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Skirmish of the Musical Groups [07 Mar 2004|09:51pm]
[ mood | distressed ]
[ music | R.E.M.-Orange Crush ]

Well, I finally got around to seeing The Passion. And it was........not as good or bad as people say it is. There were some things I really liked about it, and there were some things that I thought could have been done better. The cat 'o' nine tails....ouch.
In other news, the school has a battle of the bands coming up on the 19th. Hopefully we can get our shit together and make it happen. I have yet to get everyone in the same room to come to a concensus, but hopefully we can get together on the 19th, that is if Damien comes back from Pittsburgh that day. We don't have a singer, but we'll probably destroy all those bands that just came out of the woodwork in the past week or so. Muhahahaha. Especially with our new songs, which are heavy enough to rape our old stuff 10 times over. Hmm. We shall see. You get 20 minutes to play, so I think that a good mix would be the instrumental jam one and 2 of our new songs. That would rock mad ass. Man, I really wanna do this! We are more than ready to play the songs, we went over them like 200 times at least, we just gotta get everyone together and do it. So tomorrow's Monday, which means....school. :p
But on the bright side....oh who am I kidding, school blows! On a lighter note, I finished a new song on my acoustic, and it's one of my best ever. :)

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almost friday [04 Mar 2004|08:59pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Textures-Swandive ]

I did my time in internal suspension today. I got it for skipping, if you didn't figure that out. And to my surprise, it was a decent amount of fun, thanks to the dumbass-ness of Josh Chiodo...oh man that kid's a wreck but he's funny sometimes. It was almost like a day off because I didn't have to go to any classes, I just sat there all day. Hmm. Horoscopes tell me will be an awesome day. I sure hope so, I could use one. The mediocrity of late is driving me nuts. Ugh! Horoscopes say that social activities will lead to love, romance and adventure. Yipee! One can only hope they're correct. Oh, those crazy horoscopes. I got a new buddy in my buddy list, and he showed me this cool band called textures...they're dutch, and their CD doesn't come out in the US until April, but they kick ass.


Until next time.

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My horoscope for today [01 Mar 2004|10:11pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Killswitch Engage-my last serenade ]

It would be so easy to have your own way without caring what anybody else is thinking or feeling. If you want to be invited back into people's hearts any time soon, avoid the urge to run roughshod over their desires. Have you listened to yourself lately? Your voice may be louder than you realize. Your grip is tightening, too. Use a softer touch before you do some damage. A little consideration goes a long way. Although you think that you're being shortchanged, you're still very lucky compared to some. Conquer your grievances by putting them in perspective.

Okay...here's my "love" horoscope:

Your romantic feelings today will be complex and may be at cross-purposes with other parts of your life. Seek out some kind of emotional outlet, whether it's exercise, art or just a good long talk.

How about that.

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Band currently on hiatus? It's true, it's true. [01 Mar 2004|09:35pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]
[ music | Buddy Guy-damn right I got the blues (aww yeah) ]

