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merry christmas !! [25 Dec 2003|09:14am]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | summer of '79 - the ataris ]

wow ... it`s been a while since i`ve written in here !! anyway ... it`s christmas morning ! woohooo !! this is what i got this year :

- a bunch of clothes from aeropostale, express, mostly from smith brothers, and some other places
- AMAZING tote i wanted from the bee`s knees
- dashboard confessional new cd
- tiffany heart tag necklace !
- gorgeous black bracelet
- pink watch
- legally blonde 2 dvd
- pink luggage bags/boxes
- chocolate
- stila make up
- sweaters, hat, gloves from the gap
- four books that look great
and some more stuff !! yay .. good christmas ! now, i`m going to grandma`s house - i can`t wait to see julz ahh !! i miss her ... i haven`t seen her since thanksgiving !! woohoooo !! mmm chris and i had a really good talk last night .. it made me very happy happy happy ! :o). well, i have to go call chris now, bye bye xoxx

<3 hans

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" RERE ! " - linds [07 Dec 2003|03:04pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | milkshake - kelis <33 ]

hahh yesterday was soo much fun ! i slept over jackie`s with linds, lauren, and kristen. mike loverde and ryan little (bigger lmao linds). we watched identity ... i still don`t get the ending hahh ... ndd then we had a dance partayy in the computer room. spaz hahh kristen ndd linds. after the boys left around 1:00 am, we just chilled on the computer. linds ndd i stayed up the latest .. ndd got creeped out (lmao) so we ran upstairs ndd slept in jackie`s room. insiders ...

<3 harlem shake and krip walk hahh lauren
<3 cheer me up lol linds
<3 i put a little TOO much gravy on it lmao
<3 30 minutes ahh ! lol kristen
<3 he told me to hit youu !!!
<3 candy fight (put blanket over my head) i surrender !!!
<3 louie ?!
<3 banging into the tree
<3 sledding waahoo
<3 boob punching
<3 scott violated me lmao
<3 lauren don`t hang up the phone !
<3 the sun room hehh
<3 close the window blinds lmao linds
<3 our cool matching necklaces lol laur
<3 the scary fireplace
<3 too much blood lol
<3 you didn`t feel it ?!
<3 having trouble putting on your socks jackie ?
<3 snow in jeans hahh
<3 ruining the snow ball fight hahaha
<3 (snowball in the face) .. ohh that sucks ! hahh linds

amazing times ... xoxx

<3 hannah

thanks - to linds and laur for cheering me up last night .. love yahh both

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my friends are too funny ... [06 Dec 2003|09:40am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | every breath you take - the police <33 ]

scottieG53 [10:48 PM]: lol im tht hindu tht sells the cologne at the lil booth

SoccerStarz22 [10:42 PM]: i wish i were a lesbian for the holidays !!

XlXRxBanditsXlX [2:35 PM]: my deodorant smells like pickles
XlXRxBanditsXlX [2:35 PM]: its really hot

xX2sHaDyZgUrL1Xx [2:13 PM]: bri is sweating liek a mad cow
xX2sHaDyZgUrL1Xx [2:13 PM]: n sweat makes her itch

<33 i`m happy now !

oh yay ! bri and i are going sledding at holmdel park woohoo !

this quiz is for chris ..

The Jew in you lets itself out fully; you spend
money only when desperately needed, and have no
other choice.

How Jewish Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


<3 hannah
<3 hannah

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" HIT HANNAH DAY ! " - chris [05 Dec 2003|01:51pm]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | talking to bri <33 ]

hahh today was fun !! so, this morning chris was like, pounding on my arm in homeroom, which has now left a red mark on it, so of course it became a chain reaction .. and everyone started hitting me. i was offically abused by my boyfriend and friends today lol. but i had fun fun fun anyway. chris was in a better mood, and he`s starting to sound a little better even though he`s still sickk. then, on the busride home, our bus had a snowball fight, and tyler and i ended up sitting on blocks of ice pretty much, which turned to puddles. we had fun though. i think i`m going to the zito`s to go sledding with the football players woohoo !! insiders ...
<3 what is this .. hit hannah day ?! lmao
<3 kelly`s PICTURE hahh (our secret)
<3 kcop/bri/trev : walking out into the snow good times
<3 and what gave you the erge to skip ?! lol chris

good day .. hopefully it gets even better ! xoxx

<3 hannah

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ahhhh damnit !! [03 Dec 2003|05:17pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]
[ music | letters to you - finch ]

ahhhh god damnit why does this always happen ?! everyone always tells me that colin`s shit talking me, but then whe i ask him, he completely denies it and says that they`re all lying. ughh i just don`t know anymore.
col - if you`re reading this ...
you were one of my closest friends, and the best boyfriend i could have asked for, but when we broke up, something changed. just put yourself in my position for a minute. what am i supposed to do ?! everyone`s telling me one thing, but you`re telling me another. you have no idea how badly i want to believe you, and i always have .. but how can i now ? i don`t want to lose you as my friend, but i know it`s happening and i hate it so much. you`ve been there for me through it all, but honestly colin, you haven`t really been there for me lately. sure we joke around about things (5.3 -- best joke EVER) .. and if i tell you to be serious, you will, but it`s not the same. i just, miss how it used to be when you were there for everything, and i didn`t have to ask you to be there. you just always seemed to be there at the right time. i don`t know what happened to you those months after we boke up .. but i want my old colin back. :o(

