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    Thursday, January 29th, 2004
    9:52 pm
    In kims journal is the sweetest thing that ANYONE has ever said to me. I am so happy that i am friends with kim, if i werent friends with her my life would be sooooooooooooo boring. She is so nice to me, unlike anybody else. She's like one of the greatest friends anyone could ever have. THANX KIM...... for always bein there to make things better. You help me out when i need it the most. You're the funnest, sweetest, and nicest person i've ever met in my whole life. Don't get ur hopes down about cj. You'll see hime very soon, I PROMISE!! Don't be like me and get your hopes down all the time, it just makes things worse. just remember to always and forever be.......... HAPPY!!!!! Your a great person..... stay that way!!!! ( or i will smack you across the face) hahaha jk!
    LOL..... you poor poor girl, u kissed squirrel cheaks in your dream. I really really am sorry for that one. oooo oooo..... u still gotta rape eric!!!! cant forget about that.... OH! and you have to remember that.......................... GUMBY GOT A GREEN ASS. LOL. OOOOOO OOOOOO...... and CJ's ginna come live with you at your HOUME....... hahahahah. Anyways..... well i love ya lots and dont ever change the way that you are, cuz your the bestest there is out there. :)


    Current Mood: Doin Great!!
    Sunday, January 25th, 2004
    10:58 pm
    i feel unloved...... kinda :-\
    I just realized that only 8 ppl have ever said the words "i love you" to me. and only 5 of them really meant it. the other 3 are just a couple friends and 2 of those friends hate me now for no reason at all. I feel so unloved, just like this whole world hates me except for 5 ppl. maybe thats y i havent had a bf, because theres nobody out there who loves me except my mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, and aunt nona. so i guess no guys love me but my dad. well this sux....... but i guss its ok, i mean ill get over it in like a couple minutes, probably. I dont stay upset very long at all b/c i hate to be unhappy. soi get over things really fast. Like if i was datin a guy and i tought he was cheatin on me then i would be over it in like an hour or less. You'll hardly ever see me upset. :)... see im already over the whole unloved thing. hehehehehehe

    Current Mood: not loved
    6:21 pm
    Cj asked kim out, and she said yes!!! but she kinda likes someone else more than cj, and the other person she likes, likes her too, so i guess her and cj r gonna break up in like a week or two and kim is gonna go out with that other person (if that made any sense)........... I wish i had a boyfriend. Like all my friends have boyfriends, but no i don't. I guess im just looking for mr. right or something. but it's not fair i've been single like my whole life!!!
    It is fun being single cuz you get to flirt with any other single person you want. But i just want one person thats all mine. I am soooooooo sick of being single. I just want someone that i can love. :'(

    Current Mood: lonely
    Friday, January 23rd, 2004
    8:25 pm
    Kim's one of the funnest people i know!!!! We like to just jump around, have fun yell at people we don't know, Just make life fun doing the stupidest things. That's what i think life should be all about....... just going out and hangin woth ur friends and just have the time of ur life everyday, not just sit at home doing nothing being bored as hell..... well unless ur in trouble and can't do anything of coarse.

    OOOOO OOOOO, kim is spending the night at my house tonight but not really. We're gonna lie to our parents a lot so she can go to Cj's house and spend the night. I hope that all turns out good!!!! :D

    I'm such a retard........ i was walkin around the neighborhood with kim and every time i saw a street light i woud hug it and people would just stare at me klike im one of the craziest people they've ever seen ( which i probably am) :) hehehe

    Current Mood: happy
    7:05 am
    Me and Gina used to be best friends and it lasted for 6 years. But now she has a new best friend....Muriel. She took my place, but oh well i guess... ill get over it in a lil bit. I've got my good friends Kim, Claudia, Audra, Kyle, Ashley, Tiara, and Cherish. There fun people, and most of the are loud and weird like me! But I'd still like to know why gina just dropped me and got muriel. :(

    Current Mood: What happened??
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