What kind of punishment did I get from the people at school? 2 days detention. Blah. Not much. This encourages me to skip more often. Ha! So anyway, Buddy's got a girlfriend and her name is Polly! For those who don't know, Buddy is my little friend in a jar made of old pantyhose and stuff. Don't ask. You just gotta see him. Hmm. I feel as if I am on the verge of something. What, I don't know, but I feel it is coming nonetheless. Quite mysterioso if I say so myself. o_O
So I got this gnarly chain letter a while ago. It's a bunch of dumb pictures of cute dogs and cats in cute poses doing cute things with inspirational sayings after them. It says to send it to 13 people, make a wish and someone will call or email you at 11:11 PM and say "I love you." O....kay. I sent it to 13 people anyway, just for fun. Ha! I'll keep an eye out for people who love me tonight. Or maybe I'll call someone and say I love them.
I wonder if I will be going to the prom this year. Hmm. I have no serious intentions, but if some lucky lady was interested I might give it a shot, as I did last year. And that's my final stance on that matter. But hey, I don't believe in luck, so what am I talking about. Nor do I believe in coincidences. Ever see the movie Signs? Well I'm in the 1st group. Ha! That's the 3rd or 4th time I said Ha! Glorious. Absolutely glorious. Hmm. What else to chat about tonight? Oh I know. The weather!
It was absolutely freaking GORGEOUS out today! ^-^ Good weather usuallly puts me in a good mood, and I was in a dandy mood today. Actually, right now I don't know what kind of mood I'm in exactly. It's like a mix of excitement, boredom, anticipation, and being fed up with the day in day out garbage. If there's one word for that, let me know! Sigh, such is my mood right now. I feel like something is about to happen, something noteworthy, but WHAT?! We shall see, readers. We shall see.
So band practice lately has been, well, nonexistent. Blah. Apparently James isn't cleaning up his basement so we can play there, and he doesn't want us to help him for some reason. Mike took his drums out of James' house and took 'em back home because he hasn't played them in several weeks. Aaargh! Not good. James and Damien spent the week in Pittsburgh, so I'm sure they had some kind of pow wow about this. We all need to attend a summit at Mighty Taco or something and sort this out, as it's getting out of hand. I'll be sure to keep you all updated.

(still thinking of the girl I like.....awwww)

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Civil war before the year is done! Nuclear war in 2015! [29 Feb 2004|06:22pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Rush-Limelight ]

Just some of the predictions of our time travelin' buddy John Titor. For those who don't know, he is quite the urban legend. The story goes like this: Supposedly he is a time traveller from the year 2038 (or 39 I forget) who came back to 1975, 1998, and 2000. He stayed in 2000 for 4 months, and left in early 2001. In the year 2001 he posted on several internet message boards. This site explains it better than I can. I suspect it's BS, but he is very insightful and informative (especially on the details of time travel) and many of his predictions make enough sense to be realistic.


Once you're there, just read the "posts listed by topic". They're the best, and everything in them is just repeated in the rest of the site. Makes a great freakin' read! I higly reccomend it.
Anyways, I gotta go to school tomorrow and get bitched at by the administration for skippin' school friday. Not that they scare me. :-p
In other news, the weather tommorow is gonna be freakin' AWESOME! Like mid to high 50's awesome! Boo-ya! I'm gonna wear shorts outside of gym class for the 1st time since late august! Speaking of gym, I got it tomorrow, and we're doing Badminton.
Let's see here. Anything else to say before I go? Tbere's gotta be something I'm forgetting. Oh yeah, I just rented the game "mafia" for PS2 and it's very, um, average. Shoulda got the new smackdown game instead. It's like grand theft auto in the 30's. Well, I'll see you all soon. Stay tuned.

No simpsons tonight dammit!

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Friday I'm in love (good song) [27 Feb 2004|10:16pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Foo Fighters-Everlong ]

Well, I ended up walking out today. Right after 1st period. With Christian, Onalee(!) and myself, because Dave just stayed home. T'was a decent time if I say so myself. Ying's was an awesome time, as usual. Hmm. So I just say 50 first dates, the new Adam Sandler movie. It wasn't bad, really. But be warned it's more cutesy than funny. It's the kind of movie you'd take your girlfriend to. It has it's little funny moments though. What else happened today? I dunno, I'm tired. Almost time to go to bed. But I wanna leave you with one more thing before I do. Hmm. Oh yeah! For those who don't know, I almost went to the prom with that girl I like (who has a long-time boyfriend) last year! Her boyfriend agreed to let her go like the day after they stopped selling tickets, and I had already agreed to go with Ana. AAAARGH! Not that Ana's crap, we had quite the dandy time actually. But man, I was SO close to going to the prom with that girl I likes! But it was not meant to happen then, not just yet. Don't you worry, readers, I'm one of those people who believes in destiny and things happening for a reason and such. For example, WHY did I fail all those classes I easily could have passed if I wanted to, only because I was SO non-motivated to do the work? Because I believe that, along with the AIS stuff I got from it, modified my schedule in such a way that I would be in the same lunch as her my 3rd year in high school, which led to very important introductions and whatnot. The pont is stuff happens because that's the way it has to happen. That's why I'm not with her right now: I gotta fix myself up and get a car and job and stuff first. THEN I'll be with her. So don't you fret, all things will come with time. Stay tuned.

