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  2003.06.06  00.57

*drools* Oh wow. ..Darren is SO unbelievably sexy. ..and I LOVE that song!:P Tehe.

You are Promises!
you are Promises! - You're a flirt and a bit of a
player. Admit it, you like being that way

Which Less Obvious Savage Garden Song Are You?
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*squeals* OH MY GOSH! That is the cutest kitten EVER!:D

You are: Not easily frusterated at all. You are
very patient & easy-going, & dont let things
get to you. Theres also some good heart & blood
pressure benefits from being so laid back. Just
make sure youre not repressing anything,
otherwise you'll most likely implode & then
explode & blow the world to smitherines.

How easily frusterated are you?
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*blush* Hee:P

You are heterosexual.

What is your sexual orientation?
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Awww. ..*giggles* That's sweet.O:)

heavenly angel
Heavenly're the perfect angel. You
know your morals and you set good examples.
People become drawn to you because of your
great personality.

What kind of angel are you?
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Music: Atomic Kitten "The Tide Is High"

  2003.05.24  01.16

[ .. ] first name: {Laura}
[ .. ] middle name: {Love}
[ .. ] nickname(s): {Barbie, Kitty, Lorla, Laurel, Lovey, etc.}
[ .. ] gender: {Female}
[ .. ] birthday: {February 5th, 1985}
[ .. ] height: {5’7”}
[ .. ] hair color: {Brown}
[ .. ] eye color: {Green and gold}
[ .. ] do you wear glasses or contacts: {Contacts…glasses are dorky}
[ .. ] do you have braces: {Nope}
[ .. ] is your hair long or short: {Long}
[ .. ] where were you born: {In Munci, Indiana}
[ .. ] current location: {Dayton, Ohio}
[ .. ] zodiac sign: {Aquarius}
[ .. ] how many languages do you know: {Dos…English (obviously) and Spanish, but I’ll be learning French in college!}
[ .. ] bad habit: {throwing my clothes on the floor after changing}
[ .. ] piercings: {My ears}
[ .. ] piercings you want: {My ears more, my belly-button (getting that done soon!), and my nostril}
[ .. ] tattoos you have: {zip}
[ .. ] tattoos you want: {I really don’t know. ..probably a pretty lil’ flower or something on my lower back}
[ .. ] hair color you want: {blond (which I’ll dye once in college)}
[ .. ] skin color: {white}

: pets :
[ .. ] do you have a pet: {Yes, more than one}
[ .. ] do you like them: {Of course!}
[ .. ] what do you do with them: {Pet them, feed them, play with them, etc.}
[ .. ] are you still in school: {No more high school.. .time for college!}
[ .. ] did you drop out: {Nope}
[ .. ] least favorite subjects: {Never been a fan of math}
[ .. ] most humiliating moment: {When Glenn and I tripped over each other, fell behind a desk, and got stuck.. .Mr. Oakes would not be quiet after that about our questionable position}

: favorites :
[ .. ] numbers: {I like 3 and 7}
[ .. ] shoes: {My black stiletto, strappy sandals}
[ .. ] saying: {“I may not have big boobs, but I have a big.. .. . ..heart!”}
[ .. ] tv show: {“Will & Grace”}
[ .. ] sport: {To participate in.. .martial arts. To watch. skating}
[ .. ] vegetable: {Carrot}
[ .. ] fruit: {Peach}
[ .. ] candy: {Chocolate}
[ .. ] gum: {Ice breakers}
[ .. ] candy bar: {Almond Joy}
[ .. ] ice cream flavor: {Cookie dough}
[ .. ] color: {Purple}
[ .. ] season: {Summer}
[ .. ] holiday: {Fourth of July}
[ .. ] type of music: {Rap and pop are tied}
[ .. ] thing in your room: {My bed}
[ .. ] place to be: {With loving peeps}
[ .. ] tv channel: {TCM}
[ .. ] overall food: {Pasta}
[ .. ] store: {Wet Seal}
[ .. ] fast food: {Ew}
[ .. ] restaurant: {LaBerge}
[ .. ] shape: {Circle}
[ .. ] time of day: {Afternoon}
[ .. ] mall: {Tricounty}
[ .. ] board game: {Candyland}
[ .. ] car: {Ferrari}
[ .. ] word: {“Love”}
[ .. ] month: {May}
[ .. ] team: {Don’t have one}
[ .. ] possession: {My car}

