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Sunday, August 29th, 2004
2:24 pm - My Schedule
Here it is kids:

HR: 11F
0330-03 Church History---Moeser
1331-02 Hnrs. Eng. 3---Blair
2381-06 US History---Akers
3721-01 Spanish 3---Spencer
4321-03 Eviromental Sci.---Hughes
5331-04 Algebra 2---Markel
7210-01 Studio 1 Art---Gaudreau
9701-06 Jun. Guidence---Guidence Staff

Lemme know if you're in any of my classes!

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Monday, August 9th, 2004
9:49 pm - Another list thingy!
I stole this from Kat, and it just proves that I'm bored as shit.

___YoUr LifE______

* they call me: Sav

* also: Savster, Savvy Sav, Hey kid

* sex: female

* birthday: 3/3/88

* status: hoplessly devoted to you <3 Paul

* occupation: Umm.. I babysit a hellofalot

* nationality: 1/4 Irish, 1/4 French, 1/4 German, 1/4 Mexican. Wierd hookups in my family.

* most memorable memory: What makes you remember one thing over another? This is redudndent...

* worst?: Seeing Mr. Shoal shirtless...? (faculty basketball game)

* first word uttered: I'm sorry I don't recall

* first best friend ever!: Paul probably. Rachel, Nat, Ali, all great friends still there for me, but I can tell Paul anything, which is something that holds true to very few people in my life. And by that I mean one.

_______fAst fOrward_______
* college planning to go to: Towson maybe? PA? Who knows?

* future resident of: Vermont

* wedding: Never thought about it. Anyone who's taking the time to read this will probably be invited though

* children: Maybe when I'm in my 30s and life starts to slow down

* looking forward to: playing GTA when I'm done writing this

* feeling: Tired as shit. See the previous journal entry for deatils.

* listening: incoming IM rings

* talking to: Stony and my mom

* craving: nothing really.. I ate like a pig today

* thinking: why my lip is swollen. I think I got a bug bite early this morning cuz that’s when it started

* hating: this bug bite


* love is: patient, kind, it doesn’t envy, it doesn’t boast, it isn’t proud. Love is compassion, forgiveness, control, understanding, empathy, and gentleness.

* first love: Jon Robinson

* love or lust?: I don’t understand the question.. which do I prefer? Love.

* best love song: All My Life ~Beatles

* is it possible to be in love w/ more than one person at the same time?: Yes. True love is rare; to be in love with two people at once is to lust

* true or false: all you need is love: you need food and water, and in John Lennon’s case a nice heap of pot to wash it down.

* is there such thing as love @ first sight? ~~~~No.~~~~~

_______pIcky pIcky_______

* dog or cat: cat

* short or long hair: My hair of his? I like long hair both ways, though short cuts can look good

* sunshine or rain: rain. Soothing and peaceful. I don’t think it’s depressing like other ppl :/

* moon or sun: moon. Same as above

* basketball or football: football all the way!!! Woo!! Flag ball is for wimps. Tackle’s the only way to go

* righty or lefty: righty

* hugs or kisses: kisses

*1 best friend or 10 acquaintances: 1 best friend

* bf/gf or best friend: I’m in love with my best friend

* tv or radio: tv

* starbucks or jamba juice: starbucks, wtf is jamba juice

* mcdonalds or burger king: baja fresh.

* summer or winter: Winter, but summer rocks cuz no school. Winter would kick summer’s ass if we didn’t have school. School ruins life.

* written letters or e-mails: e-mails cuz I hate not having spell check and looking like a fool

* playstation or nintendo: playstation. Nintendo is sold out and pansy now. SNES kicks though.

* disney or nickelodeon: …Disney

* car or motorcycle: car

* house party or club: house party

* sing or dance: sing

* freak or slow dance: slow. I don’t carry enough condoms to freak dance.

* yahoo messenger or aim: aim

* google or ask jeeves?: google

* can you swim?: yeah

* whats your most embarrassing moment?: Can’t tell you guys ~.-

* whats under your bed?: Guitar cables, loads of picks, a sock, some saftey pins, and a box of junk

* what are you scared of?: fire, monsters, and empty lived out life

* what is your greatest accomplishment?: becoming the person I am today

* what kinda roof is over your head?: what….the…hell… Well, it’s kinda spackled with plaster… never really looked

* do you like tomatoes? Yea, but only from my garden. Grocery store tomatoes suck.

