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Omg [02 Jun 2006|11:42am]
Omg....I thought blurty died.... =\ hah guess not.

Car dancing... [04 Jul 2005|12:30pm]
So yeah... these past few days i've been hanging out like everyday... so lets start w/ Thursday?

Shara comes & gets me around 1ish and we go to SSC pool and swim a little and getta tan for like 45 mins? but it was really hott so we left around 2ish. so im hungry, so we go to Super Wal-mart and go shopping for some food, and w/e then we go to her house and eat and w/e else then around 5ish.. we leave to go to the baseball game @ East cus thats who they play. So we drive up to the East field and theres nobody there...? yeah, so then we drive over to east middle maybe theres something down there y'kno? but nope. so this car is parked if front of a stop sign and like wtf man? so he waves us forward... and down the street he's like flying trying to catch up w/ us, so Shara is like omg dude.. ah! So ppl get out.. and its frickin' Kalleigh & Brianna lol. so they're tryin to find the game too... so we start calling ppl, we called CJ, Dan, Dylan, & finally we called Jones's grandma... lol and she's like its at the X's field. So we go and then Megan, Kels, & KT show up, & Tori... so we chill and watch the game & they won! =) yay. so then Marcus calls us and he's like what day is it today? and we're like AH! its Marcus's Birthday! so we take him out to Lewis and bowl & w/e and me n shara bowled 1 game and left and the dylan shows up and so do Kristi, Tiffney, Molli, & Leah. so me n shara leave cus we had to be home @ 10:30... and its like 11:15. lol. So we go home and eat some brownies & chocolate cake & watch some dance tapes, cus thats what we do.. lol. and we fall asleep around 2:30.

Me & Shara hafta be up at 6:15ish cus we hafta go run as a whole squad @ 7 down at the Lewis & Clark thingy so we go & run for 10 minutes? and then she takes me home and then she goes to summer school & i go to sleep... hah' i woke up around 10:30 and showered & stuff and then she comes back & gets me and we go to her mommy's occupatinal site & get money, then we go to DQ and pick up my check.. $330 bitches... hah' so im all excited & we go shopping.. i got a skirt, 2 shirts, a new wallet, 2 pairs of sun glasses, 2 beaters, & a belt. so then me n shara got some lunch after shopping then we had to go to the Pavillion cus we hafta work the kiddies area for the parade so we show up and kelsey & megan are sitting around cus nobody's there, and pretty sure the directors said 3:30 and thats when we show up then Chris Lake shows up and she doesn't know what we're doin.. and im like well i hafta work, so Shara takes me Suggitt & Adam to adam's house to get Suggitt's car, then I go to work... blah!

Woo! SITP! so around 2ish Shara comes to get me and we go to Grandview & park at Kelcy's house and get picked up 1/2 way by Russell! yay. so we immediately go to the west blanket so we sit there for a little bit, then me n shara went to walk around we just basically chilled all day.. and totally got interviewed for the Channel 9 news! me shara & Chase! hah! i felt really lame cus i didn't know what to say... lol. so yeah idk what time like... 8ish? me shara jessie & kristi leave and go to hardees & coldstone and me n kris got some ice cream then went to Kristi's house and hung out then around idk what time, we went back and partied w/ the Black Crows! woo hoo! then we watched fire works and left for Betsy's. Betsy's & Hansen's so we're all like yeah, party! woo.... and y'kno everybody goes to betsy's at first and i only know 1/2 the ppl cus the other 1/2 is Betsy's bf Levi's friends. So then her neighbors were like "you're being loud, we're gonna call the cops" so we move the party to Adam Hansen's.. lol and now I definitely don't know alot of ppl there, but it was all the ppl at Betsy's and a lot of west high graduates.. hah' but it was cool. Ppl were swimming, hangin' out on the patio, & in the house playin' card games. So yeah, it was all cool until Justina flipped out and said Derrick punched her in the face?... but i took control of the situation so its okay. Then ppl just chilled... i met a lot of new faces & don't remember like any of 'em.. lol. so around 2:30-3:00 we leave and go back to Betsy's and this Davie kid is so annoying shyt i just wanted to punch him in the face, he was being really loud around like 4:30 and i had to wake up at 9:30 cus i hafta work and i was like seriously im'a punch you in the face if you dont shut up! so yeah, then he passed out later on in the day like 8ish? hah' i went home & worked.

Went home showered & got ready for work, went to work from 11-4... then when I got off and got ready to go out w/ Shara, T, Logan, & Nate. So they came and got me around 5:30ish and we went out to the mall, lol and it closes at 6... =) and Logan bought some wrist bands, & we saw Pat Deck & Eric Brouilette, that was cool, haven't seen those kids in awhile. then we went and bought our tickets for War of the Worlds... good movie! Me & Logan were crackin' up the whole time..hah'. So after the movie we're like "Lets go to Lewis!" - Gosh im there all the time. But Shara doesn't have socks & my shirt, somehow, got all dirrty? and I dont remember how... =\ so we went to WalMart and i got a shirt & shoes! & shara gotta shirt & socks. then we went to lewis bowl & my sister hooked us up and what not... we bowled & then they all went home & me n my sister went mini golf... lol i SUCK! hah' then my other sister came & got me and i went home.

