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whoa its been like almost two months [15 Nov 2003|05:04pm]
ok so alot has happened in two months and i dont even know where to begin. ok ill start with last weekend...HOMECOMING! I got to be pampered all day getting my hair done, nails done and a pedicure -ha i was hysterical (sp?) the whole time! My dress was amazing and my hair turned out really nice...well for the first five minutes lol im not gonna go into detail because ill put pictures up as soon as i figure out how. B4 the dance aaron came over so my mom could take pictures - he was so adorible! after my mom took a few shots aaron and i went to my neighbor amanda's house to see all them and linda took a few shots of mando cakin and i. Apparently she was upset with me because i dont come over to see cakin bacon anymore because the second linda and caitlin walk in she sees me and goes "come here ya little shit and give me a hug" when i leaned in to give her one she grabed my arm and was like "listen you little shit you call caitlin one day and come over, now that you have a boyfriend you never come and see me anymore so call her. Do you hear me?" i was like "yea" then she says "say yes ma'am so ill know you understand me" and im like "Yes ma'am!" and she finally let me go so i could breath. Now dont get me wrong Linda is great but OMG is she scarry so im gonna call her asap! ok yea so now for the dance... Aaron and I drove to the Airport Hilton where the dance was and it was decorated very nicely. When we got there a few ppl were there and so we settled in. The dj got started and was pretty good so we got up for our first dance. It got really hot very fast and i started feeling sick so we took a break and the rest of the night was like that dancing then sitting and dancing then sitting - but i had so much fun they played all the best songs! only bad thing was they played like 2 slow songs -tear i wanted more! well when it was over at 12 aaron and i went to his house, fell asleep then at 2:00 went to ihop -ewe worst food ever! ellery made Evan Snow call me to check up on me i was like whoa who the hell is this? anyway -eek g2g finish later
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Still catchin up... [27 Sep 2003|07:56pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | The intro of this odd show i dunno what its called ]

Friday night Aaron Phil Nicole and myself (Tryna was away ::tear::) went to the beach for the night and had soo much fun! We all just goofed around and it was so cute. The guyz took Nicole and I out to dinner at the Wales Rib it was good stuff good times and good friends...but we all missed our Tree Tree Love!
~Saturday I woke my tired butt up early in the morining for my big day at the beach with Mo and Tyler and other peeps. We left Mo's at like 11:30 and it took us like 1 1/2 hours to get down to Aventura b/c they didnt wanna go on 95 which would have taken 45 min or less oh well men are men. So were on Hallendale blvd. going south and we pass right by my condo and go down less then a mile to Ocean One - WHOA! that place was AMAZING! The view from the appartment was immaculate, breath taking, and just out of this world! So we spent the beautiful afternoon at my favorite place in the world - the beach. Then at 5 we showered changed and went to Aventura Mall and ate at Johnny Rockets the waiters sang and danced woo-who. We walked aroung the mall for a while and had to head home. I got home showered changed again and went off to the movies with Aaron and Phil. We saw My Bosses daughter and it had some funny parts but it was a disapointment.
~Sunday, my mom and I went out and did some stuff then I went to Mo's for my first Moi-z Fest meeting. It was cool and there were some interesting ppl there. When the meeting was over Aaron picked me up and we came back here and just hung out on the couch - I love just being with him and kissing him and I feel so safe in his arms and I get this little tingle in my tummy and a warm feeling in my heart.. its like nothing I have ever felt b4 in my life!

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Another Great weekend to tell about: [17 Sep 2003|03:35pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | The sound of Aaron singin to me over the phone ]

