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Almost October... [28 Sep 2005|10:58pm]
[ mood | grateful ]
[ music | Pitbul ]

Hey everyone :)

Some time for an update...

Well last week was the Duke basketball ticket campout. It was nuts! People rented trucks, RV's, and there were tons of tents, coolers, lawn chairs, etc.
This is how it works: Duke students have to camp out from Friday 7pm - Sunday morning. There are checks every hour, randomly called, to make sure you are still there and aren't leaving. You are allowed to miss one check though. If you get through the 2 days out there, then on the last day there is a lottery drawing for season basketball tickets. So your chances are okay, but not the greatest. Anyways a few of my friends got tickets, so it should be fun going to the games!!! As a grad student, I can pretty much go in to every game without worry...except ones like Duke vs UNC. That's a crazy one.

Justin is leaving next week on the 7th. I can't believe the time has already come!!! These 2 months we've lived together has gone by SO quickly. It's been fun and I will be looking forward to his return on Dec. 7th. He'll be gone exactly 2 months... :(

So last week I had an interview with St. Jude Medical. They basically want to fly me out in Nov for an interview (Los Angeles). They said i'd start as an entry level Systems Test Engineer, at about 70,000 starting, and have room to move up within the company. That's always good. So we'll see and I'll keep ya posted. I guess this Duke degree is kinda paying off huh? ;)

So on September 30th is my sister's 16 birthday!!! So Happy Birthday Smelter!
lol we have too many nicknames :)

Speaking of family, I will be going home for my Fall Break. I'll be in good ol Bradenton Oct 8th - Oct 12th. I fly back just in time for class...eeesh.
So let me know what you wanna do. I won't have a car so YOU can come see ME in Bradenton ;)

This weekend is Justin's last weekend here so I plan on making it a good one :) I am excited...but I will be missing him too soon.

I have pics but I'm too lazy to post yet...hehe.

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First week of class! [03 Sep 2005|03:15pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | Sean Paul - We be burnin' ]

So Monday was my first day of classes...and this week has been pretty intense, as far as materials and readings go. Not too many assignments so far, but enough to keep me busy and thinking. I ended up dropping a class because I didn't like the material as much as I thought I would, and I took on another. So this is my class list for the semester:

Marketing Management
Finance - High-Tech Industry
Medical Device Innovation
Micro electromechanical systems (MEMs)

As you can see, the top 2 are my core classes, and the bottom two are my BME and one ECE. It's a nice lil combo :)

A lot of people in my program are taking ALL management courses and no technical ones...I don't think I could do that. But, I guess the management ones are easier and most people want to stray from "technical engineering". I guess I just need my brain picked at some more.

So, the campus...

Well, Duke is beautiful. I have to walk quite a bit to get to anywhere...but it's nice. All the engineering buildings are cluttered together, so that makes it easier. Most of my classes are there, with the exception of the Med class, it's in Fuqua. All in all, I'm ecsatic to be at Duke and you should all come visit me.

I have been going out with some ppl in the program, the MEM'ers. We have hit up Main St. in Durham, and Ninth st. We have also gone to Franklin st., which is at UNC...pretty crazy packed. But a good time.

Living with Justin has been awesome. Like he puts it, it's like a sleepover all the time lol. It's been nice going out with him, watchin movies, studying together, etc etc. Too bad he has to go back to Cali for his last clinical in Oct. Boooo Cali.

Anyways I haven't had time to take any new pictures recently. But I will soon.

I don't miss FL, but I miss my family and some friends :) I would say that I miss the beach...but we have a nice pool here and the weather is just as nice, so it's not so bad :) Now the issue is deciding what and where I will be next year....stay tuned.

Leave me some love

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Quickie :) [17 Aug 2005|01:34pm]
Hey everyone!

Just a quick update on me...

Well, I am all moved into mine and Justin's new place in North Carolina! :)

It's really cute and the area is gorgeous. We have been getting furniture, unpacking, getting cable and utilities and all that good stuff.

