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Tuesday, December 16th, 2003

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    my first post
    Well, I have finally given in and got an online journal. I guess I should have seen it coming. I mean when everyone has one and you are kind of wondering what they are all caring on about...it only makes sense to conform. Non-conformity is a policy I try to practice...sounds much better on paper though. Sorority life doesn't make it much easier. I am not really sure as to what I am going to post on here. I know that I am going to say that my little groupies know nothing about this journal. They have another site for that. I guess the main reason I picked up this journal thing is to vent and also to let go of my restraints. Oh yes, see thats the unique part to me...I am the supposed introvert of the group. Now, that is all fine and good, until I want my voice to be heard...then they think I have lost it when I speak out. Well, my online journal friends...you will be the first to know....I am not who everyone thinks that I am. There...that being said I will conclude my first post..

    forever and always
    de Winter

    Current Mood: just conforming "the Newbie"

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