didn't really do anything, slept in til like 12:30 hah' then showered & got ready for work. Who thinks to come to Dairy Queen on the 4th of July?! We were super busy like all day! it was crazy. Well got done closing @ 10:35 and Betsy, Kristi, Leah, Lindsey, AlexC, & Marcus came and got me n Corrie and we rode w/ Marcus & Alex. So we dropped Corrie off, then went back to Betsy's & shot off fireworks until her stupid neighbors were like "you're being rude, stop that." so we went to betsy's mom and just hung out there w/ Me Kristi Leah Betsy Lindsey Levi & Trevor. So yeah crazy stuff happened there, dont wanna explain. We all got home @ like idk? 4ish? and i stayed the night w/ RyanB at Betsy's house, and yeah, he slept in his boxers! =) lol. we didn't do anything... unfortunately. hah' woke up this morning at like 12:30 and Ryan drove me home... and then my sister just gave me some lecture about how i needed tell ppl where im at? and im like okay i said i was w/ betsy. they could'a called her house, so w/e. blah don't wanna work today. but im'a go later kiddies..
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Camp & Lewis [28 Jun 2005|01:27pm]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | Girlfight - Brooke Valentine ]

So yeah... summer's been pretty okay. Well since the last time i've updated i've been doin' the usual... work and dance and whatnot. so lemme start w/ Harley Nights night...

So Me & Lindsey worked during the day and she was like you should come out to Harley Nights w/ us, so I was like okay cool. So Kristi & Leah picked me up and we went back to Kristi's... then Lindsey called, so we went to pick up Dylan & Marcus and Shara was over there, so Dylan jumped in w/ us and Marcus went w/ Shars then we went to Lindsey's then went downtown. So Shara leaves cus she hasta be home at like 10:30... So Kristi Leah & Lindsey sneak in and Me Marcus & Dylan just stand around then go back to the car and just hung out and w/e... so those 3 come back and we go over to Taco Bell and get some food then we go to Trevor's house and y'kno w/e... then we had to leave & Lindsey's stayin the night so yeah, then we drive around for a long time and Kristi still has toilet paper in her car from the last time we went TPin' so Marcus & Leah start TPin' the car.. lol yeah, then we TPed Lindsey a little.. lol, then we tried to get Baker's house and that didn't work cus he runs out in the middle of it and catches us.. then he just stands around & talks to us, and his bitchy neighbor comes out and is like "You kids need'a go home..." watta bitch huh? yeah.. so we left and drove around & we were gonna go to Lewis Bowl, but that never happened.. so we get Dylan & Marcus home around 1 in the a.m.

Dance camp
The annual M.A. camp seriously sucked this year... the last 2 years i've gone they had some cool dances, but this year just sucked hard core. saw Cacie there... yay its her first year of dance. We did home routines & Gerald did not like our routine at all, it was bad... but he's changing like ALL of it, and he made some cuts on new members for Pink so thats good cus now we dont hafta put up w/ them sucking... but yeah, then we had to do a grand champion routine and we did this cool jazz that i didn't really remember all of it.. lol, but oh well, we did good. i got a white ribbon and a medal & 3 blue ribbons... Woo Hoo. =) So yeah.. and some other night me kristi & leah went over to Shara's and just hung out, and we were bored so we decided to go TPin' cus thats what we do when we're bored... so we went to Wal-Mart and we see Siefker, Nick Cutsinger, & Kevin Tope in the parking lot so we stop and talk to them for a lil bit and then we went inside and bought our stuff and we got a lot and i only spent like $9. so we went and TPed some ppl which was funny... then i just went home and slept cus i still had another day of camp left.

Shara comes to get me around...idk what time but she's w/ Logan & Nishan! yay i love nishan! so we just drive around & somehow we end up at Dylan's and just talked to him for a little bit, then we went to some Brandon kids house but he wasn't home, then we went to Alex Lake's and just like hung outside w/ him & Jill for like an hour then Me & Shara went to Hardee's & ate and tried to talk to Scott Landean but his bosses are kinda bitchy... then we felt like ice cream so we went to Coldstone & I've never been there b4 so it was cool & Adam was working! we saw Katie Martin & some Karen girl there, so that was cool. Then I just went home after Coldstone then my sister was like lets go to Wal-Mart so yeah went there for like an hour and bought some weird stuff hah'.. then we came home and watched some movies then went to sleep...

Monday [last night]
worked until 7 and Shara & Jackie came in and Twito and his gang were all starin at those two.. lol it was funny... then Zach P. came in w/ his driver's ed teacher... lol. thats kinda weird. hah'. then i came home showered.. and talked to Shara for like an hour then around 9:30 kristi calls me and was like hey lets go to Lewis so i was like alright cus my sister was working... so Kristi comes to get me w/ Corrie, Leah, Dylan, & Frankie.. and i sat on Frankie and I dont even really know him so I was like Hey down there! hah' so we went out to Lewis & met Tiffney down there and Katie M. Dan-o & lil Drew are down there so that was cool... and we bowled a game and i have free passes & we got free shoes so we didn't pay anything. then we went outside cus we were gonna play volleyball but then we decided not to... and Lindsey called us but idk whats up w/ that. so we went home and i rode w/ Tiffney and we were goin' back to Kristi's & she had to drop Leah & Cors off so we meet up at her house and go up in her room and just hang out and for some reason frankie hits me w/ his cast and we start hitting each other and Dylan is trying to get some bad pictures on his phone of me n frankie and i think he might'a gotten 1... so yeah =[ then around 1 in the a.m. we took Dylan & Frankie home and went back to kristi's and talked until 3 am and finally went to sleep and i woke up at 11 today and watched some Real World.. its gonna get good! =D im excited! hah' well thats about it... everybody's goin back out to Lewis tonight and i hafta work! =( Boo! lol well thats it...