Last week we were in Bradenton/Tampa and got to see some people. It was nice to see my friends, thanks guys :)

It was especially nice to spend the time with family, I miss them already!

Next week I have 2 orientations: one for the Master's Engineering program and one for Duke Graduate students.
I AM SO excited!

I'll have pictures up soon :)
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New York, New York! [27 Jul 2005|08:58pm]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | Shakira - La Tortura (Raggaeton Remix) ]

Hey guys...

This past weekend was my first 21+ visit to NYC! It was a crazy good time...

My girlfriend, Madhavi came and met up with me and we partied together on Friday night...i'll have to get some pics of that!

Chicken and Rice at 4 or 5 am is freaking awesome..don't exactly recall the time ;)

Both nights I partied and didn't get home til 6 or 7am...and the sun was rising over the NYC skyline...what a great feeling it is to party hard !

Anyways, so yes, NYC is freakin awesome and I would love to live there for a little's incredible.

Here are pictures!

At Justin's friends Steve's place...this is the view from his kitchen...he lives next to Columbia. We crashed at his place all weekend, it was really nice...thank you Steven le.

Riding the subway for a bit...the rest we walked!!! LOTS of walking :)

Another shot in the subway...Brooklyn and Queen's baby...I think we were riding it the OPPOSITE way lol ;)

And we can't forget about NYC rats/mice...this little sucker is peeking his head out to bite ya!

Here is the view from Steve's was really pretty :)

Acting like a New Yorker...on my cell phone with my Gucci shades on...yeah baby...
Haha and Steve making a funny face :)

Me thinking: "So many pretty selections...and for so cheap...!!!"

One of the many streets we walked on that day...I <3 NYC

Me and my love ready to party and looking hot as TIMES SQUARE baby!!!
Both sporting GUESS tops...sizzlin' hehe

Just lil ol' me in Times Square...partying it up :) Like how the lights look in this one!

Tasty and Strong Margarita's....mmmmm look how HUGE it is compared to my face lol!

Okay and today I took some actions shots at work for the Company website and Newletter/Magazine I guess lol...


Me infront of the front sign of our building...

Woohoo Four Poster Testing!!! my presentation for the camera...I'm not doin it for real lol...but there it is!

Sooo I presented to the freakin PRESIDENT of the company on Monday and they were impressed and I got great feedback!!! They want me to come back and work there...i was like rrrriigghhhtt lol.

Corporate called me today and Jacobsen (another division of Textron, located in Charlotte, NC) wants me to consider them in the future too...
so it seems that the word about my work and such is good. and it's getting around...positive gossip in the company is always a good thing! :)

NYC was freaking I already said and Madhavi is moving there in a few weeks, so I will be up there visiting her and partying my littly booty off when I can!!!

****Will be in Bradenton whoever wants to see me, let me know!!! I will be coming down with Justin and staying with my parents :)

Miss you guys!

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[ mood | busy ]
[ music | Don Omar - Raggaeton Latino ]

This is the website I will be using to have my things delivered to me in North Carolina, so that way i'm not sleeping on the floor. There's some cool stuff on there, you should check it out!

OK so I guess i am about 2 weeks behind in pictures...

So here they are...

This is from last weekend (not this past weekend) when i partied with my Augusta crew :)

Drinking games at my place!!! With my new girl...Jamie, and Joe from work :)

The Work Crew! Joe, me and Nick...upclose and personal lol.

Posing for the camera at Wild Wing...can u tell we are totally gone?! One word: Dirty Martini lol
And what is that hand sign Joe? hehe

The work crew our second job as Nick put it ;)

This past weekend I went to Atlanta with Justin. It was really nice...but damn, it is SO ghetto at parts! The suburbs are really pretty though. The city is pretty cool...not a bad place to be :) We stayed at the Sheraton...gotta love those Sweet Sleeper beds! ;)

Here is HOTLANTA...just a few pics of the city...driving in...and driving out lol

Welcome to Atlanta where the playa's play...

