

amyboo and i are eating steak and drinking cosmos followed by going downtizzown, where all the happenin people are. umm, there is nothing else to report, i am pretty bored... been sitting here trying to write this paper on cell phones for pretty much an hour, sooo much information... so little time. i think i'm going to eat fore my eyes are getting heavy and i might pass out.

yay for valentines day.
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blows my mind... WILD! [25 Jan 2005|01:12pm]
[ mood | studying mudying ]
[ music | le tigre - tko ]

procrastinating from studying networking systems.

yeah it's as dorky and unintersting as it sounds.

umm, i haven't updated in a long long time, so i thought it was time. but to be honest, blurty has gotten boring... myspace however.... amazing.

i've been keeping busy with school and work. my boss wants me to design a stamp for a coffee developed by our district... which is exciting, but kind of stressful considering i have a huge test tomorrow, and she wants it done by wednesday at 5pm.

other than that life has been nothing less than amazing. hah. i haven't really been up to that much, but everything has been really positive... i feel like a fucking freak everyday... and i love it. amyboo and i are pretty much inseperable, we eat, sleep, workout, study, and myspace together every second of the day. it's like having a twin. but it's good, cause we always have fun and we help eachother not procrastinate.

plus this whole old computer thing blows my mind, i love the speed... and how many things i can download.... i downloaded two brand new episodes of degrassi last week... craigs bi-polar... it's nuts.

okay i need to study.... download snow patrol, they'll blow your mind.

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snowman [08 Jan 2005|08:56pm]
[ mood | craptastic ]
[ music | battle for ozzfest ]

life has sucked... i've been the laziest mother fucker ever.... but for a good reason. umm got some bad news friday, i'm not tripping that much over it, i guess karma really is a bitch for all parties involved. anywho i've got a buttload of homework to do, and still have to figure out how i'm going to finish viva che on time.

oh and the snow is out of control so, i thought i'd be stupid. right on.

dorky snowmen

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new years [04 Jan 2005|01:01pm]
my new years was so kick ass i can't even stand it.

amykat and i were out of control hot... we went out to dinner the two of us at el charro ate drank etc. then headed over to justin's in puyallup hung out and drank with him, his sis, her friend, his parents, and of course adam and peaks. we headed out to the keg afterwards for a little bit, and then to the swiss in tacoma to ring in the new year. they had a live cover band there that rocked. i was extremely drunk, but extremely happy. it was probably one of the best new years i've ever had. i'll post more pictures when amykat posts 'em.

saturday was rad too, amykat and i went up to whidbey for the day to visit with ryan, i missed his crazy ass. later that night after going for burgers with ratsy and visiting ali mcseagal and her bf scott we headed back to puyallup to reunite with pedro ramirez ramirez... it was fun as always, cause there is never a dull or sober moment with them =D. overall the whole weekend was just what i needed after stressful times on sunday.

but i think i'm going to be alright... i'm starting the year with a blank slate.

new years resolutions: )
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bangs bang bangs [31 Dec 2004|12:30am]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | vh1 ]

my lame ass week in the shit hole i like to call ellensburg is coming to an end. after 5 worthless days of watching way too much tv, sitting on this couch checking my myspace account 1234098709731 times, and going to work for a total of 12 hours... i've decided that i will not be extending my education here till next winter... i don't know how much more i can take of this place... i'm starting to go fucking crazy.

even more pressure to graduate by this coming summer.

and i switched my schedule around so it'll be even more possible. i'll be taking business math, desktop publishing, business english, and some networking class. yeah doesn't that sound fascinating? yeah i don't think so either.

i cut my bangs again this morning... i feel so emo, i think i might cry.

&&&& it's that time of year again.&&&& )

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you're all fucking beautiful [27 Dec 2004|11:27pm]
[ music | pedro ramirez ramirez ]


holler )
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hiya [20 Dec 2004|12:02am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | the fabulous life of.... ]

so this is my new favorite pic ever... first of all look at myles in the background with his pants pulled up to his bellbutton.... myles and the word bellybutton make me laugh. anyways... this is us camping up at amykat's cabin up north, we went on a hiking trip and were trying to find magic mushrooms... didn't happen, but we did get this kick ass pic.

other than that break is boring as hell, but i'm becoming uber close with the people i work with, we kick it like every night... so it's good to keep my mind off of ish. i'm making some huge changes in my life... and it's kind of tripping me out... but it's been a long time coming.

so anywho, going home on friday can't fucking wait. peace out a-town.
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word [17 Dec 2004|01:20pm]
[ mood | depressed/weird... ]
[ music | me breathing... HOT HOT HOT ]

everyone else did it.
Take my Quiz on QuizYourFriends.com!

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this shit is intense. [15 Dec 2004|07:16pm]
[ mood | awesome. ]
[ music | i love the 70s ]

i just cleaned my entire room.
threw out a bunch of stuff from my closet.
and found 30 pairs of socks.

& it only took me 9 hours.

project tomorrow: the rest of the apt.