The Birds Will Flock! [17 Jun 2005|11:06am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Mr. Lonely - Akon ]

So yesterday was amazingly fun! Started my day off w/ dance squad... then i came home and showered and sat around, took a nap.. then around 2:30 Shara came and got me and we went to Wal-Mart & then to her house and ate corndogs! Then Julie called us cus she wanted to go to the game w/ us. So we pick Julie up around 3:30 and headed to the game. Our little group consisted of: Kristi, Leah, Shara, Julie, Jessie, Corrie, Culby, Kelso, & myself. We were so annoying.. hah' talking of the good times... Julie even moved away for awhile, lol. It was just a varsity game, the first game we won 5-4 then 2nd game we lost 9-2..ouch! So during the game we were all talkin about how bored we were so we're like lets go TPing... and we were all cool and we had a lot of money... So we all left the feild and dropped Julie off then met at Hy-Vee in aisle 7, well actually i met up w/ them at the pay station where mags was at. So we bought 96 rolls of toilet paper, mayo, ketchup, mustard, cheese balls, bread, & syrup. Then we all went to Culby's to jump into Kelso's van! We got Kaits Haus 1st then we tried to get McD's but somebody drove by, and we were like shyt, then somebody else drove by and we thought it was the same person, but sure enough it was Suggitt & McD so we all ran! Then we went and got Adam's [Puddin_Tits] lol, and we got Morgan's where i drew a nice Superman sign for him, then we went to Betsy's and fucked her yard up real bad and i syruped her windows cus she's a TRAITOR! then thats where we got caught, at the bottom of the hill... damnit. So yeah, they caught us and w/e and Corrie got injured so they all thought we were gonna go home, but NOPE! we didn't! we went and got Suggitt's house cus he's an asshole! and ali & alex rainey were there and helped us when they were supposed to stop us from TPin' his house, lol. then we were driving down casselman and sure enough here come Morgan, McD, Suggs, & Adam in Suggs & Morgan's car and they tried to trap us but we kept driving, so we were in a crazy car chase...we almost crashed, that was the only scary part otherwise i was kinna annoyed w/ them. then they got us trapped in Movie Gallery parking lot and they were trying to get in the car, but uhm... the doors were locked? yah, dumbasses. then the Movie Gallery guy was like gonna call the cops and w/e so they let us go. then we went to the carwash cus kelso's van was all fucked up, then we went 2 Wendy's and got some food then went back to Culby's to get everybody's car and we were gonna meet up at Kristi's, but Kristi gets pulled over so yeah, then we went to her house and everybody was at Morgan's watching him clean, but we went and got gas and saw Dylan, Dan-o, & Jones and i talked to them for awhile while she pumped gas, then we went back to Kristi's and Leah & Shara jumped in and we headed to Dylan's and hung out there for like an hour or so? Then we went back to Kristi's and went to sleep.

Woke up and me & Leah went to dance like 15 minutes late... lol, and on the way we went to see Suggitt's house and there was like 15 BIRDS in his yard! It was awesome cus the bread actually worked! blah, now im home and hafta work today... Boo! oh well, thats all i just wanted to fill y'all in on my crazy night. =)



Blah... [13 Jun 2005|11:13am]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | "Untitled" - Simple Plan ]

Uhm, yah, summer is cool... i haven't really done anything really fun since Stoops... i dont member which day it was but kristi, corrie, leah & I went to the mall to look for a swimsuit for me.. no luck there, then we went to Wal-Mart, then to Gordman's and i finally found 1 there, yay.. then i went to Kristi's for awhile, then we went to Siouxland Movement Arts so we could watch ourselves in the mirrors while we dance, that was pretty cool i guess, then afterwords we went to HyVee to get some snacks to take to DeGrootie's. and I talked to Carlos for awhile, aw, i love carlos! =) then we all headed to DeGroots and just hung out and watched old dance tapes for like 4 hours... for some reason that never gets old for me? hah' then around 9:45ish we left and i came home and went to sleep. i haven't really done anything lately, been working alot... went to the mall w/ my sister to get her a swimsuit, but thats about it, uhmm.. dance has been goin' okay i guess? i get a feeling we're gonna be doin a routine for every single category ever invented for nationals so that should be fun... uhm, thats about it?..

-Latsamy [hah' i haven't referred to myself by my real name for a long time.. blah, thats crazy!]

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Stoop's... [07 Jun 2005|12:07pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Errtime - Nelly ]

So yeah, summer has now started! Woo hoo. so yeah, Kristi has gotten her liscense so we've been hangin' out and stuff. I've been working alot I guess so thats cool.

So yeah, started the day w/ Stephanie Work's open house thingy... Kristi came and got me & Kelcy, and Shara & Jackie were already there so yeah hung out for awhile, then me n Shara went and got MARCUS! yay i love marcus... then we just chilled at Kristi's house for awhile, then I had to go to work and they all came to drop me off and Jessie & Lauryn were there gettin' food. so yeah they all hung out w/ me n corrie for awhile in the lobby.. so yeah i worked til close, but around 9:30ish Lauryn & Jessie came back in, and so did Shara, Marcus, Kristi, & DYLAN! i love Dylan! and they hung out for awhile... blah, then I got off work and Kristi, Marcus, & Dylan came back and got me and we got Kelcy and just drove around and somehow we ended up at Dylan's house and ZachP, Richie, & McDee were already there...? yah lol then they were like Hey follow us! so we tried following them but we got lost in Woodbury Heights and we ran into Betsy & Molli! yay. then we drove back to Dylan's and we all met up there then went driving again, and we ended up at WMS where McDee tipped over a port-a-potty lol yah... Richie, Zach, & McDee went home... then we went to drop kristi's mom's car off and we all jumped in Betsy's car... then we dropped Kelcy off. Then we all went to Crystal Christensen aka [Stoop] So yeah there was like 2 girls there until we got there, yah.. it was just like a bunch of guys drinkin'.. it was like all the majorly HOTT guys at our school.. hah' so yeah by the time we get to Stoop's its like 1:30ish and we just hang out... me n kristi didn't drink so it wasn't that fun for us but i guess it was okay..? so it starts to rain so we're like yeah, lets leave and its like 3:30.... So yeah when we're leaving everybody like comes up to our car and is like stickin' there hands in the car and shyt.... Nate Whitehead bit me like 5 times, and Mike Murphy kept punching me in the head....? yah so we left, and Pat, Jake, & some Ryan Schultz kid follow us to Betsy's where i thought we were gonna stay the nite, but we ended up not doin that.. Betsy & Molli ended up goin w/ those guys, and Kristi Dylan Marcus and I ended up w/ betsy's car.. so we dropped 'em off at Dylan's and Kristi & me went to my sisters... then to Horizon, which was cool.. so we leave horizon's around 5 and I had to get up at 10.. yah So that was a crazy night...