PS: I don't believe in hope, I believe in FAITH. If you learn anything from me, make sure it's that.

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thursday is the day before friday [26 Feb 2004|09:53pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Mozart, who else? ]

Well, I got through wednesday, sat through most of thursday and now it's almost friday. Will it be worth the wait? Only if everybody shows up and we follow the plan. Hmm. We shall see. Anyways, I got a new hangout spot. It's that indentation in the wall by the counseling center. It's filled with college applications and stuff, so it now goes by the name "fort succesful future". Awesome. You just feel like a superior outsider watching everybody there as they walk by. It's a good place to sit and be late for every class. Good times. So here's the plan for tomorrow: 1st we gather by the cafeteria and walk out the nearest exit. Then we proceed to Timmy Ho's, Wegmans, Hollywood Video (X Box Murphy stole my shoes!), Blockbuster, Tops, Record Theatre, K Mart and finally, the peice de resistence, Ying's Wings and Things. Ah yes. Hopefully, I'll be able to pull this off. Jolly good. On an unrelated note, I'm considering seeing that new Jesus movie, but I'm hearing different accounts on it's accuracy. Hmm. We shall see. Well, that's all for now really, don't feel the need to get in depth on anything, be it an event or a feeling. Stay tuned.

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No one can stop the pancake king! [24 Feb 2004|09:28pm]
[ mood | rushed ]
[ music | Journey-Don't Stop Believin' ]

The highlight of my day so far has been watching beavis & butthead DVD's. Awesome stuff. The one with the holiday specials on it if you must know. On a more serious note, Onalee's been kicked out of her house or something....her parents want her to move out and get a job and stuff. Blech. Although, she say's she's down with skippin' friday, so that's good. On an unrelated note, I have chosen the names I will give my children. If it's a boy, I will name him Mercutio Amadeus Wagonblott. If it's a girl, I wll name her Leeloo Sunshine Wagonblott. Except my kid is so obviously gonna be a girl. Don't ask how I know it's just intuition. Hmm. Spaghetti for dinner today. Always better when homemade, and was it ever! Yummy. Jeez, not much else to say, except that in fashion design I was voted most likely to become a mad scientist AND most likely to be a serial killer. Ha! I'm in the process of convicing Onalee to join Neoseeker. Hooray! ^-^
Well, that's all for today. Invitation to skip is still open, so just show up by the cafeteria when the second bell rings and let the fun begin. War out.

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Set course for hidden pirate island, AKA Hong Kong [23 Feb 2004|09:03pm]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | Killswitch Engage-my last serenade ]

Well, today was not as awe-inspiring as it could've been. I got up, ate some eggs (with bacon and OJ, no less) and went to school. (on the bus, unfortunately, because I do not have a car) Dave apparently skipped today. Unfortunately, he did NOT tell me and left without me. Oh well. I went through the motions, as always. Except today I had a quick chat with Becky, who I have not spoken to in some time. Hmm. Possible hanging out with her wednesday. So Follies was kinda lame.....some trivia thing about school, which the teachers won of course. (because they work there and know what's going on of course) Blech. I hope to see some pickle-spittin' tommorow. Had myself a guitar lesson tonight. Learnin' jazz. It's crazy hard. What I'm gonna be doing this week is takin' a melody, lookin' at the chords it's played over, and then figuring out and playing the voicing of that chord which features that note on top, so it's like a chord-melody thing. Did I mention it's a weird melody? It's fun when you can do it though. Hmm. what else. Let's see what my horoscope says for today? (checks internet for Aries horoscope) I'm not too firm a believer in Horoscopes but I look at 'em maybe once a week just for funzies. Here's my cut and paste horoscope, couresy of Yahoo:

There is a conservative veil over your emotions, dear Aries, and you might find that issues from the past are cropping up - rubbing you the wrong way. Your inner nature is usually more in the mood to move onward and upward - plowing ahead without even thinking of the consequences. Today you might find yourself a bit more sober than usual when it comes to your feminine side and intuition. Take a good look at what has worked in the past in terms of keeping your fire-filled emotions intact. Try not to resent the past. Learn from it.

