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Sunday, May 11, 2003

11:21AM - BORING

God i am so bored! I got work in 40 minutes and ahhh! I hate the whole waitress thing going on. and to top it all off im working all day, that is until about 8-9pm. But there is a small plus side, liams working.,...thats the guy i was on a break with, everything got sorted out and its all yay again! Break was stupid as all i could do was think of him....really stupid. Better get ready for boring work.....
luv ya
gracie x

Current mood: bored
Current music: Roxie - chicago soundtrack
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Thursday, May 8, 2003

7:16PM - And it begins baby!

hey party peeps!
I love will! He is my lover! Ha! i bet ur jelous now, u dont have ur very own will..... if u do im sorry for being nasty. I'm on a break with my boyfriend, cuz he is a chipstick. Last time im havin sex with him... will go back to virginity store and buy a new one? Wonder if u get it online to save going to the shops? hmmmm....tricky! if neone has an idea where one can purchase a new virginity, plz let me know! Hanging out with my lover will and am dieing for cheery bye. mwah mwah

Current mood: bouncy
Current music: The authority song - jimmy eat world
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