Worked 12 hours... yah bitchez

first day of dance... blah, didn't do anything came home and slept all day

Work @ 5 but right now i dont know what im'a do today... =\ who knows, well after dance me n my lil bro went jogging so that was cool, i feel healthy now.. hah' well thats all....



Baseball! =) [26 May 2005|08:18pm]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | Vibrate - Petey Pablo ]

Yay, I just got back from the first game of the season. The boys did really good. JV & Varsity both won! =D yay! It was really fun... there was a lot of people there so Im not gonna name 'em all cause I always end up forgetting somebody. So yeah, in between JV & Varsity game it rained so we all ran inside the batting cage for like 2 minutes and the rain stopped. So y'kno Nick F's bag is sitting there and its got this whole bag of SEEDS in it, so Zach H & I decided we wanted to steal it... mwahaha... so yeah we tried to hide it from him, but it didn't work... we got caught and I didn't even end up getting any seeds! =[ Hah' well the games were okay I guess, the Varsity game was kinna boring... CJ is such a loser, he played like 1/2 an inning... HAH! So we left and I went and got crazy bread.... MMM! :)

Nothing really cool at school has happened, except NickB got hit in the face w/ a baseball, lol. We grilled out for Bio2 lab, uhmm.. tried out for choirs and our final test is tomorrow AH! Oh well, I just wanna know what choir im in already!!! I dont even care if im in Chamber 2 or 1, it doesn't really matter to me.. blah. oh well thats all later kiddo's!


Nick: aww, my doctor's appointment turned into a dentist appointment
Casey: I don't really mind, my dentist is HOTT
Mrs. Galloway: Oh Casey, what does he look like?



Beauty & The Beast [19 May 2005|06:31pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | Holla Back Girl - Gwen S. ]

Dang... so yeah this week has been okay I guess? Nothing really cool has happened... but uhm, today Chamber 2 went out to elementary schools... yeah it was blah! first we went to Roosevelt, damn did I FUCK up or WHAT!!! lol, I totally blanked out, it was so embarassing! Then we went to Everett, this was our BEST performance, and I wish they would've filmed this 1 instead. then we got a lunch break... Tiffney & I went to Arby's, mmm, twas good. Then we went around in circles twice... then we ended up at my DQ for some ice cream then headed back to school. Then we got dressed and whatnot and went to the big CP! [Crescent Park] Woot Woot. Even though it wasn't that good, it was fun I guess. So glad I didn't hafta go to school. =) so yeah, thats about it...

Tomorrow!!! Yay, we are totally learning a new routine tomorrow! =D im so excited! It better be hard or else I QUIT! hah' jk. We're gonna go to Wendy's afterschool and eat as a team, hah' we gonna get so mad at each other b4 the nights thru. then Saturday we hafta go back and finish our routine from like 8am- noon.. then I hafta work from 5-10. Yay, I get paid this weekend too! :)


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I love Chicago! [09 May 2005|03:15pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | Caught Up - Usher ]

So yah, Chicago was the shyt... i love it there

Stayed up all nite thursday, heck yes, well around 3:00ish Betsy & Mandie came and got me and we went to go to Perkins for breakfast... it was Me, Betsy, Mandie, Kasey, John, Jessie, & Lauryn. It was quite fun, we kept laughing cause we had all stayed up all nite, well then around 4:30ish we all left cus we hadda be at school around 5, and I went w/ Kasey to his house right quick then we went to school and we were locked out for like 1/2 an hour... then we checked bags and got on the bus. so yeah, we drove to Chicago for like a million and 1/2 hours! blah... when we got there we checked in and got ready for dinner and such. We went to the mall to eat, sorta, and I ate at this really good mexican resturant...mmm! then we loaded the buses and went to the theatre. Wicked was the SHYT! it was so good... I cried because it was so good. lol, then we went to the hotel and went to sleep.

woke up LATE...blah! in my room it was Betsy, Mandie, Jessica C, and myself it was cool, we all got along... so yeah, breakfast at Shula's was flippin' awesome! The food was just amazing! Then we got on the buses and went to the highschool that the singing contest was at... so yeah, we sang, then chamber 1 sang, then we were done and got on the buses to go to Navy Pier. it was awesome. I spent the day w/ Laura, Stef, & Monserrat it was really fun, I shopped a little bit and we rode on the Ferris Wheel which was cool. Then we were standing around in the front w/ a group of people and this crazy bum was trying to score money off of us, i was pretty scared... then we got on the buses and I thought* we were gonna go to Manificent Mile, but we ended up sitting on a bus for 2 1/2 hours... i was pissed off and crabby... but we eventually went back to our hotel and i think i went to the hotel's giftshop and bought some more stuff there. Took a little nap and got ready for medival times....Medival Times rocks my world, that place is fucking awesome! our knight was the Red & Gold knight... but sadly he didn't win, the blue knight won. boo... it was really exciting though... but the best part of the night was the DANCE! it was SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!!!! I danced w/ a bunch of random cuties from other schools. I didn't even dance w/ 1 west person. me betsy leah & mandie had the best time! =) ... got back to our hotel around 12:15 and had to do lights out at 12:30.. boo.

