Yet another quiz result (yes, I'm bored)   
01:06pm 24/07/2003
mood: amused
Your type is the Goofball

Laughter is the way to your heart. A guy with a great sense of humor isdefinitely the one for you! You want a Goofball, someone who can laugh athimself and make you laugh, too. There's no bigger turn-off than a guy whotakes himself too seriously. You know that if a guy is silly, he's generallyself-confident and secure. Your man is a people magnet and everyone'sfavorite friend. There's never a dull moment with your jokester nearby. Youcrave excitement and laughter, and your goofball enhances those things inyour life. You probably think life is too short to spend it without asmile. Your goofy guy will ensure that that doesn't happen — hislighthearted and silly ways make everything a little bit brighter.

Ahh--so true.
11:50pm 23/07/2003
mood: satisfied
music: All the small things
Hehe. Yeah so Samm left a few hours ago and I just realized that she forgot Mancala at my house!! Oh well lol....we had s0o0o0o0o0oo0 much fun omg! It was probably one of the best sleepovers in a long, longgggg time!! We didn't get into any arguments, we didn't get sick of eachother (for the most part lol), and it was just..great! Yippee! I got to watch GH after all! YES! Geez I was so afraid I would miss it and be completely lost on tomorrow's episode but..nope! Mmmkay well I'm bored and I don't really have anythign else to say so...I guess I'll go to bed, or maybe watch tv..hmm..anyways.. G'nite!

SAMM'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
02:07am 23/07/2003
mood: mischievous
music: Immune
Audrey and Samm here. Having tons-o-fun. =)

We went bungee-jumping and I'm now cured from my phobia of heights. After that we managed to go sky-diving and nearly killed ourselves but SURPRISE! We're here after all. We went shopping in the Carribean and bought each of us a Gucci denim jacket for $500 a piece. We made out with Johnny Knoxville and Chris Pontius. Johnny's mine and Samm got Chris. Tee hee. Afterwards we went to Jamaiica and went horseback riding along the shore. The lush Jamaiican shore. Ahhhh.

Then we traveled to a top secret location where we met up with Johnny Depp. OOOOO hottie!! He gave us free tickets to go to Paris and each had $1 million shopping-spree in the unique fashion boutiques. You can see how exhausting this must have been, traveling all over the world in merely a few hours. Although we are so tired, we're currently about to go run and jump off the diving board into a huge, luxurious, 12 ft deep, olympic size pool in my back yard. Did I mention there's a waterfall?

--The Rich and the Famous ((a.k.a. samm and audrey))

P.S. We are OBVIOUSLY just kidding. Don't hate. Appreciate.
05:12pm 21/07/2003
mood: blank
music: Hotel Paper
Today I painted my kitchen!! Woo-hoo!! lol I love to paint, I think it's a lot of fun. Not much happened today, I talked to Samm for like 2 hours on the phone though and that was pretty cool. Yeah I just felt like putting up an entry for today so I did. So umm Yeah. I'm gonna go now, I think I'm going to go read the rest of my Lord of the Rings book.

11:23pm 20/07/2003
mood: aggravated
music: some song lol
I just got back from the beach. I went there this weekend with my mom. The water was really cold but there was a nice breeze and I got a really great tan! =) Yippeeee. It was pretty fun, and really relaxing. I got a lot of time to read my book so that's cool. I'm really tired right now and I have a bit of a headache and I HATE headaches so I'm sortof in a crappy mood. But yeah. Whatever. It's been a while since I updated this thing. Hmm. I'm going to go to bed now I think. It's probably the earliest I've gone to bed all summer.

Weatherstone Outings   
11:29pm 15/07/2003
mood: exhausted
Me, Mark, Becca, Leah and Amanda all walked down to Pizza Hut today! We first went to Leah's house where her dog Nitny and cat Sweetie got into an interesting fight type-of-thing. At Amanda's, we locked out Mark and Leah and enjoyed watching them nearly pound the door down lmao! It was hilarious! Then these kids that had a swim meet came and started jumping on Amanda's trampoline, so we went and demanded that they stop because it is her property and not theirs. We didn't even let them stand on her grass. When they decided to go play on the swingset we followed them over and proclaimed to them that since they do not reside in Weatherstone they aren't allowed to be on the playground, but they didn't care. So, we went back to Amanda's house and made some signs saying things like "WEATHERSTONE PROPERTY NO TRESPASSING!! (stupid kids)" or "NO TRESPASSING!!!!!!! WEATHERSTONE PROPERTY!! Thanks, Weatherstone management". And the funny thing is, the lifeguard let us tape those up all over the play ground. Oh and we tied the swings together.

