half way there...   
06:48pm 17/06/2003
mood: horny
2 more exams, and I'm officially done! I can't wait. I got my grad dress today, tried it on with all of my stuff, I'm so excited! All I need is how I'm going to wear my hair...hmmm

So, in 5 days its 2 years. I can't believe it. I can't wait though, I'm pushing to sleep out in the tent that night, this way parents won't be around ;) oh its been awhile...lol I bought him a watch that I know hes going to love. As for his birthday? I'm still thinking...I'm probably going to get him a cd hes been eyeing, and probably that white set from la senza...that should be fun :D As for Ashley, probably some picture frames, Chris, I'm not sure whatso ever...even if he has a party, we'll see, my mom? who knows, my dad? I dunno...too many birthdays in too short of time.

i'm really worried about the chem exam, bio not so much, but chem I'm terrified of. if I pass, i'll be happy. I was really mad though, because I only got a 60 on my math exam, I thought I did well. and it dropped my mark, alot...so much for honor roll, and I was so close too :S oh well

but speaking of exams...I should get back to it