: what's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear :
[ .. ] eminem: {He’s hot!}
[ .. ] dog: {My doggy’s cute}
[ .. ] sexy: {Anthony}
[ .. ] britney spears: {So cute}
[ .. ] nsync: {So fun}
[ .. ] real world: {Boring}
[ .. ] orange: {Juice}
[ .. ] choice: {Pro}
[ .. ] shit: {Lazy word}
[ .. ] bisexual: {Unreal}
[ .. ] black: {Night}
[ .. ] insane clown posse: {Ew}
[ .. ] linkin park: {Goofy}
[ .. ] jack: {And Jill}
[ .. ] rainbow: {Pretty!}
[ .. ] cherry: {Lips}
[ .. ] cucumber: {Melon}
[ .. ] shark: {Big fish}
[ .. ] lifehouse: {Pirate}
[ .. ] bat: {In a belfry}
[ .. ] leather: {Poor animal}
[ .. ] whip: {Ow}
[ .. ] america: {Idol!}
[ .. ] water: {Ocean}
[ .. ] volcano: {Hawaii}

: private life :
[ .. ] do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: {Yes!}
[ .. ] do you have a crush: {Hehe, do you count celebrity crushes?}
[ .. ] do you love anyone right now: {Yes}
[ .. ] have you ever been in love: {I am right now}
[ .. ] do you love more than one person: {Of course}
[ .. ] how many hearts of have you broken: {None that I know of.. .I hope not any!}
[ .. ] how many people broke your heart: {Quite a lot, unfortunately. I’m very sensitive}
[ .. ] so what is your bf/gf/crush like: {Caring, lovely, sweet, compassionate, loyal, loving, handsome, etc.}
[ .. ] do you have a picture of him/her: {Of course}
[ .. ] do you have a picture of yourself: {Yes}
[ .. ] do you go by looks or personality: {Both}

: would you ever :
[ .. ] bungee jump: {No}
[ .. ] sky dive: {No}
[ .. ] swim with dolphins: {In the ocean, yes, but not if they’re caged}
[ .. ] scuba dive: {Yes}
[ .. ] go rock climbing: {No}
[ .. ] eat shit for $1,000,000: {No}
[ .. ] turn your back on your friends for personal gain: {No}
[ .. ] who's hot: {Me}
[ .. ] steal a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend: {No}
[ .. ] cross-dress: {Yes}
[ .. ] lie to the police: {No}
[ .. ] run from the police: {No}
[ .. ] lie to your parents: {No}
[ .. ] walk up to a stranger and kiss them: {No}
[ .. ] walk out of a restaurant without paying: {No}

: have you ever :
[ .. ] flashed someone: {Yes}
[ .. ] told the person you liked how you felt: {Yes}
[ .. ] been to Michigan: {Yes}
[ .. ] gotten really REALLY wasted: {Yes}
[ .. ] gone to jail or juvi: {No}
[ .. ] skateboarded: {No}
[ .. ] skinny dipped: {Yes}
[ .. ] stolen anything: {No}
[ .. ] kicked someone's ass: {No}
[ .. ] pegged someone in the head with a snowball: {Not in the head}
[ .. ] broke a beer bottle: {No}
[ .. ] flipped someone off: {No}
[ .. ] gone on a road trip: {Yes}
[ .. ] gone on vacation without adult supervision: {Yes}
[ .. ] been to a concert: {Yes}
[ .. ] been to another country: {Yes}
[ .. ] talked back to an adult: {No}
[ .. ] got pulled over: {No}
[ .. ] got in a car accident: {Yes}
[ .. ] broke a law: {Yes}
[ .. ] given money to a homeless person: {Yes}
[ .. ] tried to kill yourself: {No}
[ .. ] cried to get out of trouble: {Yes}
[ .. ] kissed a friend's brother or sister: {No}
[ .. ] kissed a brother or sister's friend: {No}
[ .. ] dropped something on the floor that you were cooking and let someone eat it anyways: {No}

: opinions :
[ .. ] what do you think...about pop music: {Great!}
[ .. ] about boy bands: {Hot}
[ .. ] about flag burning: {Whatever}
[ .. ] of the war on terrorists: {Terrible}
[ .. ] about suicide: {Awful}
[ .. ] about people who try to force their opinions on you: {Insecure}
[ .. ] about abortion: {Personal choice}
[ .. ] about rock/metal music: {Scary}
[ .. ] where do you think you'll be in 10 years: {Happily married}
[ .. ] who do you think you'll still be friends with in 5 years: {My good friends}

: what did you do :
[ .. ] last birthday: {Had a party!}
[ .. ] last weekend: {Went to my school’s prom!}
[ .. ] christmas: {Opened presents and hung out with family}
[ .. ] thanksgiving: {Went on a meditation retreat with my dad}
[ .. ] new year's eve: {Went to a party}
[ .. ] halloween: {Went trick-or-treating with friends}
[ .. ] easter: {Hung out with Anthony and Tabby}
[ .. ] valentine's day: {Spent time with Anthony!}

