20th Sep 2003.

mood meh
music f4af "Juneau"

I drew a star on my wrist in black marker. That's how cool I am.


7th Sep 2003.

You can find me at mostopen_hrtbrk from now on.
It's only temp. though. The layout of drivelbox sucks. Hopefully Blurty'll start working again soon *sighs*..

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27th Aug 2003.

fuckin hell ive been sicksooo many timres :(
i cANt time so im not really gunna try to type. its 5:50am and my feet are fucking freeeezing :(
dave's paasssd out. ive ionly had like 3 shots (i think) of peach schnapps and 2 shots of vodka. and im pissed.
im such a fhucking lightweight, ppl please talk to me on msn to try and kep me awake/make me more sober
rainrain_down@hotmail.com... comeone please add me
it#;;; be stupid bable typinh but styl, kep me awake so i dont uke aagain, please!

(this post if soooo going to get deleted oince im sobrered up :\_


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20th Jul 2003.


Add me if you want to read.
I'll add you back within a couple of days,
if I want you to know what I write.

(Don't forget to comment either.)


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