and so we return to dark...   
07:57pm 06/03/2004
mood: depressed
music: *Sadness* -My Misery
i'm depressed. i hate life right now, and... it's stupid. idk... everything's been going wrong and if it hasn't, i'm just not satisfied with it. Idk, maybe this is my punishment for when things DID go well and i was too sad to see it... hm
So... there are lots of things that are bothering me, including things i can't pin-point. the biggest thing would have to be the fact that i hate myself. i don't like who i am, and that's a horrible thing to say, but it's true. i'm never good enough for anyone, myself included, and... i hate it. i'm too fat, too stupid, too loud, too bossy, too... whatever! i just hate who i am and it's horrible. I'm jealous of, like, everyone around me, and that's not the way to live, but i can't help it. i don't WANT to be jealous, but... idk. not all of it's jealousy either, but... everyone's just been getting on my nerves. the littlest things just make me want to pull my hair out, and... idk
i might be suspended from seeing my boy for a month, and since he gets out in, like, 4 that's stupid! he's supposed to call tonight (he has yet to do so) so... let's hope he has good news on that. Then... let's see... we're going to Great Wolf Lodge, my family, (Paige included) and me and... idk. it seems like a great thing, right? Well i'm really hoping it will be fun, but guess what... I GET MY PERIOD THE SAME DAY! what kind of shit is that?! at least i KNOW, but... i hate that. then... what else has gone wrong... my phone today. if i want the phone i want to get from verizon, i have to pay, like, $350 or some shit like that and there's no way in hell i'm doing that. my parents said that i could just get my own plan, that way i could build my credit and stuff and get the phone i wanted, but... then i would have to get a new number and i would be screwing them too, cuz they have a contract on my phone, so they'd either have to break it and pay, or just pay until it runs out in 2005. so that makes me upset. (if anyone feels like making me happy, they could buy me a LG VX6000 and surprise me with it, i would be guaranteed to love you forever, or at least a year. LoL) but yeah... so idk what to do about that. i don't WANT a new number and i don't want to have to pay it myself, cuz i like just paying my mom for my bills and stuff, but... idk. we'll see. i'm gonna think about it i guess... not that i'd have to tell a lot of people about the change since only, like 2 people call me! whatever...
I went to the movies the other night with some work people. it started bad, which i don't wanna talk about, but Craig made things better. he's such a sweetheart and i love him so much. he left me... he's in Florida for the weekend, but should be back tomorrow. he said he'd call me, but then again he is a boy, so who knows. oh, but he made my night... i love being cuddly with guys... it doesn't hurt that he's good looking (at least i think so) too! :) good times...
but yeah... i hope Marvin calls... i think i told him 8:30, so... we'll see. if not, it'll be the perfect end to a perfect week. whoopie. i think i'm going to lay down... someone, please kill me in my sleep...
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*let's be... fuck friends... you and i... la la la*   
11:00pm 29/01/2004
mood: blank
music: *Fuck Friends* - I DON'T KNOW!! it's in my head...
Wow, it's been a LONG time...i know i always say that, but... idk. i've been busy lately, mostly with work, so i haven't gotten the chance to update as much as i would like to... perhaps that's why i'm not as happy as i could be... idk
Boys piss me off... me and Kelly... not on such good terms right now. he came online and didn't say a word to me. granted, i normally have to say hi, but i'm sick of it. i'm sick of always putting forth the effort to do nice things for him when in return, i just get shit on. i mean, wtf? what's the point of a friendship if you're carrying all the weight? i might as well be my own friend, talk to myself and if i REALLY want it to be like my friendship with kelly, i will criticize every thought that comes into my mind and will question the meaning of life, therefore going on to why i have no reason to live... that being the "friend" side of me... great friend, huh? one who doesn't care to live, even when you care for them... that's nice, really nice... fucker... get with your bi-sexual dream girl and be the selfish bastard you always have been, but i've been to blind to see it... i don't care anymore, there's no point.
Paige is great... she's leaving me though. She leaves on Saturday to go to Mexico... i'm jealous, it's my dream to go to Mexico, but... if the air prices go back down, then we might take a mini vacation after graduation... we'll see. I spent the whole day with her today, well, most of the day in which i was awake... that was fun. she took me shopping with her, we went to southridge and then she introduced me to the wonderful world of thrift shopping! I bought these cute shoes and pants, for $4 each and then the old *NSync CD as well as 98 Degrees and Rising CD for $2 a piece! sweet shit! So yeah, pretty excited about that...
My great grandma died... it has yet to really hit me, but i think when i go to the funeral on Monday it will. today i went to work and they pointed at me and stuff and i'm like, "what?" and they're like, "i thought you weren't coming in today" and i just kinda looked at them crazy and then they were asking if i was ok and stuff, and i didn't get it, but then i realized that they know about everything, cuz my mom has been on "bereavement" for the past 2 days dealing with this... she thinks it's going to kill my grandpa and that really scares me. in our family, people normally die in clumps of three and... idk. Gary (not my father, my mom's cousin or something) died a few months back, and i thought nothing of it, but... idk. my grandpa's taking this really hard and his health has been deteriorating lately, so... i'm really worried about him. i love my grandpa...... *tails off*
Becky's great... she really is... i love her so much. we hung out on... wednesday and i just love her to death. we're going to have a movie night on saturday, if things go as planned, and i am so excited. we watched cinderella and she'd never seen it before, so it was great... she's wonderful. i'm so happy she's my wifey.
Ok, well my show is on, so i'm gonna go, cuz then i can go to bed, just wanted to do a little update... have a nice night all... rock on...
PS: 1 year and 3 months for me and my boy yesterday... yay! :)
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11:05pm 03/01/2004
mood: lethargic
music: *Another Postcard* -Barenaked Ladies
Why hello there! once again, it's been awhile. Happy 2004!! woo hoo, i graduate this year... kinda scary. i never thought i'd live to see the day, but... it's gonna happen, and in a few months... kinda scary! LoL
Anywho, i LOVE my job. Today, i had so much fun. Maria (the other phone center chick) and i were trying to have Mancino's fax us a menu and we had to call, like, 3 times! LoL then we were gathered around the fax machine and that was fun... LoL. then when Amie came in, me and her bonded (i told her all about AJ and Marvin and my whole life story and she told me hers... good times) and then had some jokes with the guys (since she has her fan club, you know) LoL, i love Jason, the special services guy, he's SO sweet and hysterical! LoL... then i saw Tim (yeah, you, tim lammers!) walking down the main aisle, but i didn't say hi, cuz i was in the phone center and by the time i realized it was him, he was already gone down the ways, so... yeah. it was fun though, then mike in garden and jesse in plumbing were messing with me and chad was making fun of me and stuff, so... it was fun. i LOVE my job. it's boring sometimes, but... hey. LoL this week's gonna be bad, cuz i'm going to be alone from 4-9 almost everyday, and that gets really lonely. i don't work on Thursday, but we get paid and Amie works, so i'm gonna go up there and visit her and chat when i get my check... that's gonna be fat and i'm super excited.
Let's see... what else is going on with me? nothing much. i have no life, i work, i sleep and i feel like shit. LoL, i've been sick lately, so that's not fun. gotta cold so... what cha gonna do?! right? right. i wrote danielle (carpenter) this LONG ASS email today... it was great though. LoL she's awesome, and... idk. it doesn't even bother me that she's marvin's ex. Like, i was telling her about the summerfest whore, and how it makes me want to puke knowing that marvin had sex with that tramp, but when i think of marvin having sex with Danielle, i think it's sweet... which is really odd, cuz that's my boyfriend and she's not me, but... i know he really cared about her when they were together and... idk. i think she's super cool, so it's different, it'd not just some whore he met that day... ya know?
LoL, OMG, if you wanna have a good laugh, dl the song "Another Postcard" by the Barenaked Ladies, LoL, i LOVE BNL! LoL they're SO funny and that song is just RIDICULOUS! LoL but it's great! LoL
Well, i'm pretty sleepy, so i should get going... have a good day/night peoples and i will write again soon... maybe tomorrow! LoL... ok, rock on and enjoy another survey... i love these things!

1. Name: Danielle Nicole
2. Nicknames Daniela, Henry, Enrique... LoL
3. Nationality: Irish, German, and 'bout to have a little Italian in me! ;) LoL
4. Feet size: depends on the shoe... 9-10
5. Do you have a crush: if my boyfriend counts, then yes
6. Age you act sometimes: not really...
7. Where Do You Live: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
8. Where you want to live: umm... in Wisconsin: somewhere in the country, otherwise Alaska is REALLY nice...
9. Birthplace: Waukesha, Wisconsin
10. Favorite Salad Dressing: Ranch
11. Ever gone skinny dipping?: Nope
12. What are you watching?: the computer monitor...
13. Last person you talked to verbally: my madre
14. Favorite movie: Dirty Dancing or Save the Last Dance... though i can watch "Three to Tango" a bazillon times and not get sick of it, so maybe THAT'S my favorite... ?
15. Favorite Book: hmm... idk, i like Judy Blume or any kinda Porn... LoL
16. Favorite Type of music: pop/country/hip-hop, it's all good
17. Favorite types of cars: Jeeps, Neons
18. Favorite Actor/Actress: Reese Witherspoon, Julia Stiles, Julia Roberts, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Bruce Willis... idk, lots!
19. Favorite Saying: "GOOD TIMES!"
20. Favorite Fast Food: really feeling "Mancino's"
21. Favorite Ice Cream: peppermint stick
22. Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Strawberry Daquiri
23. When Do You Go To Sleep: late at night, unless i'm watching Pulp Fiction (haha, I'M SORRY PAIGE!)
24. Most Embarrassing Moment: haha, plenty of those
25. Craziest Person you know: umm... any of my friends!
26. Favorite holiday: Birthday
27. Favorite Food: Bagels or Red Candy (ie: Cherry/Strawberry suckers)
28. Favorite Song: right now: Slow Jam - Twista
29. Favorite Television Show(s): Friends, King of Queens
30. Favorite Radio Station: 103.7 KISS FM! :)
31. Favorite junk food: hmm... chips... yeah
32. Favorite color hair: depends, but i like mine...
33. Favorite color: purple baby!
34. Favorite Sneakers: Nike
35. Favorite video game: MARIO! do you have to ask?
36. Favorite animal: pigs! *íCERDOS POR VIDA!*
37. Favorite fragrance: Love Spell- Victorias Secret

Section 2: THE FUTURE:
1. School: UW-WHITEWATER! That's right, i'm a Warhawk baby!
2. Where You Want To Live: idk, where the wind takes me
3. How Many Kids You Want: depends on the boy...
4. What Kind Of Job You Want: Teacher or Translator
5. Wedding dress color: white
6. Bridesmaids dresses: deep red, or dark purple :)
7. Age to wed: 20's
8. Wedding: in a church? LoL idk
9. Honeymoon: LoL if i marry Marvin, it'll probably have to be in Milwaukee, haha, but my DREAM is Mexico
10. Favorite baby girl's name(s): Gabriella, Bianca, Bethany
11. Favorite baby boy's name(s): Marvin III, Matteo, Zachary
12: Future Pets: eh... we'll see... dog probably

Section 3: HAVE YOU EVER:
1. Been In Jail: to visit, yes
2. Done Drugs: nope nope, ANGEL!
3. Run Away From Home: gotten kicked out, never really RAN
4. Said I love you and meant it: all the time
5. Lied: yeah... point?
6. Stolen Anything: haha, yeah
7. Broken A Bone: not that i know of
8. Cheated On A Test: 2nd grade... Jamie Dalugi... spelling... LoL *that's a yes*
9. Cheated On A Boyfriend: kinda... hard to explain, but not really. LoL make sense? good
10. Gotten Drunk: never in my life, THANK YOU!
11. Been In The Hospital: yeah... plenty
12. Screamed at someone for no reason: haha, that's part of who i am!
13. Fell asleep in the shower/bath: no... wow, that's scary and DANGEROUS!
14. Gone to Church: yep
15. Never slept during a night: yeah
16. Been on a hike: Devil's Lake baby, you bet!
17. Been to a camp: yes...
18. Sat in a restaurant without ordering: umm... yes, Paige always orders for me! :)
19. Seen someone die: on TV...
20. Gone a week without shaving: haha, probably... yea, gross
21. Didn't wash your hair for a week: don't think so...
22. Broken something valuable: i'm sure
23. Knew you were in love: am right now, so that'd be a yes
24. Streaked the streets: haha, no... i don't live on elm street, don't wanna give these people nightmares!

