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[21 Feb 2004|11:51pm]
Hey Kimmy girl, I will email you our new journal, it will be fun! The password will still be the same ok? I will post the new one in an email to you okay hun! I am writing you back tomorrow! I have just been so busy with schoolwork. Hey, at least you don't have to do jury duty! Yay! Keep on the lookout for Cameron naked! haha!! Love ya mucho! Alli
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Heaven Help Me [18 Feb 2004|01:44pm]
song:When Love Starts Talkin'-Wynonna

Hey ya,I'm so pissed off 'cuz I was called to jurt duty @ the courthouse and they didn't even need me so they made me stay there from 9:45 am- 3pm.Isn't that special?If you want to use livejournal from now on that is fine with me?At least you weren't hurt when you got the flat tire.Lucky you have a spring break.I don't.That totally suxs.School is the same.I want to try and get back into Anthropology again 'cuz it's so much fun.I don't know what math credits I need.I just don't ever want to do math ever again.I miss you Alli.Did you get your card/
letter yet?Hope so.Well,i need to do some work around the house so I'll talk to you later.Take care.Love ya mucho 2,Kimbelina xoxo
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see huh [17 Feb 2004|01:28pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | none ]

Hey Kimmy girl, long time no talk! I feel bad that we couldn't get together! We will though! I promise! Our flat tire was really bad, you could hear the rims of the wheels grinding against the road! I had a good Valentine's Day. I got a lot of money, so of course I took it and went shopping with it! I got a nice new pea coat in green for only $30 dollars, it was a great deal.

Some other news: I am not going to stay at blurty with my journal pinkcottoncandy anymore. I am going to livejournal, and have a journal here, if you want to click on this link here:


If you want, we can move our journal to livejournal and keep the same username and password, so it isn't confusing, or we can stay here. It is up to you, and that is kind of why I haven't really been around here lately, I am sorry. It is because I am mostly over there now. If you want to move over there, we can keep all the same stuff, so just let me know.

Do you know what you want to do in school Kimmy? I am just finally making up my mind and switching majors. I am going to be a nursing major soon. Then I think in a year I am going to come back home and go to medical school, so I will not be staying at ISU for four years, I will be coming home! But probably not until the end of my sophomore year. I know math sucks. How much math do you need to take? Like I said I can always help you out Kimmy, please don't be afraid to ask for help. I want you to do well, and not to give up

We will need to watch Ren and Stimpy soon!! I come for my spring break on March 5. I think I am going to leave for home after my Biology class. We will for sure do something then, maybe even on that Friday night! I hope you have a good week Kimmy! I miss you mucho!! Take care! Love Alli

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That's What Friends Are 4 [15 Feb 2004|06:26pm]
song:Fantasy-Mariah Carey

Hey ya,Hope you had a nice time while you were home this past weekend.I mailed you your Valentine's Day card with a letter inside of it.I think Shrek is on tonight on ABC.I also think that they are showing clips of Shrek 2.
That'll be awesome huh?Valentine's Day for me was good.Zach got me some red roses and took me out to dinner at Bennigan's and we rented American Wedding.We had a nice time togther.We always do.Today me and my dad went to this Foster Family Seminar and it was very interesting.I would like to foster again this summer.
I saw Becky Roder at my church today.She and Nick Kuesen have been together now for about 3 1/2 years.
Wow.How was your Valentine's Day?Good I hope.Well,I need to go now.Hope to hear from you soon.Take care.
Love ya mucho,kimbelina xoxo
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Happy Valentine's Day [14 Feb 2004|01:53pm]
song:New Day Dawning-Wynonna

Hi ya,I'm sorry that we didn't get togther last night.You had a flat tire?That suxs.Hopefully we'll get together again soon.I have a Valetine's Day card for you.I'll send it to you when you go back to school.When we meet we'll watch Ren and Stimpy episodes and finish watching Shrek.Good times.LOL!I want to get into Anthropology again and hopefully next quarter.I don't want to go into math again for a while.It just suxs big time.I get to go to this Fostor Family meeting tomorrow and I get to see my friend Sue there.I'm so excited about that.I want to fostor but I don't think that will happen until this summer when our schedules are less crazy.You know what i mean?COD doesn't have a spring break.That totally suxs balls.I know that we have Easter and Memorial Day off but that is it.Can you believe that?I miss you mucho.Hope you have a nice Valetine's Day.I hope that i will.I got to go now.Take care.Always,Kimbelina xoxo
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Oh,my [12 Feb 2004|02:49pm]
mood:pissed off
song:Heaven Help Me-Wynonna

