big morning   
01:06pm 27/10/2004
mood: rejuvenated
yeah so carissa is tryin to be my friend again. i was like HA your funny. then she said "youre acting like michelle so why dont you cry rape like she did too" i was like fuck you fuckin fat bitch. the fuckin big ass skanky fat ass. GRRR....oh yeah i had the best night last night. i spent like 2 hours on the phone with michael and he said hes starting to like me again...about time! im still like in love with this boy even though its been like 2 months. i cant wait til him and the new girlfriend break up... shes a fucking preppy ass cheerleader that doesnt deserve michael because shes to stuck up her own im in such a good mood (that was kinda sarcastic by the way) about to go though ttyl
brittany j*
still shity   
04:41pm 25/10/2004
mood: blank
yeah so now im going to alchohol and drug rehab and am only now suspended for 5 days because of it. i snuck out again the other night and got caught within 20 min since my neighbor came over and ratted me out. oh g2g
brittany j*
my lifes a mess   
12:01pm 22/10/2004
mood: grumpy
yeah ive had a crazy week. on tuesday i got tuesday i got piss drunk and i did on wednsday also. i skipped school the whole day on wednsday and went and drank and then after school i went back pu to the school to raise my grade and got caught for being on school grounds drunk.then after that i got suspended for 10 days from school. we went up to the pavilion with herbie and i got an assesment and all they daid was that i had a .12 alchohol level. then me and my mom and herbie went back to my house ate some food and when my mom went to bed me and herbie snuck out. as soon as we got out we saw carissa, stacy, joe, randi, ryan and sean. me and carissa, joe and herbie went with justin to get drunk. we had 2 and 1/2 fiths so we were FUCKED UP. sometime during the night me and carissa got in a fist fight and she made my nose bleed so i went up to IGA to clean myself up. IGA called the police and during the time i was with the poliec they choked me and slammed my face into the ground. they took me to the hospital and then to JDC(juvenile detention center). i wojke up with a swollen forehead and a black eye. went to court for an assult on one of the nurses as the hospital because i spit blood into his face. then came home and slept. carissa came over and we resolved our problems. carissa is now cool with my mom and me and i am now at my moms work. every time i got to sleep and then wake up my eye gets even more black and sucks balls. i joined a community the other day and thats about it for whats going on in my life. ill write later.
brittany j*
once again   
02:06pm 18/10/2004
mood: waiting for tonite
the only reason i only write when im at my moms work is because we dont have internet at home. i hate this computer too because the keys are too loud and its embarrasing. man im up here again because i got drunk last night since we didnt have school today and i told my mom that someone must have drugged something i was eating or she brought me up here to get me drug tested. i drank some vinegar and ate some pickles to maybe have the test come out clean...i also put some water in the piss cup...sneaky sneaky. i hate getting caught for drugs! i had drunk so much too...i drank like half a bottle of bacardi limon and half a bottle of bacardi vanila. i was FUCKED up!!! it was so fun...yeah ive been chillin with my neighbors alot more lately because their always gettin fucked up also. i dont remember but i might have told you that i got a tatoo the other day and then my friend had to fix it up for me. crazyness. im gonna go bored as hell...
Brittany J*
long time no talk   
01:22pm 11/10/2004
mood: bored
it seems like whenever i write its at my moms work. so today was a halfday at schooland im in trouble so my mom picked me up from school at her lunch hour. these past two weeks have been crazy. the friday before last i got fuckin drunk as hell. first, after school me and sam and some other people were chillin in this one guys apartment (#20) and we were drinkin on som paul masson. then carissa and erin showed up so erin could bitch out herbie. while all that was happening i had drunk almost half hte bottle of paul. then me and carissa and sam went back to carissas so we could get some money and have her dad get us osme cigs. after that we went to this guys house (ben) that we had just met earlier in the week. he took us up to picadilly and got a big bottle of bear and some bacardi razz. we then went back to his house and started drinkin. i guess i was so drunk that i ikept callin my house and hangin up qand i thought i was talkin on the phone but i was actually takin to my purse or something. then they told me the next day that i got in a fight with sam because she was trying to give me the phone so i would stop talkin to my eyedrops and then i got up and punched her in the face. we got to fightin then but i was so drunk i couldnt remember it or anything. we all went back to carissas house and i guess i cussed her dad out. well then my mom had to pick me up from carissas house since i was so drunk and it was only like 8:00. then the next day my mom found out where i had been drinkin and we went over there (to bens) and talked to his mom. this is all pretty sad since hes like 22 and all. then i went to the mall with amy and as soon as we got there my mom called tellin me to come home since ben and his mom wanted to talk to me. well instead i called his mom and tried to CALMLY talk to her so i wouldnt have to come home but she started tryin to bitch me out so i went off on the stupid bitch. then while we were up at the mall we saw michael there and amy was buyin a dildo from spencers and he starteed talkin about how he wanted to buy his new girlfriend one. he knew this would make me jealous since im like IN LOVE with this boy. so much has gone on with me and him lately too. like he was tellin me about how much better his and hillarys reltaionship is better then ours ever was. ANYWAYS...then on this past saturday it was homecoming. i met sam up there and we left early since it was so boring. we went over to my neighbor ryans house. we got FUCKED up! then sam was tellin me about all this crazy stuff i was doin. like they had to give me a shower to see if it would sober me up any. and then i guess i passed out at dana's house. we got in trouble the next morning since we were supposed to spend the night at sams and instead spent the night at dana's. so thats why im up here since i got grounded for staying the night at dana's instead of sams...yeah that was a big long story. im gonna go now though
brittany j*
10:30am 08/08/2004
mood: aggravated
there are these fuckin gay ass communities on blurty all about cutting yourself. seriously what kind of person LIKES to cut themselves. fuckin maniacs. so i left a comment to one of them telling them to get addicted to something else such as cigarettes. people like that drive me crazy! they need some serious help fuckin attention seekers. "woo is me, i came from a broken home". who gives a fuck you fuckin pshycos. i just had to get that out because it was pissing me off
brittany j*
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just woke up   
09:55am 08/08/2004
mood: sleepy
yeah so i just woke up and am watchin the mummy. last night i was goin outside to smoke a square and when i came back in i was thinkin about how i wanted to get my girl alisa drunk when i came back to champaign. well my grandpa is an alcholic and has a big ass stock of hard liquor. well he wasnt home and my mom was asleep so i went and stole my ass an unopened bottle of bacardi and half a bottle of whisky. hope they dont notice. i need to get on a diet or sumthin cuz when i went to the doctors the other day they told me that i weighed 136lbs. now that may not seem like alot but personally i think im turnin into a fatty. im so freaking hungry like all the time though! yeah but im gonna make like a chip and dip so i can finish my movie.