...and the party don't stop til 8 in the morning ;)

Home of some of the greatest artists...
"United States of Atlanta - Ying Yang Twins"...Ludacris!...So so def records...just to name a few :)

Alright so back to my non-ghettoness...
So we got back into Augusta Saturday night and were ready to party!

It was back to my place for predrinking games and then we went out to a club. Fun night...good to get out dancing!

Me and Jamie posing at my place during as we get started ;)
Too bad the camera lens had a smudge lol

Nick and Justin getting their drink on...mmm they love that whiskey!

You are missing out by not coming to visit me biotches ;)

The happy couple in BeBe and GUESS...we are so hot right now ;) <3

Jamie and I at "Last Call" posing before getting our dance on and sweating like crazy!!! Hehe at least u know we had a good time ;)
Her request for the DJ: "Ginuwine - My Pony" ohh yeahh taking it ol the party jumpin! :)

This weekend is gonna be so exciting. I'll be in NYC with Justin and his bro's. Looking forward to partying and shopping...and squeeze some sightseeing in there too ;)

Will post pics shortly...2 WEEKS LEFT IN GEORGIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

although i will miss my new friends :)

<3 <3

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Fourth of July and Plans... [09 Jul 2005|02:32pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Let me Hold You - Bow Wow f. J.D. ]

I can't believe I have less than 1 month here in GA...

So anyways, I was in Washington D.C. for the 4th of July...and here are the pictures from the weekend.

BUT FIRST, let me update you on my plans :)

Next weekend: A-T-L-A-N-T-A baby!!! Justin is flying into ATL on Friday and we are partying there Friday night and then spending Saturday in the city. Sunday we will chills back here in the A-U-G. hehe.

Next next weekend: NEW YORK CITY!!! Justin's bro from Cali, Johnny, is flying up to NYC and me and Justin are gonna meet him there along with his bro Steve, and a few others that reside in the city. It's going to be a BLAST! We are staying at Steve's b/c he has a phat pad and it can house all of us :) Lance might be coming too, well he HAS to come...why miss out?!?!?! All weekend will be drinking and shopping :)

Alright, now for the pictures...

Here is semi-blurry picture of me and Justin in the Metro...waiting to catch a train :)

A picture of the capitol bldg while walking to the Smithsonians...

The Mall on the right..this year's theme was "Festival of India"...and then the capitol bldg in the background.

At the national museum of Art...the prettiest museum in d.c. :)

Another picture in that museum...pretty :)

In front of the is really huge!

The National Archives...on our way to Chinatown for some yummy food!

Woohoo Chinatown in D.C.!!! We had Dim Sum :)

And another shot later that evening...on our way back to the hotel.

So we stopped at this Thai place that his friend recommended and the owner was SO nice! He gave us free margarita's...yummy :)

The waterfront in Georgetown :) Our last stop before the airport.

Ok so that's about it for pictures on their way from ATL and NYC :)
So excited!!!

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More pictures for your enjoyment... [01 Jul 2005|06:59pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | DSD - Look Back at it (hehe LANCE!!!) ]

Happy CANADA DAY!!! miss my Toronto ppls :)

So last weekend Justin was here...this is just a continuation of my last post...

Here are pics of Saturday night :)

Me and Justin at a bar downtown...

Check out my Abercrombie gear, it's

Me and the guys...Nick and nice smile there Nick ;)

Another one of us...we are da bomb yo. hehe

A good picture of the guys...awwwwwww :p

So the weekend before last we went to North Carolina and well we got one sad ass picture of the Duke campus...

it DOES NOT do justice to Duke...but here is the ONE picture we got of the chapel...

It's gorgeous in person...the whole campus is dammit.