* how many phones?: my cell, and the house phones. I’m not a big phone person

* how many residents?: depends if you consider my computer chair a residency

* last dentist visit: can’t remember. 2 months maybe?

* last phone call: today

_____YOUR LOOKS______
 Hair color: Brown

* Eye color? brown

* Height: 5 foot 4

* Do u wear contacts or glasses? contacts

* Do you have any piercing? NONE!! I’m scared… I want a tattoo. I NEED a tattoo. 2 more years to wait…

* Do you wear any rings/jewelry? yea

* Do you have a certain fashion you follow? Umm.. I guess it would be steriotyped punk/skater

______JUST LATELY______
* How are you today? Tired as shit… still

* What pants are you wearing right now? JC sweats

*What shirt are you wearing right now? Some army shirt I wear to bed

* What does your hair look like at the moment? tangly

* What is the weather like right now: it’s dark outside

* Last person you talked to on the phone? Some lady from the hair salon asking about confirming an appointment

* Last dream you can remember? I got dumped.. I couldn’t get back to sleep for a long time thinking about it

* What time is it? 10:19.. I better be done before Family Guy comes on

______More about YOU______

* What are the last four digits of your phone number? 7969

*If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Crayons are weak. I’m a paint- light blue

* What's the take me with you CD you are going to buy? Velvet revolver

* the best advice ever given to you? Be your own self

* Have u ever won any special award? Christian Character award in 6th grade. Best artist in 8th

* wat's the stupidest thing you've ever done? Eat a coconut laces with LSD

* Shampoo? Aveeda

* you have your own TV? no

* you have your own phone line? no

* Have you ever broken/sprained/fractured a bone? Sprained my ankle 7 times, the other one 4. Sprained shoulder and neck, never broke nothing.

* Who do you tell your dreams to? I keep them to myself

* Who's the loudest friend you have? Brittney Peters. You hear her before you see her (I miss you!! <3)

* who's the quietest friend? Kelcy maybe?

* Is cheerleading a sport? Hells no. It’s a soap opera. Football’s a sport.

* How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?? …

* Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The chicken

______YOU and LOVE______
* Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend? yes

* Do you have a crush? No. I’m in love dammit.

* Who is your crush? …erm…

*Where would you like to go on your honeymoon? Anywhere, as long as I’m with him

* Do you find yourself ugly? Sometimes I think I’m too sexy for my car, but other times I can’t look at myself in a mirror. Like now.

* Do others find you attractive? My mom tells me I’m cute, but I dunno if that counts. Paul tells me I’m beautiful, so we’ll go with that.

______Pick One: THIS OR THAT______
* Lights on/off? on

* Sun or rain? Didn’t they already ask this? Now they’re just wasting my time with this damn survey >.<

* Do u like scary or happy movies better? Happy

* Backstreet Boys or NSYNC? Backstreet’s back, ALRIGHT! (Good ol’ middle school memories.)

* On the phone or in person? in person

* Paper or plastic? plastic

* Sausage or pepperoni? pepperoni

* chocolate or white milk? white

* Root Beer or Dr. pepper? Dr. Pepper

* Glass half full or half empty? “i hate this question, if you wanna drink something fill up the entire fucking glass” From kat’s survey… What she said!

* Tape or DVD: DVD

* skiing or boarding? Boarding. I break my face every time I try tho. I landed this nice nose grab one time… it was tight

____________HAVE you EVER____________
* Wanted to kill someone? Yes, but I didn’t

* Broke the law? yea

* Ran from the cops? no

* Tried to kill yourself?

* Made yourself throw up? No, I don’t drink and I’m too skinny to care

* Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: haha works like a charm

*Cake or pie? I LOVE PIE!

* diamond or pearls: diamonds. Pearls are worthless

_________Your FAVS____________
* Color: black, blue, grey, yellow

* food: I’d kill for a klondike bar

* Candy: those little drops of sugar u gotta tear off the paper

* Beverages?: green tea.

* ice cream flavor: vanilla with sprinkles

* Sport? Football, even tho I “play” tennis.