Hi ya,I was going to call you last night but I was very tired and I fell asleep very early so sorry about that.Today school was just a bunch of bull shit.Well,I had a meeting with my reading teacher and so far I'm gettin' a C which isn't too bad.But then I go to math and she gives me a progress report sheet she suggested that I go into a slower math 'cuz I'm getting a F in there.I was like oh,my fucking god what the hell am I doing wrong here?Then I ask myself what the hell am I doing here @ COD?I figured that I'm gonna get no where on education after high school.I thought that since I'm out of high school and I'm free from teachers breathing up and down my neck all the time and i finally got out on my own,but now I feel like shit.I'm doing something wrong.No matter what I do it's not right.Have you ever felt like that?You mknow what?I was in Basic college math last quarter and I didn't too bad in that and somehow I'm in it again.I wish would tell how the fuck that happened?I'm not balming you or anything.Hell,I would never would.Your my best friend.Well,I think I'm going to go and run into a wall and then I'll give you a buzz about tomorrow night.Take care Alli.Love ya mucho,Kimmy girl xoxo
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Sometimes I Feel Like Elvis [10 Feb 2004|07:49am]
song:"Love"-Matthew West

Hi ya,Glad to hear from you as always.I finally got your letter last night.The mail has been misbehaving lately.It
has been coming here very late,like around 6:30 p.m.I'll write you back when you go back to school 'cuz by the time it would get there you will be gone so hope that's ok with you.School hasn't been too much of a hassle.I don't have to go to my reading class this week 'cuz of individual conferences,mine isn't until thursday.Today for my college survival class I have to meet with my teacher along with my "partner" and discuss this "group" thing we're suppose to do.The thing is she is never there,well actually she is there but she doesn't show up until the class is nearly over with.I don't think she has a clue of what we/she is doing.I hope that I don't have to do it all by myself.'cuz that usually happens when I'm put into groups anyways.i don't think I did well on my math test yesterday.I'm going to ask my cousin Shera for help again,just unitl I get back on my feet again.For Valentine's Day I had this frame designed for him that has hearts all over it and then on the side it says "I love you".What do you think of that?I have never heard of a song called "Milkshake" but that sounds like it's a good song.I didn't know that you still had my x-mas present.That is kind of funny actually.I think I had consider Megan and Lauren lesbians.Now that I remembered they were in Humanities with my last year and they sat near each other they wer always hangout in the hallway doing nothing.That's gross isn't?Certain people just need to go away and never come back.You know?Well,I need to go and hop in the shower.I'll call you soon.W/b/s/.Love ya mucho,
Kimbelina xoxo
P.S.Can't wait to see you when you come home.
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[10 Feb 2004|12:06am]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Stacy's Mom-Fountains of Wayne ]

Hey girl! How are you? Did you ever get my letter that I sent you? It was in many different colors. What did you get Zach for Valentines Day? That thing you sent me with Micheal Jackson and Justin Timberlake exposing his boob was hilarious! I laughed for awhile! I miss Doggie Diner, I need some salty fries! Alot of people here are going home for the weekend. I don't know a whole lot of people that are staying. Have you ever heard the song "Milkshake" by Kelis? It's a little weird but very adicting! lol! The other night I had a dream that I was getting chased by a bouncing goldfish, LOL. A really big one! I really need to get my pictures developed from Chicago and other times! We need to take alot of pictures over break! And during the summer! School will be over soon! That is all I think about, lol! I am going to keep it short because it is getting late. Don't worry, we will hang out soon!! I miss ya!! Love ya mucho!! Alli

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All you need is love [09 Feb 2004|05:16pm]
song:Invisible touch-Phil Collins

Hey ya,Did you watch the Grammy's?I thought that it was really shitty this year.Justin Timberlake is stupid.So is Christina Agulara.I thought that I was going to be sick when I saw Hillary Duff presenting some award.Finally Dave Matthews won a grammy.How was your weekend?Mine was ok.Saturday got Zach a gift for Valentine's Day and had good old Doggie Diner for lunch,had dinner @ my step-grandmother's house.That was tons of fun.On, sunday went to church and cleaned my room and watched "The Mummy Returns" in bed,then watched the grammy's @ Zach's house and got disgusted with the winner's.Today was an ok day @ school took a math test and I think I sucked on it.Oh,well.I miss you like crazy.Well,I think I'm gonna go now.I'll give you a call hopefully
tomorrow /Wednesday.Hope to hear from you soon.Take care.Love ya mucho,Kimbelina xoxo
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miss me? [07 Feb 2004|01:29pm]
song:Dirrty-Christina Agulara
Log-from Blammo

