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17th December 2005

12:43pm: racy's
im at racy's. i love this place. its so laid back... relaxing. just wonderful. great coffee. which is that i come here for in the first place.... and im in good company as well. my dearest andrea is here.

i think im gunna go to a party tonight becuase im cool like that. actually, i just want to see people that i havent seen lately. it'll be cool.

later ladies.
Current Mood: tired
Current Music: racy's mix

25th November 2005

8:54pm: coming around again
what can i say. this is my first entry. i figured that since i have two online journals now.. i must be pretty lame.... but i guess i will make them as different as possible. im guessing this one will be alittle more private only becuase nobody really looks at these from what i have gathered.

i have a huge test tomorrow which i have to study for. i suppose i should go and do that although i know that even if i study i wont pass it. i honestly dont think i know how to study very well. sometimes i can completely ace a test... and others i bomb it completely. whatever.

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