* number? 3

* Radio station? 99.1 or 98 rock

* Band or singer? This week? TBS. Singer is Amy Lee by a long shot

* Actor or Actress? Actor, tom cruise. Er, I mean Paul. And Steve. (trying not to get beat up here..) and Drew Barrymore

* of the year? Christmas

* Scent? Lillys of the Valley

It’s about time this damn thing is over. C-ya.

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5:37 pm - GTA: VC
Well, yesterday had some good times. I drove up to PA to get mom some special, once a year peaches that are delicious, so I got alot of drive time in. I came home for like 10 mins then headed off to Paul's house for dinner and a movie, then I went to Sexy Sacks' house. She drove me, sarah, mike and raj up to towson and kat and sarah followed us in jimmy's car. We went to the Recher to see Avarice. Good times on the way up there.. Shitting trees, one arm road, sheep... Avarice played alright and they scared all the preps away at least. Have you ever stayed up late enough to see Cowboy Bebop on Adult Swim? Well, some guy thought he was Spike at the Recher. He had a mop top, wore a suit, and stood in the corned sucking on a cigarette with his hand in his pocket and one foot against the wall behind him. Funny guy, that one. I was gonna say hi, but I was scared he was looking for a bounty and also we had to leave. I spent the night at Jenn's with sarah and raj, and we watched the sun come up, then slept till Jenn kicked us out. So here I am now, taking a well needed brake from GTA. Peace.

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Sunday, August 1st, 2004
12:50 am - Funny Stuff
Here's a quick convo I had with Britt:

GuitarChicka975: ok here's the plan
GuitarChicka975: 1. i buy a cheap skateboard and paint it black
GuitarChicka975: 2. on one side i write in red Sic transit gloria mundi
cArSnBoYs641: lol
GuitarChicka975: 3. opposite that i write in blue Dum spiro, spero
GuitarChicka975: 4. I learn how to ride it
GuitarChicka975: the sayings are ironic- one says Thus Passes the Glory of the World, the other says While I Breathe, I Hope
GuitarChicka975: so in essence, it means that the world will utterly implode yet with every living second there's a chance of change and prosperity
cArSnBoYs641: damn....thats deep shit

I left out some less important lines, but that's the gist. I love you Britt <3 xDD

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Friday, July 30th, 2004
11:35 am - Hello All
Hey guys, it's been a while. Here's the low down on my life as it is now- it might be a bit long cuz alot has happened this month.

Well, I went on vacation for a week in Ohio which was fun cuz there were alot of guitar playing guys my age there. We hung out and just messed around alot. Then I came home for like, 4 days and left for the beach. I got home yesterday with a slight tan cuz it was cloudy the whole time we were there. It was great fun though- I went with my cousins. Two 18 year olds, one 16, two 8th graders, and some other younger ones. We went bike riding alot cuz the beach was almost always yellow flag. There was one day when it was storming really bad, and all the channels turned off to show a tornado warning. We got bored of watching it so we went to the beach to look for spouts, lol. Not the smartest thing I've ever done, but the huge waves were cool.

As far as me and Paul goes, we're back together for the long run. It's complicated though and I don't feel like typing it all up here for the whole net to see. I think we're gonna go see Grease live this saturday...

At the moment I'm really doing nothing but watching TV and playing Runescape. I'm gonna kill the dragon (highest lvl monster EVER!) next time I get on cuz I'm strong enough now. I might buy some warhammer stuff if I can get the money so I can play with steve, ghram, matt and cha-chi. I'd rather buy a DS-1 which went on sale this week.. ooo distortion.

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Wednesday, July 14th, 2004
11:08 pm - Ohio
Hey all my loyal readers (all three of you). The past week's been crazy, but I'm not gonna get into intimate details here. Me and Paul are back together, which is a grood. Great. Great and good. ;) Well, I'm going to Ohio tomorrow for a week. I'm landing in Cleavlend and then heading over to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. I'll be making a return trip next year when I go ROAD TRIPPIN WITH JENN SACKS!!! WOOO!!! She's sad I get to go there tomorrow though. I'll be staying at my Aunt's house which'll be cool cuz she's a great aunt and all her friends and neighbors are 16-20 years old. A few play guitar and most of em are punks, so I'll fit in (subliminal labelling...) I'll have my cell with me almost all the time so call it if you love/miss me!!! *muah*
443-417-6737 You might need to put a 1 in front of the area code for long distance...