~Friday aaron and i were gonna go out and he decided that he would drag my happy ass iceskating (hello everyone in the world knows how much I HATE ice skating) but his friends were gonna go and he said i could bring tryna and nicole so i decided to suck it up and go. I had a great time! The ppl that went were Me, Aaron,Tryna, Dan, Phil, and Nicole I was very aprehensive b/c i was affraid that i'd fall and make an ass out of myself but the first time around it wasnt so bad. I had Aaron on one arm and Dan on the other i felt so safe and comfortable in between 2 guyz ;) So yea it was fun and when Aaron and I went around just the two of us he was so sweet and I loved it. My x-boyfriend Danny R was there but we didnt end on bad therms so there wasnt any tension he came up to me and we had a nice conversation. Hes still just as cute as he was but now he has braces and he talks funny but it was cute. We left at 11:30 and went to Nicole's house we all chiled on her bed and it was so fun! Everyone left and I went to Trynas house to sleep over.
~Saturday we woke up early, Aaron tryna nicole and i went to the beach we were supposed to meet up with Dan and Phil but that didnt work out. We played in the water and it was so fun! It was pretty rough out there and Aaron was joking with nicole and he immiates her saying "oh what a wave?" with this lost blank look on his face it was so funny! Then Aaron and I put on a "show" for everyone to see lol it was um..interesting i guess hehe ;) Sat night Tryna, Butter, Aaron, Phil and I went to Aarons house then to JJ mugz then yes I FINALLY WENT TO COLDSTONES!!! He droped me off at my dads and took tryna home.
~sunday tryna was gonna have a bbq so i woke up early and wrote my essay then went to her house. Aaron was working and he was running really late so he came like 2 min b4 mo and tyler picked me up. Ok so it was 4:30 I was in Tyler's car with mo and i was starting to get really excited! Hey wait a mil ididnt tell you what i was going to lol duh! Well we were on our way to the Dashb. Conf concert! Woo who! Ok so we get out of the car and i start talkin to this gurl i forget her name but she was mo's friend and was really nice. We getin to the seating area and there i another gurl with us whos name is ashley and shes TOTALLY AWESOME! The concert began with Vindetta(sp?) Red who Mo thought was terrible but they actually werent bad at all. Then was Brand New came on and Ash wanted to get another shirt so we walked down to the merch booth. I was hungry so i got some pizza and we sat down to talk - shes so cool did i already say that? Right then thi guy get ran at from 2 directions by poece officers and trown down on the floor and he got arrested for tryin to sneek ppl into the show-it was intense (sp?). But MXPX came on and KICKED ASS!!! then DC was up for the big show as whoa it was SOOO GREAT! after the concert we went to Steak n shake and had fun just sittin around and chillaxin. This concludes the FANTASTIC sunday and highlight of my month ;)

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Monday to Thursday: [12 Sep 2003|04:45pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | The announcers voice keeping me posted on the World Series! ]

Monday I had to go over to my friends appartment for a while and help him with something there. When i got home i called Tryna and went to her house. Aaron came by for 1/2 an hour and chilled with us then left. Tony Arserio (sp?) and one of his really cute friends were over so we had fun chillin with them till i left at like 9. ~School was boring on tuesday and it was gay b/c i was supposed to chill with my boyfriend but things didnt work out i dont even remeber why but yea so my afternoon was dumb...atleast what i remember of it was untill Mo asked me to go to dashboard with him this sunday~ im so psyched (sp?)!
~Ok so Wednesday school was boring but afterschool Aaron picked me up we stoped by to see his friend "D.J. Joey" (hahahahhaha) and we went to the mall. Aaron tried to climb up the rock wall to get 100$ but didnt make it which was ok with me b/c i got to stare at his really cute ass the whole time lol. Then we went to the park and got on the swings hes so adorible! He droped me off at home then about an hour later he and Joey came back to get me and the 3 of us went to Wings Plus -the whole time I was thinkin about the night i was at trynas and we ordered Wings Plus and the dude who answered the phone sounded hot. So Tryna told me to ask him if he was gonna be the one to deliver the food and when he said no i was like "too bad b/c you sound hot" which is no big deal except that they calle back and this chick is like "are you the ppl who just ordered?" and shes like yea then the girl goes "well the guy you just talked to is my boyfriend" in the background we heard a voice that yelled "Shes lying!" it was soooo funny. but yea thats was i was thinkin about the entire time and i kept giggling out of nowhere it was mad crazy. But i had a really great day with my baby!
~thursday school really sucked and i was not happy at all then i hada really crappy night of doing nothing except when my baby came to see me b4 he went to work for like 45 min. I'm goin to go studfor my ocab test 2 marro so hopefully i will get a passing grade. Oh wait i forgot to say that I got a schecdule change so my new first hour is research 3, 2nd is chemistry, 34r is spanish 2, and my new class is P.E. for 4th hour which kicks ass b/c i dont have to be smelly all day i can just come home and jump in the shower. Wish me luck on my new day 2 marro even though it will be fine i know but still.
~One last thing on this September 11th God Bless America!!!!!!

