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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

11:19AM - Time go slowly now

I am waiting for lunch time here now for about next one hour. Today I dont have to teach in the afternoon. I am updating my diary and change look and upload my photo just now.

Hope everyone has the active day.

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10:28AM - First Day

Today I woke up at 05.50 am, I baked the potatoes and then I took a shower and got dress to work. I ate a little piece of baked potatoes and I rode motorcycle to the university office and drink half of milk with strawberried power for breakfast. And I ate half piece of sticky rice snacks in the late morning after I finished teaching the first class today.

For lunch time, I will buy noodles today at the cafeteria but not sure the noodle shops open or not. If not I have to buy the rice to eat. I love noodles.

Current mood: awake
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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

7:24PM - New Look Plan

Oh my god! last night I broke up with my boyfriend. He has someone else and from now I will promise with myself that. I must look better!! My plan is going to happen from tomorrow. I am going to write all routine things of my plan and be good looking in two months!!

:D I am feeling much better for this plan. Anyone has any beauty recipe dont forget to share with me. Now here I have to go out and sleep earlier for make myself fresh for this plan tomorrow.

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