11:33am 02/02/2003
mood: full
music: Taking Back Sunday- Timberwolves At New Jersey
well last night me john mommy n daddy watched signs then mommy got scared and was afriad to but the dogs out lmao well i have a bad stomache ache i might go to the mall with mike or go with billy to get my computer im not sure which yet though...shaun just called wanting me to go to the movies with him but i got a bad head ache n don't want to go to the movies... Well ujournal turned gay u can no longer search for epople all well this ones still pretty cool well blah! i ate a seed ewwwwww from the bread i had like two hours ago ahhhhhhh i had a weird drem last night blah i love ? hahahaha everyone nos already im outie like scotties belly button bu byes
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08:11pm 01/02/2003
mood: worried
music: Lagwagon- Love story
hey this is my first journal entery in this journal im gonna see which sit works better this one or ujournal well this one can be more realistic cuz i no the bitches aren't gonna have the link he he he wel u no how it goes well if u matter in my life u do.... link to the old journal well yea my greatest task is telling mike about shea n me n shea don't even act like were going out but me n mike do n ewre just friends well for now until we no we can be together n see eachother but this sux b/c i don't want to hurt n e one but its not workin to well n just ugh! what am i going to do? and im suppose to hang out with mike tomorrow and i dunno whats gonna happen or what i should do this is why i hate dating and gave it up just everytime i say that it doesn't work out so well except during the summer i was strongest then ::sigh:: well g-ma n e-pa are here n everytime i look at e-pa i think of mike i guess its the whole polish thing lol well gonna play around on my new (this one) journal and make it look cool n personalize it ta ta for now bu-byez love always n forever ~*~ Lizz~*~