1. Coke Or Pepsi: pepsi
2. Cats Or Dogs: dogs
3. Dvds or VHS: dvds
4. Deaf Or Blind: umm, tough one
5. Pools Or Hot Tubs: hot tubs (though never will you see me in a swimsuit!)
6. TV Or Radio: depends
7. Cds Or mp3's: cds
8. Apples or oranges: what kind of apple are we talkin here?
9. Gap or Old Navy: Old Navy

1. Took A Shower: haha, idk, yesterday? LoL
2. Cried: ALMOST TODAY! LoL, but that'd be... Thursday, when i saw mervin
3. Watched a Disney movie: like, an hour ago *my little people had Finding Nemo on*
4. Given/gotten a hug: today, i love hugs! :)
5. Been to the movies: wow... like a millon years ago... seriously, i think it was... to see Dickie Roberts with Pepina... wow
6. Kissed someone: today

Section 6: WHAT IS:
1. Your Fondest memory Of This year: 2004? umm... seeing Marvin? LoL, 2003: good question
2. Your Most Prized Possession: marvin's heart, physical possesion: marvin the martian doll
3. The Thing That Makes You The Happiest: Marvin, Paige
4. Your Favorite Slow Song: Slow Jam - Twista

1. Bill Clinton: it's sad that people have no life, so they have to attack him
2. Love at First Sight: i think Marvin made me believe in it
3. Teenage smoking: eh... your life i suppose
4. Pot: pans! LoL... naw, personal decision, i wouldn't make it, but if you want to, go for it
5. Eating disorders: stupid, cuz half those people weigh, like 5lbs already
6. Rap: good times
7. Marilyn Manson: freak... and not a good kind
8. Premarital sex: if you honestly love them, then go for it
9. Suicide: "a permanent solution to a temporary problem"
10. Drinking: i love juice! LoL... naw, just be careful
11. Life: it's a bitch, then ya die.... live it up
12. Death: scary, black/darkness
13. God: who are in heaven... hallowed be thy name...

1. What are your favorite forms of jewelry/accessories: my "promise" ring, my class ring and my silver chain
2. Have you ever liked someone too young for you? ha, probably
3. Do you think you have multiple personalities?: no, i'm just bipolar... LoL
4. Ever walked in on someone changing or showering? yeah... :P
5. What is the first thing you say on the phone? : Hello, Talk to Dickie, Happy Hannukah
6. What are you wearing? PJ pants and a tank
7. What did you do yesterday? hmm... worked, ran errands with paige and went to denny's

Section 9: RANDOM
01. Who is your role model: my mom
02. What are some of your pet peeves: lying and a long list behind it, LoL
03. Have you ever liked someone you didnt have a chance with: he, the story of my life
04. Have you ever cried over the opposite sex: many times
05. Do you have a "type" of person you always go after: used to... Marvin changed that... even my mom said so
06. Have you ever lied to your best friend(s): sadly, yes... :(
07. Ever wanted to get revenge on someone because they hurt you: yeah, but i never do... i'm all talk
08. Would you rather be the dumper or the dumped?: depends
09. Rather have a relationship or a "hookup": relationship
10. Want someone you don't have right now: NOPE! :)
11. Ever liked your best guy/girl friend: yep
12. Do you want to get married: yes
13. Do you want kids: unhuh
14. Do you believe in psychics: not really
15. Do you believe you know the person whom you will marry at this point in time: i'd like to think so, but who knows?
16. What is your favorite part of your physical appearance: eyes
17. What is your favorite part of your emotional being: i'm very caring *when i want to be*
18. Are you happy with you: not really... depends when you ask... LoL
19. Are you happy with your life: sometimes
20. If you could change something in your life right now, what would it be: umm... good question. ya know, i'm unhappy with my life, but i don't know what i would do to change it... interesting
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11:33pm 28/12/2003
mood: relaxed
yeah, i love surveys, if you don't, don't read it! no one's forcing you to do so!

-----> Begin!
What time is it?: 11:01
What is the date?: 12.28.03
Why are you filling this out?: found it on a blurty, I love these things!
-----> It's All Me!
Name: Danielle
Do you like it?: yeah, but… it’s kinda confusing with all the other ones sometimes…
Nicknames: Daniela or Henry… pretty much it
If you could change your first name, what would it be?: I wouldn’t, then I wouldn’t be me!
Age: 18
DOB: 10.28.85
Height: 5'4.5”
Hair color: blonde
Eye color: hazel
Where do you live?: Milwaukee
Do you like it there?: sure
Why/Why not: cuz it’s my home
Where were you born?: Waukesha
Astrological sign: scorpio
Shoe Size: eh, 9-10… depends

-----> My Faves!
Number: 28
Color: PURPLE!
Car: Jeep… any kind
Season: winter… I think
Holiday: my b-day
Month: October
Day of the week: Sunday
Grade so far: 7th
Sport: play: volleyball; watch: hockey
Class: Language (Spanish OR English)
Teacher so far: Mrs. Whyte (Grade 3), Mrs. Loosen (AP Lit), Hegelmeyer (AP Spanish)
Drink: strawberry daiquiri
Candy: STARBURSTS! * buy me some… I’ll give you a hug! *
Food: ummm… bagels maybe?
Fruit: strawberries!
Veggie: peas
Dessert: hrm… cheesecake (DENNY’S!)
TV show: King of Queens, Friends… idk
Radio station: 103.7
CD: idk, one of my mixes
Movie: lots, but I love Dirty Dancing, Dickie Roberts, and Save the Last Dance
Song: umm… Avant: Making Good Love
Flower: red rose
Clothing store: Kohl’s I suppose
Ice cream: peppermint stick or strawberry cheesecake

-----> This or That?
Me/You: Depends on who “You” are… ? LoL
CD/Cassette: CD
Radio/CD: CD
Jeans/Khakis: jeans
Car/Truck: car
Corvette/Camero: Vette
Strong/Weak: strong
Upset/Pissed: upset
Tall/Short: depends…
Lunch/Dinner: lunch
Gap/Old Navy: Old Navy, even though the BASTARDS didn’t call me back…
Nsync/BSB: oohhh god netiher!
Britney/Christina: Britney (I LOVE BRITNEY! haha Sarah San…)
Love/Lust: love
Gone In 60 Seconds/The Fast and the Furious: the fast and the furious
Inside/Outside: inside
Lipstick/Lip gloss: lip gloss
Silver/Gold: silver, all the way
Piercings/Tattoos: depends, but probably tats
Football/Basketball: football
Thunder/Lightning: both, I love nature stuff like that
This/That: um… ur mom! :)

-----> Buddies!
Who is your best girl friend?: Paige and Sarah San
Do you get along with people easily?: not really…
Why/Why not: LoL I’m a bitch, people have a problem with that
Who have you known the longest?: um… Paige I suppose
Who do you dislike the most?: Brandon Lopez, hands down
Was your crush/bf a close friend before you liked them?: umm… kinda
Craziest: all of us… you have to be crazy to be my friend!
Loudest : Paige… yeah, probably Paige
Funniest: they all are! hahaha
Quietest: hrm… quiet? what’s that?! haha, probably Kelly…
Sweetest: all
Most understanding: my bestests
Best dressed: Jorge! :) LoL
Biggest flirt: Shannon or Paige
Most likely to have a 2 year relationship: Paige, if she ever gets one ;) just kidding!! you know I love you! umm… honestly, idk
Cutest couple: me and Mervin, of course! LoL
Most athletic: Paige
If you were stuck with only 2 friends, who would you pick and why?: sorry, but it’d have to be Paige and
Most likely to be a stripper: Paige! haha
Doctor: Pepina
Teacher: umm… Paige and/or Me
Stay at home Mom: Sarah San, with a million Mexican babies!
One you'd travel across the world for: any of them… if you need me, I’m there!
If you could take 5 friends to paradise with you to live, who would you take? 5… Marvin, Paige, Sarah San, Jorge, and… “Sabetodo” (<-- just for Paige)
Smartest: Paige
Who would do anything for a thousand dollars?: OBVIOUSLY NOT SARAH!! (well, that was only 100… LoL)
Who has the nicest parents?: good question… idk, I wouldn’t want to have any of my friends parents… no offense!
Who is like your adopted sister/brother?: Paige
Who is the most like you?: Paige or Sarah San

------> Love Section!
Do you have a bf/gf?: yep yep :)
If not, do you have a crush?: * omit *
If so, who?: Mervin! LoL
How long have you liked your bf/crush?: umm… almost 2 years
What about them do you like so much?: I really don’t know… he just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside…
How long have you known them?: almost 2 years… LoL
What was your longest relationship?: well, 14 months! LoL
Who was your first love (if you've had one)?: Mervin… <3
Do you miss them (if your not still together)?: we’re still together, but yes, I miss him a lot
Who is one person you've liked but >NEVER< said a thing?: umm… ONE? LoL PERSONALLY, I never said anything to BJ, ah… there was Noah (Don’t remind me!), Brenton… the list goes on… I was a loser!

-----> Back In The Days!
If you could take back one thing you did, what would it be and why?: I wouldn’t, cuz though I have regrets, things happen for a reason, and I wouldn’t be who I am today if I didn’t have them
Do you have any regrets?: like I said, yah
Last thing you said: umm… “love ya” to my mom
Last song you heard: ah… Britney “In the Zone (Remix)”
Last person you talked to: mom
If you could get back together with an ex, who would it be and why?: haha, what ex?

----> Now A Days!
What are you doing right now?: talking to Jorge and filling this out
What CD is in your CD player?: there are 3… not sure which… ahh… Classical Relaxation… 5ive… and… something else! ah.. my x-mas mix from Tim
Are you cold?: no, kinda warm actually
How are you sitting?: Indian style
Is there music on?: nope, just the TV
What time is it?: 11:25, why, am I done?!? :(
Where are your parents?: in bed

------> Soon!
How old will you be when you graduate high school?: 18, woo woo, 169 more days!
Are you going to get married? I hope so…
Although you cant tell who you'll marry, is there anyone you'd wish it would be?: Mervin… <3
Are you going to have children?: most likely
If yes, how many?: depends
What will you name them?: idk, Marvin George III, Isabella Marie… idk! LoL
Do you want to go to college?: yep, UW-WHITEWATER as of Fall 2004, GO WARHAWKS!
Which college: think I just said that… LoL
What kind of car will you want to drive: in my dreams, G-pa Muppy’s Jeep… :)
What kind of job will you have : idk… Translator or Spanish Teacher
What's your expectations for when your 25?: eh, haven’t thought that far really, just hope to be happy :)

---> Have I Ever?
Drank: umm…
Smoked: what do u think?…
Skinny Dipped: haha, hell no
Prank called the police: umm… I think I might have… I know my cousin did for sure back in the day though
Been followed, etc. by the police: haha, yep, with their sirens on!
Been high: nope nope, ANGEL
Done drugs: good girl, HELLO!?!
Been in a fist fight: not that I’m aware of
Punched your sibling/parent: my brother all the time
Wished you'd die: umm… sometimes kinda, but not for real
Tried to commit suicide: no, selfish act
Broken a bone: ahh… don’t think so
Driven illegally: nope
Thrown things at your parents: haha, what the hell?
Runaway: gotten kicked out… never ranaway… wait, I may have, one day I ran to Paige’s house, cuz I was sad… :(
Filled out a survey this long: probably!

-----> Mixed Questions!
Do you write in cursive or print?: combination… LoL
Do you believe in God?: yeah
What do you think of rainbows?: I think of Amanda… haha
Do you have any piercings/tattoos?: both
If so, where?: piercings in my ear, tatt on my back

----> Done!
What time is it?: 11.32
What is the date?: 12.28.03
Why did you just do this?: boredom
10:25pm 24/12/2003
mood: annoyed
music: *White Christmas* - ...?
x. If I were a month I would be:::October
x. If I were a day of the week I would be:: Sunday
x. If I were a time of day I would be::: nighttime
x. If I were a planet I would be::: Pluto
x. If I were a animal I would be::: PIG! :)
x. If I were a direction I would be::: North
x. If I were a piece of furniture I would be::: futon
x. If I were a sin I would be::: uMmM... the person i stole this from's answer was good, so i'll agree: lust
x. If I were a historical figure I would be::: Walt Disney (does that count?)

x. If I were a liquid I would be::: Dr. Pepper
x. If I were a tree I would be::: good question...
x. If I were a flower/plant I would be::: rose :)
x If I were a movie id be::: Dirty Dancing
x. If I were a kind of weather I would be::: snow
x. If I were a musical instrument I would be::: piano

x. If I were a color I would be::: purple
x. If I were a vegetable I would be::: a pea... haha, "HARPREET DON'T FORGET YOUR PEAAAAAS!"
x. If I were a sound I would be::: marvin's voice :)
x. If I were an element (not scientific) I would be::: fire
x. If I were a car/truck I would be::: JEEP!
x. If I were a song I would be::: Feliz Navidad :-D

x. If I were a food I would be::: bagel
x. If I were a place I would be::: mexico
x. If I were a material I would be::: cotton
x. If I were a taste I would be::: sweet :)

x. If I were a scent I would be::: endless love :)
x. If I were a word I would be::: love
x. If I were an object I would be::: pillow
x. If I were a body part I would be::: heart

x. If I were a facial expression I would be::: i wanna say tear... is that ok?
x. If I were a cartoon character I would be::: K-9 so i could always be by Marvin's side
x. If I were a shape I would be a::: heart
x. If I were a number I would be::: 28
x. If I could, I would::: have Marvin here with me...