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yo! [10 Sep 2003|07:23pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | The theme song to this wierd movie. ]

So yea, I left off on friday night and heres what heppened:
Sat I woke up cleaned my room and went to Tyna's. We chilled there with Nicole till 6 and went to Mo's with Mike aka Chad or "The Chadster". We putzed around there till we went to JJ Mugz then we walked by Cold Stones and left b/c no one wanted to wait in line for that long but i wanted ice cream so we went to DQ :) then back to Mo's. We hung out there and one of mo's friends came over and she was cool. We got restless after we finished reading the Kama Sutra (sp?) book hehehe so we decided to go to Ruby Tuesdays. The game was on and it was just at the end so we watched the last 1/2 hour of it. Mike had to be home at 12 so he droped tryna and myself off at her place. We were really tired so we fell asleep on the couch then we went upstairs. I get a call at 1:45 in the morinin from Aaron and hes like im cumin to see you so yea he and i chilled in his car for like 45 min and stuff. Sunday Tree-Tree and myself hung out with her family. Around 2:30 i started to feel really sick. I called my bro and he came to get me. So for the next 5 hours i was in and out of the bathoom throwing up and sleeping. I was sad because I was supposed to go to Mo's house for Moi-z Fest but i was too sick. Grr i was so upset. So I did my homework and relaxed then Aaron came over with Phil to say hey. That was my oh so exciting weekend and i was sad when it was over.

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[07 Sep 2003|12:11pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]
[ music | Mtv wade robson project ]

Grr computers are not my friend! Ok anyway its been quite a while since i have updated and dont know how much time i have untill i go out again so instead of going way back im just gonna start from yesterday.

I went to tryna's house after school and mike and marisa came over. We had a fun time on the "PARTY BED" and just chilled for a while. then tyna decides to call this dude Mo that we had heard about but never actually met in person and he seemed really cool. (Hey Mo!.. if your reading this). Then around 6:30 Aaron (officially my boyfriend as of 9/3) picked me up and brought me home so i could get ready to go to the movies with him. We went to see Dicky Roberts -or whatever its called, it was actually funny i thought it was gonna be stupid but it wasnt. I saw a bunch of old friends ad said hey to all of them and we ran into our friends Catilin and Steven and gave Steven a ride home. Then went to Aaron's friend Russle's appartment and chilled there with some people till i had to be home at 12. I got home and went online and was pretty tired so i went to bed. My evening may not sound very exciting to you but i had a really good time because I was with my baby Aaron who has to work tonight so i wont be able to see him but thats ok b/c I will be with my Tryna babe :)

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hola [27 Aug 2003|04:08pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Hey guyz i know that i havent updated in well...a long time but im gonna make that up now.

ok so i got off grounding saturday b4 last and that sat i dun remember what i did but i know i did something fun. Then suday i spent the day with my sister and we went to the mall and i was supposed to do something with Aaron but yea that didnt work out. so sara spent the night with me. monday aaron had convinced me to cancel my other plans to do something with him...butt wipe didnt call me and yes i clled him at like 6 but there was no reply. ne-way i was pretty pissed at him and so me and my buddy Drew and i were talkin at like 8:30 so we decided to go see a movie, aaron called at 9:15 and was like "wanna do somthing?" i was like "too late im already out" and in the background drew goes "Hi Aaron" i was omg i cant believe you just did that ur gonna get me killed so i was like "i gotta go movies gonna start" and hung up. someone calls back from that same number (not aarons cell phone) and was like "hey whats up its steve" (or something) and im like im sorry "i dont think i know you but i gotta go movies gonna start" then aaron calls back and goes "are with another guy and im like um...yea" then click he hangs up on me so i calhim back and go " im not out with another guy to make you jealus (sp?) your the one that canceled on me twice so i went out anyway" he started spiling excuses and i was like "whatever" so he says "i dont care if your with another guy just dont f**k him" then hangs up again. this put me over the top and i was sooo pissed! so drew defending me calls aaron back and he didnt answer his phone so he lef a message sayn somethin like "how can you say something like that to christina you have so much disrespect" and so forth. but it was so sweet of him to look out for me like that. Aaron didnt like it though that drew called him.

aww man this bites! i just get time to catc up on my blurty and now i gotta get off grrr! catch up later lots to say.

