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sChOol... [06 Sep 2003|08:53am]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | -none- i want summer!!!!! ]

sChOol... well its not THAT bad. Its pretty much is boring and it really sucks to b a freshman. My science class is hella fun! (haha ashton and laura). mr boomer... lol. Pe is okay. Spanish sucks. Geometry sucks. Drama is okay (kinda). English is okay. hAhA in drama mr chacon was hella hitting on missy... meow! haha that was hella funnie. tha lines for lunch r hella looonggg! especially when the frikin ppl run outta pizza when we r at the front of tha line. oh wellz, ya i have sum hw so far but its not hard. we have like 178 days of school more (not like im counting). sumone told me that. shit thats a lotta days... :(. mr rodd has sum short shorts and especially when he puts one leg on the bleachers and then leans forward... ewwww haha laura. ya this is really boring b/c school it really boring.... okay its saturday and imma go have sum fun.. hell ya! ttyl

HeLLa fUn... [30 Aug 2003|11:14pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | *~* the best AI song ever... lol maria*~* ]

2day was So mUcH fUn...k.. in tha morning i went to my friend's bat mitzvah.. she did really well and it was so much fun! haha laura, erin, caroline, sarah, and kelsey.. the butterfingers! tha candy was off the hook.. we were loners dancing. lOl sarah.. the grease lightning sOng! then i went w/ maria to tha american idol concert in san jose! it was HELLA good! It was cool 2 c them live and they played our fave song.! Rooobeennn. hAhA clay with the sexy underware! dOnT forget to look through the bInOcS haha! I LuV charles grisgby.. hez my man.. that was funnie! he and kim da party animals.! damn hella gurls cut in front of us in line.. haha those sluts. lol maria... "have a good night sleep on us, have a good night sleep on us... MATRESS DISCOUNTERS!" hell yes.. we r gonna record that song and have a concert. we were surfing the radio for commericals! cHiLd abducter! green honda.. ahh i was scared! The shane comapny rox my sox off..! remember tha drunk guy who was riding his kid like a horse.. haha "a few too many margaritas?" damn it was so much fun.. ne ways ya im tired and my head hurts from all the screaming so... talk to ya'll sooN! SKOOL on tuesday...!

hIgH sKoOl [25 Aug 2003|09:01pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | ^ b/c the cheer! haha jk! fRoNtIn ]

wOw 2Day was cOOl... fRoSh oRiEnTaTiOn! I saw hella ppl that i havent seen in like 4ever! And i got my classes and locker and all that good stuff! hErE r my cLaSSes... tell me if we have ne thing 2gether...

1- English EXP (Martin)
2- PE (Rodd)
4-Spanish 2 (rose)
5-Drama (Chacon)
6- Biology EXP (Boomer)

aNd my locker is in a hella good location 4 all my classes! i'm hAppY cuz hella ppl that i kno r in my classes! lOl that freshman cheer thing was interesting*. hAhA! wEll nOw im exicted bout high skool more. oh shit- its hella confusing there tho.. oh wellz ill get use to it.. ttyl! bye bye 4 now!

*~* CLASS OF 007' BABEY *~*

lOnG tIme, nO wRiTe.>.>.> [24 Aug 2003|10:01am]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | _ gEt lOw_ ]

Whoa, i havent written in here for a long time. Let's see... tUeSdAy i just hung round the house working on the hobbit thing. wEdNeSdAy i went 2 ashtons and hung for a while. she straightened my hair.. hAhA its been straight for 14 years. haha ashton that was funnie! okay... then we walked 2 the landing 2 get candy and order pizza. we walked back to my house and on the way we saw hella lincoln ppl; laura, kim, annalise, kathleen, stefanie etc. hEhE and then we got home just in time for the pizza to b delivered. PICNIC! hAhA we had a picnic outside until something very disturbing happened! lOl ashton! hMmM then we stayed up till like 4 talking to ppl on the fone and watching the lizzie mcguire movie and 10 things i hate bout u. in tha morning we woke up at like 11 and went to tha movies. :( sad movie... not really but thats okay. it was haPPy... we then came back to my house and hung and ya then she went home. fRiDay, i wEnt oUt 2 breakfast and then my mom got mad at me :(. i went on sum errands and then i talked to her and she wasnt mad at me so i was allowed to go to a late movie and out to diNNer. (*i was gonna go earlier w/ katie but i couldnt..) k.. then saturday i went to my moms work and helped her w/ sum stuff. and on tha way home we went 2 old navy.. oo, then we went to tha movie and to dinner (yes, again). this time we saw my boss's daughter. 2 day im gonna do sum fun stuff and 2morrow is oRiEntAtIoN! i hella wanna kno my classes! hehe well buhbye for now i gotta go get ready