got to wake up a little later which was good. breakfast at Shula's again... and the best part about our hotel was we were sharing it w/ some sexy Soccer Boys... MMM! hah' well we packed our bags and got on the bus to go to the Shedd Aquarium. it was pretty cool, except it SUCKED! the Omaha Zoo has a better Aquarium than this place did... BLAH! it was a waste of time. So after that we got on the buses to come home and i rode back w/ Jessica Elliott, hah' she's cool. and i wanted to sleep on the floor in the aisles like we always do, but we had a bitch ass driver! and I hate Mrs. U'ren! Blah, she's a bitch... anywho got home around 10:30 ...

This last week has been pretty cool, me n kristi went to the muskies game on Saturday which was cool.... and i've been working lately, Riverside Dairy Queen, come see me! =) and today we went to Briar Cliff to do the cadaver lab, it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be... and we got a tour of the school, and our tour guide was a straight up -G-. he kept sayin' "its all good...." hah' yeah, so here i am wasting away time before the last choir concert... poo. well thats all..


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Countdown... [28 Apr 2005|11:30pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | Oh - Ciarra ]

So y'kno here I am, updating at my sister's house... y'kno only 5 1/2 hours til take off for CHICAGO! yay, totally excited. so today, didn't do anything cool, got squirted in the face w/ a pipette from CJ... yah, watta BITCH huh? hah' so anywho, today was fiesta day and we had all our stuff except the MEAT! So it sorta sucked... and all these teachers kept coming in and eating our yah, rest of the day was okay i guess, nothing really cool happened. so afterschool my sister took me to wal-mart to buy stuff to take w/me and i got batteries, gatorade, camera, & gushers. yay. Im not sure how much money im gonna have, but my mom gets paid tonite and so did my uncle, so woot woot. Im super excited to go to Chicago! =) We're all totally goin' to Perkins for breakfast at 3 in the morning... but Im not sure if im gonna be apart of that "we" cus i hafta wait for money... but who knows? so yeah, thats about it, you kids have fun at SCHOOL! mwahahaha ;)

<3 Sami


I Fell Off A Cliff [27 Apr 2005|08:28pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney ]

So yeah, i never update anymore, but when i do i forget 1/2 of the stuff thats happened.. blah, oh well lets see where to start? well... Kristi's bday sounds good..

Last Friday 4/22/05:
So yeah, it was Kristi's Birthday that day, party... woot woot! So y'kno it was an early out that day so afterschool Megan Mo, Kristi, Chasity, Kelcy, Tiffney, & I went to Applebee's to celebrate! Yay. there was like ALOT of ppl there... and we sat at 1 of those round tables y'kno? and these lil north frosh ppl were sitting next to us talkin some shyt cus i saw 1 of the girls like pointing and whispering.. bitch .. anywho, it was fun. then i went to Robert's to work concession for SC Relays which was gay. and my little brother was gonna run but his team ended up not showing up so he couldn't run so i came home. then my sister me kristi & kelcy went to the mall and stuff, then we dropped those 2 off at kristi's.

Uhmm... nothing really cool happened?

Finally found out what parts we got in Beauty and the Beast. I am the "Echantress" I get to tell the story! =) yay. i guess i have lots of lines...? hah' yah.. and Jessie got BELLE! and Lauryn got MRS. POTTS! woot woot.

We totally got inducted into the Spanish Honor Society today! Yay! Nothing really cool happened or anything? Uhm, went to Kristi's afterschool and went to Super Wal-mart w/ her, then put in some Little Mermaid back at her house and i fell asleep, and i guess i was talking in my sleep and i like woke up suddenly and said "I fell off a cliff.." yah, im cool... lol then sara beatty came and got me n kristi and we went to Subway, then she brought me home... and here i am.. so thats it...


Whoa... [13 Apr 2005|07:38pm]
[ mood | tired ]
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Hm.. i haven't updated in a long time, so I know all you crazed blurty fans are waiting for my update, checking everyday huh..? hah this is what i've been up to...

Uhm,.... i've been at school like 16 hours a day... y'kno doing the Aida thing, there have been some fun times doing that esp. back stage.. hah. we've been having dancesquad conditioning y'kno thats cool... been goin' to the spring league games, watching lil Dyl play! yah, his bday was April 7 woo hoo :) . Nothing really exciting I guess...

Shoot! Twirp was the SHIET this year... yes, i did just said "shiet..." ... but anywho, me, kristi, kelcy, & megan mo all ate at Kristi's house, yay... then the dance was really fun. I danced w/ some fun people... the exchange of money was made between same and opposite sexes . Kelcy made out w/ Chris Smith.... LOL! ((I'll never let that 1 go.. haha!)) It was just REALLY fun... Afterwords we all went to Megan's and watched a lil bit of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. then around 1:30 am Suggitt took us all home...

Uhm, i don't really have anymore cool stuff to say, so imma cut it right here...