Hey ya,Glad to hear from you as always.Friday night sounds good to me.Is your cell # still 418-2005?If not let me know soon.zach burned some Ren and stimpy episodes for me so I think we can watch them on my tv.Oh,joy
LOL!Oh,my freaking god Megan and Lauren were on each other.That is fucking gross.I swear they must be lesbians.Nasty shit.Kristin saw them?I would feel bad for her if she did.Oh,guess what?Ms. Baucom just called my house.I guess she wanted to talk to my dad.All I did was answer the phone and then her name showed up on the caller i.d.So,any who how have you been?I miss you lots too.I don't know what I'm doing for Valentine's Day yet.
I'll probably be with Zach but I want to see you before you go back.Frisky is fine.She is just laying around the house and being herself.That is what she does best I think.Yes,we should open up our own business and save some dogs or something.Oh,tonight me,Zach,Melissa,and Sean are going to go to my step-grandmother's (even though we don't call her that) house and have dinner together.Melissa will probably drink too much 'cuz she did the last time we (excpet Zach) were over there.Well,I think I am going to clean my room now.I'll talk to you later.Take care Alli.Miss you tons.Love ya always,Kimmy girl xoxo
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Kimmy Girl [06 Feb 2004|02:18pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | none ]

Hey girl, how are you doing? We will for sure watch Shrek when I come back next weekend! Maybe on Friday night? If you are not doing anything, just let me know! You are more than welcome to call me on my cell phone if you need someone to talk to, it is always on! I have a TON of Ren and Stimpy tapes! We should watch those too!! If you are free on that Friday we could have a Shrek/Ren and Stimpy party! That would be so much fun! Yesterday classes after 4 got cancelled b/c it was icy and there was a lot of snow on the ground. It's also snowing big chunks, and then ice. But they had eggs for dinner last night so I was a happy camper! That is kewl that you saw Andrea on your way to class. Kristin said something very disturbing in her journal about Lauren Flenge and Megan Mendoza. She said that in the hallway once, that Megan was sitting in Lauren's lap and that Lauren enjoyed it!!!! I was like EEEEEWWWWW!!! I think they are really lesbians now...that disturbed me beyond belief!! I hope you haven't seen either of them lately. I am not sure what I am doing this weekend. My roommate and I are probably going to rent movies. I think we might get Psycho. That is a good movie!! It's scary but it is really good! We are going to have a blast this summer!! I remember Marley! I am not quite sure what dog I would adopt, basically anyone that would get along with my dog, lol. Remember to stay away from Lion Video this weekend and I hope Mr. Fromto doesn't come to your church!! I miss you Kimmy!! I'll be back in exactly a week!! Take care, check your mail, and have a good weekend! I think you should get your letter, Saturday or Monday, love ya mucho Alli

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your back [05 Feb 2004|07:50pm]
song:Your day will come-Wynonna

i'm so happy that your back.I missed you lots.What kind of dog would you want to adopt?greyhounds are great pets but you would have to really take care of it.I could help you out with that stuff.I still cannot wait for you tcome home next weekend.School is nuts but I'm still alive.Frisky is fine.Guess what?We are watching another dog.So now I have 3 dogs in my house.Her name is Marley.Oh,I saw Andrea Claeys the other day on my way to class.It was nice seeing her.So what do you think of the Justin timberlake ripping off Janet jackson's shirt thing?
I always knew that justiin was a fucking idot.Oh,Zach loaded down ren and stimpy episodes and he found the log commercial skit.It was awesome."Log from Blammo".LOL!Me,you,amd Rob should get together sometime soon.
I love your trampoline.Good times.My nails are so awful right now.Oh,I finished the Care Bear coloring book you gave me for my b-day.It was so much fun/Thanks Alli.It's snowing again here.What's the weather out there for you guys?I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday,then I can get some sleep over the weekend.Did you watch the Osbournes this week?I did and I thought that Jack didn't do a very good job driving.Did you?I miss you so much.
When we get together we need to finish watching Shrek @ my house.Really,really.Well,I think I'm going to go now.I'll talk to you later.W/b/s.Miss ya lots 2.Love ya mucho 2,Kimbelina xoxo
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Whoa! Where have I been? [04 Feb 2004|02:06pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | none ]