WOOHOO for awesome parking permit for the school year :) CHEM LOT baby!!! hehe

D.C. 4TH OF JULY THIS WEEKEND! I'm leaving tomorrow morning and coming back Monday night....will have pictures of that shortly...followed by more crazy times in Augusta :)

Love you all! Leave ME some love...

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Fun Weekend!!! [26 Jun 2005|11:33pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | Teairra Marie f/ Jay-Z - Make a girl feel (dload this, it's the new shizzle) ]

Fun times this weekend...

don't feel like typing too much, just gonna post pics.

Friday night me and the guys...yes, no girls...not yet at least. Story of my life huh?
Anyways, we went across the street to Wild Wing and it was a great hammered time!!! haha.

So who are these guys? Well these are my work buddies. The only guys there MY AGE! Joe and Nick (I think he's taking the picture hence the awkward pose ;) Anyways they were walking over to my place...drunk of course :)

Here's me and Justin walking over to the bar ...keep in mind we are pretty trashed. Good pic though huh?

LOL...And I made Nick take this one...I had to post it...hehe
Lance: you would appreciate this shirt :)

and one more pic....TOTALLY WASTED: They don't even remember taking this picture!

Joe, me, and Nick. Nice smile there Joe. lol ;)

Saturday night we went out again but it wasn't as hardcore. Kinda rainy and I was sooo tired. Have pics of that too, just waiting on Justin to upload.

NEXT WEEKEND, D.C.!!! Can't wait to celebrate with my babe :)

Peace Up, A-town
I'm out homies fo shizzle

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Just for the wait... [20 Jun 2005|10:50pm]
[ mood | thankful ]
[ music | Jermaine Dupri - Gotta Getcha ]

I'm posting a plethora of pictures.

They are all from the month of May....and a little bit of June.

So in no specific order...

My graduation...

Here is the whole family...My family on the right...and then my aunts, uncle and cousin on the left. What an awesome day...

And of course Justin was there too...he was the camera guy for most of the family pics hehe :) So here's one of just us!

Couldn't capture me getting my engineering ring very well, but here is Dr. Smith just putting the ring on my finger and going to shake my hand... "induction of the engineer" :-D

Pretty flower bouquet for graduation thanks to my love...

Celebrating Justin's graduation in Boston...with scorpion bowls!!! Yummy :)
Here is his mommy, and us, and his big bro, Poppa Bear (Brandon) and his boyfriend Chris.
I am so proud of my baby...already got his Master's...and from BU! That's totally hot babe ;)
We're gonna be rich, biotches :) :) :)

His sister's graduation with her B.A. from is the WHOLE gang...on the left is his sis' boyfriend's family and then Justin's family and then him and I :) Very proud of her on to her PhD at Purdue too!

So here is beautiful Chicago...a shot from the subway while approaching the city.

And here is another shot from the other side...I love the city.

And well, here I am now, settled down for the summer...

Augusta, of the nearby lakes.

Another shot of us in the sunset... <3

This past weekend we went to Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina...pretty successful apartment hunt. I bought Justin and I Duke flip flops, tshirt, car decal.
Drove around the campus, totally gorgeous...I am so excited...and I am so grateful for everything...

So let's see...what states have I been in this past month?

Florida (duh)
Washington DC
South Carolina

Let me tell you that the drive from Georgia to NC was 5 hours and totally brutal driving alone.

Anyways, Justin and my friends here in Georgia are partying this's gonna be so awesome. My roomie and his friend for UGA and then 2 guys from work who are totaly cool. I'll take pics. Too bad Lance couldn't come but we will meet up somewhere soon :) I miss you :(

AND, for 4th of July, WASHINGTON, DC!!! That is gonna be a total blast. I can't wait!

Well that's it for now...i'll keep posting pics as they come.