This is a private mall! [13 Mar 2005|08:36pm]
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well here i am, sunday nite, of the 13th babysitting for my sister.... i haven't updated in like a month? some exciting things have happened ill clue u in.....->

-my bday, went to sioux falls and shopped
-north spring show- wasn't bad
-lots of clubbin` woo hoo
-eh... thats it...? lol

-Choir concert tomorrow
-Spring Show Friday & Saturday

Friday 11th
well kelso came and got me around 7 and then we went to school and handed in our English homework cus Schmitty's a punk, but yeah, aboarded the bus to go to Des Moines for girls bball championships. the ride is so long, so yeah we got in town at around 11:30 and headed to the Jordan Creek Mall. its a nice mall. i got a skirt from Forever 21, and some pants for Hollister. and then y'know we got introuble for singin' and jaywalking in the mall... yeah don't ask, the police security man was GAY! and he said "This is a private mall" wtf?! how can a mall be 'private' if anybody can go to it? yeah... so then we left at about 1:30 to go to Vet's. eh.. got there, changed into our hip hop costumes and waited around, and warmed up.... then we performed and i guess it was 1 of the best times we've done it... yay! :) i felt good about it. so then we had 5 1/2 hours of NOTHING-NESS! we just sat around in the basement and did nothing.. yay.. then the boys performed on tv at 7:30 then we came home... got home around 12 and went to sleep...

didn't really do anything except go to the club which was the funnest time yet! :) woot woot. danced w/ some pretty SEXXXY north boys :P hehe. i didn't really know 1 of 'em, and i danced w/ him the most...he was pretty hott! lol. eh, it was just a fun nite, and CJ went w/ his lil b--ch of a girlfriend... ugh i hate her! eh, she was like starin' at me a good portion of the time.. eh, who cares, also i was stalked by a big group of asian guys...again.. =[

uhm.... went to go get some lunch w/ my dad around 12, ate, and then called kristi up and went to the mall around 3 to see "Cursed" lol... it was pretty good, i jumped like 5 feet in the air at the most obvious part.. lol; im such a dork! =) the mall was sorta crowded.. and i bought 2 shirts from Wet Seal to go w/ my skirt that im'a wear on friday! yay.. eh, not much else to say.. later


Dang...! [24 Feb 2005|10:30pm]
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well its been awhile, i guess i really don't get online that much but anywho here i go updating...

last friday?
it was an early out so i came home and did w/e... then around 7 my sister picked up kristi & kelcy and went over to megan's house cus Aaron Dee was coming to visit, yay! well we got there and we started to watch state & ma tapes and the boys came over and went right downstairs cus they didn't wanna watch the tapes w/ us... so yeah w/e so we watch s'more dances and then they came back upstairs and left, but w/e they came back... eventually... then we watched Dodgeball & Saw which was pretty good. the ending is messed up! so came home and went to sleep...

pretty sure i went to Worthington for some church dealio then came home and just chilled then around 8:40ish-9 kristi picked me up and we went to the colliseum, it was me kristi leah & kelcy. it was pretty fun, but really crowded and pretty sure it was a big orgy! lol yah... we left at 11... woo hoo, i came home and went to sleep...

didn't go to church cus for some odd reason i slept until like 1:30, then kristi called and woke me up, and then she came and got me and we went to the mall to watch Constantine. it was me, kristi, kelcy, leah, & corrie. the movie was pretty gay up until the last 1/2 hour.... yah, so after that we went home and yeah

woke up around 10 and showered and got ready to go to school... got on the bus at 12:15 and on we went to Kinsley to Kinsley-Pierson Jazz Festival. the ride there took and hour and 1/2, when it should've taken only 45mins... yeah our bus driver was gay... lol, it was pretty fun, we overall did good, so thats exciting. got home around 7 at night then me n jessie went to McDonald's and got some grub, then went to her house and ate and talked to ppl and w/e. then i went home around 9 and did homework...

Tues-Thurs... nothing really special? I had Aida practice on Tues, helped my sister move in her new house on wed, and today me n kristi went to sell ads, and we had co-ed practice... and for some reason Joe & Matt K. started figting, and they're cousins...? yeah...

Well uhm pretty sure thats about it, tomorrow im pry gonna go to the north spring show w/ some kids from school, then saturday is the mini camp and Omaha! and then later that night to the colliseum then sunday.. blah, who knows...

bday countdown: 4 days!


I forgot the words... [12 Feb 2005|11:10pm]
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So yeah, haven't updated in about a year and 1/2... hah' well uhm im just gonna update on some cool stuff i've done and about today & yesterday....

Fun Stuff I've Done Lately: Went to Les Miserables, Fun times at Megan's house after bball games, Jazz Festival @ Morningside College, Getting TPed?, Aida Try outs, Learned some new routines, & Track started

Pretty sure it was a normal day, had dance, and such, and had the best fiesta ever in Spanish! yeah there was tomales, enchiladas, ice-cream cake, & candy hearts + more! i was so full throughout the whole day... and at lunch there was supposedly a fight? cus all the seniors like got up and ran like 50mph to the hallway... so yeah? but idk what happened... then afterschool i went down to the choir room to see what i got for musical, and yeah i got a chorus part... woot woot...? yeah im'a Nubian Woman along w/ like 20 other girls, but its okay i guess its only my soph year. Rachael got Aida; Lindsey got Amneris, but i could'a told u that b4 try-outs... so yeah, im not all that excited for the musical, but it'll be cool. then went to the game and the JV boys finally won their first game! it came down to the last 7 seconds! yeah, pretty exciting! uhm, left the after 1/2 time of the varsity game to go to Matt's but while i was goin' back to my seat something disturbing happened, i was like .02 inches away from Bronco, it doesn't sound bad, but it was lol... Matt's Bday Party! Well, too bad this was a frosh party, otherwise it would'a been cooler, but even so, it was pretty fun. He hasta be rich cus they rented out Masonic Temple & had a DJ and kickass food! haha.. it was overall pretty cool, had a lotta fun dancin' which is something i dont get to do too often.. it was over at 11 then kelcy's mom picked us up... came home and went to sleep...