<3 hannah

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quizzes !! [30 Nov 2003|07:50am]

Which Pepsi-Cola or Coca-Cola soda are you most like?
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You are the color pink. As a beautiful and sweet
human, you are everybody's favorite person.
Healthy and energetic, you're often seen
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charming and sweet person, you're always ready
to comfort people who are down. You sympathize
with everyone, but not always yourself. Aside
from that, you are light-hearted and cheery.
And you make it your duty to make every cloud
have "a silver lining." You're
playful and amused--you only laugh at the good
jokes, though. Many people may think you're an
airhead, but just tell them that they're
raining on your parade!

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You are complete lack of underwear! in other words,
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" inbreds !! " - brad [29 Nov 2003|10:23pm]
[ mood | HAPPY <3 ]
[ music | chris on the phone <33 ]

hahh .. so i went to the movies with chris, kelly, bri, brad, haslet, lambert, jess, linds, jackie, ryan l, will, kara, and i think that`s it. (sorry if i missed youu) !! cat in the hat suckked .. but the time there was well spent lmao chris. after the movie was over .. us girls headed over to bercucci`s, but first we were stalked by these hazlet guys. then the manager wouldn`t let us eat there ! hmph !! so .. i called chris and he told me to come back to the movies area, so we ran back there. then, mr. travers took me, bri, and kelly to our houses. in the car, chris did a cute thing, and called me to make sure i got home okay .. aww ! insiders ...

<3 inbred !
<3 brad crawling on the floor lmao
<3 ryan shut up haha
<3 chris we have to switch seats NOW
<3 hazlet guys stalking us !
<3 getting kicked out of bercucci`s without even sitting down
<3 chasing bri !
<3 the car`s backing up ahhh !!
<3 ahh chris i can`t button up my jeans with these tips lol
<3 tyler imma KILL YOU lol bri
<3 who has my cell phone ?!
<3 kelly i`ll hit your boob !

good times, xoxx

<3 hannah

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" oh mickey you`re so fine ... " - kelly and lisa [28 Nov 2003|10:51pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | mickey song !! <33 ]

hahh so today was GREAT !! first .. i went to bri`s house, and we chilled there `till about 7:00 ish .. and then headed to the armory and met up with kelly, lisa, sarah, kara, and linds. omg we had SOOO much fun fun fun ! insiders ...

<3 oh mickey ...
<3 it`s our cheer song !
<3 bri it`s JIM
<3 SLUTTT !!!
<3 ken is for a five dollar ransom
<3 don`t put your head there lmao kelly
<3 lisa almost got killed twice lol
<3 o'malley .. i thought he was dying lmfao kelly
<3 i want hot cocoa !
<3 singing christmas songs in the car haha

amazing timesz tonight .. i love yahh girlies soo much ! xoxx

<3 hannah

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colin completely just made my day ... [28 Nov 2003|10:27am]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | watching tv ... <33 ]

conversation with colin ...

HAnSbEbE22 [10:24 AM]: tell me
nicowarnedmeto68 [10:24 AM]: tell you what
HAnSbEbE22 [10:24 AM]: what DP means
nicowarnedmeto68 [10:24 AM]: lol
nicowarnedmeto68 [10:24 AM]: double penetration!
HAnSbEbE22 [10:25 AM]: ahhhhh
nicowarnedmeto68 [10:25 AM]: ONE IN THE BUTT AND ONE UP YOUR CUNT!

colin is the silliest kid ever !


<3 hannah

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" 10 layers ! " - julia [28 Nov 2003|07:08am]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | every breath you take - the police <33 ]

yesterday :

it was thanksgiving ... and i had a pretty good time ! first, i woke up from the zito`s house, because after the bonfire i just went there. so when i woke up, danni and i just talked for an hour, and then my dad picked me up and we went to dunkin` donuts. then we went home and had an hour to get ready. when we got to my grandma`s, i was literally attacked by julia, and we started like, humping eachother hahh. after a while though, i started to get a really bad stomach ache and ended up taking a two hour nap. insiders ...
<3 i`m playing soccer !!
<3 so i can tackle henry ?!
<3 henry teaching me to wrestle
<3 playing dress up with sherrif hats lmao
<3 the jump rope is our guy lasso lol julia
<3 thong weggie !
<3 MY turn at the big chair !
<3 counting the onion layers
<3 I DON`T NEED ANYONE TO CUT MY TURKEY !! julia .. can you cut my turkey ?!
<3 ben`s attacking me !!
<3 swinging on julia`s shoulder lmao

then i went to my other grandma`s after that. i HATE it there. everyone smokes and drinks and it smells like shit. their kids are maniacs and cough in my face non - stop. it`s gross there. so i left as soon as i could, which was about an hour after i came. then chris called me ... and unfortunatly is extremely sick, and blew his fricking nose into the phone. nasty .. gross gross gross.