<3 <3

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About time for an update... [09 Jun 2005|10:46am]
[ mood | working ]
[ music | whatever is on my iPOD mini hehe ]

First things first, I want to wish my girl Nicole a happy belated birthday! I didn't forget...and I hope you had a blast partying and I wish I coulda been there :)

So i'm at work right now... i know, tsk tsk on me for updating at work.
So work... well this is my 2nd week now. It's going well...everyone here is really nice and very welcoming. In fact, people in Augusta have lots of southern hospitality. And they are overweight...put way too many condiments on EVERYTHING. It's really sad when they don't travel by plane because they have to buy 2 seats or can't fit into 1 comfortably. Like on our drive up, while in GA, my dad and I stopped at cracker barrel and half of these familes, the parents were overflowing in their seats and inhaling their food. It was disgusting. Anyways...that's the U.S. for ya.

So, I'm in the Project Design Engineering sector of the plant...which means I'm in an office. I have my own space and desk and phone, computer, etc. They build the Golf Cars in the factory...this plant is ginormous!
I've been going to design spec meetings on the electrical motor and gas car and harnesses, petal boxes, etc etc.
It's mostly mechanical engineering, but whatever, I am getting exposed to the engineering design process. From idea of a product to manufacturing it. I am getting paid tomorrow and that is exciting :)

I almost forgot to mention, I'm one of 5 girls in the department...and there are about 70 people in the dept. And 2 girls are lesbo big burly women and the other is the secretary...and the other one is the head honcho (spelling?) VP senior design engineer...which is pretty awesome b/c she is my mentor here. So all these men are under her command...hehehehehe :)
She treated me to lunch this week and we had a great discussion...she is really an amazing woman. Electrical Engineer i might add ;) :)

So...needless to say, i've gotten asked out a few men WAY older than me...

In fact, Justin was here last weekend and we went across the street to Wild Wing (bar and restaurant with a stage for live music) and we ran into 2 coworkers. They bought him a pitcher of long island and it rocked. $6!!!
So when i excused myself from them to go to the bathroom, they tell Justin: "Dude, thanks so much for letting us borrow your girlfriend!" Um...ok. Justin was a little weirded out haha. He was like, "babe, they fantasize about you at work, you are their eye candy". YIKES. very yikes.

So yeah, Justin and I went out on the lake and it was lakefest so there were fireworks and stuff...really pretty, I will post pics soon. The weekend with him here for my first week was awesome...I love you baby.


The mall has an abercrombie, which is exciting, and an american eagle. Good news is that i finally fit into abercrombie pants, although I'm a sad size of a 00. hehe. But they fit goood, like a glove.

This weekend I'm going to Washington DC to see Justin, and then the next we are apt hunting in Raleigh, NC.

Did I mention that my roomate Trevor is totally awesome? We watch movies...we go to dinner...we can hang out and it's awesome. I'm so glad he's a chill guy. Last night we went out with some friends and it was a good time...and then a midnight run to Waffle was yummy...and a very southern thing to do apparently.
Almost forgot to mention that i went to a cookout with him and his med school friends, all really awesome ppl.

Anyways, i hope you guys miss me, because if you don't then you are a half assed friend and you don't deserve to be part of my life anyways. LOL jk.
geez, relax.

Lance and Justin are coming in the end of June and it's gonna be awesome. We are gonna party hard and eat lots of good southern cookin...oh did i mention that the mexican food here is fabulous!!!??? It rocks.

Yay for a great time and lots of money making in Augusta, Georgia...the dirty dirty south!

I'll post pics soon!!

<3 and i can't wait to move in with you in August

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Quickie! [26 May 2005|12:40am]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | Nelly - Errtime ]

Back from Boston after a delayed flight! Too bad Boston was so gloomy and rainy today and for the last few days...

Awesome trip with my love...will update on Indiana, Chicago, graduations, etc...very sooon.

Leaving for Augusta, GA on saturday morning...last time to ever see me folks! lol jk

Pack pack pack...organize organize organize...

Drea, thanks for the thank you card, will definitely invite all 4 of you to the wedding ;) :)

Trying to spend the last 2 days in FL with the family...

