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updatin`!! [03 Aug 2005|05:33pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | wannabe - spice girls! ]

well hey. i'm just sitting around my house so i changed the look a little and thought i'd write about some stuff going on with me. well, life's been grrrreat. i'm sooo happy with kenny. its so nice it FINALLY have a good boyfriend. the only bad thing going on right now is that i got my car taken away cuz i failed my drug test...uh-oh :( haha. but that'll blow over and everything will be back to normal soon enough. i leave for CANCUN in 5 days!!! yayyy! im so excited. i've been working at Femina Fitness and Dance. it's this really cool work out place. ughh i dont want to school to start!! im sure it wont be bad once i get back into the swing of things... but i lovveeee summer! so so so much. oh well... hopefully my classes are good and everything. well thats all for me.. just a little quick update. love ya !!!

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