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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

10:09PM - gfe

lala i have mooved on..i don't use this journal much anymore but if there is anyone who is actually interested in the shit i say, i have moved to live journal.. my name there is the same as here.. so feel free to post on anything i say...ok..i will only update here if i am as desperatly bored then as i am now...:-D merry christmas to all and to all a good bop! H-I-M....omg...i need to hump a pillow.....heh heh heh...love ya jess

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Thursday, December 18, 2003


lala whats shakin ya'll not much here..just sitten here.listen to none other then ville...*creams myself* anyways ...i haven't written on here for awhile just wanted to say....sorrie im not dead yet! i was thinking today.... WHOA! yeah music is a main key to life...what would i do without ville to et me through the day...? toodloo

Current mood: chipper
Current music: HIM "funeral of hearts"
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Wednesday, December 3, 2003

5:59PM - today

lalatoday is uhhh.wendsday.today wasn't that bad for once....i can't wait till christmas break.ahhhh mom said she wants a tree but we will probubally just get a stick untill next year...but you know what i really don't care because HIM rocks my vag. and i found a new friend to talk to about Ville...*drooling* yeah so HA! anyways.... mom is goin x-mas shopping tomarrow...whoo hoo but shes like i don't know what anoyone wants so its gonna be all BLAH! ahh mommy dear find me a HIM shirt and ill be happy..or even a poster would make me smile for now... well i guess im gonna go do science homework for now..then end..love ya

Current mood: friendly
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Tuesday, December 2, 2003

8:55PM - tuesday

lalala today sucked my big butt..it was ok but i mean... it was a school day so enough said... i am fat.. i know everyone has got to be sick of me sayin that.. i hate food though...i mean i am fat and when you friends talk about you being fat beind you back that has GOT to be some kind of clue or something... i mean shit son.. your friends...they should be able to say it to your face.. i hate this... geez.. im startin to wish i was megan.. YES SIR of course she can't wait to drive anyways when she is a junior or something so maybe she isn't gonna die after all....i don't know..nor do i care i don't know her...so yeah back to the subject.. i hate the internet cause you talk to people and there so nice and then you go to school and theres like all these people and no one is like the people on th internet.like cammel he is nice and there is like no one like that at school they are all evil whore patties..geez shoot me...i am so depressed and to top it all off i don't get a christmas tree this year..i love x-mas trees and i don't get one... *ear* well we are gonna get this cheap little thing....but its not a tree...its like stick..ok well i guess i should be happy we atleast get a stick..anyways im fat and i hate myself...im gonna go before i say something to offend someone...then end

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Sunday, November 30, 2003

11:59PM - my weekend so far

hey yeah it is me again... last night was the bestest.. me and jess just chilled... and we were good too!! well umm..pretty good...we did nothing bad... anyways.. i made a new friend his name is camille...and he wants jessica under the stars...awwwww......ville wants a penis enlargment :-O..whoa... anyways.i want him all up in my giny....so does jessica....yeah....i know her little secrect..cough twins..underwear...up against the wall....yeah haha and you thought i forgot...not me hunny bunch..i love you...even though you were VERY exposed this weekend...haha remember tim...so gentle yet so painful looking.....i would bop him..maybe..as long as he is not as worn out as adam..:-& anyways....i thnk thats all the end...i love you

Current mood: as usual
Current music: HIM"don't fear the retard"
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Tuesday, November 25, 2003


You Are The Angry Princess!
You are The Angry Princess (The Psychotic
Beauty/Beauty The Beast)
--You're completely nude and slashed from head to
toe.You're pale with your smeary lipstick and
runny eyeliner.
You're gorgeous as hell,but you don't seem to think
so...So you performed surgery on yourself and
messed up...Then you slit your own wrists while
nude in the bathtub...
I find you so sexy...I can't resist you...Marry me.
P.S. Nice Rack.

Which Ghost From Thirteen Ghosts Are You?
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7:35AM - blah blah tuesday

yeah today is tuesday my 2nd missed day this week and i missed two last week what the hell is my problem? well i intended on goin to school today but the power went out and no one bothered to wake me up so poof here i am home again...joy oh well this is like the 3rd time i told stephenie i would be back and i wasn't...damn me....shit son ....still no jessica...she is either dead or pissed.... and i don't think she is dead because she just went to the movies with stephenie so.....hell if i know... either way i love you j-baby <3....well im going back to bed....nighty night..

Current mood: sleepy
Current music: i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts........ :D
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Monday, November 24, 2003

4:49PM - ¤Ville¤

VILLE ¤drooling¤ was on Viva La Bam last night.....