Quiz Result   
08:56pm 12/07/2003
mood: touched
music: Tuesday Morning--Michelle Branch
You are the Girl Next Door

Cute, fun, and sweet, you're Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, and Meg Ryan all rolled up into one — the perfect Girl Next Door. Naturally pretty, unpretentious, and generous, you demand your share of respect, but you aren't particularly high-maintenance. What's your ideal date? Probably a Blockbuster night — you don't mind skipping an evening on the town if it means getting some old-fashioned snuggling on the sofa. Careful yet spontaneous, you're a little bit of the Guy's Girl, a smidge of Sorority Sister (the nice kind), and just a hint of the Hippie Chick. But you've got an appeal that's all your own, which is why the guys can't stay away. People are attracted to your strong values and traditional ways. Your winning smile, bright eyes, and loving nature will make anyone want to hold on tight and never let go.
09:44pm 11/07/2003
mood: cheerful
music: Swing swing- All American Rejects
I just got back from the mall with Mark and Ian. We went into Spencers and ... sorta broke some stuff but hey it's all good. Mark didn't find his shirt at Hot Topic BUT we went and got a Dr. Pepper from the elevator coke machine! That really was awesome ((believe it or not)). I went over to the weatherstone pool and met up with Becca, Kyrie, Sam, Mark, and Ian. Suprisingly, I didn't get burned (YES! lol). We had some human-surf-board contests which was...interesting lol too bad the lil kids stole our tubes!!

Pool w/Becca   
05:55pm 10/07/2003
mood: enthralled
music: Feel good time
I just got back from the pool with Becca!! It was really fun except that all these little kids kept trying to talk to us and following us up and down the pool while we swam laps lol. There was almost nobody there except for this one lady so other than that we had the entire pool to ourselves, and that was pretty nice. Becca says I have a thrill of diving when the Harrison Grande people are there so I don't get caught (you're not supposed to dive at my pool 'cuz it's only 5 ft deep) Well I'm in a really good mood right now! I don't know why...actually I do but I'm not going to say it here. Last night I found this really cool shirt of mine in the back of my closet so I'm wearing it now lol alright well I dont have anything else to say. I'm going to go get a popsicle now.

11:46pm 09/07/2003
mood: bouncy
music: Where's the love
Well I just got back from the movies with Liz, Laura, Sam, Mark, Mike, Yaron, Becca, Cara, and Laura's 2 cousins!! We saw Pirates of the Carribean. At first I really didn't want to see the movie cuz it seemed stupid but it turned out to be really quite good. They picked good music to go with the action scenes and stuff. We went to Wendy's afterwards but the annoying/stupid/weird manager was there and he locked us out!! It was just when it started to rain, too. Good thing Becca's mom picked us up right then, we could have gotten prett soaked.

My mom just came in here and told me to stop jumping around to my CD b/c she could hear it from downstairs lol...isn't that sad? My house sucks, I want to move to like, Silverton or Weatherstone or somewhere else... oh well lol

12:56am 09/07/2003
mood: disappointed
music: It's you
I went to Cary High to get some classes changed today. It's a good thing I did because they said they already started to print out schedules and that if I didn't come really soon it would have been harder to change. So I guess that's good. But I did have to get up at 9. =\

Yeah tonight was pretty boring I guess. Nobody to really talk to. I guess everybody's out somewhere.

11:58pm 05/07/2003
mood: cheerful
music: Je pretend que tu fias bien
Today I went to the pool with Mark and Becca!! It was so great! I finally got the courage to dive off the diving board into the deep end. lol We rode our bikes up to Manhattan Bagel and we each got a bagel, but the lady there kept trying to kick us out. I got a lil' bit burned today on my back but it'll turn into a tan pretty soon...I hope. I just had a really great conversation so I'm definently ready to go get some sleep. Goodnight!

Happy 4th of July!!   
02:52pm 04/07/2003
mood: accomplished
music: I'm Glad
Happy 4th of July everyone!! Doesn't it suck that we can't set off fireworks in Cary? That's like the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. It takes out all the fun!! Oh well...Brett's plannin on doin it in his backyard...amongst the cornfields LMAO! I still love you Brett!! lol

I just came back from the pool. Swimming is such a relaxing sport! I think I swam for about an hour or something...but yeah it was fun. I got a nice tan on my legs!! yay! lol Anyways I don't have that much to say so I'm going to go text message sam to let her know that Liz can call me now and then I'm going to go watch GH!! So..yeah..

Legally Blonde 2 sucks!!   
01:16pm 03/07/2003
mood: predatory
Last night I went to the movies and we saw Legally Blonde 2! It really sucks!! It's like one of the worst movies made in a long, long time! Everything was pretty much identical to the first one. Me and rose were sittin there saying "omg, this is just like in the first one when she walked into harvard" and "omg, this is just like when she went to see Paulette" and "omg this is just like when she walked into the court room and won her case", etc. It was a really bad movie!! Don't see it!! lol

I just came back from WCMS 'cuz I had to get my report card and EOG's! I got straight A's cept for a B in algebra and I got high fours on both EOG's! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I went to Cary High to drop and add some classes but they weren't there at the moment so I'm just gonna go back Monday!! My mom has off today so she's been bugging me and she won't let me stay online very much cuz I'm hogging the phone line but...oh well..

