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life is short and a bodybuilding elf [18 Jan 2003|12:52pm]
fuck , today i woke up at 10 30 . i felt like shit . but who fuckin cares . i got to work at good old a c o at 3 . yay. hopefully the cherokee dyke won't be working . the cheerokee dyke is my boss Jean . i think she is the only homosexual cheerokee indian in existence . sorry i mean native american . lol . shes not that bad sometimes , but she is on of those people that do not know how to be nice . she is probably like that because she is a cheerokee dyke. yeah thats prolly it . i don't have that long of a shift today though . only 3 to close . i think after work im gonna hang out with the dartman .

last night me travis leah and dan went to nate p's show . there band was good . all of the others sucked dick . the other bands were like hardcore "rape your grandma and then jerk off on her face " kind of bands . they sucked real badly . one of the bands name was cut throat . thats an examply of how evil these bands were . the show was at the music station . the shittiest bar ever . after 4 hours of intense rip your face off heavy music i felt like shit . when i got home my sister had her chocolate friend , amby over , and they were eating , when will my sister stop eating?
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