iM sO pRoUd oF mYsElf! [18 Aug 2003|10:31pm]
gUeSs wHat!?!?!? i fInIsHeD tHa HoBbIt! hell ya! im so proud of myself! and now i goTTa do tha damn poster thingy! im hella bored and im on tha fone w/ kAtie iN oHiO! well im gonna do sumthing... buhbye!

bOrEd [17 Aug 2003|06:38pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | fIgHt fOr uR rIgHt- bEaStIe bOys ]

Well, I am very bored so I am going to write in this! Today I went to target w/ my dad and got sum stuff for skool and these hella kewl notebooks and pens and a mirror. Then we went to office depot n got tha rest of mah skool supplies. umMmM, and den we went 2 get mah backpack. Ya, I just hung out at home for a while till i went shopping w/ alice. And now i am fInAlLy hOmE and bored so ya! This is so interesting.. not really but thats okay! talk 2 ya'll l8tr. bye!

tOdAy... [16 Aug 2003|10:12pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | No Such Thing by john mayer (hehe jo we luv that song!) ]

Hmm, Let's C...
2day i went to stoneridge w/ my mom. Oh, by the way I saw maria there! Sarah was there but i didnt c her. :(. It was really crowded. i got stuff for bak-2-skool. hehe lots of SaLeS! We were there for a long time. Then we went to the movies to c uptown girls. it was good! the girl in the movie is really cute. Oh I also wanna c Mona Lisa Smile when it comes out. Julia Roberts, Julia Stiles, and Kirsten Dunst are in it! Then after the movie we went out to dinner in union city by the movie theatre. After that we came home and now i am bored so i am typing all this junk in here. hehe ne ways talk to ya all l8tr. buhbye!

i HaVeNt wRiTtEn iN a LoNg TiMe... [15 Aug 2003|11:14am]
[ mood | energetic :) ]
[ music | m-InG f-InG pImP! LoL! ]

well, i havent written in a long time. Monday I pretty much slept and watched tv all day because i was so tired from the fun weekend in sacramento. To get outta the house, I walked to Tillman to get sum fresh air. I also read some of the stoopid hobbit. by the way im almost done! (go hannah!). Then Tuesday I read some more and hung at home downloading music and using my hella kewl new cD burner! Wednesday I went to Starbucks (yummy frapacinO!), Target, and Stoneridge. Yesterday (thursday) I went 2 starbucks with alice and patrick and we saw lisas mom! Then we went to Gilroy w/ Kim, her mom, sean, alice, and patrick. It was So much FUN! We called 9-1-1 b/c an accident happened a few lanes over! AND i dialed.. haha! We went shopping all day. HaHa kimmy we both got the same shoez but in diff color. And socks! loL! HAHA everyone at IN-n-OUt hated us! kim ur mom and the ppl that fipped us off. those assholes! and remember the old guy who wanted the parking spot. LoL. oh i got this hella cute outfit that we saw on the manican! oooo we r goin to hawaii nxt summer! hell yes! "im already excited for next summer. how sad is that?" haha remember kim? m-ing f-ing PIMP! we couldnt listen to it. finally ur mom gave in and let us. And dont worry b/c we will go back to go to the "B" section. Today I am probably gonna go c a movie so i gotta go!. ttyl
*hAnNAh* {or HnH b/c the stupid store didnt have ne "a's" and only one "n"! haha sen (sean) that was funnie!}

vacaville/davis/dixon/sacramento(haha!) [10 Aug 2003|05:29pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | patrick's burnt cd. haha ]