well i woke up at uhm.. 1 in the afternoon, so pretty sure i had like 1/2 a days worth of sleep... so i woke up and Kristi called me, which was surprising cus she was getting her wisdom teeth pulled, but anywho, she called and i still hadda shower & get ready and stuff... so we went to the mall and just walked around and i went to Starbucks and got a Frappacciuno which i haven't had for awhile.. MMM.. then we ran into Danny Black, yeah haven't seen him in forever, and saw Sigaty! i miss him, im sad that he moved to Akron! =( , and we ate and stuff then left... i came home for 2 mins, and then Tiffney came and got me and we dropped deserts off at school for Evening of Song and Dance then we went to Kum & Go and got some tea, and then back to her house. She was like fighting w/ her bf... which is something im starting to get used to... well anywho, i got ready and all that and around 6:15 we went to get Kristi and headed up to school... the concert? if thats what u wanna call it, went pretty okay... too bad I sang words that nobody else sang, but the words are actually supposed to be sung, nobody came in though but me.... lol, then Chamber 2 sang and again, ppl forgot to come in, but ohwell, it doesn't really matter... we all left b4 the coed Jazz choir sang and i came home.. then around 10 my sister came and got me now im at her house babysitting.... well gonna go later!

Bday Countdown: 16 days... woot woot


North game- M.A [23 Jan 2005|06:18pm]
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well haven't updated in a while, so ill just update since friday.

North Game
well this time it was at north, and we lost both games. :( lol... but oh well, it happens. it was pretty fun actually. Dylan didn't have too good of a game, but D Waub did which is pretty cool. well then the Varsity game started and we switched seats and i was standing next to Nick Baxter... yeah he transferred to west from Heelan, he's pretty cool... so yeah after the game all the gangsters were in the lobby free stylin` and 1 of the cops stopped it... pretty cool of him huh? yah... hah' then after the game me kristi & kelcy went to Super-Walmart! and it was like super WINDY and saw Schmitty there! hah' ... then i dropped then all off at home then came home and went to sleep...

Long ass day! I woke up at 7 and took a nice cold shower :( and i got to SSC at about 8:07 and i guess thats called "being really late" considering its only 7 mins after the time they told us to be there...? anywho, got ready for jazz and such... then we danced, and then i got ready for Hip Hop and we watched green Novelty which was very good :) then we did Hip Hop then i think thats when i ate for the 1st time taht day... hmm? who knows, well then after that i got ready for military i think? idk, i dont remember... then we were totally off center and I told them! I told them "We're too far over..." but nobody cares what I think. then we got ready for Prop i think? idk, somewhere around there I went to see Shara & Molly's solo which they both did amazing! I totally cried when Molly did hers! hah' well yah anywho then we did alot of other dances, y'kno i dont really remember the order... hah' we did really good yesterday, shockingly good actually lol. the lil dance thingy sucked this year! im mad! but i still danced a little, y'kno retardely... haha, saw alot of ppl from school there which makes me pretty happy... but then i sat w/ Levi & Kristi during awards and that was exciting i guess... then awards took forever but after that i went to Wendy's and got some food, then I came home and ate and washed my make-up off and went to sleep.

Perfect Scores
Hip Hop
Military <-- shocking huh!

woke up and took a shower cus i felt really gross from yesterday and totally didn't go to church cus i've been too tired all day i've been sleeping... then at like 2 i went to Billy Boy and got some food, then i sat around and fell asleep on the couch and yeah... pretty boring day... now im online.. hah' gonna go... later!

Happy New Year? [01 Jan 2005|01:56pm]
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well yeah, last nite was new years, and it wasn't that much fun... oh well, i went to megan's and there was ppl there and we partied... counted down to midnite and drank fake champagne. i left at 1... the end.


21 days til M.A. woo hoo...


Merry Christmas! [25 Dec 2004|11:26am]
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Aww, Merry Christmas to all! :) Yeah, so today I went to Church and shyt... y'kno... and now im just waiting until 7 so I can go eat dinner with the family... yay... haha so this is wat i've done!

Went to school and just didn't really do anything... watched Nutty Professor in Bio and talked to CJ he's a cool kid. watched Miracle in Spanish and ate.. ate again in Choir and played Cranium in Algebra 2. yeah... then i came home and took a nap, then around 7ish Lauryn & Jessie picked me up to head over to Suggitt's house for Movie Night!!!

Suggitt's House-
So yeah, people came and left so over the whole nite this was who was there... Me, Kristi, Lauryn, Jessie, Molli, Corrie, Leah, Betsy, Jackie, Suggitt, Ryan M, Adam, Richie, Colin M, Sheriff Zach ALEX W, Dylan, Marcus, Cool Dan, Haukup, and i hope thats it... cus ill feel bad if i forgot somebody.... but anyways, so yeah, we watched Napoleon Dynamite, and LOTR 3, and we sorta watched I Robot? like 2 minutes of it.. hah', Played some twister, wrestled, people had secret meetings, went to taco bell, got TP'ed by Marcus & Josh, played Ditch 'Em, Laid on the couch, wrestled w/ the aligator, uhmm then around like 2:30 me kristi jessie lauryn and molli were gonna leave, but Lauryn's car wouldn't start so the boysies hadda help us out... ha then we dropped molli off then the rest of us went to Lauryn. Had a truth circle and then around 4 went to sleep... woke up at 6:30, her car wouldn't start again so her dad hadda jump start it, then we went and sang and ate free breakfast woot woot...