NAME: Danielle N. Henry
AGE: 18, woo woo
BIRTH DATE: 10/28/85
LOCATION: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
BIRTHPLACE: Waukesha Memorial Hospital
NICKNAME: Daniela, Henry
HAIR COLOR: blonde
EYE COLOR: hazel, or as Marvin says, like a tree! LoL (brown around the pupil and green around that)
WHAT IS ON YOUR KEY CHAIN?: nothing's on my key chain, but on my key RING, there's a MSL HAWKS lanyard, and my "wallet" and keys :)
HOBBIES: chillin with friends, visitin' my boy, watching movies, same ol'
JOB: Student and Home Depot Associate
CAR: '96 Dodge Neon
DATE: December 24th, 2003
FAVORITE SONG: i have lots...
FAVORITE MOVIE: Dirty Dancing or Save the Last Dance
FAVORITE ACTOR: hrm... idk... i like a lot
FAVORITE SINGER: ...nelly... sure, or no! I LOVE BRITNEY! LoL (sarah san)
FAVORITE BAND: umm... still gotta be the Backstreet Boys... they hold a place in my heart
FAVORITE COMMERCIAL: idk, but i really like those Identity Theft ones from BankOne
FAVORITE SCHOOL: ... Walker Elementary
FAVORITE QUOTE: "People are sheep." -Reese Witherspoon (Cruel Intentions)
FAVORITE SUBJECT: Spanish or English
FAVORITE PLACE TO BE: Marvin's arms or my bed :)
FAVORITE FRUIT: strawberries...
FAVORITE VEGGIE: ... pickles! (are those veggies? i'm told they are!)
FAVORITE SAUCE: Honey Mustard :)
FAVORITE GAS STATION: Speedway or whatever that other one is on Burleigh
FAVORITE SEASON: winter... best for cuddling!
DO YOU CUSS?: yes... more than i should
WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS AFTER SCHOOL?: WHITEWATER!!! (i need to get accepted first! :-$)
HOW MANY ARE ONLINE RIGHT NOW?:not on my messanger
HOW DO YOU KNOW THEM?:again... duh!
WHAT DID YOU DO TODAY?: slept... exchanged gifts with Paige... baby-sat my lil' people... talked to Mervin...
WHAT ARE YOU DOING TOMORROW?: going to Ter-Bear's and visiting the boy
WHAT DID YOU DO LAST WEEKEND?: visited Marvin, slept
WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO WHEN YOU FINISH THE SURVEY?: keep trying to find my song!
YOUR CLOSEST FRIENDS: Paige, Marvin, Sarah San, Jorge
BEST-LOOKING FRIEND: Marvin or Becky, cuz she IS my wife you know!
FRIEND WHO'S THE BIGGEST FLIRT: Paige, well, with CERTAIN people... *cousabetodogh*
THE LAST SONG YOU HEARD: WHITE CHRISTMAS! trying to find the GOOD version that Paige has...
THE LAST CD YOU LISTENED TO: uMm... Britney or Nelly... not sure...
THE LAST TV SHOW YOU WATCHED: the news i guess, it's on, but... REALLY watched, George Lopez
THE LAST THING YOU SAID: i can't even remember!
THE LAST PERSON YOU CALLED: ... Paige, like 2 mins ago!
THE LAST PERSON YOU HUGGED: umm... mom or Jenna
THE LAST PERSON TO RIDE IN YOUR CAR: ... probably Paige... yes, Paige
THE LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED: the beginning of Bruce Almighty, before that, Frida
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been awhile...   
08:34pm 24/12/2003
mood: cheerful
music: *Feliz Navidad* - Jose Feliciano
been sometime... eh? LoL... yes, i'm a slacker and proud to admit it! :) Hrm... not MUCH has gone on in my life lately, so... i'll try and keep it simple as i am...? LoL
DANIELLE HAS A PIMP JOB! :-D LoL well, i'm not a pimp, but... it pays just as well! ;) so yeah, i answer the phones (my dream job!) at the Menomonee Falls Home Depot (phone number <262> 502-9840, if ya wanna call when i'm workin'! ;) hehe) and get $9 an hour! I started on the first day of a new pay week, and come then end of the pay period, i should have about 50 hours, which is AWESOME, cuz that'll be FAT cash! :) Jorge can be proud of me! LoL
*Feliz Navidad, Prospero Año y felicidad* wow, it's impossible to listen to this song and NOT get a GIANT smile on your face. :-D yay!
UmMm... Christmas is tomorrow! Got some gifts already. From Danielle B (my secret Santa!) I got fuzzy handcuffs (:-D kinky, eh?) so that's cool... from my wifey, i got a bag of treats... lots of cards (WHICH ARE GREAT!, love the thoughtfulness!) which included a card/CD from Tim (Thank you again!)... from Sarah San i got PJ pants (wearin' um right now!) and PIG SLIPPERS!... from Paige a vibrator (LoL didn't get one for my bday... thought it'd be coming! LoL) teeth flossers (i wanted them!) and $10 for Victoria's Secret... good times! she got me pig slippers too, but since Sarah San got them for me, she's getting me something else. haha, but yeah... umm... i think that's all i got... good times though! i love christmas! (minus the stress!)
Speaking of... the pain from my chest is gone... hallelujah! it was gone the following monday or so, so... yeah. i'm not dying, which can be a good thing, if you look at it that way... LoL no, i'm happy, cuz it HURT! now i just have my rag, so it's a different kinda pain! LoL
Saw Marvin last night... :-D he makes me happy. it was good times. after i'd been there for a little while, he was like, "on what that's my aunt and my cousin!" LoL, so... yeah. they showed up. it was cool, i'd never met them before and they were VERY cool... ashley (his cousin) and me were gangin' up on Marvin, so that was cool... LoL it was weird though, cuz we weren't as cuddly then as we usually are. but... it's ok. he was holding my hand and stuff, which i was surprised about, cuz normally when people we know are around (well, HIS friends or what not) he doesn't even look at me... :-\ so... yeah. they left us with an hour alone, so... that was cool. we talked and kissed a lot... haha there was this black couple and... wow. they should've just fucked on the table... it was bad. he unzipped her jumper and shit, then he was, like, all on top of her... LoL that's when marvin decided it would be ok to kiss me... LoL that was nice... hehe, it was just like back in the day when he was out and we'd be chillin' in my room, well, not exactly, but... just about. we weren't laying down, but we were just kissin' and i was layin on him and stuff... i love my boy. i'm goin' to see him tomorrow too. LoL i'm going to be late to my family christmas, but... honestly, i feel closer to marvin than anyone in my family. cuz ya know what? he cares! i mean, my FAMILY family cares, but... idk
i feel distant from my family lately... they're just not the same. krystal used to be the highlight of my holidays, but... idk. she' changed SO much and i don't like what she's become. she drinks all the time, and i mean, ok, if you drink, that's cool, have a little fun once in awhile, but... she partys hard core AT LEAST one a week, and... after she called me while she was sloshed... i don't wanna hear it anymore. whatever... i love my boy and he'll make my christmas, so... :)
hrm... don't really know what else to say... so i suppose i will go. yes, i talk about marvin a lot, but ya know what? he makes me happy, and this is MY space, so i don't care what you think! :) have a nice day, HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!
i think i'm dying...   
10:08pm 17/12/2003
mood: sore
music: *Will and Grace* - Greatness
it's true... i'm convinced. i have pains shooting through, what seems to be my heart region that's been going on since 7th hour, without fading even with the aid of legal drugs... maybe i should turn to the illegal kind... ? Eh... will call the DR. 2morrow if the pain keeps on...until then...
Chest is burning, with firey pain,
Wishing my heart, would just have been slain.
Can't take the fire, that's burning within,
Don't understand, the push of this pin.
Why won't it stop, this persistant sting?
So again i can laugh, be merry and sing.
Take this away, if you must end my life,
No need to go on, just raise the knife.
Force it upon me, it's my time to go,
All that I care for, know i love you so.
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04:41pm 11/12/2003
mood: ecstatic
music: *Crunch Crunch* - Chips
HAPPY! woo hoo! for once in this week, i am truly happy. Marvin called, in case you can't tell. (what else would i be so excited about?) he couldn't call yesterday because he's getting moved, so... with that being ONE of the excuses that would save his balls from being chopped off, he's lucky. Right now he's in Fox Lake, which he says is closer to me, yet i'm not sure where. he doesn't know how long he'll be there though and if i can come visit, so... he's working on it for me. (checking up) so yeah... i'm sad, cuz i really wanted to see him on Sunday, but i'm happy, cuz he's happier where he is and... wherever it is that he's going (McNoughton... something like that) it will be even better... he'll be in minimum security and it's on a lake and... idk. just lotsa good stuff he said... so... we'll see! then hopefully he'll behave and BAM. time will pass quickly and before i know it he'll be out! He's got 7 months left, which still seems like quite a long time, but when i think of the 12 i've just spent "without" him, it's comforting.
AHH! so he just called again. he gave me the wrong addy, so he corrected it... he's so sexy! LoL, i love him so much, for real, and i know that you people are probably like "Oh goodness" but honestly, i don't care! no one knows what i've gone through for this boy (with the exception of Paige, cuz she's been there for me day in and day out of it) but... idk. we've dealt with rough stuff and we've only been together a year. a lot of people criticize me for staying with him even though he's locked up, but... idk. it's the test of love, ya know? Eh... whatever
Ok, so i'm just really happy! I have to go and babysit Travis soon though, so... i'll write more later... rock on!
03:12pm 09/12/2003
mood: cynical
music: "Breath" - Silence
Sometimes things go wrong and sometimes things go right,
Sometimes filled with love and sometimes filled with spite.
Now's a time of wrong, but what more can I do?
Done all that I thought possible, so what's that mean to you?
Obvious it's not that much, or you'd try just as hard,
Nothing matters now, however, my heart is what you've scarred.
Were best friends, or so I thought, how could I be so wrong?
When you said you loved me too, must've been another's song.
That's ok, I'll be alright, leave me here alone,
I don't need you, thought I did, guess I should've known.
Ya know... friendships work both ways... there are TWO people involved for a reason, right? So that the amount of "work" (eh, you shouldn't have to "work" for friendship, but i can think of another word, so deal) can be equally distrubted and both parties can come out happy... yeah, that's what i thought to, but recently... not so much. don't get me wrong, there are some people i would do anything within reason for and others who i would go out of reason to do what's necessary for them, however, others, i'm beginning to question.
I'm not putting the blame on them, because that would be wrong of me... it's my fault too, but when it bring up the subject of our "falling apart" it gets shrugged off, and i always get blamed. i notice that in my life, that's a reoccuring thing, no matter WHAT happens, i am to blame... yep, me, and then people WONDER why i have such low self-esteem, Hrm, let's think, maybe because YOU MADE ME this way? i just don't know what to do anymore... i'm questioning whether or not it's worth fighting for and if that's the question, then i know the answer, because i wouldn't doubt it if it were. i don't know... i have to know what they think though before anything... but... how long am i willing to wait is the question? idk that answer, and that's something i'll have to deal with on my own i suppose...
why does life have to be like this? to PROVE something and if so to whom? did i do something wrong, and if not, then why am i being punished? Whatever... fuck the world.
someone, please...   
03:59pm 03/12/2003
mood: aggravated
music: *PaNg* - pAiN
gouge my eyes out, one at a time and then burn them with a lighter... thank you.
*there's got to be more to life, than chasing down ever temporary high so satisfy me* Wow, Michelle Branch (she sings that, right?) has it right... i couldn't agree with her more. Yes, certain things give me pleasure, however, they only seem to last a short while before quickly fading away... why is that?
So yeah, if you can't tell, i feel like shit. had a crappy day at school, have a migraine now and Mike's home... that should say enough right there. i really can't stand the man... ARG! but yeah... so, everyone should have a steam room in their house... they should be given out by the government... i think it would solve a lot of problems, really, i do. i had a SUPER bad migraine (sp?) took a SUPER hot shower, and it went away. Granted, it has since begun to return, but... if everyone just lived in a steam room, they would be healthy and have great skin! where are the negatives in that?!
Umm.. school, idk. people were just especially crabby today, as paige said, which in turn made me crabby. idk. paige WAS being mean to me in the beginning of the day... idk why, but... whatever. i love that chicky... for real. people just upset me in general. everyone just lives these falsified lives and i can't stand it. i know, i know, i'm a hypocrite, because i'm sure i do the same, but... GOSH PEOPLE! BE YOURSELVES! i hate it... everyone conforms to what they think is cool when in all honesty, have no idea what it is because they have no mind of their own. i think the majority of the world's population suffers from mob mentality when it comes to anything at all. they just go along with what everyone else is doing, which was probably someone else's idea anyways, or someone failing at the previous popular trend, therefore resulting in the current. Whatever... life's a bitch, then ya die, why try to figure it out?! i believe the secret to life is that there is no secret, but people will latch onto anything they can and they therefore seek this unattainable thing to occupy their time... yes, that is what i believe.