How ya doing Kimmy girl? I got your letter! I wrote you, and I am dropping it pff in the mail today, so keep checking your mailbox! School has been so busy lately. There is way too much homework and papers and stuff to do. There are exactly 33 days until my spring break so I am happy, and when I come back, we will definitly hang out! Me, you and Rob should go somewhere and act all stupid and weird! It would be great fun! I am coming home the weekend of February 13-15, so we should definitly try and do something then too, but if not, I will be home again in three weeks for spring break. Do you have any special plans for Valentine's Day with Zach? Math teachers are stupid, OF COURSE you need a calculator for math! What has she/he been doing all their life? Eating chalk? lol. School will be over before you know it. I only have about 3 months left and it is going to go by really fast. We are going to have a fun summer too! TRAMPOLINE!! So if that helps you think school is going by faster, do it!lol! How is Frisky? I want to adopt a dog from a kennel or from an animal shelter. If I can't do that soon or within the next year or so, then I will do it when I get my own house. I saw a picture of this dog named Teddy online last night, and he was so cute, the animal shelter he is in is somewhere in Illinois. I would so take that dog home with me. Dude we should try and save some dogs, you know what I mean?! Are you going to apply for a job at Petco? Or you could get a job in an animal shelter and help take care of dogs? I would do that as a summer job. Next time we hang out, we need to take LOTS of pictures!! I am going to go and get ready for my spanish class! Have a good day Kimmy and keep checking for your letter! Miss you mucho, Love ya Alli

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sleep [02 Feb 2004|04:22pm]
song:Your winter-Sister hazel

hi ya,School was so long and boring today.my math teacher is nutty.She doesn't know what she is doing.Today she saw this guy and he had his cell phone and she was like "please turn off your phone" in screachy voice and the kid said "I have a calculator on this phone and just want to figure out my gpa" and then the teacher says
"Get rid of that calculator,Don't you know that their not aloud in here?" and god I swear to god sometimes I just want to kill her myself.It's snowing again.Really hard from looks from here.Taiji Quan was ok but sometimes the movements that we do are so hard for me to do.We also do a lot of hand movements.That is hard too.Well,I have some work I need to do.Take care.Write back soon.Love always,Kimbelina xoxo
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I'm back [01 Feb 2004|03:45pm]
mood:chilled out
song:All that jazz-Catherine Zeta-Jones

Hi ya,I got your letter the other day.Thanks lots.I wrote you back already.So look in your mailbox again soon.Oh,
my gosh.Me and Zach and his friend Brandon and his date went and saw "Along Came Polly" and it is awesome.
You have to go and see it.Ben Stiller is outstanding.How was your weekend?Mine was ok.I just relaxed.No kennel
day yesterday.Me and my dad only go up there if they need volunteers.I tried writing in here yesterday but I couldn't get it.I was so pissed off.Guess what?I have finally finished reading The Lord of the Rings:The Return of the King.I have been reading it since the day it came out last december.Now I don't have new reading material.
Oh,god.What to do now.i think most of the people who go to COD are really weird.Now I feel really tired.maybe it's because Frisky woke me up @ 7:35 am this morning because she was looking for me and wanted me.I have become her mother.Do you watch football?I don't.Well,I think I'm going to go now.Hope to hear from you soon.
Take care Alli.Miss ya lots.Love ya mucho,Kimbelina xoxo P.S. I am not a nutbag!!!!!!!
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yo [29 Jan 2004|02:25pm]
mood:pissed off
song: FNT-Semisonic

Hey,I had a bad moment @ school today.I felt like a totally fucking idot.It's because nobody wanted (asked) me to be apart of their group on this assignment that were are going to be working on.I wish you were here with me because we could so work together.This was for my college survival class.Well,I do have a partner now,but I don't think it will work out between us.I'm so glad to be home right now.It's still snowing outside.Guess what?
During my college survival class we took a little tour around the school and guess where we went?We went to the swimming pool.I was like ok.I miss you so much.I always feel happy when I'm around you.Maybe it's because we always have fun whenever we're together.I cannot wait until you come home again.Can you?Well,I
have to go now.Hope to hear from you soon.Take care Alli.Miss you tons.Kimbelina xoxo
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snow [28 Jan 2004|01:24pm]