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wheres my dose [19 Aug 2003|01:48pm]
[ mood | sneeky ]
[ music | big star-kenny chesney ]

i havent seen my crabadatalalas in over a week and i miss her so much!!..what am i going to do!!..call me or no i'll call you..my gay dots are cool and they are invading your journal!!! im sorry but I PUT THE SCREW IN THE TUNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who loves orange soda christina loves orange soda i forgot to ask how were those cookies you baked?? i love you!!!

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Oh NO! [14 Aug 2003|02:27am]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | the waves crashing onto the beach ]

AHHH hey what happened to me? I was lookin back on some of my other journal entrys and AHHHHH! everything i said about Aaron and all that mushy crap whats up with dat? Xtina isnt like that i dont act all giddy and excited about dumb boyz. oh no i think its happened to me! I turned into a regular teenage girl that is all boy crazy and stupid when it comes to guyz. This is bad, i told myself that i would never be like that b/c i hate how girlz act all happy and shit over some guy. I am soo embaressed (sp?) over my guirlish actions! Please all forget how i acted and done EVER let me get like that again! man i really scared mysef when i read that crap but no more! ok then i guess thats all cleared up so no worries, im off to bed ~peace out.

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UHG! [14 Aug 2003|01:56am]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | the sound of thunder on the beach ]

~Ok guyz you kno how the idea of me and just one guy is unclear... well for a while that image began to clear up but now im not so sure. I think I may have a real problem, like a commitment sort of thing. I'm affraid of it and thats a bad thing. The minute that things between me and a guy arent perfect then i hit the high road. I see now that this is an issue for me it may be here for may reasons: 1)nothing happy in my life has ever been here for very long so i keep moving, searching till i find something new that looks promising. 2) i have a problem with change if things arent goin my way3) in the back of my mind im ALWAYS lookin ahead for something better. 4) I am never happy in any one place for a long time. 5) im just a mentally screwed up person.
~So Im about to make a decision that seems good now but may be bad in the long run and i dont exactly know what to do with it. But I realllly reallly need my Tree-tree to be here and tell me what to do b/c she knows EVERYTHING thats goin on and shes sooo smart when it has to do with ppl but noooo shes in the big PR till monday which means that i cant see or talk to her till tuesday and i dunno if this decision can wait untill then!
~Also in these days of misery away from all of my friends I made a BAD choice and did something that i shouldnt have - no its not a sexual thing but it is pretty not smart on my part. Oh well, ya live and you learn.
~ Saturday is gonna kick major ass man! Its the first day that i get to be set free from this grounded hell! Woo-who im gonna go partyin and do some mad crazy shit yall I CANT WAIT! This freak will no longer be on a leash so you better watch out.

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Will the drama ever go away? [07 Aug 2003|01:52am]
[ mood | distressed ]
[ music | The sound of my tears splashing on the keyboard ]

Guyz i need help but i dont wanna get into it so do me a favor and pray for me b/c i think that thats gonna be the only way to get me through it . And on top of that something not so good happened with AAron so thats not good either.

tryna your the best and i dont ever wanna lose you as a... (yes the gay dots that i hate)...say it with me "BEST FRIEND AND CO-COOKIE MAKER" (although were both out of that loop right now)~ Ahhh thinkin of the doughnut (i need help with that also so add that to your list of things to pray for too). but n-e wayz tree-tree my love have a blast in the big PR! and write me a journal everyday even if its just a few sentences a night, ill miss you babe!

I just found out that my buddy marissa took me off her friends list and i dunno why. i feel sad b/c i love her and i wanna be on her friends list so whatever i did im sooo sorry and if for some reason it has something to do with that dumb shit ryan im sorry even more! ill be happy to show you the convos! Please be my buddy again :(

hey do any of you kno what the beeper code 339 is? b/c Drew puts that and 143 which i kno what it is and 424 which i also kno what it is but what in the hell is 339 he told me to ask aaron but how do you think he would feel if i said " hey hunny, drew keeps paging me and putting in all these sexual numbers so what does 339 mean?" i kno i would be very uncomfortable!

I hate being grounded it reallly sux but my aunts really cool about it and she let me off tonight so yay but yea so im gonna go and try to sleep although im having a hard time getting there Sniffle Sniffle. AHHH the madness i dont wanna lose him, what happened?- i do not know but its bad i can tell you very bad.