So marvin's supposed to call tonight. i hope he does. i wrote him a letter and i really want to hear what he has to say about it. (nothing bad... good things! :) hehe) and... yeah. i miss my boy. idk, it's weird, like... they say "absence makes the heart grow fonder" and until recently, i had no faith in this, however, i've had a change in mind. (yes, again, following with SOMEONE ELSE'S words, not living for myself... hypocrite) but... seriously. i love him more and more each day and i honestly think that it has to do with the fact that we see little of each other. i don't think that "love"ing someone is not being able to live without them, i believe THAT is lust, and the world would be a less interesting place without it, however, it is not love, nor can it compare to it. I believe that to prove "love" you MUST be away from them and realize you care... does that make any sense? Like ANOTHER popular saying... something like, "if you love something enough, let it go. if it comes back it's yours" i think that's very true... because if you're with someone 24/7, how can you be your own person? i don't believe that you are, you're merely... hrm, i'm at a loss of words as to how to describe it, but in my mind it makes sense. so yeah... personal philosophy on love right there, all in less that 100 words (i think)
*sighs* i'm a bad person, but also as paige says, i do nothing to change it. but ya know, why should i change who i am to please anyone else? Do they do that for ME? NOOOO! so why should i give them the upper hand? exactly, i shouldn't, therefore i don't.
Yeah, alright, well i'm going to email kelly real quick, watch arthur, then read the Scarlett Letter until Marvin calls, as i will then proceed to fall asleep! (the other night i slept for almost 10 hours, i think... GREAT!) kelly though... :( we're drifting... i don't want to... we will see what happens. I NEED MY PROM DATE! LoL eh, Sarah San will be if he is not, so... bleh! (well, if she would agree to go with me!) Ok, i'm really going now though... take care, or don't, who cares?
PS: paige asks why i write so much... in answer to this (1) it lets me vent, so... yeah and (2) i only write so often. i could have less to say if i wrote daily, but... yeah. ok...
06:18pm 01/12/2003
mood: artistic
music: *Silence* - Abundant
i really do love poetry...
Lying alone in my cold lonely bed,
no one to cuddle or upon lay my head.
My boy is not here, but he will return,
until he revisits, for him I will yern.
I miss him a lot, but I love him dear,
he completes me, abolishes fear.
The one I can turn to when all look away,
the light in my darkness, the white in my gray.
My life without him would not be the same,
thankful for him and the day that he came.
No one compares to the boy I love most,
he lingers here, if be only a ghost.
I cry in the darkness, afraid of the light,
for when it appears, away fades the night.
Silence absorbs me, when I am alone,
but unto others, this is not known.
I do my best work here, with tears on my face,
the beat of my heart, escalates in its pace.
No one to judge me, for all that I am,
or lack thereof, it is me that they damn.
Gloom that takes over my being, my soul,
the slit in existence, a wide gapping hole.
Hidden it hides, ‘til alone in the dark,
only proof that is present, is the deepest red mark.
Fluid abundant, but no one to care,
merely a gasp and a blank quiet stare.
Note: I am not suicidal, I just like sad things... thank you.
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it never fails...   
09:44pm 30/11/2003
mood: loved
music: *In the Zone* - Britney Spears
that boy always makes me cry... LoL. i love my Mervin... seriously though, almost everytime, with the exception of a few, i have cried when i talk to him/visit him. Most of the time it's not because i'm SAD though, well... like... it's hard to explain. I love him SO much and when i'm with him, nothing else matters. Like Saturday, i just sat there staring at him and he was just lookin' around the room (he has some sort of disorder... idk, but he has to know what's going on around him at all times... LoL he hasn't been diagnosed or anything, but i'm convinced!) so then he would catch me starin at him and be like, "what?" and i would just be like, "i love you, can't i just stare at you?" and he'd be like, "no" LoL. he's sweet though, but... idk. i just want to be with him all the time, which i know can't happen, due to the circumstances at hand, but... it's better this way i think. he's learning from his mistakes, which he obviously needs to do, and i'm learning to live with and without him, which is DEFINATELY a good thing... i would never wanna be like some of these chicks i know, all obsessed with their boyfriends and they forget where they came from, like, their friends and shit. Anywho, but yeah... it was really nice though, cuz we talked about things we never have before. Like... i was saying how i want a promise ring when he gets out, just cuz i want one, LoL, and i was like, "it kinda loses something when i have to say it though" and he was like, "what do you mean by that?... you think i don't think about things like that?" and i'm like, "i didn't say that, i just... idk, it's stupid, cuz i'm, like, asking" and then he was telling me how he was looking through this ring catalog and if he would've had the money, he was gonna send one to my house while he was in there and stuff and it was just like, "aww..." cuz... he really does think of me more than i know, and... it's great! LoL, but we were talking about EVERYTHING, like, i was marveling at this one baby that came to visit, cuz she was there the last time, and so me and marvin were talking about kids and stuff, and then we were just... talking about everything and it was great, cuz... idk, sometimes i can't talk about things in person, cuz it's just easier on the phone, but... idk, it was nice. i love my boy, and... i'm going to stop with that, cuz i'm sure you people are like, "BLAH" and... not that i CARE what you think, cuz this is MY diary, but... he's just special to me, and i think i'll keep somethings to myself... :)
so yeah, friday was fun, it was the 3 amigos reunion. we ended up doing a lot of nothing, but it was SO much fun... we... let's see.. went to 7 bridges and found 5 of the 7 bridges, used our "amigo energy" to turn a light on, and discovered a club we're going to call "3AM" LoL, then we went to Omega and got ice cream and discussed a little about the 1/2 amigo that's going to be born... i swear, that's going to be the cutest baby ever... then... we drove blindly around the city... LoL, then we went downtown where we decided that we're going to see the Nutcracker... good times. we ended up at southridge where i tried to find the hat to match my gloves, but that was a failed attempt. and i was upset. but yeah, we took chief home, but we're going to go to candy cane lane this coming weekend or something, so... that should be fun. good times with the 3 amigos.
earlier friday paige and i went shopping with the female side of my mom's family, that was good times... i love them. did a little shopping, spent a lot of money... LoL. i finished my shopping for Natalie, cuz she's getting me something, gotta get her something!, my Secret Santa and my Sarah San... i'm so excited about Sarah's! it's gonna be great! umm, bought some stuff for myself... mostly underwear and my gloves though, LoL. can never have too much underwear, right? but yeah, my family is SO racist... there was this little black baby lookin out the kohl's window so i was like, "aw, how much is that?... about 20 grand a year! haha" and my aunt was like, "does that come in white?" LoL idk, it was funny, but... still. i hate the racism that my family has, but... idk. ha, just like they were relieved last year when i brought marvin over for thanksgiving and he was white... they thought he was going to be black... it was the name... idk! LoL.
But yeah, i wanna take a shower and i'm gonna write to marvin, and do my 10 sketches that were due LAST monday in art, so... i should go. rock on though, and i will update sometime later... rock on
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iDiA dE gRaCiAs!   
12:12am 27/11/2003
mood: grumpy
music: *Crack, PoP* - Broken Jaw
Ok, so i'm really sleepy, but since i haven't really WRITTEN anything in here lately, i feel it my duty to those of you that really do read this... :) you guys rock, just to let ya know...
So yeah... wow... idk where to start. i MUST be pms-ing this week, cuz i've been super bitchy, but ya know what? i kinda like this side of me. not that people don't think i'm bitchy every OTHER day, but... still... the people who matter love me for that bitch that i am, so... does it really matter what others think? no... didn't think so! (As i always tell paige "i'm a bad person" and her comment was, "ya know, you always SAY that, but ya never do anything to change it..." LoL that's right, cuz ya know what? I DON'T CARE!! if you don't like me, blow me... isn't that in a song?! So yeah... i totally snapped at the Student Senate meeting cuz people are so DAMN disrespectful and i hate it... it's ridiculous. half the people didn't even show up for the meeting, and the majority of those people were officers, not even regular senators! so yeah, then all the people who we had to take time out and go to the office and call them down and stuff, were sitting there talking while harpreet was trying to talk and then even Mr. Smith was talking, so i snapped. pretty sure i turned bright red, but i was pissed. then ricardo wynn was like, "oh no..." like he's SOMEBODY! ok, you're on academic probation, YOU SHOULD NOT BE TALKING! so yeah, i snapped and i ever pointed out Mr. Smith for being in the wrong. Paige gave me a high five in the hall and the sophomores applauded me (i really do love my sophmo-s! <-- that's the new abbr., just so ya know!)
so... yeah, then there's all this drama with the freshman, and it's ridiculous. Ok, so it's just Jaime and Melyssa, but... it's outta control. i saw Jaime cryin in the hall and then i went online after school and Melyssa was on. Ok, so Mel is claiming that everyone is spreading her shit... interesting cuz the next day brenda ims me and is like, "why'd you snap on Melyssa?" Hrm, who could have said THAT? only person in that conversation was Melyssa (other than me) so who could've told... for someone who doesn't want her shit around, she seems to be spreading it quite nicely, ESPECIALLY SINCE SHE'S WRONG! ok, when i snap, i snap, and you know it. if what i said to her she thinks was "snapping" she knows less about me than i thought... trust me, if i were to "snap" people in China would be complaining. AND, i don't think that she realizes, when ya go to MSL, shit spreads... FAST! there are only so many people in the school and 99% of them have the biggest mouths ever, so... if you don't watch who you say stuff to (or just AROUND for that matter) it'll be around the school by the next hour, and that's not even an exaggeration. So.. whatever. i could care less, i really could.
Today wasn't all that bad. After school i gave kelly and sean a ride to mayfair, then me and paige went to cash my checks, we picked the boys back up, got some gas and took them home. it was cool. i love my kelly... then they thought i was mad at them... whatever. people always assume that when i'm mad or just quiet, that i'm angry with them... 9 times out of 10, it's not you i'm upset with (if i'm even upset to begin with) so don't make assumptions... please people. but yeah... when we walked out of school, kelly put his arm around me and was like, "i didn't get to see you much today" and i was like, "you did just as much as any other day" and he was like, "except for lunch... i had to take a test" and i was like, "not my fault" and he was like, "i know" LoL he's cute... then yesterday he was angry with me cuz i "left him" but that's not even the case. i asked if he wanted to go to my locker with me and he was spacing, so i said "ok guys, i'll brb" and he sat there, so i left. then when i come back "WHERE'D YOU GO?! you just left me like that"... OK!?! Earth to kelly, i asked, more than once. he told me i should've slapped him, cuz he was spacing... umm... no? LoL
Sarah San is sick... it's her tonsels... i'm thinkin' tonsel-itis or however you spell it, but (1) i haven't SEEN them and (2) i'm not a doctor, so what do i know?! LoL... idk, i hope she gets better soon though and off grounding cuz i miss my sarah san! i haven't seen her since MONDAY! it's crazy!
i have a busy weekend ahead of me... Tomorrow is Turkey Day (woo hoo) well...actually today since it's now after midnight, but hey, so that's exciting. gonna wake up, take a shower, make an appearance at my aunts, then come back here to spend time with my immediate family... then i'll go to bed. LoL then Friday we're going shopping as we do every year (yay!) and paige is coming. i'm really excited about that, cuz i'm not sure how long Krystal is going to be able to stay and i really don't want to be the only "kid" (even though i'm an adult now! :( TEAR!) so yeah... i love paige though. So yeah and then that will take all day... Saturday then i'm going to visit my baby... :) *he called today, gotta note on that in a min* and Sunday i have to catch up on my sketches and read some Hamlet... blah! LoL. But yeah, so... it doesn't SEEM like that much, but it will be, i can assure you.
So yeah, marvin called... i love him! LoL we were just talking and it seemed like we had all the time in the world, which is a good thing, cuz normally the time goes by so fast and it's sad. (like when i visited him, it seemed like the time went slower, and that's good, cuz i hate to leave him) but yeah... he told me good things and i was happy. he sent me a Thanksgiving card and when i go visit him, we're (hopefully) going to get our picture taken! woo hoo! i'm excited about that. :) i love my boy! then he was telling me how this one guy when i visited last week was asking him something (which i don't wanna talk about on here) but he was OBVIOUSLY looking at my ass to ask what he did, and... i'm kinda uncomfortable with that. like, HELLO?! AND you're going to tell my BOYFRIEND that you were lookin' at my ass... hrm, don't know if that's such a good idea, but since Marvin laughed, i guess it's ok! :) LoL... but still... uncomfortable about that... hehe
Umm... so... ok. i'm really tired, so i think i'm going to hit the hay. Take care people, and thanks for readin! :)
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'Nother Survey   
09:00pm 23/11/2003
mood: content
music: *Home Alone - Fraiser* - UPN
Well... overall i would have to say this weekend was a good one. I visited Marvin yesterday and then we got AOL (yay, even though it sometimes skips letters when typing... that will explain the many typos i'm sure to make) and then today i got the Trapt CD and hung out with Kelly, so that was fun... idk, don't have much to really say though, so i'm just going to do this little survey... :) have fun!

