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21st February 2004

5:21pm: lovely day
yesterday was alright.. i had work from 2-6 and i almost got fired. all because jenn told paula that vic always calls me at work and comes up and her fat friends had to start shit wit alan and kenny and her fat friends almost got beat up. so then after work i went with kristy to drop off mitch and then we went to the mall to get saves the day tickets!! :) march 17 im excited! after that we came here kuz i forgot my cell fone (( imlost with out it )) then went and picked up mitch then went to wendy's then dropped mitch off again then went to kristys brother's house he got us some beer and MD 20/20 banana red. :) then we went to bill's house ..everyone was there we were only there for like 30-45 min thou ... then drove around lil then met up wit alan in franklinville, partied there for a while then we left and waited for mitch buit he never called so me n kristy went to shop-rite i almost killed my self lol then i went and slept at victors... i dont think i should of but ya no.. well that was yesterday
Current Mood: blah
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