09:03pm 11/11/2003
mood: melancholy
music: misfits - skulls
music: misfits - skulls

i should never listen to jonestown tea.it makes me remember things i dont want to remember.

during resource i got a level drop for saying i was going to beat up my busdriver with his keys and steal the bus and drive to mexico.chris is a fucking bitch. her and sharon gomes are having a competition on who can get fat enough to eat the other one first.

we made a tent out of a blanket in keyboarding and when we went under it jon grabbed my tit really hard and i punched him.jess told us to come out and i said we were having an orgy and she kicked me out to the cubbies.

mike keeps telling me to talk in my real voice because he likes my real voice and i think he wants me to sing...i would talk in my real voice if i could.i dont even notice that im not and then i try to but i cant figure out what my voice should sound like so i give up.

shit im cold.it must be twenty degrees in here.

speaking of shit,marcy shit in a bag and they asked her if she shit in the bag and so she threw it out.liz didnt believe that she shit in a bag.she thought it was mud so she squeezed it and it was warm and she still didnt believe so she sniffed it.heh heh heh...poor liz...heh...
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