O.....kay. Anyway, I just enjoyed a double cheeseburger, spicy chicken sandwich and fries from McDonald's. Yummy. I do love those spicy chicken sandwiches. So very tasty. On a completely unrelated note, it has occured to me that if I was a girl, I would be just like Cher from Clueless. Wow. Not that I'd mind that in any way! Hmm. I loved that show, and that movie. I use to watch that show like everyday. Cher was (is) like my role model. Rich and happy, without a care in the world....is that ever the way to be. She was quite the peice of ass as well. (gets boner) Ha! Such is the mind of Wagonblott. actually, if the character of Cher from Clueless were real, she would make quite the sutable mate. But alas, there's only one girl for Gonblott, and it is not her.....you know who I'm talking about. (sigh) I'll leave you with that pretty little thought in your head. Awww, so pretty. (yeah, I know, I'm such a wuss.) Until next time! And Aerosmith for prom song!

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Simpsons Review, or, why are oreos so damn tasty? [22 Feb 2004|08:41pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Immortal-beyond the north waves ]

Well, I just finished watching tonight's new episode of the Simpsons, guest starring Simon Cowell of American Idol fame. Was it worth watching? In my opinion.............yes! I was worried that the use of a guest star would be the highlight of the show and the story would be a lame afterthought, but I was pleasently surprised. Tonight's episode was full of little gems. Some of my favorite moments:

-Homer's use of the speak and say frog thing. (LMFAO!)

-this dialouge: LISA: "You're making fun of him for doing somehting YOU told him to do!" NELSON: "Oh yeah? Well YOU"RE GAY!" LISA: "You know, people who call people gay are often trying to cover up their own latent homosexuality." Nelson opens the back door on the bus and rolls out. He stands up, flashing the peace symbol and proclaiming "BULLIES RULE!"

-MILHOUSE: "We can be goth together! We can go in the cemetary late at night and wake the dark lord by, you know, kissing and stuff."

-Moe posing as the butler ("I'll explain later, just play along!") and Barney as the maid!

There's more but I forget. Anyways, tomorrow's Monday and that means back to the crap factory.....ugh. Oh well, at least I'm watching a movie in both of my English classes! Haha. Maybe something good will happen tomorrow, and maybe, just maybe, if I'm lucky, something REAL good will happen. No, wait, forget that, I do not believe in luck. Nor do I believe in coincidences or chance. I'm one of those folks who believes in destiny and things happening for a reason. I close with an open invitation to skip school friday, after 1st period comes to an end. Ah yes, the Follies assembly. Good times. Sooo....who wants to skip with me? I know of at least 2 who wil for sure, but more are ALWAYS welcome! Oh, and don't expect me to be in school the 1st day it's at least 40 degrees outside....muhahahahaha! Cuttin' class, suckas!

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Oops forgot to mention something [22 Feb 2004|03:46pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]
[ music | Iron Maiden-wasted years ]

I forgot to mention that I missed the SNC show las night because they forgot to get me a ride.....booo. But I forgive them. Anyway, I would like to show you my friend's online radio station. It's mad cool. Here's a link:
Hope that works. He's a cool dude (from England no less) who I met on www.neoseeker.com. He's currently making me a Radiohead Banner for use on the forums there. Here's his Neoseeker profile:
I encourage all of you to check this site out, it's hella fun. (I'm Gonblott on that site as well, if you're wondering.)