Me: I'm listening to Tatu.
Jenn: The russian lesbians?
Jenn: Who's they?

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current music: They're Not gonna Get Us ~Tatu

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Friday, July 9th, 2004
11:53 pm - A Song
I've written my first song in entirty. I need to tweak the guitar part, and I'm going to add an instrumental bridge soon.

I was always with you
Through the thick and thin
I'd walk a million miles
Just to see you grin

But now it's all gone
It went so wrong
I know I can't be strong
Anymore, Anymore

I close my eyes
And I think of you
I try not to cry
But the tears come through

'Cuz now it's all gone
It went so wrong
I know I can't be strong
Anymore, Anymore yeah

Now looking back
I don't regret a thing
My feelings for you'll never change
But your's already did

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Wednesday, July 7th, 2004
4:04 pm - Inevitable
Ah yes, I'm bored. So I've decided to surf through and find the pointless but true quizzes about my personality and such. I dunno if the html will work here, but I'll try. You know what? I'll just put the link for the pics here. Click them yourself, lazy ass. (Don't overlook my last few posts here if you haven't visited in a while...)

What kind of girlfriend are you?

What Greek god are you?

What genre of rock are you? *I dunno if this worked right, but I like all rock }:D I doesn't say on the pic what it is, but you guys can guess....grunge.*

What's Your Element? *I didn't know this was an element, but whatever.*

What movie Do you Belong in? *Whaa?? This is so wrong.. I didn't even see this movie.*

Yep there you go. I'm gonna go eat ice cream and watch a chick flick.


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Tuesday, July 6th, 2004
11:44 pm - !@#$ !@$$@ %$@!!$
Yes, I'm that angry. Relationship ADD, here one day, gone the next. "Oh I'm sorry Sav, I've changed my mind. You are the weakest link, goodbye." (paraphrased..) Fell in love in under an hour this time, eh? That must be some sort of record. Maybe you can set another one by staying with a girl for more than two weeks. "I'm completly infatuated with you" (not paraphrase) What a load of bullshit. You'll see what you're missing someday, and you'll regret it forever. Asshole.

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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004
11:40 pm - Carpe Diem
Lots of stuff going on now a days. I've had to babysit everyday this week, go to driver's ed every night, and try to fit some dates with Paul in there as well. He's leaving for a week on Sunday :( I've got a band audition sometime next week (I think) for Jaded Star Falling. I've been talking to the bassist, and he seems like a nice guy. Well, I'm off to bed. And by that I mean I'm gonna go watch Futurama on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. Peace yall!

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Friday, June 18th, 2004
9:48 pm - Wow, I'm bored tonight.
Don't miss the fun filled entries below this one!! Read on!!

A - Age: 16 baby. Got my permit today, you know.

B - Best Quality: able to forgive almost anything...don't test me though

C - Choice of Meat: What ind of question is that? Choice of meat? Well, smoked chicken I guess... Meat...pfft

D - Dream Date: Just being with the one I love is enough for me ;)

E - Ex (most recent): Dusty...Sorry bra, I still love you

F - Favorite Food: Rice and Ice Cream...but not together.

G - Greatest Accomplishment: Bringing some friends to Christianity...and my permit :D

H - Happiest Day of Your Life: Today (See below)

I - Internal Conflicts: Tha age old struggle between good and evil...or maybe not evil and just bad. Also some theories on time and existance are floating around thanks to a book I read recently. I feel smart right now.

J - Jail Time: If time-out is the same as jail, then alot. If by jail you mean prison...Only Mister Sister's office.

K - Kool-Aid: Kool Aid's not healty for you! It'll give you eye cancer and lung cancer and...prstate cancer and...umm...anything else that's bad.Cicadas. It's got cicadas in it. That's it....yes....precious....

L - Love: I don't really know if I should say right now...My close friends know who he is though.

M - Most Valued Thing I Own: My 2003 USA Stratocaster with custom backplate and self installed

N - Name: Halfway through this thing and you're just asking me now? I'm so offended I'm not answering, so there. >P

O - Outfit You Love: Umm.. Pick any shitr I have from PacSun...The Homestarrunner one is good too...add some jeans and throw on a studded belt and some gummy braclets and I'm all set.

P - Pizza Toppings: Cheesy goodness. Maybe some ham, but mostly cheese.

