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    Wednesday, December 10th, 2003
    6:11 pm
    oooo mann...15 days til christmas!!!..i cant wait!!!..i need more clothes..reelll bad..ok so this weekend was usual..ill tell about it..
    Friday--we were in school..and shaunas mom was suppsed to take us to the concert rite from school..and me and kirsten get called down to the nurses office during spanish..and the nurse is like shaunas mom called and said shes not goin to take you because it was the day it was snowing and everything and she doesnt want to drive on the were lik wtf??? she said she was goin to take us..cause she never takes us newhere and it was only 20 min we were freakin out..but amanda was goin to go too..but her mom was goin to drive she told us her mom would take after school we ran out there..and then when we got there..there was already like 15 people there..which kinda sucked but it was then jesse came on first for the concert..did reeeelll good..then greg came on..then stevie..they all did sooooo good..i think greg did best..then stevie and jesse tied..cause i LOVE then after the concert we went ot wait in line for the signing..and me and shan went to find josh..and get a drink..and i had my camera in my hand..and we wentto the place..and it was these old mexican guys..and the guy was like oo you want a picture of me??? and im like ummm no thanks..and just laughed..and he takes out a camera that he had under the table..i was like oooo man you are not takin a picture of me!! just luahged and he put it away..and then we were upstairs and were lookin at the downstairs for josh..and we saw him..and were lke josh!!!..and he looked up and waved and everyhting..then we ran down the steps..and showed him our poster we made..and hes like "wow this is from awhile agoo!!" and were like yeah..and im like yeha it was here..and hes likeb YEAH!! then i went to get a picture w/ him and he put his arm around kirsten was takin the picture..and she had it on video she didnt even know..and she was videoing..and she was tryin to take a me and josh were just standing there smiling ready for a picture for like 10 seconds..and ten he did this cute little laugh..oo man i almost pushed him on the ground and started makin out w/ him..but i then we went and met greg and jesse and stevie and all that was so great!!
    Saturday--ummmm wat did i do??? ooo yeah i hadda shovel the driveway...and i finished that at like 3..and then my dad took me to wawa and we got hoagies..yum yum at 730 shan came over and at 830 gab came was a fun ol watched dead end..i think thats wat its called..suchh a good movie!! then we went to 10 mass in the morn..and it was so shan n gab n then jen 2 rows behind then after that shauna came over and
    continue later...
    Sunday, November 30th, 2003
    1:01 pm
    Heyy..umm i guess i dont update this thing as much as i thought i was goin to..but..ill tell you about my weekend again
    Thursday--woke up at 730 and went to the philly parade..that was was so nice out! we walked around a lot..i saw ashley there. It was fun just chillen w/ my dad and katie..but then toward the end i started feeling sick because i was we went home and i hadda pee sooo bad..and ther ewere no bathrooms we could use except for mr. i WONT use we stopped at a dunkin was we picked up my gmom..and went back to my house..then i made apple and pumpkin pies, and my gmo watched me the whole was so we ate dinner at like 530 or something and ate the pies..everyone liked them but i don tthinkn they were that
    Friday--i got up at 7 and me and kristen went shopping for black friday..i got shannons bday gift..and alitle bit for my mom for christmas..and then we went to get our nails done*thats why i keep messin up*..then we got home around 1..and i didnt really do anything..just chilled around the house..was kinda mad for alittle bit..and took some nite quil and went to bed at like 8 30..since i was sick.
    Saturday--i just mainly did my science project, and then babysat until i got 40 bucks..wahhoo..too bad i gota spend it on chrismtas im not sick anymore..yay!..but my sister has the flu or something..thats cause she didnt have now im bored..there is no one online, and im waitin for shauna and shannon to come on so we can see wat were doin today..i think will go to the mall or something..tomorrow is goin to be a pain cause i go to school..and then i ahev swim practice from 5-6 and thena swim meet from 7- like 9 or something..blah..oh well atleast ill be out of here and not by myself like i am gets kindannoying when you feel like your friends dont even care about you cause they never invite you like anywhere and 2 weekends in arow the only people you have seen is your family..oh goin to go now..i dunno when ill update again..another day when im bored shitless and no one is out..xoxo..kel

    **Greg on friday!!!**
    Monday, November 10th, 2003
    6:09 pm
    Hey guyssss!..we had a 4 day weekend this imma tell you about
    Thursday- Got up around 9..then got ready and went out to lunch w/ mom and kristen. We mainly talked about colleges and stuff..thats been the big topic since last year when kristen was a jr. Then we went to the mall. Shopped around for awhile..then i got 2 pairs of jeans from strawbridges and a shirt from aero. after shopping we went home and then went out to fresh fields. there were free samples or something so we walked around the place lookin for after that i went to swim practice. i was so mad cause practice is supposed to end at 8 15 but then she didnt tell us that shes ending it at i got out at 8 45 cause my mom wanted to leave.
