welcome to my world   
08:18am 15/08/2003
  hey yall.. its my first one thanks to diane i saw this thing and thought it was cool to try out. im in school right now. i have the teacher that is way to peepy, awake, jumpy at 8am. i know its more tha just coffee-- Hint hint.. cough. but anyways. the teacher is being a real smartass to me.. im bout to smack her in trhe face.. random quote,,, "Damn the man SAve The Empire!!!" you people will start to notice i acnt keep a constant stream of thought.. it due to past problems.. if i feeel like getting personal well talk... look at this tal kabout sucking up to the teacher .. i know every question shes asking right now... even though its basic internet stuff im amswering by all them.. ha ha ha take that lady... (i really cant ahve her fail me in her class... she is jus ta sub today) but ima go tonight will be better.. 1