I just got bak from my softball tournament in Vacaville, Davis, Dixon, and Sacramento. It was so much fun! The hotel we stayed at was hella sweet. It was like a five star luxury suites hotel and we came w/ our uniforms. haha ashton remember our fashon walk thingy. The pool was cool too. By the way, i made a mad-ass (haha funnie word) catch in the fourth game. I dove and flipped and then fell and slid and then caught it. Damn my leg hella hurts now but thats okay b/c it was worth it. (haha everyone was cracking up!) Kimmy i know we wanted to go to the outlets... its okay tho hehe b/c we r going to go ne ways. we had the best music in the car.. haha pat ur cd. 2 da window 2 da wall... haha sean was so funnie! omg i cant belive that we were the best "kids" they have ever had at the hotel restaurant. daym that meanz they must have had bad kids. wHaT dOes BiG hAnDs MeAn?! haha on the tv at the restaurant. COPS AND ROBBERS spying n doin summersaults on the second floor. I really wanted to go to the 15th floor. haha honeymoon sweet. wat is up w/ the hotels we stay @? always have weddings w/ drunk ppl. haha hella funnie. we have so much fun together and i cant wait till the fall! luv ya all lots! okay that was so fun (if it doesnt sound like it... it was!)


(2 da window.. 2 da wall...!)

bEiNg GrOuNdEd SuCks... [06 Aug 2003|02:18pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | none (trying to read book 4 skool :( ) ]

dAMN... being grounded sucks so bad! I cant leave the house except 4 softball and cant hang w/ friends... damn its so boring here at home and all i have to do it work on my english exp assignment which is So frickin boring! ahhh only a few more days....

uhhh... [06 Aug 2003|10:43am]
yesterday i was on da fone w/ lisa like the whole morning. then we went to my softball coach's house and hung and watched tv. we then went to safeway and got food for dinner for later. hm... then we went to softball practice and jus worked on drills the whole time. After practice, me, lisa, ashton, and caroline went back to my coach's house for dinner and we played video games and hung out. oh by the way... 4 games in one day woah we can do it! haha that was hilarious.! Lisa sry bout that whole thing...! Yea and now i am grounded till the weekend b/c i was in trouble w/ my mom! ugh it hate it but its not THAT bad b/c its only for a few days! well gotta go do sum fun stuff around the house.. not!

hMmMm... [05 Aug 2003|09:26am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | *~*bRaSs MoNkEy*~* ]

well.. yesterday i woke up at 11:30 and jus hung around the house and unpacked from santa cruz. then i met mady by the bridge and we walked around bay farm. We stopped at jo's house and said hi to jessica phoebe and katie. then we saw joni on her bike. we walked to caroline's house then to mr. reynolds house and then to marias. me and mady had this onion fight thing. we threw lil green things at eachother. we hung out at maria's w/ caroline. then we walked to tillman and talked and walked. Oh this is interesting.. not really! then we all went back to caroline's and hung sum more and threw these ball things at kevin. then mady walked home and me and maria walked home. funfunfun day. actually it was fun! buhbye

sAnTa cRuZ... [03 Aug 2003|10:39pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | none (head hurts from lisa) haha jk ]

okay, i jus got home from santa cruz for a softball tournament. IT was so much fun. the softball was great but the boardwalk kicked ass! Lisa, i miss the floor at the hotel. We rode the giant dipper like a million times. oh yea... i cant feel my head after goin on the typhoon twice in a row. sWeAtBaNd PoWeR! "thats a big ass pad." member french fry and the whole joke we played on u.. haha sry but it was impossible to resist. The hotel that we stayed at was hella nice but the restaurant was like 300 bucks a breakfast.. damn it was expensive. oh by the way, i want everyone to kno that lisa is a player.. haha jk.. not! well there isnt ne thing else to say but thats okay...! nEvEr go to denny's... it takes like 3 hours to get a stupid drink. yay im not car sick ne more. wait i wasnt car sick.. i was too hyper and sick of lisa talking. jk again we had lotz of fun and fo sho fo vacaville. nxt weekend. buhbye!


oh yea... u ppl gotta call mee b/c skool starts soon (orientation the 25th) so we gotta live up this summer!