I love you baby! (Xtina sheds a tear)

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AHHHHHH! [28 Jul 2003|08:16am]
[ mood | gloomy ]
[ music | the angry voices in my head! ]

Im being totally cut off all forms of comunication to the outside world in ten min and i dunno what to say but i love you all and will miss u im gonna try and sneek a phone call here and there but if i dont talk to you sorry. I am grounded b/c i went to moroso with nick and drew then even more grounded b/c i went to warped tour (they said i could go but they are crazy so im grounded even longer). Um i have to go now but i'm gonna miss you talk to ya as soon as i can ~peace out, Xtina

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I think the inevitable happened...i met a wonderful man who makes me happy! [25 Jul 2003|02:11am]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | 99.9 kiss country ]

Aaron makes me happy and im so excited for him to be cummin home in less then 2 weeks yay 4 tina!! Im just nervous b/c someone is messin with me and its like they r tryin to do everything they can to screw things up 4 me and its kind of working. im just so incredibly lucky that i have a man who will stick by my side and is so understanding about everything. Those of you who r curious about sos there was a miss-understanding and i was hurt but then someone amazing came into my life and made all the pain drift. away guess who it was hehe. Thanks to all you that helped me make the hard decision (you know who you r and what you did) so thanks a million and you were all right bout the whole thing. Love you alwayz, and forever in your debt ~Xtina

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Yay Caitlin! [22 Jul 2003|01:54pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | Christan music channel 88.1 ]

Aww ok one of my bestest friends Caitlin and i havent seen eachother in a month so when i slept over her house last night it was so great ! We just chilled together at her house and talked on the phone with our hubbys hehe and then hung up 4 a while. Shes torn between a rock and a hard place so we sat in her closet with the door closed and talked it was like we were 8 years old again and it was great. I forget how much i love and respect her sometimes and some of the stuff she says just amazes me so it was great to re-connect with her.
~Anyway so shes on the phone with her friend Colin and Aaron calls me and i get all excited like the lil teenage gurl i am and for the 3 hours we were on the phone i just had the biggest grin on my face. Theres something about him that really gets to me and i have never felt this way b4 about well...anyone. He sometimes says these few lil words and i have heard them a billion times b4 but when he says them its like its the first time im hearing them theyre like magic. And its like i dont wanna hear them from anyone but him. im sittin here in my broz room all by myself and i picture him and i together and feel so good. I wanna be with him right now but its exactly 14 days till we can be togeher and i cant wait, Im SOOOO EXCITED! So yea we hang up the phone at 1:55 b/c were both tired and then guess what.. He calls me back 5 min later and says that he missed my voice and didnt wanna get off the phone with me (but alot cuter the way he said it) and my heart melted. I'm his and theres no question about it. I wanna go to sleep and wake up the day that he gets home so that i dont have to be alone till he comes home. Ok well as much as i wanna keep going on like this you guyz probibly r sick of it so im gonna stop with the mushy-ness.
This mornin cait and i go to marshals payless and the doller store (lots of fun) to kill time while her mom works for about an hour and we bought these Spice gurlz watches for a buck there kick ass! we go to SUPER WALMART and play there for another hour it was soooo fun i love caitlin and her lil childish side :) then we went to this sub place it was soooo good! ok well im tired from stayin up all night on the phone so its nap time b4 the party.

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Sniff sniff [21 Jul 2003|01:50pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | The majestic credit music ]

Haha so im on the phone with Aaron last night and some person im's me and says that i have the gayest away message and so i asked Aaron if he knew the screen name and hes like its brandon and so later i im him and asked him if he knew Aaron and hes like "yea hes my neighbor, who are you" then i was like "u im'ed me you dork" and aaron told me to say " im Aarons girlfriend" i got all excited and told brandon and hes like "oh tru" but i had butterflies in my stomach and i loved the way it looked "Im Aarons girlfriend" oh yes i could get used to that.
~Im soooo pissed at myself for being grounded when Aaron gets home it totally sux! Im gonna try as hard as i can to get the least amount of punishment as possible b/c i wanna be with him as much as i can when he gets home. but untill then i guess the phone is my best friend b/c it brings him closer to me everynight.

