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[17 Oct 2003|05:22pm]

I chewed my hair so much that I'm now bald!!!

here's a picture of me )
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Umm [16 Jul 2003|01:56pm]

Noone posted here... but why??? I think there are many girls that chews on their hair... i can't understand why noone wants to share this "obsession" in a nice community... i want only to know other people that loves to do what i love to do... i can't understand...
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[09 Jun 2003|08:19pm]

i should probably explain this community a bit if you havent already figured out what it is....
its really just for people who have a habit, obsession, fetish, whatnot of twirling, chewing, pulling, twisting, playing with hair. anyone who joins PLEASE post a pic of you and your hairrrrr and tell us a little about yourself. not many people have joined and i hope to see more come in! =D
<3 thanks..
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[04 Jun 2003|04:48pm]

hey! im new to the community..EVERYONE needs to join this! :]
here are some pics of me, and my wonderous hair chewing

my pics )
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[02 Jun 2003|02:14pm]

[ mood | listless ]

This is me!!!

This is me!

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Welcome [02 Jun 2003|02:02pm]

Hello!! I'm a girl with the habit of hair playing... in really i chew on my hair alot, and i like to do that!!
I created this community for pastime, but i'm curious to meet other girls that has this habit :)
So i invite all girls with the habit of hair chewing to join here, and post a message or a pic :)) It's a way for pastime, nothing else :)
Now i upload a pic :)
I'm italian, my name is Manuela :)
So i'm sorry for my bad english... i hope you understand :)
chew your hair_

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