My faves   
12:17pm 01/07/2003
mood: blah
music: the Hotel Paper CD

Movie: legally blonde
Song: Empty handed, Michelle Branch
Animal: Cat
Color: Blue
Month: May
Store: Aeropostale
Accessory: Earings
Lip gloss: either A) Celestial strawberry or
B) Boys are smelly lip jelly <-- that was a great bday present leah lol
Shoe: My new vans!
Book: On the bright side...;)
Flower: multi-colored Tulips!
CD: John Mayer
Car: Mazda Miata's (in silver lol)
College: Davidson
Sport: Volleyball
Poet: Emily Dickinson
Instrument: GUITAR!!!
Candy: Toblerone chocolate! yummy!!
Fast food restaurant: Taco Bell lol
Type of cat: black and white or orange striped
Type of dog: Cocker Spaniels! (especially the puppies!)
Game: Monopoly
Room in the house: mine..because of the windows...and I could live in my room because I have a computer, bed, couch, phone, radio, bathroom, I just need a small fridge or maybe a microwave and I'm good!
Scent: the smell of freshly cut grass =)
Sound: the waves crashing against the shore at the ocean
Vacation spot: Asheville..amongst the mountains...
Mall: Southpoint!!!
Theme Park: Disney world lol
Elementary school: Northwoods
MS: West CAry
HS: Cary!!!!!!!! =P
Country: Italy
City (out of the country): Rome or Florence
Season: Spring
Day: May 14!!
Childhood Memory: Riding my bike up the hill to go meeting my friends and hanging out all the time, or building my 'fort' in the living room and 'camping out' all summer long
Sibling: My bro =) its not like I had much choice there but oh well lol
Actress: Reese Witherspoon
Actor: Ashton Kutcher <-- ;)
hehehehehehehehehehe ;)

1 month gone!   
11:09pm 30/06/2003
mood: relieved
Can you believe today is the last day of June? That's one month of summer vacation already gone!! Gosh it seems like just a week ago we were sittin' through that oh-so-boring speech at graduation! I am so happy school doesnt start for another month and a half! I'd go crazy if I had to deal with math right now, or homework, or the teachers, or the stupid petty fights some stupid ppl throw...but ANYWAYS!

It's pretty nice being in vacation now because I've pretty much gotten into my lil routine and I stick with it most of the time! Lately I've been getting up really early, like...9ish! I wake up instinctively, its not like I set my alarm clock or anything. Omg I hate the sound of my alarm clock! I remember how it felt to be so incredibly exhausted and having to hear BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEP while I'm screaming "SHUT UP!" in my mind because I'm too tired to open my mouth and speak. Bad, bad memories of waking up during the school year!!

11:48pm 28/06/2003
mood: artistic
music: Find your way back, Michelle Branch
I don't know why but everything is annoying me right now. I'm really moody. I just wrote about 3 songs but my last one wasn't too great..oh well. I am frustrated with people and I wish I had somebody that understood my problem but I really don't. Same old, same old.

Nothing really happened to day, I just listend to my new CD and read. Fun stuff!

I'm going to try to change the format of my journal so if I figure out how to do that I hope you like it!!

This was a good day!!   
11:42pm 27/06/2003
mood: impressed
music: a good song but idk what its called
Today kyrie came over and we went to the pool and made an attempt at playing volleyball but it was just too hot!! We looked at old yearbook pictures and made fun of everybody, including ourselves! =P lol it was a lot of fun though! My mom and I rented Just Married and watched it with a big bowl of popcorn! That was a really good movie!! Plus, it doesn't hurt that a wayyyyyyyy hot guy like Ashton Kutcher is in it ;) hehe...

Tomorrow one of my old best friends is coming to visit! I haven't seen her in about 5 months!! I'm really excited. This does ruin my plans to go to the mall with my mum and buy a bunch of stuff but oh well....its worth it! We're probably going to go to the pool...I need to get some more tan! lol I woke up at 7 today for no reason...I got used to getting up early this week! It bites because I wake up early and I go to bed really early, sometimes even before midnight!! Well now that I'm talking about sleeping and stuff I realize I'm actually quite tired, so I'm gonna go to bed..

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11:43pm 26/06/2003
mood: creative
I just learned a few minutes ago that Clark is actually a vampire. Never would have seen THAT coming. ;) lol. "I'll give you the choice I...never had."

11:41pm 26/06/2003
mood: content
music: radio
I spent 2 hours on the phone with Kyrie tonight, it's really weird because I never talk to her on the phone and that was a really entertaining conversation! I like talking on the phone a lot more than talking online! It's amazing how fast time goes by when you're in a great conversation on the phone versus online. Isn't that kinda weird?

Tomorrow Kyrie's comin over and we're gonna hang out and go to the pool and stuff! Fun fun! lol I have to wake up early so I can clean my room because it's one huge mess!! Oh well. =/ I don't know what else to say so I'm gonna go to bed early tonight! G'nite!!