brittany j*
in iowa at my grandpas   
07:36pm 07/08/2004
mood: giggly
yeah so me and my mom just drove down to iowa today so that i could visit my family. we're chillin at my grandpas house but him and his girlfriend are out at some fancy restaurant eatin dinner. yeah so yesterday since i got off of probation and tha ankle thing i went out and chilled with my friend phil and my boyfriend michael. yeah i went and met phils parents and they're so tight because his whole family is greek so they have that little accent. then we all were goin to this church baseball game and me and michael and this guy chad were in the van and phil was in his truck. phil was tryin to catch up to us and a cop pulled him over tryin to say it was drag! then today i called up michael when i got to iowa and he was on the phone with me drivin down the street and i guess he "accidentally" peeled out in front of a cop and his tires spit rocks all over the cops windshield all he got was a warning though. im watchin this blue collar comedy tour thing on comedy central its fuckin hilarious im tellin you. but yeah im bouts ta go.
brittany j*
at mas work once again   
04:03pm 04/08/2004
mood: bitchy
so once again i came to work with my mom. its not like its bad or anything because she works in a sleep lab so i get my own room with a bed, a phone and a its all good. i saw this one bitches mom today and she came up to me talkin about how its not good for you to smoke cigarettes...i was just like "fuck you". who is she to tell me what i should and should not do...and she knows i dont like her or her fuckin daughter so why is she gonna even come up to me in the first place. im too dramatic, arent i? yeah so im going to iowa to visit my family on saturday and since my bestfriend alisa is havin her bday while im gone, im supposed to bring up like 100$ for me and her to get some mary jane with and party. ooh and tonite im supposed to do some shrooms with my boyfriend (this is the bad side of me everyone). i dont know if i wanna keep goin out with michael though...hes like way too in love with me and we've been going out for only like a week and its drivin me crazy. like just his little quirks are starting to get on my nerves like he calls me baby WAY to much. baby this, baby that...i just wanna say "baby shut your fucking mouth". i just thought id fume for a little while but im gonna go now.
brittany j*
at my mommies work again   
04:18pm 29/07/2004
mood: complacent
yeah so now that school has been out for a while my summer has really sucked. i mean seriously im on house arrest and cant do jack shit so im pale as hell and the only time i get to see my friends is when they come over and its gay with my mom watching over me like a hawk. but me and michael go back out and he finally lost his virginity to this one bitch which is really sad considering his age. i got really pissed that they fucked after only knowing each other for like 2 days. so then i had sex with michael cuz now i dont feel like hes so wholesome anymore. and for the past couple days ive been chillin with this guy ray that i know from church.hes really cool and is a straight up badass so its fun to hang out with him. weve been going up to crystal lake park and fishing which is pretty fun because i am truly a tomboy at heart. me and michael got into a fight up there today because i told him i was gonna quit smoking and he caught me with a pack of cigarettes in my purse which really sucked but we're cool now. yesterday me and my ma had to drive up to monticello 2 times because we had to get a new car and we had to drive back and forth to get this fucking loan thing. yeah so we got a toyota camry which is an okay car. personally im a truck person. i have court on august 6th so i am definatly getting this thing off my ankle then which is good...YAY! yeah anyways i just got back from volleyball camp on monday. it was fun and it got me in pretty good shape for a smoker too which is a plus. i need a band-aid cuz im cut...that was so cheesy. yeah but i gotta go because im extremely hungry.
-brittany j*
new to this thing   
01:08pm 08/07/2004
mood: amused
hey people. I just started this thing today cuz i need to talk about crap. yeah my ma says that the reason I've been getting in so much trouble lately is because i need a father figure in my life. i guess shes right in some ways but i dont know. yeah my parents are divorced by the way. anyways i think that right now i have a father figure in my life.... hes actually not THAT type of father figure, but you know...hes an older guy that i like...9 years older actually. i got some tongue action the day beforwe yesterday and it was good as hell. i need some dick right about now and i might go crazy if i dont get any so maybe ill call that older guy. yeah anyways i might be gettin off probation tomorrow even though im really not supposed to get off for another 8 months but thats just how the judicial system works i guess. yeah i have this fuckin house arrest thing on my ankle right now cuz i ran away and they dont think i can stay at home of my own free will but i dont blame them beacuase i really cant. im in summer fuckin school right now also and it totally sucks major balls i might die if i dont pass because then i cant get my belly-button pierced which is some big bullshit. yeah my girl jess has got some problems right now too. i guess her boyfrine dwas gettin drunk at this party the other night and cheated on her with one of her friends which really has to suck and then she like chain smoked a pack of squares. as a matter of fact... now that i htink of it i need a square myself! im gonna go cuz i wanna go smoke a square, but ill wirte sometime later alrighty!