>Name:Danielle N. Henry
>Age: 18
>Born in: October/Wisconsin/the nude
>State: Wisconsin
>Height: 5'4.5"
>Hair: Blonde...
>Eye Color: Hazel
>Siblings: Paige, Christopher, Jenna
>Younger/Older: i'm the oldest

>Pictured a crush naked: umm... probaly
>Actually seen your crush naked: ah, i don't think so... ?
>Broken someone's heart? idk, maybe, but most likely not
>Been in love: yep, am right now
>Cried when someone died: yah
>Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: haha, yeh, like everyone
>Broken a bone: ahh.. don't think so..
>Drank alcohol: umhmm
>Lied: has anyone NOT?!

>SPRITE OR 7UP: neither really...
>GIRLS OR GUYS: guys, girls are too emotional....
>FLOWERS OR CANDY: flowers, i'm too fat already
>SCRUFF OR CLEAN SHAVEN: doesn't matter, i like the way Marvin is...
>QUIET OR LOUD: no diff...
>LAST PERSON YOU SLOW DANCED WITH: that'd be kelly... yep, @ homecoming

>SHOWERED: hmm... good question.... haha
>HAD A GREAT TIME WITH THE OPPOSITE SEX: today was fun, i spent time with kelly, but yesterday was REALLY REALLY great time with my baby, so... idk... yesterday or today...
>YOUR GOOD LUCK CHARM: hmm...just the knowlege that there are people out there who care about me... it keeps me going
>PERSON YOU HATE MOST: scott hense
>THE BEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU THIS WEEKEND: i got to see my baby and kiss him too! :)

>COLOR: purple
>MOVIE: i like a lot... Dirty Dancing, Finding Nemo, Save the Last Dane, etc...
>BAND: idk, i like a lot of music too, LoL, i'm so boring cuz i know nothing about myself...
>BOOK: ummm... no ONE in particular, though The Nanny Diaries was a GREAT book!!
>JUICE: cranberry
>CARS: Jeeps
>ICE CREAM: peppermint stick... yum! or strawberry cheesecake
>HOLIDAY: birthday... :)
>SEASON: winter/fall
>BREAKFAST FOOD: bagels and cappuccino
>PLACE TO GO WITH YOUR HONEY: my car, my room or French Immersion :-D hehe
>BEST COLOGNE: Nautica is pretty great...
>PERFUME: i like the whole line of Victoria's Secret stuff, but mostly Endless Love
>KISS: any one from Marvin :)
>ROMANTIC MEMORY: um... watching Spiderman with Marvin in my room... that was the best

>Fallen for your best friend?: don't think so, though Paige and Sarah San ARE pretty hard to resist... LoL
>Made out w/ JUST a friend?: me and Paige make out all the time... ;) no, but i did with Marvin BEFORE we were going out, so... if that counts, then yeah
>Been rejected?: nope, cuz i never ask, but JOB WISE, yes, many times... :(
>Been in love?: am right now, said that!
>Been in lust?: probably..
>Used someone?: umm... kinda...
>Been used?: most likely
>Cheated on someone?: ... difficult question, but i would say no...
>Been cheated on?: i felt like i had been, but no
>Done something you regret?: umm... a few things, like the whole "cheating" thing

>You touched?: ahh... probably my mom... idk, or myself, but NOT LIKE THAT! freaks...
>You talked to?: on the phone: Paige; online: Sarah and Kelly; in person: my mom
>You hugged?: Marvin... wow, been a long time since i've gotten a hug... :(
>You instant messaged?: very last would be Sarah San....
>You kissed?: marvin
>You had sex with?: ha... no one
>You yelled at?: i don't know...
>You laughed with: Kelly
>Who broke your heart?: Marvin, but now he mended it :)
>Who told you they loved you?: Marvin or my mom... one of the two... OoOh, or Paige... one of those 3

*DO YOU.. *
>Color your hair? have before, don't now
>Have tattoos? yep...
>Have piercings? yep...
>Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both?: boyfriend and a wife... yes
>Ever get off the dang computer? eh, on rare occassions
>Sprechen sie deutsche? a little...
>Habla espanol? un poco... mas de otras personas pero menos de otros
>Quack? OINK!

*Have you / do you / are you... *
>Stolen anything? yea
>smoke: angel O:)
>Schizophrenic? yep, more so bi-polar, but... ok
>Obsessive? yeah, well, more so a perfectionist...
>Compulsive? eh... not TOO bad, i've been getting better!
>Obsessive compulsive? i don't think so...
>If you could be anywhere, where would you be? Marvin's arms
>Can you do anything freakish with your body? umm... i can flip my tongue over without touching it and i am flexible... but that's it...
>What facial feature do you find the most attractive on others? eyes
>Would you vote for a woman candidate for president? hell yeah i'm gonna vote for myself! ;) seriously, women should be president
>Would you marry for money?: nope

>Have you had braces?: nope, damn straight teeth!
>Do you like hairy backs? eh... could live without
>When was the last time you had a hickey?: LoL, like, last year on my birthday
>Could you live without a computer: probably not
>Do you use ICQ, AOL Buddy list etc.?: AIM, yahoo, MSN... no ICQ though...
>If so, how many people are on your list(s)?: AIM, like, 156, like, 5 on yahoo
>If you could live in any past, where would it be?: the middle ages...
>Do you wear shoes in the house or take them off?: shoes=the devil!
>What is your favorite fruit?: STRAWBERRY!
>Do you eat wheat bread or white?: both i suppose
>What is the last movie you saw: The School of Rock w/ Sarah San
>Do you kiss on the first date?: i hope i don't have to have one, so... yah, since technically i never HAVE had one...
>Are you photogenic?: hehe, kinda... depends
>Do you dream in colour or black and white?: color
>Are you wearing fingernail polish?: haha, on what nails?!
>Do you have any dimples?: i don't hik so..
>Do you remember being born?: yeah, there was this bright light... HA, just kiddin, who the hell remembers that?!
>Why do you take surveys?: because i'm bored
>Do you drink alcohol?: sometimes, but wisely
>Did you like or do you like high school?: i hope the saying that there are the best days of my life are a lie, cuz otherwise my life is going to be REALLY shitty...
>What is the best accent?: idk... i LOVE accents in general
>Who do you want to kiss?: Mervin... :) lots!
>Do you like sunrises or sunsets the most?: sunsets... rises are TOO early!
>Do you want to live to be 100?: not really, but that's not up to me to decide, so...
>Is a flat stomach important to you?: nope... shallow people out there...
>When you watch movies at home, do you like the lights on or off?: off
>Do you write poetry?: yep
>Which hurts the most, physical or emotional pain?: idk, i kinda like pain sometimes...
>Favorite TV show?: Friends...
>Would you rather visit a zoo or an art museum?: both
>Are you basically a happy person?: ha, i ACT like it, but not really....
>Do you wish on stars?: hrm... does that help?
>Where is your second home? that'd have to be Denny's... LoL
>Do you like love songs?: yepperoo!
>Have you ever been on radio or television?: yes
>Have you ever been in another country?: Canada & Japan
>Who are the people you care most about?: those closest to me
>I hate: Scott Hensel, school, the majority of the population... idk
>I miss: Marvin and my mom's mom
>I fear: (1) falling asleep on a city bus (though that won't happen as i will hopefully NEVER EVER have to ride one again) and (2) dying alone (which Marvin assures me won't happen...)
>I feel: bored... tired... all of the above...
>I hear: Fraiser, finger typing, IMs "BRRING"ing
>I smell: basement?
>I wonder: if Marvin's thinkin' about me right now... ?

*When was the last time I... *
>Smiled: idk
>Laughed?: idk... today sometime
>Cried?: today... kelly and i were talkin' about the subject of love and Marvin :'(
>Bought something?: today... Trapt CD
>Danced?: idk... awhile
>Kissed someone?: SERIOUS kiss... would be yesterday :-D yay!
>Talked to an ex?: haa, don't have any!
>Watched your favorite movie?: which one? either way it's been awhile

*In the last day have you*
>Missed someone: yes'm
>Hugged someone: nope, yesterday i did!
>Wished upon a star: no
>Laughed until you cried: ... nope

*About My Ideal Of Guy (Girls only!) but if you are a guy and want to answer go right on ahead :) *
>Boxers or Briefs: boxers
>Long or Short hair: short
>Tall or Short: no me importa
>Six pack or Muscular arms: why is this all about appearance?
>Good or Bad guy: hehe, i like the naughty ones! )
>Tan or Fair: ... i'm going on strike
>Smart or not all there: intelligent
>Shaves (face) or not: whatever works for him...

