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Thursday, May 15th, 2003

Subject:"Did your razor look different this morning?"
Time:10:50 am.

....Sometimes I fear I am becoming a very sick &fucked up little girl, &like any logical person, I blame music :)
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Subject:why do I always write in the form of an open letter to everyone when no one cares?
Time:3:19 pm.
Mood:like i'm on estasy but i'm not.
Music:Exies - 'Creeper Kamakazie'.

Did a little remodeling of my journal...&I'm not sure if I like it.  I kind of liked the simplicity of the plain black &white.  Without a ton of graphics &a really nice layout, it pretty much forced you to have to read the text first.  (Or at least that was the point.)  but now it's all babydoll, barbie colours &nothing goes together.

but what the hell.  It's my journal, &if my journal looks as sckitzophrenic as my thoughts are, then things will work out nicely.  I'll just let the layout represent my thoughts rather then my writing.

So, hmmpfff.

&dude, what is with this a$$hole trying to ban oreos??  I'm telling you, our country is in a sad, fucked up state when you can't even enjoy your double stuffed cookies without some beaurcratic jerk telling you not to.  &seriously, if I were this laywer, I'd be fearing for my life right about now.  If there is one thing you don't do, it's get between fat men &their oreos.  They're going to form some sort of fat man brigade &gouge out his eyes.  He better sleep with mace underneath his pillow tonight.  Mace, &diet soda.  Because diet soda is like, a natural fat man repellant.

..............yeah, I don't know what I'm talking about anymore, either.  

Ughhh... but I just chewed on my nails.. after I just painted them... so now I've got that icky nail polish remover taste in my mouth.. ewww...

I remember when I was little &the girl next door had a lollypop in one hand, &a nail polish brush in the other.  She got 'em mixed up, &ran the lollypop over her nails &licked the nail polish.  Hehehe...

I swear, it's the weirdest damn things like that that I remember so prominently from my childhood.

Like when we'd go 'disco bowling', &we'd pretend to speak French.. except we didn't know french back then, so we'd just talk in all this incoherant made up babble, &people would give us strange looks.


I really miss my teenybopper days.

.....&you know that saying 'misery loves company'?  It's true, &damnit, nobody wants to take part.

but, hey, if you forgive me for this random rambling, I'll forgive you for being everything I hate, I'll forgive you for being just another tattooed 666 in a wrecked heap of numbers.  Deal?


2132254565776878i'm so ugly, that's okay 'cause so are you985456678678678678


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Subject:this is like my millionth update today! I've got to get off this damn computer!
Time:3:55 pm.
Mood:bouncy/slightly annoyed..
Music:Stellastarr*... i need new music..
Pardon me, but I have to be a teenager for a few minuites now &complain about my mummy.  I promise, I won't do it again for awhile.

-deep breath-

Blasted mother.  Blew me off when I tried to explain to her my theories of why I think our seperate governments are going to give way to a global government one day*.

Granted, she had just woke up, &was trying to watch Jerry Springer, &I was ever-so-rudely interupting &talking over the tv.... but still!!!

I hate it when she does that.

(*note:  that theory being that as the world becomes more &more connected with things like the internet, world powers like us, the faboulous United States, gaining so damn much power, &earth just generally becoming so small, we're going to be able to just put all our combined efforts/money together, &solve problems like poverty &hunger.)

I think my overly opinionated-ness is starting to get on her nerves.  Yet, I notice at dinner last Saterday I was the person she asked to explain my latest rant.  Because, you'd be amazed at how little anyone around here has to say when I finally shut the hell up.  So, I guess maybe I should reserve my opinions for when everyone else runs out of things to talk about.

..............................&I'm just gonna have to veer off into my next rant here without a segway, 'cause I can't think of a good connecting statement...

Does anyone else ever remind themselves of a combination of Pinky &The Brain (Go ahead, I know you remember that cartoon, &I know damn well you're humming it right now - "pinky and the brain, pinky and the brain, one is a genious, the other's insane..." -)?  'cause I do.  That was a freakin' great cartoon, man.  

....actually, in hindsight, those little mice are a bit creepy... -shudders-

............that's all I got.  Someone comment.  Layna, comment.  Do it!!  I know you read this, you stalker!

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