Will update soon though, promise...and with pictures! woohoo!!!

<3 miss u already

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I'm DONE!!! [11 May 2005|09:41pm]
[ mood | thankful ]
[ music | listening to my new iPOD ;) ]

So final grades are up, the ceremony is over, and my diploma should be in the mail!

The ring ceremony was nice...I'm glad I didn't walk though, both would have been way too much.
I got some awesome graduation presents from my family though...a gorgeous necklace from my godmother, about $1,400 from my godfather and various other jewelry and clothes from relatives. Family friends got me a $100 Westfield shopping gift card for work clothes hehe. My parents got me a gorgeous Coach bag and an iPOD mini...a silver one that I picked out :) All in all, it was awesome and I'm happy to have graduated.

I'll have pictures shortly!!!

Anyways so Friday I leave for Chicago and Boston! So excited...and I can't wait to see my Justin...he'll be graduating then too :)

Then I'll be leaving for Augusta GA for the fellowship internship. So I finally got the final specs on that...and well, i'm gonna talk about it, so if you don't wanna hear it, then don't read the rest of my entry and goodnite.

So Textron is covering my tuition at Duke for my Master's...which is about $30,000. They are helping me find housing right now and my start date is May 31st, the day after Memorial Day. I'll be working about 10 weeks, and well, my salary is $10,000. I'll be saving that money for housing and expenses during grad school, but it's safe to say that I have mostly everything paid for. This is exciting because it is less stress on the parents and well, i'm just proud of it.

Lance and I = more shopping. hehe!
Justin and I = more traveling. muah!

And the rest of you don't see me often enough to be included. LOL jokes jokes jokes. But for real, YAY!

I'm doing a final move-out of Tampa tomorrow...bye bye FL!

Thanks for the dinner at Carraba's yesterday guys, I love you all and i'll miss you bunches :)

Peace Up! A-Town!

(replace Atlanta, GA with Augusta, GA)
LOL ;)

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Graduation time approaches... [26 Apr 2005|11:42am]
[ mood | thankful ]
[ music | K Young - Happy Together ]

Next weekend is my graduation. I decided NOT to walk. I'm going to do the engineering ring ceremony because it's only my college and more personal. The commencement takes too long and the gown plus honors sash is like $80. I'd rather save my parents the money for graduation presents :)

So graduation weekend is going to be a family event. Next friday is my parent's anniversary party with their close friends. It's going to be at this Peruvian restaurant in Sarasota, and we are expecting a good turnout. Saturday morning is the ring ceremony and then we are going to P.F. Chang's for lunch with my family. Since my relatives are going to be here from Peru and Miami (isn't that cool?) we're going to keep it small and just for the family. I intend to save the hanging out with my friends for the evening/plan another night to go out and party ;) Justin is also going to be here for all the events - he gets to meet some of my extended family which i'm excited about. He has finals the week after next weekend, so he'll be studying a lot...i'm just glad he can make it :)

After graduation, that week is moving out week! I found a subletter for my room and she is going to move in Mid-May. Once i'm all moved out, it gets busy again. I'M GOING TO CHICAGO! Well, i am going to Indiana for Justin's sister's graduation from Purdue and then Justin and I are going to Chicago for a few days. I'm excited. Then from Chi-town we are going to Boston for his graduation. I'm so proud of my baby! After Boston, i plan on coming back to FL and then driving up to GA for my internship :) Then in August, move in to my new apt in North Carolina ! I'm going to be a busy bee for the next few months.

Let me add that throughout the summer Justin and I will be in DC, Atlanta, and various other parts of the country on weekends ;)

But i'm sure i'll keep you guys posted on that.

Let me just say that I am excited for my future. And that I'm glad Justin is going to be a part of it :) I love you baby and i can't wait for all of our adventures to come <3

**update: Justin got an A on his practical today!!! Which means i don't have to wait til graduation to see i'm off this weekend to give him a reward...ME! :) :) :)

***another update: WOOHOO for this quiz!

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but keep its value in perspective!