PS: Thanks to Katie whom I stole this survey from! :) woo hoo!
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*hum di hum dum dum*   
03:44pm 18/11/2003
mood: annoyed
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So yeah... not much is going on... i'm EXTREMELY bored as Paige is in cheerleading practice and i have no other friends, so... yeah! *Sarah San is grounded, and i have the feeling Kelly is just sick of me...* i SHOULD be reading for English as i have to present on... Thursday and have yet to finish the book, let alone actually DO the assignment... hahaha... what cha gonna do?!
People, who shall remain nameless, DRIVE ME INSANE! Ok, so it's just ONE person that really gets under my skin, but regardless... i really can't stand this person. THEY make me so angry... the attention always has to be on them and if someone says ANYTHING they have to butt their STUPID SELF in... it makes me angry. Then, this person wants everything in the world from me, *ok, that's a little exaggerated,but... still* yet then talks to me only when i am a convience or am needed in someway. that's BULL SHIT and i'm sick of it... it for real pisses me off and i'm not going to take it anymore... why should i?! why should i be ANYONE'S bitch, especially someone i don't even like... i'm not going to lie, i front to their face and act all sweet, but... whatever. i'm not trying to make enemies, i'm just trying to escape, and the end will not come soon enough, i tell you that now.
OoOh, Oprah's on and Julia Roberts is on... she's awesome, AND we have the same birthday... ROCK ON! *julia stiles is coming on too! woo hoo* so yes, i suppose i will go and watch oprah to overcome my boredom... rock on peoplez
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09:15pm 17/11/2003
mood: drained
music: *Clink Clank* - Fingers on Board
Blah... what to say?!
Today has been a long day... after hitting my snooze about a billion times, i finally got up and that's where/when the hell began... it's not that today was bad, but... it just wasn't spectacular... ya know? Domonique made some brownie cupcakes for Sarah San's b-day and i have to say that they were superb... OoOh, so yeah...
So i walked in the house from picking up the pizza (we had pizza hut for dinner) and the phone rings, so i answer. it's privacy manager and i'm like shit, now caller id has THIS privacy manager, which i like to keep it on the last one, cuz that's usually marvin... WeLl, marvin called twice yesterday so i was expecting a telemarketer, but when i accepted, it was him. i always told him that if he needed to vent, to call me, and so that's what he was doing. i was super nervous though cuz i thought something bad happened and stuff... well... it kinda did, but... he's not in the hole or anything (at least not yet) so... things are ok. some guy was starting shit though and i was like, baby... just calm down, i love you and behave cuz i wanna kiss you when i come see you on saturday!
Hrm... Paige comes home tonight! woo hoo! so she called me a little bit ago from the airport in denver. their flight was delayed, so... she was kinda upset. i miss her SO much... i love my paige! Friday night was HORRIBLE and i blame it completely on her absence. i love my paige and couldn't imagine what life would be like without her in it everyday... wait, i know, very, er, EXTREMELY dull... she's the best.
HrM... saturday was eventful. first i went out with mimi, we saw "Dickie Roberts: former child star" and it was great (as it was the time i saw it with paige days previous) and then after taking her home i picked up sarah san and went to dinner at Omega, proceeded to Target and ended up at the Ridge to see "the School of Rock"... very entertaining... it is at this movie that i've seen sarah san show more emotion for a movie than every before. it was great... i'm glad she could have such a good time, and with me no doubt!
Today in homebase was hilarious. ok, it was me, sarah san, kelly, harpreet, dominique, java, katie... and i think that was it... yes, that was all and we were just talking, well then me and sarah san bust out with some inside joke of ours and we both start LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY! then everyone else was like, "ahh... ok?" LoL it was great. Then i was saying how harpreet is great cuz she doesn't like this one person that i don't like and sarah san whispered something to harpreet and harpreet was like, "SARAH KNOWS!" LoL... sarah's so in the mix of things... she knows it all! it's great, cuz me and paige will start cracking up about something and then sarah will laugh along and she really knows what's going on... seriously, everyone else (and their mamas) will have no idea, but sarah san will TOTALLY understand... it's a wonderful thing... really it is.
Dude, some of the "Music" i listen to isn't music, but it would make some kick ass band names, ya know? Ok, so maybe not all of them, but some of them. like with the *Chomp Chomp* and Gum... that's great... BUT if i had a band, i would have to name it burnt sienna.... that's a fact.
So john has a livejournal which is totally weird for me, just cuz i know all these people who have them, but they're people like me, ya know? and john is, well... not? idk, but yeah, i'm mentioned. i feel special, i have a small cameo in the film that is his life... special! i like when people talk about me... in a good way at least.
OoOh, so then Salazar, after school i'm walking out with kelly, cuz i was taking him to denny's *cuz he's never seen one before* and then home and salazar was like, lemme talk to you, so i was like, ok, and she took me down this hall away from my kelly... i was like, "ok?!" and i was scared. well then all she wanted to say was that i came off as a bitch at the Senior Parent Meeting or whatever... ok?! i don't care. if people think i'm a bitch, then they know the true me and the only things that i was saying were what everyone else believed, but i'm the only one with the balls to voice it. i hate that, like, i don't care what people think of me personally, i really don't, but it bothers me that everyone bitches, but then when it comes down to it, says nothing... arg! i snapped on Mr. Johnson today too and he probably thinks negatively of me, but... whatever. when he left the room, everyone was talking shit, but the minute he walked back in, SILENCE, and that's not lie, ask carissa... bogus shit dude... and then I'M the one who's the bitch just cuz i put my money where my mouth is, cuz i'm not a pussy and i'll say what needs to be said... bull shit... that's all i have to say. and what's up with salazar saying this NOW?! the meeting was like, 2 weeks ago, C'MON! WHATEVER
OK, so now that i'm angry, i'm going off to bed... no, i probably won't go for another 15 minutes just to see if kelly comes on... holy crap! that is SO creepy! AS i was typing that, seriously, in the middle of the sentence, my alert popped up saying he had just come online... weird yo... weird! but yes, i'm leaving blurty now... will right again when i feel like it... peace out homies
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08:45pm 14/11/2003
mood: sick
music: *TGIF* - Truer words were never spoken...
Haha, found these on the other Danielles blurty too, so i thought i'd do them... she's awesome, but then again, it comes wtih the name! :)

M E -
.x. [my name is]: Danielle
.x. [in the morning i am]: in my bed :)
.x. [all i need is]: love
.x. [love is]: my bestestes
.x. [im afraid of]: (1) falling asleep on the *cringes* city bus (2) dying alone
.x. [i dream about]: uMm... all sorts of stuff, mostly people i know

- Y E S . O R . N O -
.x. [you keep a diary]: if you consider this one, then yes
.x. [you like to cook]: i like to, that doesn't mean i do it well..., but yes
.x. [you have a secret you have not shared with anyone]: uMmM... no?
.x. [you fold your underwear]: no *not so much*
.x. [you talk in your sleep]: HA, yes
.x. [you set your watch a few minutes ahead]: yes
.x. [you believe in love]: yes, am in it {<3}-- :)

- T H E . L A S T -
.x. [movie you rented]: rented... hrm... i don't even know...
.x. [movie you bought]: well, had bought for me, Finding Nemo
.x. [song you listened to]: LFO... #6... Veronica maybe?
.x. [song that was stuck in your head]: ahh... idk
.x. [song you've downloaded]: Santana & Chad Kroger - Why Don't You and I?
.x. [cd you bought]: wow, ahh... idk, Nellyville? LoL
.x. [cd you listened to]: LFO <#2 Repeat Paige!>
.x. [person you've called]: Sarah San
.x. [person that's called you]: Sarah San, imagine that?!
.x. [TV show you've watched]: Life With Bonnie... yeah, nothing's on!
.x. [person you were thinking of]: Marvin, Kelly, John, Sarah San, Paige... yes, all at the same time, THANK YOU!

- D O -
.x. [you wish you could live somewhere else]: yes & no... depends on the situation and mood i'm in
.x. [you think about suicide]: not suicide, but death, yes
.x. [others find you attractive]: Ha... not so much
.x. [you want more piercings]: uMm... idk, maybe if i get thinner
.x. [you want more tattoos]: yeah
.x. [you drink]: not really... on occasion though
.x. [you do drugs]: more than you know... ;) i'm a good girl
.x. [you smoke]: ... what did i just say?
.x. [you like cleaning]: hell no...
.x. [you like roller coasters]: hell yeah, bring um on!
.x. [you write in cursive or print]: print/cursive... it's more so print, but a mix with certain letters
.x. [you carry a donor card]: no
.x. [you have a crush on somebody]: my boy, yes

- H A V E . Y O U . E V E R -
.x. [been in love]: :) am right now
.x. [cried when someone died]: all the time
.x. [lied]: ha, who hasn't?
.x. [fallen for your best friend]: no, i'm just a moron sometimes
.x. [been rejected]: jobs, yes, boys, no, as i don't ask
.x. [rejected someone]: no... i'm THAT ugly...
.x. [used someone]: ...maybe...
.x. [done something you regret]: quite a few...

-N U M B E R-
.x. [of times i have had my heart broken]: 3+
.x. [of hearts i have broken]: haha, none that i'm aware of
.x. [of continents i have lived in]: 1
.x. [of drugs taken illegally]: none
.x. [of close friends]: 4
.x. [of cd's that i own]: quite a few
.x. [of scars on my body]: haha, where to start?
.x. [of things in my past that i regret]: eh, more than some, but less than others


01. Full Birth Name: Danielle Nicole Henry
02. Hair Color: blonde
03. Eye Color: hazel/green
04. Height Currently: 5'4
05. Glasses/contacts: contacts, but glasses around the house b4 bed
06. Birthdate: Oct. 28th, where's my present?
07. Star Sign: Scorpio, woo woo
08. Current Age: 18
09. Siblings: 2.5
10. Siblings Ages: 2, 4, 17
11. Location: Mil-town, yo
12. College Plans: UW-Whitewater
13. Any Piercing: double pierced ears with cartilage


01. Best Friends: Paige, Marvin, Sarah San, & Kelly
02. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Marvin <3 my love
03. Current Crush: that would be Marvin as well
04. Hobbies: talking on the phone, sleeping, chatting online, sleeping, Denny's with Paige, sleeping, visiting my boy, sleeping, watching TV, did i mention SLEEPING?!
05. Are You Timely Or Always Late: LoL late, 5 minutes, YOU KNOW!
06. Do You Have A Job: Had... LoL kinda do
07. Do You Like Being Around People: depends (1) who the people are (2) my mood

01. Have you ever loved someone you had no chance with: loved, ha, thought, but no, liked, yes
02. Have You Ever Cried Over Something Someone of The "Opposite" Sex Did: yes, i know, i'm a loser
03. Do You Have A "Type" Of Person You Always Go After: used to, but Marvin totally fucked that up... LoL he's the complete opposite of everyone i've ever liked... hehe, but i love him SO Much! :)
04. Want Someone You Don't Have Right Now: physically, yes
05. Ever Liked a close Guy/Girl Friend: uMm... i guess you could say that (i THOUGHT AJ was my friend bid, ha... what a user)
06. Are You Lonely Right Now: physically, yes
07. Ever Afraid You'll Never Get Married: yeah... :(
08. Do You Want To Get Married: yes
09. Do You Want Kids: i say no, but i can't imagine life without them


Who Do You Think Of When you Hear These Names:

Shawn/Sean: Ratka... ? don't ask
Steve: Alderman, my bro!
Pat: rick, LoL
Bobby: Darren... DAMN YOU PAIGE!
Katheryn: G... from school


01. Room In house: my bedroom... :)
02. Type of music: all kinds, mostly pop i would say... ?
04. Memory: Marvin
05. Day Of the week: Sunday :)
06. Color: purple
07. Perfume Or Cologne: Perfume: Vicotoria's Secret: Endless Love; Cologne: Nautica
08. Flower: red roses
09. Month: october... :) or June & July of 2004
10. Season: winter/fall
11. Place to be kissed: my neck... holy cow, weakness
12. Location for dates: anywhere with mervin :)


01. Cried: more than ever...
02. Bought Something: kinda... i got it free though... ? LoL
03. Gotten Sick: yea, sadly
04. Sang: screamed a song in the car, count?
05. Said I Love You: yep, to my mommy and Sarah San, they're the best
06. Wanted To Tell Someone You Loved them, But Didn't: i can't call my mervin :(
07. Met Someone New: uMmM... i don't believe so...
08. Moved On: from?
09. Talked To Someone: yeah...
10. Had A Serious Talk: yes, about death and how i sometimes wish it would come sooner than later
11. Missed Someone: terribly :'(
12. Hugged Someone: yes
13. Kissed Someone: my mom... does that count? (yeah, i still kiss my mom, WHAT?!)
14. Fought With Your Parents: no... my mom was actually VERY cool, perhaps that's because i'm sick and bitchy... she knows better than to mess with me...
15. Dreamed About Someone You Can't Be With: uMm... no
16. Had a lot of sleep: not so much...
17. Wanted This Survey To Be Over: nope...


1. what song(s) best describes you?: ... idk... good question though!
2. what is your favorite ice cream topping?: strawberries
3. if you could spend 24 hours with any person who would it be?: Marvin... i miss him so much... :'(
4. favorite part of your body?: eyes
5. if you were a porn star, what would your name be?: LoL, idk, i would never BE a porn star, so... though i did take that quiz... oh, that was my STRIPPER name...
6. Laura Croft or Duke Nukem?: Laura since (1) Angelina Jolie is one of my personal heroines (2) i really don't know who Duke Nukem is
7. favorite m&m color?: yellow
8. have you ever noticed the ratio of brown to orange and red?: umm... no, but i notice they are plentiful... LoL
9. favorite possession?: marvin the martian dolls or my pictures from marvin on my wall...