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[09 Dec 2004|02:28pm]
[ mood | normal ]
[ music | Beck - New Pollution? ]

_last 2 finals tomorrow. blah.

_adam's coming with me on saturday to go to some concert on saturday, we're hanging out with peaks and amykat afterwards (they're going to a xmas party.)

_worked this morning at 6:45... intense stuff.

_tomorrow's my work party. i'm bringing pizza... cause i suck at cooking.

_en vogue "hold on" is on vh1 classics right now. i heart this cable box so fucking much, it might be one of my pride possessions. no me gusta spanish music videos.

_k i gottta go study before degrassi. i said godamn!

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random thoughts [03 Dec 2004|12:07pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | jesse mccartney - beautiful soul ]

i'm going home for the day.

laundry & picking up things i left behind last weekend. hah.

don't have to work till sunday, yes! and finals week should be pretty easy.

i bought a bunch of xmas presents via starbucks yesterday, gotta love the 40% discount.

currently i am in love with jesse mccartney... <3 stagitory.

***not so random*** )

but blah, i'm going to go get my laundry together. laaaaater

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hi-yah! [01 Dec 2004|02:42pm]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | the postal service - against all odds ]

so life has been boring. i don't like anybody. i've been having extroardinary hair days. grocery shopped and have been eating correctly despite the weight watcher corruption that was thanksgiving. keeping up with the h-dub. and my most favorite degrassi. sometimes i think about staying in just so that i can sit and enjoy that show to the fullest.

i feel like everything in my life is a mess despite "life being boring." my room is a disaster, my backpack is a mess, my car is gross etc. etc. etc. i guess i could take the boredom and use it to be productive, but there wouldn't be any fun in that... and i'm a yellow, so like oh my gosh yeah!

i can't believe the quarter is almost over, it seems almost unreal. it flew right past without me even realizing it. next quarter is going to be a huge cutting fest filled with accounting, economics, and business math. i like math though despite popular belief, algebra makes me excited. i was never very good at it, but i always enjoyed doing it.

monday was fun though, it was amyboo's birthday. we drank snow plow beer, adam and matt came over we went out to the starlight, played pool and drank roslyn beer. i name the beer only because, it was the highlight of my night. that and getting the evil eye... love that shit. it was kind of weird, because it was definitely "getting older" birthday (she was turning 23) it was kinda like... whoa... we're old. but then again i'm not really that old, all my friends are on the 5+ year plan for college here and i'll probably finish in like 4 and a quarter. not bad for being a slacker. i guess i just feel old because they're all older than me... 22 is not that old right?

it just kind of made me think about how much i've changed since highschool... and what a different person i've become/am still becoming. i feel like i have a lot of growing up to do... hopefully graduating will help in that. alright i think you all should join myspace, no reason, you just should.

rock on brothers.

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like oh my god [28 Nov 2004|10:19pm]
[ mood | kickass ]
[ music | school of rock in the background ]

hi, thanksgiving break was a kick in the pants.

ate, drank, kicked it like a mother fuckin rockstar.

thanksgiving was family filled fun with the marchettis

and i got my fish both to and from kent safely.

and that is all.
except this

umm like OKAY! )

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soulmate [23 Nov 2004|12:21am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | maroon 5 - sunday morning ]

i had this dream last night that i met my soulmate.

he worked for satellite radio, was wearing a black tshirt and he shined like he had on tons of bling. it was the weirdest dream ever. i've never met the guy, but in it i looked at him and just knew that he was my soulmate and that we were going to get married. the shining like bling was weird, but maybe it means he's my prince or something. i don't know either way, i wonder who this kid is. he was young too, so hopefully that means that i'll meet him soon.

today i worked, it was fun and we got everything done pretty quick. i go home tomorrow, i have to figure out a way for my fish to stay alive while i'm gone till friday... can somebody say susan powder, odb, and stoop dude road trip???? nuts man.

alright peace out.

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GAME ON! [22 Nov 2004|12:35am]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | september - earth wind & fire ]

so my weekend was pretty frickin awesome. i'm pretty much in love with all my friends because of it. friday kicked it tough with jacki, amyboo, and becki. when jacki and i had dinner we randomly ran into jenny lee and risa from highschool... so we all sat and had dinner. went to a couple of bars downtown... it was a late night let's just put it that way.

saturday did laundry and went out to dinner with amykat, adam, matt, and adam's friend justin in puyallup, we later went over to justin's house and kicked it with his parents which were the most awesome people in the world. they were telling us drinking games that not even i knew about. after the 5 of us headed to some dive karokee bar in puyallup and formed the hottest group around "pedro ramirez ramirez & posse" the shit was hot like convergence bitches.

we performed our 2 gold hits "no rain" -blind melon, and "baby got back"-sir mix a lot. umm adam got the crowd riled up with "you are all fucking beautiful" "tip your fucking bartender" "let's rock this bitches!" it was the funniest thing ever... not to mention amykat slapping some girls ass when we were rapping baby got back or justin dancing with some 70 year old lady named diane and she grabbed his dong. LOL. it was super funny though, we all danced together for slow songs i felt like i was in highschool dancing cheek to cheek. lol. there were pictures taken but i need to finish my film off first.