today :
idk what i`m doing today .. i think i`m probably doing something with the annes so yay to that !! woohoo !!

xoxx bye bye

<3 hannah

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" ahh skit skit ! " - bri [26 Nov 2003|04:09pm]
soo .. bri came overr .. and almost right away we decided to go for a walk. so then we went down takolusa and to kcop`s house. we chilled there for a little, and then went for a walk. good times, hahh. insiders ...

<3 twenty bucks says hannah gets run over
<3 ahh .. must be a pothole lmao
<3 the lawnmower guy`s staring at us ahhh
<3 what`s this white stuff all over my hands ?! hahh bri
<3 look at the picture wall !!
<3 sydney`s attacking me ahh

good times. i think i`m going to the bonfire tonight .. woohoo !! xoxx

<3 hannah
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" AIDS ?! " - colin [26 Nov 2003|01:27pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | silver and cold - afi <33 ]

so .. today was a half day at school. it was really boring - we didn`t do anything really at all. and chris wasn`t in school so there was no fun fun fun .. hmph !! before i go any further in this entry .. i have to thank a lot of people for a lot of things :


thanks guys <33


<3 hannah

You are Orange.
You are outgoing and optomistic. You always try to
find the bright spot in everything. You are
energetic and people are naturally attracted to
you. However, you are not always sure of what
your purpose or goals are.
Most Compatible With: Fresh Mint

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You are DORY!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

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i love you bri ! [25 Nov 2003|01:05pm]
okay .. this entry goes to bri.

briana -

we have been through so much since the first day we met at camp in fourth grade. ever since then, you`ve been by my side through it all. we`ve had our hard times, but in the end we always came back together. you`re like my sister, and i can never ever thank you enough for all the love and support you`ve given me all these years. i don`t know how i`ll make it here without you by my side .. i barely lasted a half day in school haha. but i know our friendship is strong enough to last, even if we`re countries apart. i`ll see you on spring break when you move, then in the summer too.

in this specific time i needed someone (you know what i`m talking about), you were the only one who understood me. you didn`t judge me, or get pissed off at me like so many other people did. you cared about my happiness. you made sure that this is what i wanted, and when you understood that i would be okay, you were happy for me and supported me the whole time. i can trust you with any problem i come to, whether it`s family, friends, guys, whatever. you`re there by my side when i need you, and i know you`re just a phone call away. you`re the shoulder i have to cry on, and the person that i can share both good, and bad times with. whether laughing or crying, i know that you`ll be there through it all for me.

i love you with all my heart, and i`ll never be able to begin to thank you for being such an amazing friend to me. no matter how far away we are, i`ll be here for you when you need me. FINS - NOGGIN - DUDE

just remember bri ..



<3 hannah
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" umpa lumpa dumpidy doo " - dee [24 Nov 2003|01:49pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | golden ticket - chris <33 ]

we had a half day in school today .. so i`m home early woohoo !! hahh chris just called me .. he was singing willy wonka songs to me .. including the golden ticket song lmao. not muchh happened in school today .. since we only had four periods and no lunch. tyler and i had fun fun fun on the bus ride on the way home though hahh good times ty. ahh i can`t wait to see julz .. it`s killing me that i haven`t seen her in so long !! thanksgiving`s going to be the bestest ... JULIA`S STAYING AT MY HOUSE FOR THURSDAY, FRIDAY, AND SATURDAY WOOHOO ! then before christmas, i`m going to philly to see her and the rest of the gang woohoo ! i miss then soo fricking much ahh !! oh well only a little while longer. well .. that`s about it for now .. bye bye xoxx

<3 hannah

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" hey slickster ! " - bri [23 Nov 2003|05:23pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | talking to bri and julz <33 ]

heyy !! it`s my first entry in here .. yay ! here`s the updates about my weekend :

i went to the movies and met up with chris. we had a very ... interesting time together .. hahh ! i got home around twelve and just chilled until about two and went to bed.

i was woken up by chris calling my cell phone, and talked to him on the phone for a while. then, i went to redbank with my mom and went shopping at backward glances and the bee`s knees. i got a shirt, bag, earrings, hand-mirror, and a belt. cute !

i did absolutly nothing at all today. i was so tired .. i didn`t really feel like making plans. i`m still tired hahh ! i`m going to shop rite to pick up my film in a little bit .. woohoo i can`t wait to see the pics !!

wow .. so i just found out that on wednesday, i`m going to philly to pick up julz and bring her here to see everyone ! got that tyler ?! hahh good times. i miss everyone in philly so much. shouts to yahh all !! well .. i`m going to go get ready to leave now .. bye bye xoxx

<3 hannah

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