10. cow: moo
11. horny: devil
12. summer: swimming
13. bus: stop
14. white: rain, ya know, that inexpensive shampoo?
15. rain: drops... :)


16. first crush?: Kyle Mueller... wow...
17. is Elvis really dead?: depends on what you believe in your heart...
18. best james bond: Pierce Brosnan, cuz his son is HOT!
19. coolest black guy?: Nelly, hottest too!
20. best fast food fries?: BK
21. biggest fear: *equal* (1) falling asleep on the city bus (2) dying alone


22. what do you want to name your first son?: Carter John or Marvin George III
23. what do you want to name your first daughter?: Bethany Marie or Kyla Dawn


24. favorite bird: HAWKS, woo woo
25. what sucks most?: your mom, but she does it well ;)
26. worst movie: Two If By Sea... Sandra Bullock is talented, but wow, what was she thinking? Oh, To Die For was pretty bad too, fell asleep all 3 times i tried to watch it
27. favorite album cover: uMm... idk
28. robert frost or edgar allan poe: frost...
29. coke or pepsi?: PEPSI! *PoR vIdA!*
30. favorite kool aid: red/blue LoL
31. favorite iced tea?: NesTea
32. what would a movie about your life be called?: BiTcH
33. if you started a band, what would its name be?: Burnt Sienna
34. what in the hell happened to joan osborne?: she ran off with this guy who she thought was God being one of us
35. gwen stefani or shirley manson?: gwen
36. dream celebrity death match event: your mom vs. your grandma
37. what's your sign?: ScOrPiO
38. do you believe in love?: yeppers
39. the rock or triple x?: i HATE wrestling...
40. is chivalry dead?: i believe so... some boys still have skills, but it's not chivalry
41. are you trendy?: ha, not so much
42. strangest offer you ever received?: idk, your mom made one last night that i couldn't refuse... ;)
43. when you were little, who did you want to be like?: my mom
44. what is the point of flavored condoms?: blow jobs... yah
45. favorite board game: Checkers, as stated before, due to the fact i SMASH paige in it everytime
46. most overdone board game?: mouse trap or 13 Dead End Drive, both take FOREVER to set up and moments to demolish
47. first job: babysitting really, but REAL job, Lucky's
48. current job: babysitting/chauffer
49. dream job: Translator/Interpretor
50. if you were in a classic literature novel, which one would it be?: idk, haven't read enough... all i know is i would DEFINATELY NOT BE "Lord of the Flies!"
51. best stephen king book(s): only read "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" so... ?
52. do you believe in God?: yes
53. favorite t-shirt: hoodies... LoL
54. favorite color of roses?: red
55. how do you feel right now?: like shit
56. what do you want most right now?: marvin to cuddle with in my bed...

So yeah, today was shitty, as most of my days are when Paige isn't around... i really do need that girl to survive... what is college going to be like?!? oh yes, it will be ok, as we are going to party together every weekend, right chica?! :) i love my paige and i miss her SO much... i was at her house though, feeding the fish and i was just like, in awe, cuz i missed her. She left me a little note saying thank you and that she loves me and i almost started crying, pathetic, i know.
Seriously though, everything has gone wrong, but i really don't want to talk about it i suppose... life just sucks really bad and Hispanic boys are to blame... yes, that is how the world works. when things go wrong, blame brown boys! (Not Chris though.... haha, the table has the power...)
Speaking of Chris, i never knew he was adopted! we had the blood drive at school today and his parents came in and i always thought that was his mom as she often speaks at school functions, however, i was confrizzled as she's white, and chris is, well, brown! LoL, so then his dad came in and i thought that he would be hispanic, but no... so then i talked to mimi and yeah, he's adopted... i didn't know that! i think it's AWESOME, but i just never knew... sometimes i wish i was adopted...
*sighs* well, i feel cruddy, as i'm sick AND experiencing emotional distress, so... yeah. i'm going to bed. tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully will be grand. i plan on going out for ice cream with my pepina and then to jalisco's or maybe Budget with my sarah san so yes... good times... and many more...
07:58pm 10/11/2003
mood: giddy
music: *Mario* - Genius

My life is rated R.
What is your life rated?

Hehe, ya see that?! My life is "rated R!" that's funny to me, as i don't see that it's possible, but... i guess anything's possible, eh? Like that one commercial used to say "hey, it could happen!" (I do believe it was McDonald's, however, i'm not going to venture to say that's correct as i know someone will disprove me...)
So yeah... life... i don't know. LoL It's going ok i suppose, no major problems. I applied to college tonight, however i have to write my "personal statement." i don't know what i'm going to say, however, i have a plan of what i want to say, but then again, that's the same theme i hope to use in my saludatorian speech (hehe, CROSS YOUR FINGERS PEOPLE!) so... i don't know.
But yeah... i don't have much to say, just wanted to fill you in that i'm rated R! hahaha
Rock on people
02:46am 09/11/2003
mood: sleepy
music: *SNL* - Rerun
haha, so this is the one that took me, like, an hour and a half to fill out before and then it got deleted... i was smart this time and wrote it in a separate file... :) enjoy!

Basics : .
[ .001. ] first name: Danielle
[ .002. ] middle name: Nicole
[ .003. ] last name: Henry
[ .004. ] nickname(s): Henry, Enrique (not so much, but sometimes), Daniela, Dory...
[ .005. ] gender: female, AND PROUD OF IT! :)
[ .006. ] age: 18, woo woo, adult-ness
[ .007. ] birthday: October 28, 1985
[ .008. ] height: 5’4” (and shrinking! but since my boyfriend is small it all works out :) hehe)
[ .009. ] hair color: blonde
[ .010. ] eye color: hazel, er, brown around my pupils with green around that...
[ .012. ] do you wear glasses or contacts: contacts, yes
[ .013. ] do you have braces: nope nope
[ .014. ] is your hair long or short: umm... medium/long
[ .015. ] where were you born: Waukesha Memorial Hospital
[ .016. ] current location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
[ .017. ] zodiac sign: Scorpio, is that a pick-up line?
[ .018. ] how many languages do you know: umm, English , Spanish, some Sign and Japanese
[ .019. ] nationality: Caucasian
[ .020. ] bad habits: biting my nails... yeah... really bad
[ .021. ] piercings you have: ears, doubled on the bottom, one in the cartilage
[ .022. ] piercings you want: umm... i think i’m satisfied
[ .023. ] tattoos you have: none... yet
[ .024. ] tattoos you want: one on my lower back... angel/devil combo
[ .025. ] today's date: umm.. 11/09/03
[ .026. ] the time: 1:59am
[ .027. ] ready for a bunch more questions: hell yeah, bring it baby!

. : Family : .
[ .028. ] mother's name: Karla Jean Aschenbrenner
[ .029. ] father's name: Gary Spechenhauser (dk how to spell that, but... ok)
[ .030. ] step-parent's names, if any: Michael Alan Aschenbrenner
[ .031. ] brother(s)'s name(s): Christopher Michael Aschenbrenner
[ .032. ] sister(s)'s name(s): Jenna Leigh Aschenbrenner, Paige Leigh Sumner
[ .033. ] favorite aunt: umm... Julie
[ .034. ] favorite uncle: umm... good question, probably Henry or Pat
[ .035. ] favorite grandparent: Grandpa Karl, hands down
[ .036. ] worst relative: Mike’s family, minus the girls, previously mentioned uncles, and g-pa Muppy
[ .037. ] best relative: hrm... Krystal, my favoritest cousin ever
[ .038. ] do you get along with your parents: yeah, well, my mom: yes, Mike: not so much
[ .039. ]does anyone in your family understand you?: no, but then again, does anyone?

. : Pets : .
[ .040. ] do you have any pets: yes’m
[ .041. ] what are their names: Harley and TC
[ .042. ] what kind of animals are they: Dog and Cat

. : School : .
[ .043. ] are you still in school: yeppers
[ .044. ] did you drop out: if i’m still in school, guessing that’s going to be a no...
[ .045. ] current gpa, or last gpa you got: 4.0 <1/3>; 3.9541
[ .046. ] favorite grade: level? ahh, 7th grade
[ .047. ] least favorite grade: high school, ha
[ .048. ] favorite teacher: Hegelmeyer, Loosen, Whyte <3rd grade>
[ .049. ] least favorite teacher: RILEY... stupid cunt
[ .050. ] favorite subject: Language (Spanish and English)
[ .051. ] least favorite subject: Science, haha, hense dropping it
[ .052. ] do/did you buy lunch or bring it: umm.. bring it mostly
[ .053. ] play any sports on the school's team: yep, LADY HAWKS VOLLEYBALL, DIVISION CHAMPS, THANK YOU! :)
[ .054. ] do/did you do any extracurricular ativities: isn’t volleyball an x-tracurricular?
[ .055. ] are/were you popular: umm... i talk to a lot of people, does that mean i’m popular?
[ .056. ] favorite dance: Prom
[ 057. ] favorite memory: many too many...
[ .058. ] least favorite dance: uMm... Homecoming 2002
[ .059. ] least favorite memory: ha, lots of those too
[ .060. ] most humiliating moment: yeah, what ISN’T with me?

. : Favorites : .
[ .061. ] number: 28, 21
[ .062. ] clothing brand: ahh, Tommy or Nike
[ .063. ] shoes: Nike, that’s a must
[ .064. ] saying: “Good Times!”
[ .065. ] tv show: ... i don’t know, don’t watch all that much TV i suppose...
[ .066. ] sport: to play: volleyball; to watch: hockey
[ .067. ] vegetable: icky... peas though
[ .068. ] fruit: strawberries, yummy!
[ .069. ] movie: Finding Nemo or Dirty Dancing
[ .070. ] magazine: ...idk
[ .071. ] actor: umm.. lots
[ .072. ] actress: Reese Witherspoon, Brittany Murphy, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen
[ .073. ] candy: suckers, the red ones
[ .074. ] gum: Green Extra
[ .075. ] scent: peppermint or Mervin
[ .076. ] candy bar: PayDays lately...
[ .077. ] ice cream flavor: Peppermint Stick
[ .078. ] color: purple, royalty baby!
[ .079. ] season: winter or fall, i like to cuddle :)
[ .080. ] holiday: my birthday or Thanksgiving for other reasons... ;) haha
[ .081. ] band: uMmM... ?
[ .082. ] singer: i like lotsa singers
[ .083. ] group: ...
[ .084. ] rapper: Nelly
[ .085. ] type of music: i like everything, with the exception of Jazz
[ .086. ] thing in your room: pictures on my wall, my bed, or my Marvin dolls
[ .087. ] place to be: my bed :)
[ .088. ] radio station: 103.7 KISS FM!
[ .089. ] tv channel: ahh, ABC?
[ .090. ] junk food: haha, it’s all good!
[ .091. ] overall food: bagels or Mexican
[ .092. ] store: Target
[ .093. ] shoe brand: Nike, duh
[ .094. ] fast food: ...BK’s good, but Cousin’s ROCKS!
[ .095. ] restaurant: the Olive Garden *thumbs up*
[ .096. ] shape: heart
[ .097. ] time of day: nighttime
[ .098. ] country: Mexico, though i’ve never been there... Paige, i’m coming!
[ .099. ] state: Alaska
[ .100. ] boys name: Carter John
[ .101. ] girls name: Kyla Dawn, Bethany Marie
[ .102. ] mall: Mayfair
[ .103. ] video game: MARIO!
[ .104. ] shampoo: herbal essence or Pantene Pro-V
[ .105. ] board game: ... checkers, cuz i can WHOOP PAIGE’S ASS!!
[ .106. ] computer game: ... spider solitaire
[ .107. ] car: Jeep Cherokee
[ .108. ] music video: ... i have no cable :(
[ .109. ] swear word: fuck
[ .110. ] word: “word”
[ .111. ] month: October
[ .112. ] cartoon character: Marvin the Martian
[ .113. ] scary movie: ...idk! i love horror films in general
[ .114. ] team: MSL Hawks! :)
[ .115. ] possession: Marvin’s heart

. : What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear : .
[ .116. ] eminem: peanut :) haha
[ .117. ] dog: bone
[ .118. ] hot: cold
[ .119. ] britney spears: eh
[ .120. ] nsync: sink
[ .121. ] real world: life
[ .122. ] orange: juice
[ .123. ] choice: pro
[ .124. ] fuck: you
[ .125. ] bisexual: AMANDA!
[ .126. ] black: white
[ .127. ] icq: #s
[ .128. ] insane clown posse: icky
[ .129. ] linkin park: cool beans
[ .130. ] jack: in the box
[ .131. ] rainbow: gay
[ .132. ] cherry: pop
[ .133. ] cucumber: PEPINA!
[ .134. ] shark: attack *dude, member that game?!*
[ .135. ] lifehouse: that one song... Hanging by a Moment
[ .136. ] bat: ty
[ .137. ] leather: ha... you don’t wanna know
[ .138. ] whip: chains
[ .139. ] america: the beautiful
[ .140. ] water: rain
[ .141. ] volcano: lava

