I love the rain   
10:56am 27/04/2003
mood: thankful
music: Evanescence - Hello
It's raining, and I couldn't have been woken up by a better way than hearing the raindrops on my window. It was wonderful. This is my favorite weather. Especially when theres thunder. Wonderful :D
I don't know why, but I'm in a very warm mood, especially towards my friends. I absolutley love Lisa's idea for going to Assiniboine park and just hanging out like old times. I'm very excited for that. hehe
I'm hoping that Lisa is going to read this, and about that entry that you had a while ago. I know that you wanted to talk to me about it, but the only times that we've been together is in either a largely populated area, or others were around, and I'm sorry. That entry did sting, but I know that deep down you didn't mean that. If anything that I have done has made you feel that you didn't matter, or that I didn't care, I am so unbelievabley sorry. If only you knew how much I love you, and that I would do anything for you, and anything to keep our friendship alive. If we ever lost touch, it would crush me beyond belief, because I can't imagine being away from my girls :) Please know that I don't want anything more but to still be friends after we've all went our separate ways. Great times we've had, and wonderful still to come :D I love you Lisa! and of course, I love all my other girls just the same :)