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

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Pics! [22 Apr 2005|10:26pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Mariah Carey - We Belong Together ]

So here are some pics from my parents anniversary dinner at the Ritz. It was really good! My daddy got my mom this white gold diamond anniversary band and asked her to be with him for another 25 was so cute. They are like two little dumplings. LOL.

The chef made a little dessert for them :)

Isn't it cute? And yes, i know they both have bowties...hey it was the thought that counted lol.

The whole was a great dinner!

I'm writing another entry right after read it!

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My Space! [22 Apr 2005|12:40am]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | just mtv ]

Hey peoples.

Well, I'm on myspace now and have been bloggin on it. You should all join and jazz up your pages! look me up :)

Here was my last blog, posted on Monday:

This weekend was off the hizzle. I haven't gone out this much in...a LONG time. Thursday was beer pong night and Matt and I kicked some rugby girl ass! Friday was 25 cent beer night (thanks to chapel hill), and then some dancing at the most ghetto place ever...probably not as bad as Full Moon Saloon, but it's up there! Then Saturday, was my blackout day. We started at a sports bar and got pitchers. That was about 6pm. We went to a house party later and then a hockey party. NutS. Especially after the drink my friend gave me, called adios motherfuckers. haha. good times.

So yesterday, i DID NOTHING. I am such a lazy bum. And today I have one meeting and then dinner at my friend Laura's. She is making a German meal, I love when my friends have dinner gatherings. Wow that sounded like i'm 30 or something. Man, i feel old. I get hungover now too, NEVER used to happen. I need to get back in the game! haha...i am gay :)

So I miss Justin terribly. The apt is so weird without him. It's colder too. It's 50 at night and 70 during the day. I guess I can't complain. Makes walking around campus a lot easier. So i think i will break down and see him in San November. It's been 1 week since he left and I'm going crazy. Too crazy.


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Happy 25th Anniversary to my parents! [16 Apr 2005|03:15pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]
[ music | Pretty Ricky - Grind on Me (I LOVE THIS SONG, GO DL IT!) ]

25 years of marriage and many more to come...

:) my parents are so cute lol.

My sis and I got them a cute card that made them cry, of course hehe. In a good way though! We also got them a porcelain wall figure of a man embracing a woman - reminded us of a picture of them back when they first got married. They loved it. My mom also bought him a Sony DVD Cam. It's super small and records straight to DVD mini disks...super cute. She got him a bag and tripod too. I <3 electronics. We're going to dinner at the Sarasota Ritz Carlton restaurant this evening, it's a family event. I'm still waiting to see what he got her ;) I'll post pics of everything later.

Last night I finally went over to say hi to Jarred, Mark and Brandon. It had been a while since I saw you guys so it was nice to see you again. We played Catch Phrase lol and it was fun. I love you guys.

So yesterday was my baby's 24th birthday! It sucked that I couldn't be there with him (tickets are crazy expensive right now), but he was here the last couple of weekends so it kind of made up for it. I still can't wait until we see each other soon :)

I'm posting a few pictures from my weekends with him...

Minigolfing...I'm proud to say that I kicked my sweetie's ass ;) This picture is bright and looks kinda weird though!

Dinner/Dance Cruise out in Clearwater.

Just us and the nice background...

Dinner at Bern's steakhouse...we were SO stuffed!

Anyways, we are both doing really well...we've been together for about 9 months now. Graduation for both of us is just around the corner! How exciting.
Then we are going to live in D.C. together for the summer. We are still looking at housing options, but I think we're gonna go for a studio or small apt in the city near a metro stop! I'm SO excited. Everyone should come visit! ;) I'm also looking forward to interning at the National Academy of Engineering...hehe that's gonne be *hot* ;)

I gotta go get ready for church and dinner! I'll update later

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Quiz time! [12 Apr 2005|05:22pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | Pretty Ricky - Grind on Me (SONG IS HOTTTT) ]

Ok, it's my turn for quizzes!