. : This or that : .
[ .142. ] rock or rap: rap
[ .143. ] rock or pop: pop
[ .144. ] rock or r&b: r&b
[ .145. ] rock or metal: neither
[ .146. ] rap or pop: both
[ .147. ] rap or r&b: both
[ .148. ] rap or metal: rap
[ .149. ] pop or r&b: both
[ .150. ] pop or metal: pop
[ .151. ] r&b or metal: r&b
[ .152. ] linkin park or limp bizkit: they both have their songs...
[ .153. ] tool or korn: ick, neither
[ .154. ] selena or jennifer lopez: selena, j-hoe could NEVER compare!
[ .155. ] hot or cold: cold
[ .156. ] winter or summer: winter
[ .157. ] spring or fall: fall
[ .158. ] shakira or britney: i like them both, depends on my mood
[ .159. ] icp or eminem: eminem
[ .160. ] marilyn manson or rob zombie: umm... ICKY
[ .161. ] kittie or garbage: neither
[ .162. ] mtv or vh1: MTV
[ .163. ] buffy or angel: Angel, he’s hot!
[ .164. ] dawson's creek or gilmore girls: Gilmore Girls
[ .165. ] football or basketball: football, well, SOCCER! :)
[ .166. ] summer olympics or winter olympics: winter
[ .167. ] skiing or snowboarding: ha, neither, i suck!
[ .168. ] rollarblading or skateboarding: quad skating!
[ .169. ] black or white: white
[ .170. ] orange or red: red
[ .171. ] yellow or green: green
[ .172. ] purple or pink: purple
[ .173. ] slipknot or mudvayne: icky
[ .174. ] hot topic or pac sun: pac sun
[ .175. ] inside or outside: inside... haha
[ .176. ] weed or alcohol: neither, good girl 0:)
[ .177. ] cell phone or pager: cellie
[ .178. ] pen or pencil: pen
[ .179. ] powerpuff girls or charlie's angels: powerpuff
[ .180. ] scooby doo or dino: DINO! woo hoo!
[ .181. ] dragon ball z or pokemon: haha, could care less, really i could
[ .182. ] star wars or star trek: star wars
[ .183. ] tattoos or piercings: both within moderation
[ .184. ] prep or punk: prep, ghetto white boys are my favorite though... :) hehe
[ .185. ] slut or whore: slut, THAT’S ME! just ask john!

. : Private life : .
[ .186. ] do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: boyfriend: yes, girlfriend: no, my wife wouldn’t like that
[ .187. ] do you have a crush: yes, my baby
[ .188. ] do you love anyone right now: yep yep
[ .189. ] have you ever been in love: ahh, obviously
[ .190. ] how many people have you kissed: ... on the lips? 2; with tounge: 1
[ .191. ] who was your first kiss: Marvin :)
[ .192. ] how many hearts of have you broken: haha, none that i’m aware of
[ .193. ] how many people broke your heart: i THOUGHT 2, but... they suck, so i don’t care
[ .194. ] best quote to sum up love: “No (wo)man is worth your tears and the only one who is will never make you cry.” I don’t AGREE with it, but... i think it makes sense
[ .195. ] so what is your bf/gf/crush like: sexy... see pics @
[ .196. ] do you have a picture of him/her: yeah, see the previous
[ .197. ] please post it if you do: yeah, DUH!
[ .198. ] do you have a picture of yourself: umm... yeah?
[ .199. ] please post it if you do: again, go to the site
[ .200. ] do you go by looks or personality: combination of the two
[ .201. ] ever kiss a friend: umm... you could say that... *:( oh...*
[ .202. ] are you still friends: yeah, i guess, i try not to be though
[ .203. ] so moving you smoke: what do you think?
[ .204. ] do you smoke weed: hell no
[ .205. ] ever trip on acid: nope
[ .206. ] how about a little x : ANGEL!
[ .207. ] crack, heroin, anything else: oh yes, at least 2x daily
[ .208. ] beer good or beer bad: depends on the brand
[ .209. ] are you the sissy who drinks wine coolers: they’re good! :)
[ .210. ] do you like smirnoff ice: never had it, 0:)
[ .211. ] prefer beer or liquor: i’m not a drinker, so... i don’t care?
[ .212. ] what kind of cigarettes do you smoke: your mom’s
[ .213. ] are you a virgin: yep, AND DAMN PROUD OF IT!
[ .214. ] if no, when was the last time you got some:...

. : Would you ever : .
[ .215. ] bungee jump: most likely not
[ .216. ] sky dive: no
[ .217. ] swim with dolphins: yeah
[ .218. ] scuba dive: sure
[ .219. ] go rock climbing: yeah... :)
[ .220. ] eat shit for $1,000,000: can’t say that i would
[ .221. ] turn your back on your friends for personal gain: naw, that’s not me
[ .222. ] steal a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend: haha, done that... kinda, b.i.d
[ .223. ] cross-dress: eh, i look like a boy already, so... sure?
[ .224. ] lie to the police: hehe, been there!
[ .225. ] run from the police: nope, that’s my boyfriend’s job... haha
[ .226. ] lie to your parents: not my mom, i can’t... it’s weird
[ .227. ] walk up to a stranger and kiss them: i would like to say that i would, but i’m a pussy
[ .228. ] be an exotic dancer: haha, no
[ .229. ] walk out of a restaurant without paying: no, i’d feel too guilty... if the service was REALLY bad though, i would
[ .230. ] streak: have you seen me naked? exactly, you wouldn’t want to, so no

. : Your friends : .
[ .231. ] best friend: (abc order) Kelly, Marvin, Paige, & Sarah San
[ .232. ] known longest: of those 4? Paige
[ .233. ] wish you talked to more: umm... Krystal
[ .234. ] wish you saw more: Krystal
[ .235. ] how many friends do you think you have: idk... REAL friends? about 6
[ .236. ] who drives you insane after a while: Amanda
[ .237. ] who can you stay around forever and never get sick of: my 4 bestest
[ .238. ] ever lose a good friend because you took it to the 'next level': umm... no. I mean, me and Paige have been at the “next level” for years, and it hasn’t ruined the friendship at all, just mad it stronger... ;) haha
[ .239. ] craziest: they all are, you have to be to hang with me
[ .240. ] loudest: haha, probably me, but Paige gets loud too... Amanda is the most annoyingly loud though...
[ .241. ] shyest: ahh... Cassandra I would say
[ .242. ] best hair: Danielle B.
[ .243. ] can always make you laugh: my bestests
[ .244. ] best eyes: ummm... idk
[ .245. ] best body: Kelly
[ .246. ] most athletic: Paige
[ .247. ] sex symbol: Sarah San! :)
[ .248. ] hot tempered: me
[ .249. ] most impatient: Paige, hahaha
[ .250. ] shortest: Marvin, haha
[ .251. ] tallest: Sarah San
[ .252. ] talented: all of them, different ways tho
[ .253. ] best singer: Amanda, haha
[ .254. ] skinniest: uMmM...
[ .255. ] nicest: they all are
[ .256. ] best personality: all of them
[ .257. ] biggest drug user: Stevie

. : Have you ever :
[ .258. ] flashed someone: ... i don’t THINK so... does Marvin count? ;) haha
[ .259. ] told the person you liked how you felt: yep
[ .260. ] been to michigan: umm... YES!
[ .261. ] gotten really REALLY wasted: nope
[ .262. ] gone to jail or juvi: all the time, was there on Tuesday
[ .263. ] skateboarded: haha, have, not WELL, but i have
[ .264. ] skinny dipped: nope
[ .265. ] stolen anything: haha, yes
[ .266. ] wanted to kick my ass for making this so long: no, good times!
[ .267. ] kicked someone's ass: yes...
[ .268. ] pegged someone in the head with a snowball: haha, probably
[ .269. ] broke a beer bottle: ... no
[ .270. ] gotten into a bar, under-aged: yep, when i was, like, 7
[ .271. ] kissed someone of the same sex: ... kind of... don’t ask
[ .273. ] gone on a road trip: no, but if you were asking AFTER this spring break, i would say YES!
[ .274. ] gone on vacation without adult supervision: uMm... do my visits to PdC count? haha
[ .275. ] been to a concert: yeah, who hasn’t?
[ .276. ] been to another country: yep
[ .277. ] talked back to an adult: haha, that’s my trademark
[ .278. ] got pulled over: i don’t want to talk about that...
[ .279. ] got in a car accident: yep, quite a few
[ .280. ] broke a law: haha, all the time, isn’t that what it’s there for?
[ .281. ] given money to a homeless person: can’t say that i have
[ .282. ] tried to kill yourself: no... self-mutalation, yes, killing, not so much
[ .283. ] cried to get out of trouble: no... i can’t cry on demand, DAMMIT!
[ .284. ] kissed a friend's brother or sister: no
[ .285. ] kissed a brother or sister's friend: no... icky, since my little people are SMALL!
[ .286. ] dropped something on the floor that you were cooking and let someone eat it: haha, i worked at McDonald’s... :) what do YOU think?!

. : Opinions : .
[ .287. ] what do you think...about pop music: good times
[ .288. ] about boy bands: they’re cool, well, some of them
[ .289. ] about flag burning: against it, but... you have the freedom too, or at least you should
[ .290. ] of the war on terrorists: don’t really have an opinion
[ .291. ] about suicide: selfish
[ .292. ] about people who try to force their opinions on you: not cool
[ .293. ] about abortion: pro-choice, all the way
[ .294. ] about rock/metal music: yucky, but i can tell YOU like it
[ .295. ] where do you think you'll be in 10 years: no idea... if you know, please, enlighten me
[ .296. ] who do you think you'll still be friends with in 5 years: my bestests

. : What did you do : .
[ .297. ] last birthday: went to school, visited my baby
[ .298. ] yesterday: baby-sat
[ .299. ] last weekend: uMm... nothing... i think
[ .300. ] christmas: family time...
[ .301. ] thanksgiving: hehe, spent it with Marvin :)
[ .302. ] new year's eve: ... spent it with Shannon
[ .303. ] halloween: nothing... :(
[ .304. ] easter: got candy?
[ .305. ] valentine's day: got a picture from Marvin... that’s about it

. : the last : .
[ .306. ] thing you ate: country fried potatoes with honey mustard
[ .307. ] thing you drank: water
[ .308. ] thing you wore: the clothes i’m wearing now
[ .309. ] place you went: Denny’s, well... Paige’s house if you wanna get technical
[ .310. ] thing you got pierced/tattooed: my cartilage back in the day
[ .311. ] person you saw: my mommy in bed :)
[ .312. ] person you kissed: my mom... i always kiss her when i come home
[ .313. ] person you fucked: your mom, now what?
[ .314. ] person you talked to: on the phone? or what are you talkin about?
[ .315. ] song you heard: ... Deliverance - Bubba Sparx

. : Now : .
[ .316. ] what are you eating: nothing, i feel ill
[ .317. ] what are you drinking: nada
[ .318. ] what are you wearing: sweats and a beater, well, two
[ .319. ] any shoes on: nope, just socks
[ .320. ] hair: ? what about it? it’s on my head
[ .321. ] listening to: SNL
[ .322. ] talking to anyone: nope... does myself count?
[ .323. ] are you pissed i made this so long: nope, i have nothing better to do

. : Yes or no : .
[ .324. ] are you a vegetarian: no, but i don’t eat pork
[ .325. ] do you like cows: yes i do, MOO!
[ .326. ] are you a bitch: yep
[ .327. ] are you artistic: not so much, Carissa on the other hand... AWESOME!
[ .328. ] do you write poetry: yes
[ .329. ] are you a fast runner: haha, hell no! fat people don’t run
[ .330. ] can you ski: ha, no, did you not read the question from, like, 5 years before?
[ .331. ] are you british: i wish!
[ .332. ] do you want to spear britney: not really...
[ .333. ] do the voices talk to you: all the time
[ .334. ] did you ever give barbie a haircut: haha, no, but i make-uped my Cabbage Patch dolls :)
[ .335. ] would you eat mac &cheese with hot dogs in it: if they were BEEF hot dogs, hell yeah, good shit!
[ .336. ] do you think disney creators were on acid when they made alice in wonderland: probably... who wasn’t in that time?
[ .337. ] are you straight: umm.. yeah? LoL i am married to my wife though, so... ?
[ .338. ] are you ?stupid, ?insane, and another ?physically handicapped: yes
<3 :)    
05:40pm 07/11/2003
mood: grateful
music: *Silence* - Nothing-ness
:) I love...
Kelly: for rocking so much and listening to me bitch (as well as BEING my bitch! ;) hehe)
Marvin: for being my boy and loving me though it's sometimes hard
Paige: for all the things we've done together and the way she can always make me laugh.
Sarah San: for the many good times and making me realize that you're NEVER too old to trick-or-treat
The four of them are my saving grace and i would be lost without you... Thank you, to say the least. :-*