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my milkshake.. la la la [18 Jan 2005|01:04pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | milkshake - kelis ]

well hello there.. i'm home sick today.. cough cough.. so i figured i have nothing better to do then update. haha. alright lets see here..

me and cacie had planned on going to matts.. but at the last minute his got in trouble.. so we couldnt go there. so we had no where to go. we ended going to one of cacies friends houses for awhile.. it was alright.. but we ended up having to leave b/c jerritt got a little pissed.. so yeah, then we went to jerritts house.. jerritt drove by the way.. haha. we just chilled there for awhile... nothing to special. then went home.. and went ta bed cuz we were going outta town early the next morning..

got up early and drove to cedar falls to see dylan.. we went ta eat and stuff.. but i basically sat in the hotel room by myself the whole time. i was gonna go swimming but there were these creepy guys who kept looking at me.. so i passed on that. haha. i was on the phone basically all night.. calling various people. haha.

went to church.. had to shake some kid's hand after the whole mass he was picking at a zit on his face.. so yeah.. taht was AWESOME haha. went ta eat.. then headed home.. and my sister was at my house so i didnt do anything that night.. i stayed home and hung out with her and sarah and keegen. good times, hehe.

thennnn Monday..`*
went ta school.. got our new semester schedules.. mine is not that bad.. but i hate having 1st lunch.. bleh. and i have DEL DEBBIO ahhh. owell, ill live. after school.. came home.. on the phone for a good 3 hours.. surprise surprise <3 hehe. went ta bed.. nothing to important.

then today i was sooo pooped and i had a headache i didnt feel like going ta school. so i'm home.. eating food and laying around. ahh its nice. hehe. my mom is renting me Anchorman.. even though ive already seen it.. i LOVE that movie. haha. soo.. guess thats all...

peace out.. lol

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