10:11am 27/09/2003
  yup ok...sean asked me out...good right?....was for a while than i keep feeling like im losing him to my best friend aand thats sad b/c i love megan but i love sean and when i say love sean i dont know but i really like him and hes the only guy ive crided myslef to sleep over and hes the only guys whose mad me stop crying so idk...but i couldnt satnd 2 lose him its one thing if i hate him but i dont and cant but that theres my friend eric and he has a crush on me and doesnt knnow im going out with sean and thats why im always so hesitint to give him hug...but i do and i really think im giving him the wrong imppression and im still not typing exactly what im thinking o yea im not bi...ive concluded that...but im still not typing exactly what im thinking and thats reallys sad so yea im done..