did nothing slept all day

did nothing... called Kristi up and went to see Meet the Fockers! haha hilarious! i loved it! it was weird though cus we were in the theatre w/ like a bunch of old people... hah' then after the movie, me n kristi hadda wait for my sister to pick us up, and i got hit on by these crazy asian guys.. and as we were leaving, another car load of asian guys came out, and i was like HURRY KRISTI! CRAZY AZN'S BEHIND ME! and i think they heard me.. lol then we went home and did nothing. then around like 8 me n my sister went to get food at subways and ate, then around 10 i fell asleep. good nite.. YAY M.A. IS IN LESS THAN A MONTH! WOO HOO! :)

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Madrigal [19 Dec 2004|12:27pm]
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So yeah, this weekend is the Madrigal weekend... yay... here's what i've done lately...

uhmm... normal day i guess, after 4th period Pink & All male got to go and perform for people at Marina Inn. It was pretty okay i guess, there was like no room, but its okay. hah'. i rode w/ Emily, Molly, Maddi, Shanae, & Tori. After we performed we went to McD's and ate, it was pretty fun... i love just sitting down and eating and talking... yay, got to skip 6th period, then alg 2 we took a quiz and i got a 53% ... yeah... thats the worst grade i've ever gotten in math.. EVER IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!! well, at least that i can remember... yeah.. had madrigal practice afterschool... then at like.. 7 we had Dress Rehersal, and i look so gay in my jester costume...gosh, everybody is all pretty and im lookin' kinna gay! lol well it went pretty okay i guess...then i came home and went to sleep

went to the Shrine Temple for another rehersal w/ the freshmen, it went pretty okay i guess... then afterwards we got to go to lunch and i went w/ Betsy Laura Steph & Mandie. we dropped Mandie off at her house, then we wanted to see how fast we could go down her hill.. hah we got up to like 70mph haha. then we went to Subways and ate.. yay.. then we went back to school for 6th & 7th period. then i came home afterschool and just chilled until 5. then Jessie came and got me and headed over to the Temple & got dressed...

Show #1
I was a little nervous, cus its the first show y'kno how u get those jitters in your stomach, well yah, thats how i felt, but it wasn't that bad... i'd hafta say this was the better of the 2. I think it went okay, I didn't forget any lines but some other people did... hah' but its okay...

well we went downstairs and hadda meet & greet. and me n jessie talked to alex widner! hah' but i only talked to him a little bit... and I GOT INTERVIEWED FOR KTIV NEWS! yay... hah' cus 1 of the frosh girls' mom works for KTIV so that was pretty exciting... then we had to get ready to do the next show...

Show #2
well at the beggining I was hangin' out w/ the brass players.. that was pretty excitiing.. and adam gerrard [sp?] kept flashing me cus he had tights on.. lol. then we started.. and yeah.. did the show, and i couldn't find curtain!! it was GONE!!! ill pry get in trouble for it... but y'kno what can y'do? eh.. this show was better overall, but for me, it wasn't.. but oh well. and a certain somebody was being really rude all night... i mean, i don't care what they were saying about me, but if people knew what they were saying their feelings would pry be hurt.. but anyways... afterwards i came home n fell right asleep.. and i stole my kazoo!! mwahaha, and we weren't supposed to take 'em cus Chamber 1 needs them... oops... =\ and i stole a program... haha

didn't do anything, stayed home all day and slept in...

went to church and now im not doin anything, but i should be doin homework, but oh well.. i think im gonna do it later tonite... if anybody watns to do anything call my cell.. 204-2509



Drama [12 Dec 2004|01:26pm]
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Okay so this week we got Monday & Tuesday off... then we started dancing again on Wednesday and just didn't really do much, but yeah.. school's been pretty okay I guess? Nothing major has happened.... until... friday...

So we had tryouts for a dance that only 16 of us could be in... and people's feelings got hurt and it was just really dramatic!!! So, people were crying, things were thrown... and uhm, actually idk what all happened in the locker room, cus i wasn't in there.. so then the whole pink squad had to have a meeting in the teacher's lounge and we talked it out, and i guess its okay now, cus now all 20 of us are gonna be in yeah... it doens't sound that bad, but if u were there it was.. haha' but i hope its all good on monday.

Basketball game!!!
Yay, biggest game of the year, im kinna mad cus its so early in the season.. but yeah, west vs. north! so yeah, the sophomore's lost, but Dylan did good! im proud of lil Dyl! then the Varsity game kicked ass dude! The intro was awesome cus our beloved Drumline came out and broke it down for us. heh i love the drumline! and yeah, we won but i dont member the score though. and again, we had our own version of "Bring it on" goin on...y'kno havin' cheer battles across the gym. and we performed and i fell!!! i guess i was doin' a dance move and the fence was underneath my foot, and i fell. hah' and now my ankle hurts really bad, but oh well. and after we performed the northside booed us... and idk why, cus its not like we beat them in Show, cus they didn't compete in that category. but oh well, we don't care. Marcus was tryin' to start a fight i swear cus he was like sayin' stuff about our dancesquad to north, and i was dude, marcus shut up! but yeh... it was fun. then after the game betsy gave me leah kristi & nana rides. after we dropped everybody off, me n betsy drove around for a lil bit, then i came home. good nite.

woke up, didn't really do anything til around 4 then me n kristi went to the mall and watched National Treasure! It was SO good!!! I love that movie! Then after the movie, we just walked around, and saw Corey, Marcus, & Haukup.. and some other people, then I got ice cream and we left. I came home and took a nap, then I woke up around 11 and went to Wendy's.. and watched Harry Potter 3 then i fell asleep during the movie.

Went to church, and now im home, and trying to find something to do, but theres nothing! so im gonna go call some people up.. later



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