Q - Question you want to ask: I think, therefore I am. If I cease to think, will I therefore cease to be? That or, What is the true nature of time?

R - Road Trip: CLEAVELAND OH WITH JENN AND MY CREW! (We're already planning it... :P Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is there.)

S - Sport To Watch: Sport? What's a sport? You mean like, DDR? Yea, I'll watch that.

T - Television Show: Family Guy adn Futurama. Cowboy Bebop is up there too, mostly cuz it comes on after Family Guy.

U - Unique Habit: I bite my nails alot..I'm trying to stop

V - Voice: My voice? Ugly. Gwen Stephani's voice? Really good. Tom D'elong's voice? Sexy as hell.

W - Winter: What about it? It's cold and white sometimes...I tend to like it alot. summer is too hot.

X - X?: WTF?

Y - Your Name If You'd Been Born The Opposite Sex: Hmm I know this one...I think it was Richard or Kyle...can't remember. Kyle would've been a sexy name though, don't ya think?

Z - Zodiac Sign: The fish. Piecies. Peicys. That one. Stars don't control anything, soit doesn't matter anyway.

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9:11 pm - The greatest
Today was the greatest day of my life...well, one of them. First I went to the MVA and got my permit. Then I went to Music Land and got strings from Mullet Man, who remembered me and is still nice as hell no matter what Steve says. Then I went to Circut City to get DVDs for Father's Day, and that was only alright because the salesman was abnoxiously helpful. Then I went to the Games Workshop and hung out with Steve and Gram (no idea how to spell that, sorry) for a few hours then ate dinner with them at Panerra. We saw Emily Detman, who was depressed cuz Taylor's mad at her or something or other...I kinda tuned it out. Then I drove around and worked on making left turns with traffic for an hour or so, which was alot of fun and my mom wasn't as scared as usual. Then I came home and I have a date planned for Monday, and a band audition coming up sometime next week.

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Sunday, June 13th, 2004
10:22 pm - WooHoo!!!!
Well, the past few weeks have been interesting. First there was exams, which went pretty well cept my mom was really angry at me and wouldn't aknowledge my existance. I got a 92% on my bio exam tho, so that's good.

Well, on the 11th I left for VA with Sarah, Jorf, and Britany Allen to go to Sarah's g-parent's house. Sounds lame, but that house is on like 50 acres, it's the size of 3 of my houses, and it's got an elevator as well as other neat things like a waterfall in the pool. Dern rich old people, lol. Well, once we got there we had to get ready to go to the Blink 182/No Doubt concert at the Nissan Pavillion. We were grabbin some pizza when Brit saw a limo pull up the mile long driveway, and Sarah's mom sed it was our ride. We drove like an hour in traffic to get to the concert, but the limo was hella awsome. Sarah called Maddie on HFS and sang him Blink's song "Rockshow" but he hung up on her. lmao We got there and got soaking wet cuz it was raining and it was an outdoor concert. We missed The Living End (the warm up band) but it was cool cuz we got to see all of Blink and ND's shows. ND started with Gwen standing on this little outcropping on our side of the stage singin "I'm just a girl" We screamed sooo loud... Gwen was doing cartwheels all over the place, and the jamacan guy was dancin like a fool. It made me laugh soooo hard tho cuz Gwen kept on cussing at us, and not one of their songs has anything explicit in it. She was like, "I fucking love you guys! You fucking rock!" And when she asked us to sing a verse to a song she sed "You can do fucking better than that you fuckers!" Yep. Blink got up and played pretty well--the older songs they played were better. Mark was funny! He stopped in the middle of a song and said "Doesn't Tom have a superman perfect smile?" and the camera zoomed in on his teeth. Sarah was screaming stuff like 'Tom I wanna have your babies' which creeped the ppl around us out, lol. I got a Blink hoodie, and grabbed a few free condoms for novelty from the guy screaming "BE SAFE!" and went home in the limo. We spent the next day fooling around the mansion (we made a Jackass-esk movie) and swimming in the pool. We got attacked by cicadas and Sarah drove the golf cart into a ditch...GOOD TIMES!!!