    Friday- Went to the park w/ my mom and katie. It was soo cold. Then we came home and i was planning on going bowling, but sam asked me to the go the mall w/ her shan n i went there instead. It was got another pair of pants from american eagle..they are so cute..i wore them today. umm after the mall we went back to sams house. sams brothers friend is so hott!!!.haha he told the dog to hump his was so funnyy!!! sat on her couch..ate and watched one hour photo and one of her dance video things. shes such a good dancer!!! its so awesome! we got to sleep at like 2.
    Saturday- woke up at 7 50..shan and brooke came w/ me to my soccer game..which ididnt play in because of my mouth..andwe left there at like 9 cause it was freezing..and we dropped them off and i got home jumped in the shower..took a quick shower and went to my sisters cross country meet. It was cold as shit there!!..we got there at like 11 and we hadda wait until like 2 to leave..i was like crying it was so cold! we finially left there and stopped at wawa to get hoagies..and were on the road home. when i got home i organized to go bowling w/ me shauna shannon jen amanda gab and sam went not the best bowlers..but w/ me and shan went to gabs house and slept over there..gabs got the best basement..its always dark..and shes got like hbo and we just sit there and watch movies all came to drop off pizza for us..haha..i mean its kinda annoying to see jon and shan togethter cause i want a bf..and i dunno it makes me think how i dont have one or something..but its happy they are happy..but w/ we just ate the pizza outside..and we were out there for like 20 min..and gabs brother told her mom that we were out roamin the!..but after eating..we just went back to watching movies.. its the usual thing we do when we go to gabs.
    Sunday- woke up at like 930..had bagels at gabs..then walked to the movie store to look for a movie to watch. We got Identity..oooo man was that scary shit!..haha then after that we just ate lunch and i went home to get a shower and just sit weekend was i cant today is monday..and i hate was so tired today..then i hadda babysit after it was kinda annoying..but its ok have to babysit on wed and thurs..and then im done. swimming starts on tuesday..which sucks cause its shannons dunno depends on if were doin something for her bday that day..cause if we are..then i just wont go to the first practice..which would kinda suck cause it makes a bad impression..but ill go to every other one..its goin to be weird though cause the only person i really know one the team if jen..and we used to be best friends..and we dont talk anymore cause we have different were goin to start tlakin weird..thats ok thuogh..itll be fun..this weekend i have nothing planned..itll prob be another boring weekend..i dunno..umm yeah..i wrote a lot! prob write again once i have something to write about..peece out..xoxoxooxox..kel

    --oh yeah good news..chris is goin on tour again!!!
    ---bad news..otown broke up :(
    Tuesday, October 28th, 2003
    7:52 pm
    Wow today was such a boring day. Rite now im watching seinfeld. I went to school today. Nothing really exciting days til halloween. I have no plans..hmm ive been thinkin of stuff to do..but i cant think of nething.. me and my friends were supposed to go to six flags but now they are goin on nov. 1st, and i cant go then.. so w/e..yeah so i mite be stayin home handin out candy..which i hope I mite go to the game. Wat a gay idea..havin a football game on halloween. I dunno.. katie has a x-country meet so i mite go there. On sat. i gotta get this thing done to my mouth. They have to take skin from the roof of my mouth and put it over the top of my tooth.. its hard to explain. lol..i got it done before but i gotta get it done on the other side now. I didnt like it last time cause i am awake for it the whole time. I can feel like 6 inch needles goin in..BLAA! yeah..imma go cause theres nothin else to write about..xoxo..kel