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Thursday, September 11th, 2003

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    yeah i know i know
    yeah so it probably has been like a good week and a half since i last posted...am i ashamed? not really...do i apologize? sure...i know how everyone just waits for my words of wisdom, but they havent been there lately...that sad...but ohhh well, so whats new? not too much, turned 21 this past saturday, that was fun, now i can randomly just show up at a bar and im all good, if thats not fun tell me what is...lol, school is going ok, but i sort of think i am going to have to buckle down and start doing some more work because these tests might be harder than i would thnk, but we will see...WHO KNOWS...anything else? not really...GO YANKEES, GO BILLS, GO PAUL SIMON AND ART GARFUNKLE who are back on tour again...tehehe...ok im done...peace man

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