i worked my ass off today, which sucked... we were uber busy, apparently wazzu has the week off of school this week and they all wanted coffee at the same time. awesome. but i'im exhausted so peace out.

erica's quiz )

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whaaaateva [19 Nov 2004|12:05pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | simple plan in my head ]

i'm pretty bored, in the computer lab... i have a test in t minus 28 minutes. fuck yah. then i get to go home to do laundry and buy some food. i'm doing weightwatchers with my sister... and it's fucking insane. its been 3 days and i feel skinnier... i'm probably not, but maybe it's just cause i'm so hungry my stomach is permanently sucked in. i might eat myself.

on top of that this week has flown, i went to the acceptance concert on wednesday. it was pretty awesome, met a lot of people, got to spend a couple of hours in seattle gooooood times. other than that it's been a bunch of tests, school, and work. umm... and that's it.

oh and alex hates me... but whatever.


random picture of the day, amykat and richard simmons sleeping together in canada. taken in winter of 2k2.

p.s. )
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i've got the magic stick. [12 Nov 2004|01:50am]
[ mood | tired/hungry ]
[ music | magic stick in my head ]

so last night was frickin awesome.

amyboo and i went out on the tizzown. we hit up grant's pizza for $1.00 beers, and open mic night, for awhile... got a lot of beer :), then headed over to the tav to watch this guy from school play guitar and sing. he is soooo good, he did a bunch of covers and some of his own stuff, but it was awesome, adam and i saw him there a couple of weeks ago, hopefully it's a regular wednesday night thing.

after someone called us from the starlight and told us there was a line... and we've never waited in line for the starlight... so we had to go and see what was so cool... we get there and there were 2.00 wells, we didn't drink, but just sat in the back and watched the coolest girls ever. they were like capitol hill fabulous with black tutu's and karen o from the yeah yeah yeah haircuts, they were dancing around like fucking psychos in the backbar not giving a FUCK whatsoever. i thought for sure they were on crack, but i asked ben today and he said they use to work there, and they're just super high on life... which is even more awesome. i guess they go in there every sunday and run around like maniacs... so looks like that's where i'll be every sunday.

eventually adam, matt, and okanogan co. met up with us and got all weirded out by them (and the 5'2" transexual hitting on everyone) and convinced us to leave, so we followed them to the horseshoe and drank more beer and then called alex to drive us home.

WHO, if i wouldn't have called him to pick us up, would have never woken up while his pizza was in the oven downstairs..................................

eventually the smoke cleared, amyboo and i watched a lot of vh1 soul, ate pizza and passed out... all in all a good ass night.

today adam, joey, matt, jon, casey, and girl i don't know all took a roadtrip to roslyn to eat pizza and drink beer at "the brick" that famous bar from that show northern exposure way back in the day. it was super fun and i kicked joey and jon's ass at shuffleboard... what can i say... i've got the touch... woo woo.

and now i'm sleeping

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i <3 vh1 soul [10 Nov 2004|09:20am]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | the killers ]

my day off from work yesterday was awesome.

i bought a new fish named "and my name is rocky" - said in finnish accent.
went grocery shopping and made a cake for the first time ever.
made dinner for alex and i, spaghetti and garlic bread
watched degrassi: next with amyboo

p.s. does anyone remember that old show called flash forward with becca and tucker... it was on disney for awhile back in the day... i wish it was sitll on. also i thought of that old show on disney about two bffs lizzy and amanda. lizzy was the tomboy italian friend who liked the ramones and amanda who was super white and jewish girl who like hair and makeup??? does anyone remember it... oh well.

later adam, joey, matt, and amyboo (came back over) and we all hung out and watched the real world and laguna beach. goooooood times.

alright it's time for school, a test, then work-a-lurk. what what.

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"mono was the best thing that ever happened to me" - me [08 Nov 2004|09:09am]
[ mood | achy ]
[ music | nothing ever ]

call me a hypochondriac (spell)

but i think i have mono again, my body is super tired, my neck is swollen, and i have no appetite whatsoever....

i got let off work early last night, cause i thought i was coming down with a cold... i woke up this morning thinking i'd have the typical sore throat and runny nose... but no, it's the achy body, swollen glands, and no appetite.... and technically i can still get mono again until december - february... so bring it on bitches.

ahhhh shit.

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[07 Nov 2004|11:03pm]
[ mood | achy ]
[ music | alex playing madden (laaaaame) ]

this weekend was rad

-saw some male dang dangs at centerfolds for jacki's birthday
-hung out randomly with old neighbors gavin and caleb at 3am
-had lunch with jacki, her mom, and amykat
-girls night 'in' at da market with amykat and bumshiqua, complete with lotto and mash. ooooh wee that shit never gets tired.
-woke up sick
-got my hair a nice chocolate color courtsey of the train
-drove back to eburg to work 7 hours
-feel like my body is going to collapse.

good night.

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