Hey ya,I'm back.School is so crazy.I just got my first math test done and guess what i got?I got a 58 and my teacher writes this on my paper:You almost got a D.The nerve of that bitch.Did you see The Osbournes last night?I love them.They are so funny.Sharon lied to Ozzy so she could get him on her show.LOL!The Golden Globes i thought were ok.Lord of the Rings got all their awards.And 24 got the best drama series.But Kiefer Sutherland didn't get the dramatic actor award.Some other dude got it.I fricking hate snow.I took me almost an hoir to get to school yesterday.Bad traffic.It's so cold outside.I got my Care Bear blanket done.It is so awesome.
I sleep with it and it keeps me so warm at night.I'll have to take pictures for you.how's school?I saw Rob at school on Monday.We hugged and talked for a few mintues.We actually got along very well.I don't know if I told you this so I'm going to tell you anyways,on Friday I had to help my cousin out with some stuff for a few hours and when I came home Frisky took a shit in her cage and I had to clean it up.I almost threw up.It was some nasty shit.Oh,guess what?Some kid from my school just got murdered.I don't know who though but that is really freaky.Well,I think I'm gonna now.Hope to hear from you soon.Miss ya lota.Love ya mucho,Kimmy girl xoxo
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Whoa Baby [26 Jan 2004|05:32pm]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | none ]

It's been awhile!! I have been so busy with school! School stinks and I can't wait until it is over for the year! I don't know how much more I can take. Rob and Kristin are on academic probation. Rob is a little weird, lol!! I have been so tired lately. I got your letter today! I am writing you back as we speak. I hate math too Kimmy, you are not the only one. I was watching the Golden Globes last night, and nobody from Will and Grace won, it was very sad. Yesterday there was like a miniature blizzard here and it was snowing really bad for awhile. I can't wait to see your Care Bear blanket. I have some more news that I will wait to put in the letter. Supposedly Andy is in love with Erin again. I am making a patchwork quilt out of fleece and me and my roommate are making purple skirts. We haven't started the purple skirts yet, but I have 12 squares so far for the blanket. I made myself another journal here if you want to check it out: http://www.greatestjournal.com/users/suzee_sparkle
I am going to be coming home this weekend: February 13-15 so maybe we can do something. I'm glad you had fun at the kennel. I haven't talked to Shelly Budimir in such a LONG time. Do you have her in one of your classes? She was always nice though. She went out with Jose once...I remember that, lol. Well I am going to get some more homework done! We still need to kill Hilary Duff! Miss you mucho! Love ya mucho!! Alli

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hi ya [24 Jan 2004|06:33pm]

Boy,what I day I had.Me and my dad went up to the kennel.I walked 5 dogs in a 1/2 hour.Their names were Bossleman,Lady,Raptor,Wismo Easy,and Mindy.Jenna and Venus remembered me and they were licking my fingers.I have that certain way with dogs I think.I guess they just love me.After I did that we went to my mom's dance compotition at Palatine High School.I thought they did pretty good.Some routines were just plain stupid,but
hey I've been going to those things for many years now.Well,I tonight Zach is visiting a friend and my dad is getting Portillo's for dinner I am going to chill out here and work on my blankets and then hit the hay.Hope your doing good.I miss you.Kepp in touch soon.Take care Alli.Love always,Kimmy girl xoxo
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what the #!*$@ [23 Jan 2004|06:58pm]
mood:pissed off again
song:Soak up the sun-Sheryl Crow

omg,fricking god.I went out for a few hours helping out my cousin and I come home and it smells like shit in the house and then I realized that Frisky took a shit in her cage and guess who got to clean it up?Good old me.I thought I was going to die.But luckly I didn't.anywho,my math test went ok.I feel like a nuttbag again.Oh,Alli what to do.Oh,I mailed you a letter so look in your mailbox very soon.Hope you like the stationary.i'm gonna need a good night sleep tonight.I will be working on my blankets this weekend so I'll get that done and out of the way.Tomorrow me and my dad are going up to the kennel again and do some work.Can't wait.I think Me and Zach are going to go see "Along Came Polly" tonight.I'll let you know how it is.Well,I think I'm gonna head out now.I'll talk to you later.Miss ya lots Alli.Take care.Love always,Kimmy girl xoxo P.S. Make LOVE,Not WAR!
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