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Wednesday, October 27th, 2004

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    Hello Mr.Hedgehog
    My first "Blurty" entry. It's kind of strange to see how familiar this place is.. Livejournal, anyone?
    I woke up at a slothish 2pm to a drunken mother, which wasn't exactly a bright start.
    I decided to just stay upstairs and play Final Fantasy VII on the Playstation for a few hours, just to stay out of everyone's way. Then I lazed on the sofa, watching The Simpsons.
    Then my mother walked out to buy more alcohol, so I thought "Meh, I'm okay here", and just waited.
    Then, to top my less than brilliant day, I find a hedgehog in the kitchen. Cue panic. I guess it's not every day that I find one of these visiting me in my own home, you know?
    So then, I slowly worked up the courage to pick him up and put him outside in the wind and rain, tossing a piece of corned beef outside for him.
    Then I just sat here for a while, tried to burn a CD, but for some dumb reason it's not working.
    Then I took £20 from my mother's purse because I figured that she's so drunk that she won't notice tomorrow.
    You may call it stealing - I call it compensation.

    Current Mood: okay
    Current Music: Death Cab For Cutie - Title and Registration

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