******* BRASS MONEY KICKS ASS (great song hehe)********

fun day... [31 Jul 2003|12:13am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | the mix i made for farrah.. haha ]

So... today i just slept in and hung around da house. then me and mady walked to carolines and stole her popsicles. then we played at tillmen w/ megan and the kids she was babysitting. then jo came and we kept playing till softball practice. then practice was okay.. we did infield like the whole time. then the team went to c pirates of the carribean. OMG it was really good! i was laughing the whole time. haha mady and lisa (remember in the olden days? what did they use? a cloth? HAHA). we were the only ones laughing in the whole place. then at dinner patrick and sean w/ the spitballs and celery. BoNe-then the other part and those guys were listening haha. I almost cried when farrah tried to jump over that thing.. haha was a scrub! (jk)! Then i couldnt frikin get into my house! ugh so they were waiting for like ever... ne ways it was lots of fun so yea buhbye!

yEsTeRdAy [29 Jul 2003|09:34am]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | new bEyOnCe songz ]

hmmmm... yesterday I slept in till 11-ish. I was online just looking at random websites. Then I met ashton and mady at the bridge on the lagoon. Then me mady ashton and katie went to southshore. I bought tight ass water balloons hehe to throw at u kno who. We went to Mervyn's, Ross, and sum other stores. Then we went to Starbucks and Noah's. Then katie's mom took me mady and ashton back to ashton's house. We watched Meet the Parents and printed out kewl pix online. hehe. Yea then i went home and had dinner and then just chilled. Oh wat a fun day!!

hOmE sWeEt HoMe [27 Jul 2003|11:10pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | gay san francisco song (haha thats wat i call it) ]

Hey ppl..

I havent written in here for a week b/c i have been in cHiCaGo. It was so much fun! I went and visited lotz of family. I also went to the worlds largest indoor water park and this huge outdoor one. It was cool. The plane that i took there had 600 people on it and it was 2 levels.. it was hella tight. I am home now and im kinda sad that im not in chicago or mexico ne more. You all gotta call me to hang out b/c skool starts soon. Also, I must continue reading the hobbit.. ahh i hate that book! Luv ya lotz.

watermelon babey... [20 Jul 2003|04:50pm]
Congrats, your a Watermelon jelly bean! everyone
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Which Jelly Bean are you? (With Pics)
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thats so kewl b/c one of my fave jelly bellys is watermelon.. hehe ne wayz ttyl

in a proud jew! [20 Jul 2003|01:21pm]
I scored a 93% on the "How Jewish R U?" Quizie! What about you?

Thats pretty kewl... ne ways im outtie.. bye

Mexico kicked ass! [20 Jul 2003|12:17pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | mix that friend made ]

Mexico was SO much fun! The guys were So hott too! Matt and Leonardo were the best! Mauricio, Yoav, Gabriel, Johnny, Megan, Shannon, and Juliet were So kewl too! It was SO hot there! The pool and beach were so awesome. I hella miss it and all the people! And the shows were great (rite, kyleen? haha). Leonardo was the cutest thing ever.. i took such a good pix of him. Ixtapa was like pArAdIsE! The Margaritas were awesome too (hehe virgin rite? NOT haha that was so funnie!). Hands up babey Hands up.. gimme ur heart gimme gimme ur heart gimme gimme. We danced SO much but it was so kewl except being hella embarrsed. bunbun haha! How do you kno we've been in mexico? hmm.. we r tan, w/ puka shells, and our hair braided, shorts, tank tops, and flip flops! OMG the flight attendent talked too damn much. haha ky and jessica that was so funnie! The saftey talk took like an hour. OO can we smoke on the plane? no dumbass! I helluv should have tripped her again. "thanks for the saftey talk.. haha"! She looked at me like i was crazy! Those damn planes from China and the Phillipens took up the whole line! haha! ne ways back to the trip... staying up hella late listening to kareoke in the bar w/ friends and GO's and taking pix of Matt's ass... thats the lyfe! Well gotta keep packing for chicago cuz i leave 2morrow... c ya'll soon! buhbye! luv ya lotz!

my life like a movie... [20 Jul 2003|12:03pm]

My life is rated PG.
What is your life rated?

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