9th March 2004

7:33pm: uh huh
so steve made me get another my online journal. he just wants to read it and get inside my head. thats okay. it gets lonely in here. nothing to report, just a sad sad sad little life. of course i watched american beauty again today. first time i didnt cry when i watched it. usually i do. i don't know if i lost those feelings or if they are just not so close to the surface anymore. i get the beauty thing, and the smallness of personal existence, and the enormity of everyday life. not much else to report. i have plans to work friday first shift and a movie late with steve. it will be nice to see him again, it has been almost a month. i just dont want him to read all about jaime and get all guy weird on me. whatever. jeez, my life is boring.
Current Mood: blah
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