Current mood: ecstatic
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4:42PM - 11/24

today is monday....blah i didn't go to school...because mom took me to the emergency room last night cuz i had a really high fever and i felt like shit...yeah so she made me go to the emergency room....we were there for awhile....and i had to get a x-ray....no shot though.... damn....anyways... today i slept all day got up around 2:30 and layed on the couch just watching tv....blah blah blah anyways....im goin back to school tomarrow....so thats pretty much it..i haven't talked to jessica in like forever....maybe she pissed at me...who knows..oh well i guess im gonna go....talk to ya'll later .....love ya

Current mood: crappy
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Thursday, November 20, 2003

8:49AM - hntg

today is umm. thursday i think...i didn't go to school today because im sick...well i'll be all better by tomarrow...anyways i didn't go to scholl yesterday either....blah blah moms not home today..so im just sitting around on here and in front of the tv.....might do something later...tomarrow is jessicas mommys birthday....yay oh well saterday is the parade...blah blah blah j-baby call me after school ok hun..love you..bye bye

Current mood: weird
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Monday, November 17, 2003

5:08PM - ??????????????/

If i was a Bodily Excretment i would be:
kind of Excretment are you?

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5:06PM - lalalala

I Will Take my own life!.
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5:03PM - haha

If i was a serial killer i would be Albert Fish.

Albert Fish was a masochistic, pedophile obsessed with religious themes such as sin, sacrifice, and redemption through pain. It is believed that he would force his own children to beat him with a nail studded paddle until he bled. He would also stick nails underneath his finger nails,into his groin, his scrotum and his anus. He forced himself to eat feces and would stick alcohol soaked cotton balls up his anus and set them on fire.

Fish believed that God wanted him to castrate boys, which he would do over the course of many years, finally to be caught for kidnapping, murdering and eating a 10 year old girl. Fish claims to have molested over four hundred children. Police charged him with eight but suspect him on fifteen.

Kill count: unconfirmed

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4:37PM - eep

today i went to go see my teachers with mommy.we talked to mrs. N for like an hour then we went and talked to shultz...blah blah mom then went and talked to health teacher...i hate her.... and sh hates me....then we went to talk to dushster....heh heh heh he said he wished every girl in his class was as good and well manored as me....WHOA...lol and he was serious!?!?! anyways then we went to see fleckster and she was like i really don't need to talk to you .....heather has been doin alot better so....WOW yeah then we came home..THANK goD! i am soo sick....i don't know if im gonna go to schoool tomarrow or not....depends......anyways....i think im gonna go take a nap......BLAH i feel like shit.....the endoooo i love jessica

Current mood: sick
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Saturday, November 15, 2003

5:32PM - cx

blah blh blah yeah i haven't updated in awhile but yeah im still alive.....anyways..today i went to the all woo hoo lol anyways...monday no school....but yeah im goin there anyways how dumb can i be....anyways yeah well ill write more later when noe ones around,,,,,,heh heh heh ok later

Current mood: blah
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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

5:12PM - blah

hey yeah i was at jessicas yesterday we got home at 6.. from school and she went straight to to bed and didn't wake up till noon today..whoa folksh.....lol anyways i waxed her foot....haha im cold and tired and we have school tomarrow....ick..anyways....i think i wanna bop ville...and i love him o face....shit son....anyways..i think thats all for now...love ya

Current mood: tired
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Sunday, November 9, 2003

3:37PM - a list of things i hate

-straight legs
-the color brown
-dead friends
-dead family
-death of people I love
-people that judge you by how you look
-fake flowers
-people who make fun of fat people
-melanie (twice)
-mean people
-report card
-aaron moved
-rachels moving
-jessicas wants to move
-mary beth
-lack of good drugs
-lack of alcohol
-lack of time w/ friends
-family events
-being fat
-being ugly
-no boppage
-no money
-friends w/ bad habbits
-lack of cheerwine
-no brandi
-no bj
-no boyfriend
-skinny people
-pretty people
-people that are hotter then me besides my friends cuz they can try to make e hot
-science class
-math class (sept for jess and carly)
-3rd period except for rachel
-people that hete me
-lotion girl
-some little kids
-people that lie about stupid shit
-hairy people
-body oder
-jessicas grandma
-nikkis sister
-optimistic people
-the death of stempy
-stupid remarks