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Sunday, funky Sunday [22 Feb 2004|02:26pm]
[ mood | complacent ]
[ music | Blue Oyster Cult-Don't Fear the Reaper ]

Hi! Looks like band practice is a no-no for today......probably has something to do with the James' mom, who often bitches about how we're making her ceiling shake and stuff. James plays bass BTW. So, the basement will be undergoing a cleaning. I've offered before to help before, but he says that it's a tedious process and he would have to just sit there and tell me where to put everything. Oh well. So now I sit here, doing this. It's pretty damn nice outside, especially (dammit I spelled that wrong) considering how unbelievably cold it's been lately. Here in western new york, winter starts on Halloween and ends in April. It's fucked up but you get used to it. I remember walking outside in January of this year and the wind chill was like -15. And it was pretty windy. Damn! So today I am just wallowing in the happy sunshine while it lasts. (BTW, they never close schools unless the wind chill is -20 or below) Yeah, I'm a supersenior (5th and final year for those who aren't down with the vernacular) at Depew High School, and my God, is it ever a sucky place. My problem is not with being unpopular (I get along fine with most people, thank you) but with the establishment itself. It's just so ludicrous. I don't know where to begin: the ridiculous ever-growing regents standards (kids just entering high school need at least 3 years of math to graduate), the kid who drowned in the pool last year that they're still denying was a mistake on their part for not watching him, the way they wanted kids to come back to school immediatly after attending their friend's funeral, or just the inane everyday bullshit that all students put up with. Wow, that's a long sentence I just typed there! But on the plus side, the death of this girl (who graduated last year) made me and a friend realize that in the long run, dumb crap like that couldn't matter less. On the day of her funeral, me and this guy wanted to go, but we were in quite the awkward position. We knew her enough that it made an impact and wanted to pay our respects, but we didn't know her well enough to be at the funeral with family and all. It sucked. So, we decided that the best thing to do was to just leave school and spend the day elsewhere. We just couldn't do the same day-in day-out crap that day. It would've just felt disrespectful, as if nothing happened. We walked out and browsed through the local restaurants and stores. We found some really cheap Mozart CD's, however. That was awesome. Me and Dave (that's his name, BTW) are now like the only kids in school into classical, but it's all good. We ended up sitting in the living room listening to this awesome choral thing on the Mozart CD without speaking. The music was freakin' beautiful, and that moment of silence and reflection was how we paid our respects. Hmm. Just put in some laundry. Man, am I hungry. Maybe I'll walk down the street to Ted's Hot Dogs because it's so nice out, and I do enjoy their char-broiled excellence. Well anyway, I'm gonna go eat luch now. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I'll see you later. Don't forget to watch Simpsons tonight....it's a new one. ^-^ (happy smiley face) Next time, besides the usual monday or sunday night stuff, I'll get into the subject of the girl I like. (awwww) Until next time.

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[22 Feb 2004|02:29am]
Hi everybody! This is my 1st ever entry here. It's late but I'm wide awake. So, here we go. 1st of all, I am the most optimistic person you will ever meet, so you won't hear too much bitching and moaning from me. I laugh in the face of adversity. Ha! That includes personal problems as well. It's a good attitude to have. Today is Sunday, which is band practice day for Gonblott. Yeah, I'm in a band. What kind of band? A metal band, of course. What kind of metal you ask? The good kind, of course. I play guitar in this band, a dark green (or as they call it, "black forest") Jackson DKMG. My amp? A Peavey 5150 II. It rocks my balls off! Listen to In Flames, Opeth, Arch Enemy, newer Van Halen, etc, to hear this monster for yourself. I love it to bits. Although I listen to mainly metal, my fav band is Radiohead. Wierd, no? My God, I love Radiohead. You know that weird but cool feeling you get when you wake up from a dream? That's what Radiohead sounds like. Oh yeah. Well, I'm sleepy so I'll let you go. Good bye, Good luck, and I hope to see you again. Next time I'll get more personal with you.
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