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    Thursday, March 6th, 2003
    7:53 am
    Couple days...
    Haven't done much really. Yesterday i chilled with Mandi, some guy who wants to rent a room out in her place came by and she didn't want to be alone with him.... like this guy has no proof of life from 2002?? everything he brought to her, bank statements, w2 forms, employment history, ect.. is all from 2001??. Then i go over his app for the lease, it says he has a 2003 lexus and a 2002 benz, if a person has these 2 kind of cars why would he need to rent a room? why not get his own place ? then he has an Ohio DL"s but all of the paper work is from Michigan... So she like calls his mom, who lives in Ohio, it goes like this...
    Mandi: Is Mike there?
    Mom: No he's not, who's calling?
    Mandi: umm, this is Jessica
    Mom: Jessica...
    Mandi: Yes Jessica from NY, Mike gave me this number...
    Mom: Well Mike lives in Michigan

    Now wouldn't your own mother know where you live?? strange, He also says he's 21, but Mandi swears he looks older, i have no comment about it.lol. So we go to the gym for a while, she works her ass out and i just piddle paddle around, i can't do any weight lifting or any hard work outs right now, well not till i go to the doctor, i stayed on the treadmill. I left Mandi's and stopped by Kristen's, She took Leny< her dog> out to go poop, this is crazy, instead of using a "pooper scooper" she sticks a bag underneath his ass, i feel for the dog. A few guys passed by us as we stood outside and was all talkin to Leny, so i was like Leny get him, get him, hehe a new way to pick men up. lol. So anyways Kris had to take Dri & Nic to the airport that morning, Dri dreaded going, she wants to move back her so bad.. But i think Mandi finally talked her into it, well see what happens, so Kris had voice lessons so i left and went by Justin's, lol. They now have a card clearer, but you can still type in your code.
    Dri BTW i seen an escalade.

    P.S i think my fantasy of dating a firefighter are going to come true, haha.

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    Tuesday, March 4th, 2003
    8:07 am
    Now i know why the best things are free....
    The shower turned out great, Dana racked up, lol. It felt great us being all together, it's been to long. Kris was upset that a few of her friends didn't show, but hey they weren't "OUR" friends so i say it was for the best and now she knows who her true friends are. I didn't want no damn spinich lasgana anyways, hehe !! And who in the hell puts cottage cheese in lasgana, it's ricota cheese?? I bet Joey's grandma would slap that girl. I haven't done much, today im actually feeling okay, no nausa. I've been studying out my ass, i have yet another state exam in a couple weeks, im getting to hate these, they last pratically all day long. Im thinking of getting a new car, wooohooo, but im not sure if i want a car payment ? grrrrrrr choices choices choices.. Im suppose to go work-out with amanda this week. Well see what happens.

    P.S. It would be cool to date a firefighter.

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    Saturday, March 1st, 2003
    12:49 pm
    Well last night didn't go well as planned, Kris was suppose to have her house clean by the time i got there (8pm), negative. I got over there, Nic & Dri where there.*muahs* Nic was cleaning the kitchen and so Dri and i started on the living room, then i started decorating, i say we got done about 2 am. lol. I went home and passed out till about 11 am. woke up feeling nausa. Dana should be getting here any minute, i dunno what we are gonna do, just BS around till 7 pm for when the party starts, Dri & Nic went to the Tony Lucca concert with Kris and some of her friends this morning. hopefully the will be back before 6 pm. If your wondering who the hell is Tony Lucca, he played on the MMC, lol. I hope the party turns out great, i'll let ya know tomorrow.

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    Friday, February 28th, 2003
    8:04 am
    A new day....
    This is my first entry for this journal. Hopefully i can keep up with it, but id thought i would do another one because this year i will be going through some incredible changes, im scared yet excited. But im sure everything will work out just fine. What do i have planned today. well im going to pick up Serena, thats my godchild, shes 9 months, i love her to bit's. Around noon im going to meet Renee for lunch, then i have to go pick up the food and a few other things for Dana's babyshower tomorrow. Dri & Nic flew in yesterday, I wish they would just stay here. Tonight i have to go to Kris's to help decorate for the shower. Shaun is still being mean to me, i dunno why. I haven't done anything to him. Well im going, Sue is about to call me for a morning chit chat.

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