-people that dislike ville valo
-her……with the skirt
-people who ask the same question over and over even afer they have been answered
-Mill run
-chewing snuff
-not having gum
-not having pills
-gay ass bitches in my classes
-shirts that show your belly
-low rise jeans
-pics of me
-The mountain towns
-almost everyone at CAHS besides my friends
-most of MTV
-the kid that said I was fat
-the kids that said jess was the jolly green giant
-the US
-people who are gay but won’t ell ne one cuz there too embarrassed
-people w/ straight a’s
-evil bitches w/ piercing..besides my friends
-being dumb
-having no friends
-people who gawk at you if you look different
-having to take botes
-people w/ just one earring hole.its so abnormal
-being glossless
-not having eyliner
-fat people that hink they are skinny
-panty hoes
-the alarm clock
-high heels
-tassel bag/ purses
-people that talk about you behinf ur back
-the word cute
-the word pretty
-uncomfy shoes
-when mommy cries
-when mommys sad
-when mommys mad
-5th period way too long
-smart people that show off
-people who let there toes be exposd
-kidnappers and rapists unless there kidnapping someone I hate or raping
-child abuse
-people who arfue about there beliefs and think its wrong for me to have my own beliefs
-clothes that say hottie or sexy
-polished shoes
-shrill squeaky voices
-shitty music
-body flab
-stretch marks
-gold jewelry
-waking up late
-waking up early
-fat people that make fun of other fat peple
-the need to shave
-fish face
-girl with the ugly pants
-hunting / fishing/ golf
-when friends hate other friends
-being grounded
-having to do stuff
-being hungry
-being lazy
-people in general
-riding my bus
-missing people I love
-my bus driver
-no friends at school
-being a worryer
-can’t cry while weaing eyeliner
-calling someone and having them not be home
-when friends are mad at me
-being sick
-American flags
-lost animals w/o homes
-car accidents that invole people I love
-when someone I love commits suicide
-painful cuts
-pants that are too tight
-shirts that are too small
-having to piss like a race horse getting chased by a glue truck
-no computer
-not being able to be mean enuff
-not having a job
-people who hate bsb
-brand new
-cheetah girls
-other people named heather

that’s all for now….i still have like 9 pages left though

Current mood: annoyed
Current music: none cuz my cocksucking computer sucks
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1:04PM - danielle is leaving tomarrow *tear*

hey yeah last ngiht was super me and jess were up till like 3 and we were like talkin about ville and god what other then bopping. and i was like yeah i want to bop ville and she was all hey go downa nd msg adam and tell him you wanna masterbate to the sound opf his voice..so i did.. and he never wrote back so i wrote suck a fat one adam and so i guess jess thinks he is pissed at her.... uhh i might go up to jessicas again to marrow.... hot damn... i love BONZi and the shit he says... damn anyways i love rusty too because he can climb up the ladder and down it....WooT... i got this hot new necklace and earings at wal-mart friday and some makeup.. joy oh and thats all.... saterday me and my mom and jess and her mom had a grand talk about drugs and being a klepto in my driveway.. yeah fun shit...anyways then we got on the pill subject and i was talkin to jess and i was like "in my room" and mom was like yeah im gonna surch your room....dun dun dun and i was like yeah i gotta go get my toothbrush and she was like yeah right...so anyways i ended up tellin her about he 2 pills...whoo hoo its no like i got a bag of weed in there....oh well h=after that i left w/ jess and her mom and we went to sheetz and got a cappachino and i sang the hich song playin in there....lol... well i think thats it...ahh i almost forgot..jessica that thing was NOT scooby ok.. and.. autumn in new york yeah i watched that...... the end love ya

Current mood: chipper
Current music: "poison girl -him"
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Saturday, November 8, 2003


hey whats shakin bacon..nothing much here just sitten at jessica letting rusty dig his big man claws in yo me...lol.uhh i fould out my boob looks really good in her light...anyways... yeah i am getting grounded moday becase my family cares to much damn them!! lol rachel i love that bozi sayin shit.it rocks my vag... more then you can understand...jessica... i love you babe... what would i do with out you... you rock me in more ways then one..NOW will you fuck my like you know what you want and your not afraid to take it from me? right after you take off that lepard skin thong an reveal you bush to me. ..... ahh would you be quiet?? shit son i love you.bye bye

Current mood: giddy
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Thursday, November 6, 2003

7:34PM - hey

hey yeah this is me again...i had like the WORST day..and it didn't help that jessica wasn't there and neither was rachel..omg i loved rachels little bonzi phrase...it rocked my vag...like no ones buisness...i HATE no wait i LOATH lindey with like the deepest most sincere passion...she is like my LEAST favorite person... rawr...anyways...i hate the old hag with grey hair too shes even worse...yeah and that was just 1st period....fmss....oh well jess didn't call me and im sad....i think ill die.....ok..well i am like seriouusly spacing out......so i guess im gonna go.ok love ya bye bye

Current mood: pissed off
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