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Sunday, April 18th, 2004
4:06 pm - Spring Break
Spring break: what a joke. The first half of it sucked horribly. I was like bed ridden with some stomach flu, I thought Paul died (heh…long story), and my band broke up. Not enough time and dedication to play a show well or whatever…that’s a dream shot down. Well, after an Easter in bed, my parents decide to up and leave to western MD to see some mountains and go hiking and whatnot. The mountains were bare since the trees haven’t started budding yet. We stayed in Deep Creek Lake (where Ski Wisp is) and the place we stayed at was horrible. Everything was broken and it smelled weird. There were college boys staying there too though, so it was alright. We did a little bit of hiking and we drove around a lot to look at all the summit houses we can’t afford. We found one awesome one that was at the SUMMIT of Wisp. It had a wraparound deck, and it was about 30 yards from the top ski lift of Wisp. $1.25 mill though. On our way home in the rental car (yea, my dad’s truck broke down and we had to wait on the highway till it got towed, then drive some hick car around. It’s still in the garage up there, and it’ll be done around Tuesday I think…) we took a random exit and ended up in a beautiful state park. We stayed the night, and it was awesome. They had an aviary there, so I hung out with the people who worked there for a little bit. We went off road mountain biking which was fun cept mom got all paranoid that we were gonna die. Then we went hiking and found this great gorge that was completely secluded from everything. I did a lil rock climbing there…ooo scary with no harness…. That night there was the best. We had a great meal, then we found a bonfire and we had some marshmellows and it was great. There were bats flying around which scared my mom too, and it was really funny. After that we sat in our NICE room and rented The Last Samurai, which is an outstanding movie. We heard sirens and stuff so we went and looked out the window…11 cop cars and 2 ambulances were racing up to the front of the hotel. Yea, it was a hotel on a golf coarse overlooking a mountain valley with a calm lake and waterfall…anyways. I saw some lady get arrested and boy was she swearin the cop’s out. I like peed my pants laughing at her. There was a guy in a kilt, and there was Rasputin there too. Go figure, Rasputin will be there when the cops come. I’m serious though…the guy was really tall, and he had bulging scary eyes, he always had a drink in his hand, and he had a chest length black beard that was the same style as Rasputin’s. Anyway, the paramedics wheeled some guy out and put him in the ambulance. His hand was all contorted and twisted, so I guess he punched someone and broke it. I heard some people talking about a stabbing…I kinda wish I was down in the bar to see all the action. The funniest part is that all these drunk people were part of a wedding reception which got at the hotel earlier that day.

Yep. Spring break. School tomorrow. Ugggg….

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Sunday, March 14th, 2004
12:05 am - PAR-TAY!
Party!!! The weekend’s been so great so far! Lots of people came over last night for my party…it was great. We played DDR forever…Cat is addicted…officially. We have a fire pit on the deck, and we toasted some marshmallows (and by toasted I mean burnt) Ping pong and good music too. Jules turned a strobe light on and me and him and Steve had a jam session for like an hour. Steve made a riff, I followed along and Jules made up some beats on the drum set. Everyone gathered around and we jumped around and it felt like a concert..BANGIN! The girls spent the night, and Sarah talked again. She said “No..I don’t wanna do that.” It was funny.

I went to the BotB at St Margrets tonight and my ears are still ringing b/c of some awful screaming distortion metal band that played last. Ack. Well, LFT is the best band ever, so props to them for a good show.

In memory of Box Man 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
(Andy O’Hara)

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current music: Confusion ~LFT

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Friday, March 5th, 2004
11:21 pm - Opening Night
I just got back from our first real was good! I was in the first few parts, then me and some others watched Freddie VS Jason backstage. The dumb preps were blasting Spice Girls and Britney Spears pissed me off so I went to the boy's dressing room and played vid games until Get Me TO The Church On Time started. We were all really nervous cuz at the matines the number didn't go over too well...Tonight we got a standing ovation before we were even done! People were whistling and was so great. When we went backstage again, we all wanted to stay on stage and do an oncore..everyone was so siked up. At curtain call I got mashed between some girl and Jessi, but I laughed it off. A girl tripped on the stairs tho and I felt sorry for her.

Everyone sed the play was great, and I can't wait till tomorrow's sold out preformance!

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current music: Get Me To The Church On Time

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Saturday, February 28th, 2004
9:15 pm - Types of journals
Well, I made some joke about steriotyping journals today, so I'll put it on here.