Hehe...I think this is DEFINITELY a sign:
Take the quiz: "What purse is perfect for you?"

coach tote
You are a cute girl who likes basic, classic things.

Yay A&F!

Take the quiz: "What clothing store are you?"

Abercrombie & Fitch
You cute and fashionable..your not afraid to splurge if it means you gonna look hott!

Yay I am a mixed drink!

Take the quiz: "What Alcoholic drink are you"

mixed drink
you have a nice drink after a hard days work with your co-workers.

Pleased with my results :)

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Birthday Weekend! [08 Apr 2005|08:14pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Backstreet Boys - Incomplete (haha they are back) ]

Yay! So this weekend is Justin's birthday weekend celebration. So far we have planned:

Saturday: Dali Museum followed by a Dinner and Dance Cruise out of Clearwater on a 3 level yacht. Exciting!
Sunday: Bern's Steakhouse dinner...looking forward to that dessert room I've heard about :)

So I went shopping with Lance at International Plaza and I bought Justin a dress shirt from Ruehl ...damn those things cost like $85. But i think it'll look great on him for the cruise or dinner at Bern's :)

So here's the deal for my summer: I think Justin and I are gonna sublet an apartment in D.C. He's trying to get his clinical there for the summer, so hopefully it'll work out! Gotta love craigslist in times like these!

I registered for the "Induction to the Engineering Profession : Engineering Ring Ceremony" this past pinky size is a 1 ! Haha, they said that's the smallest ever. Yay for the smallest engineering ring

Ok well i gg get some stuff done before his flight gets here! :)

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Senior Design Project! [29 Mar 2005|11:39pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Ludacris - The Potion ]

So my board is finally done! I'm presenting this week at the college wide honors symposium and then later for the engineering symposium and later, after making adjustments and so forth, for senior design in front of the engineering professors.

Take a look and let me know what you think! :)

--> Poster Board

Oh and some good news: Justin is coming on friday!!! woohoo, I can't wait! I miss him so much :) He'll definitely be enjoying the warm weather with me at the beach, so let's hope it doesn't rain! ;)

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It's HOT [28 Mar 2005|03:43pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | 112 - You Already Know ]

Update time.

I don't feel like posting pictures. I looked through them and there are some good ones, but I'm too lazy right now.

So the semester is coming to a close. I have a couple of finals - WAMI, Biomed, and Java. My senior design project presentation is almost done and I will be presenting this week and in mid april and then in May again. So by the time i'm in front of professors for a Q&A I should be ready. I'm SO ready to graduate.

I went to the pool with my sis yesterday, it was so damn hot. I tanned nicely though :) It seriously felt like 95 degrees or something.

I'm officially going to be living in D.C. this summer. June 6 - Aug 12. I'm super excited. And I know a couple of ppl that will be there as well. Now to find housing... :) And if anyone wants my room for June/July, let me know! So I will be working at the National Academy of's a Graduate Fellowship Program. My goal is to live in a different major city every summer until I can't do it anymore, and get paid for it. I want to be able to say I've lived in various cities by the time I'm settled :)

So nothing big is going on, just school...some work...some studying. I have some plans for the next couple of months, but nothing too huge. I'm actually pretty bored right now, but that's ok, I am NOT complaining...just enjoying it :) It gives me a chance to catch up on my sleep ;)

And I need to start going out again. I don't know what's been wrong with me recently...I went out like once this semester and it's more than half done. I need to take advantage of cheap FL nightlife before it runs out on me :)

Oh and I really miss Toronto...the only way i'll ever quit whining is if I live there again, even if for a short let's see about U of Toronto.
I'm excited at the thought :) Visiting only made me want to move back more...if only American cities were like that.

Yay to a shorter summer in FL and a soon to be experienced summer in Washington D.C...yay for not sweating my balls off this year ;) haha...!

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