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Oh funness. [20 Jul 2003|04:08am]
I had alot of fun last night i spent the night with sara and we went to Moroso in wpb. It was sooo cool! there were alot of ppl with us and it was awesome to see them race. I got to meet alot of great peeps and almost all of them had a ford focus so there were 8 cars with us and 6 of them were focuses. it was so funny to have all these ppl point and stare at the line of focuses driving on the highways and stuff. we left moroso at 10:30 and got ten min down the street when this really hot dude that was with us car broke down (not a fcus) so we hadto wait 3 hours till his friend came back with a new battery it was cool for 15 ppl to be pulled over on the side if the highway. after the car was fixed we went to dennys at 1:00 and chilled with our food i was the only one that had breakfast i was like What? but ne-way i g2g2 ttyl
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[18 Jul 2003|02:24am]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | cmt ]

ALRIGHT now this is hard! I met this guy in January and didnt talk to him after, 3 days till school was over i bumped into him at school and we exchanged numbers, last monday i was invited into the same chat room that he was in when he figured out that it was me from his friend we started talkin online, last thursday he called me and ever since then we have talked EVERY night AND day for over 2 hours a night. The more we talk the more i start to like him. He says really sweet things and doesnt arugue with me over the music that i like (thats a problem that arises alot) and is always like "Im tryin to get you to like me as much as i like you so why would i say that" ~so cute! C the only probem is that hes in Talahasee (sp?) visiting his sister for the summer and he doesnt get home for 3 and 1/2 weeks. and we keep talkin about all the awesome stuff that were gonna do when he gets home. I really enjoy our convos about everything and nothing lol. But its hard b/c hes gone for so long and its like AHHHHHH! hehe last night i went to the Justin and christina concert and it was sooo awesome! Whoa christina puts on an awesome show i was soo impressed. But anyway i droped my friend off and he called me as i was on the way home which was at 11:30 and we talked nonstop till 2:30 it was so cool. He was such a sweetie and he was playin with his sisters cats it was so funny. OMG he sang to me i was like going crazy it was so cute! i love that it makes me feel special that he sang just to me but yea i guess that im a lil crazy. But yea i just got off the phone with him and think that im getting in over my head in this situation but i think it will be worth it. ok well i have nothing else to say 4 now so ttyl.

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[14 Jul 2003|04:22pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Ok so i did what Tra-zina told me to do which was go to playmash.com and i got:

-You will live in a mansion
-You will drive a blue escalade
-You will marry Aaron and have 2 kids
-You will be a model in N.Y.

Now hows that 4 a good life lol except i dunno about the Aaron thing but hmm?

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[14 Jul 2003|03:29pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Ok so here it is I have decided to change my out look on life: It shouldnt matter what ppl think of me it only matters what i think of myself and what a few other ppl think like my friends family and most importantly God. I know how they all feel about me and i kno that they supportive of me and the things i do so screw everyone else and you all can say whatever the hell you want i dont give two shits.

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So yea.... [11 Jul 2003|06:01am]
Hey all,
my mom wouldnt let me go to SOS's house and so i begged my brother to take me and he did! i was like whoa after 15 years of abuse from my bratty brother hes actually starting to be cool yay its about time lol ok so i get to his house at 12:30 and we go straight up to his room. so no jess i didnt get the opportunity to "check out his lifestyle" lol. but yea we get up there and have some small talk then we move into a lil "barbie and ken" -thats 4 u tryna hehe. then we made some cookies and it was all good :). We had been talkin about fight club and he had it so we started to watch it. about 45 min into the movie we get into "intermission position" -or so he called it and we made more cookies and these were WAY better then any cookies that i have ever made in my entire life! oh yes they were that good. but yea so he called his friend who was supposed to take me home and aparently the ride fell through so i went like a mad dog tryin to get another ride I even called tony and jeremy (see entry from along time ago) and still was unsuccessful. but i called ali and she was cool with me walkin over to her house and chillin with her till my brother came to get me like an hour later. thanks ali your a lifesaver! but so yea all the sudden he hears the garage door open and is like oh crap my dads home and its only 3-oclock so our lil escapade was cut short and he had to sneek me out of the house it was cool. Im not sure whats gonna happen with SOS but i hope that something does happen :) and if it doesnt oh well :( . so yea i went and hung out with ali till my bro came. when i got home I called tryna and she wasnt doin anything tonight so were gonna do something. and thats it 4 now.
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