Xanga- Fwee! I'm a drug dealer and I like sex and drugs and parties! Let's go get stoned! Yay!

Deadjournal- Rabble rabble rabble!!! Kamuffin! Anything Sum41 says is cool, so there. Go die.

Livejournal- Like, today I painted my nails, and then I got like a pink skirt with like, pink LaCe! It's so hot, G-dog!

Blurty- Art is nice. It's pretty. Poetry is pretty. I'm depressed. Bye bye.

I know they're not true, but it was a fun rant. I laughed.

I saw the Passion today...all I can say is... Wow. It was so beautiful...I cried the WHOLE time I was in there. It was fantastic. Not for the faint of heart, or soul.

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Thursday, February 26th, 2004
1:07 pm - Mass...what a joke
Well, yesterday was Ash Wendsday (the first day of Lent) It kinda sucks cuz the cafeteria will quit serving meat...more fish :\ Anways, after the first 3 mods we had a liturgy by father Reese. (Reap? Rease...Reef? I dunno...) WEll, he was talking, and being boring, until he told us that we need to give up something that we all That got a few laughs out of the crowd, so he kept going with it. He said we could give up something that we'll miss, like alcohol. He said, quote, "Candy is dany, but liqour is quicker" Not something you'd wanna hear from a priest, satnding a a pulpit, on Ash Wendsday mass. Then he started to tell us that everyone can get ashes on their face, the preyyt girls, handsom boys, athleats, muscular boys... *cough* Pedifile! Yup. What a joke.

Well, I'm home sick today, so pardon the typos..I'm not gonna check for them.

There goes the Thnikkaman!

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Thursday, February 19th, 2004
6:05 pm - Hmm =The best pic. Ever.

Well, today was alright. We had an assembly today where a chorus of black kids sang some soul music. They were really really good and I had a great time. I was gonna stand up and dance, but I was surrounded by a whole bunch of preppy kids who were so white they couldn't even clap on beat. After the chorus was done, people got up and talked about how they do community service all the time.
The one girl was talking about her trip to Mexico and Texas (1 week) where she'll build a deck. The whole school apperenty funded this trip...My youth group goes to Mexico for 2 weeks every summer, and we get no private school funding. Or church funding at that. We bould actual houses, not just decks.
Another person was talking about how they went to West Virgina and built a handicap ramp. I went to Tenessee and I was gonna do something similar, but the first day I was there, the man who's house we were staying at died. He flipped his tracter over and snapped his neck. I was there. The trip turned into a funeral, so we (my youth group) ended up mulching the family cemetary, preparing rooms for relatives, and digging the grave. I was in the grave, and I clipped all the roots off the side. Well, props to that guy for building a ramp.

We had play later, and got "the talk." Boring stuff...they told us to pay attention and be more enthusiastic.

I read Dan's journal, and I feel just about the same way he does. Romantic and depressed. Not so much depressed though...more tired.

Last night I went to Jen B's house, then on a limo ride to chili's and back. GOOD TIMES. We did like 800 sugar shots.

Well, gtg do homework and stuff. Peace

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Friday, February 13th, 2004
10:15 pm - Luck of the Draw
(I pasted this rant here after I wrote it in steve's journal...Deep thinking, this is.)


I've been thinking about luck alot today...I've decided that there's 3 kinds, but each is considered 'luck'.

1. Superstitious Luck: This is completly manipulated mentaly. It's all about perception, really. If a person spills salt or whatever, and considers that to be bad luck, they will subconsiously pick out every bad thing that happens that day and blame it on the salt. Spilling salt can't really hurt you, unless you spill it in your eye, or maybe an open wound. That would suck.

2. Chance/Luck: This applies to gambling. The word 'luck' is missused in gambling as it's all based on chance, not luck. Media and past influence has exagerated the 'luck' part of gambling. The word 'chance' is more adiquitly used here.

3. Blessings: I know you're not religious, but still. A person getting a raise for no apperent reason, surviving a horrible car wreck with little more than a scratch, passing a test that you didn't even study for... Those kinda things are blessings. Rarely can science or even human influence be applied here. A higher power, (God, though I know you're me out now ;P) can manipulate people's actions or reactions (to a sense) and can provide blessings.

Well anywho, that's my two cents. Lemme know what you all think.
Hearts and Horseshoes, ~Sav

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