: the last :
[ .. ] thing you ate: {Musketeer’s bar}
[ .. ] thing you drank: {Root beer}
[ .. ] thing you wore: {Cute new jeans and sexy new tank top}
[ .. ] place you went: {The park}
[ .. ] thing you got pierced/tattooed: {My ears, heh}
[ .. ] person you saw: {Joan}
[ .. ] person you hugged: {Anthony}
[ .. ] person you talked to: {Katherine}
[ .. ] song you heard: {The “That’s So Raven” theme song}
[ .. ] what are you eating: {Nothing}
[ .. ] what are you drinking: {Nada}
[ .. ] what are you wearing: {My pajama pants and Earlham sweatshirt}
[ .. ] any shoes on: {Nope}
[ .. ] hair: {Just down and pretty}
[ .. ] listening to: {My Nelly “Country Grammar” CD}
[ .. ] talking to anyone: {Katherine}

: yes or no :
[ .. ] are you a vegetarian: {Yes}
[ .. ] do you like cows: {Yes}
[ .. ] are you a bitch: {No}
[ .. ] are you artistic: {Yes}
[ .. ] do you write poetry: {Yes}
[ .. ] can you ski: {Somewhat}
[ .. ] are you british: {Nope}
[ .. ] did you ever give barbie a haircut: {Hehe, yes}
[ .. ] would you eat mac & cheese with hot dogs in it: {Ew, no}
[ .. ] are you straight: {Mostly yeah}
[ .. ] are you short: {No}
[ .. ] are you tall: {Yes}
[ .. ] are you a typical teenager: {Sure}
[ .. ] do you shop at hot topic: {No}

: random questions :
[ .. ] if you could be any animal, what would you be: {A kitten}
[ .. ] if you had to eat and drink one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be: {Lemonade and noodles}
[ .. ] do you remember any of your dreams: {Yes}
[ .. ] do you dream in color or black and white: {Color}
[ .. ] do you admit when you need help with a problem: {Yes}
[ .. ] can people read you like a book: {Sometimes}
[ .. ] what's your biggest fear: {Violence}
[ .. ] do you talk a lot: {Sometimes}
[ .. ] are you afraid of clowns: {No}
[ .. ] do you like spiders: {Yes}
[ .. ] how about grape kool-aid: {Yes}
[ .. ] do you drive: {Yes}
[ .. ] are you spoiled: {Yes}
[ .. ] are you anti-social: {No}
[ .. ] any last words: {I love you!}
[ .. ] now that this is over, what are you going to do: {Probably go to sleep}
[ .. ] do you love yourself: {Yes!}

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Music: Nelly "Ride Wit Me"

  2003.05.19  17.35

*phew* What a day. ..


25 forever cool
My Inner Age

brought to you by Quizilla

That sounds SO true. ..



Which of the Four Original Elements Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I am QUITE the free-spirit:)


click here to find out which Beatle are you!!
Hey, you're George!!! Lucky you, you... George's a sexy bitch!

*drools* That man is SO hot. ..oh wow, I love him.. .*swoon*


I am the Water Spirit! Water is pretty and liquidy!
Just like ME!

Which Elemental Spirit are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

*giggles* I've always thought I was a mixture of wind and water. ..


Are you NASTY or NICE?

Quiz made by Angela

*smiles* Awww. ..


You are the Sophisticate Barbie! You like to dress up and surround yourself by beautiful people. This makes you feel important. You like things like getting your hair done, nails done, etc. Unless you're a guy, and then...well, you probably shouldn't be taking this quiz anyway.

Oh how I love dressing up. ..:)


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  2003.05.13  17.06

I'm so beautiful:)

1)First Grade Teacher: _Aww, Mrs. Simpson!:D She was so in love with my doggy, and started my ever-sticking nickname Tender-heart, like the Care bear:P_
2) Last word you said: _“Oh!” (I was surprised because my mom rearranged the living room furniture:P)_
3) Last song you sang: _“Tell Me Why” by Backstreet Boys_
4) Last person you hugged: _Katherine:)_
5) Last thing you laughed at: _I giggled when I was on the phone ordering a boutonniere. ..the lady was really cute:)_
6) Last time you said “I love you”: _To my doggy:D_
7) Last time you cried: _Um. ..yesterday when I was watching that one “Diva” show on VH1. so was touching!:’)_
8) What's in your CD player: _I think “No Strings Attached” by N’Sync_
9) What color socks are you wearing: _I’m not wearing socks:P_
10) What's under your bed: _A suitcase and some extra blankets for winter, and some stuffed animals that fell off my bed:P_
11) What time did you wake up today: _The alarm went off at 6:30am, but I didn’t really get out of bed ‘till 7am:P_
12) Current taste: _Chocolate. ..mmm. .._
13) Current hair: _Down, sleek, and sexy;)_
14) Current clothes: _Shiny jeans, tight purple shirt, and light purple scarf:) (feeling pretty. ..)_
15) Current annoyance: _My feet are a bit cold, but they’re so cute and don’t like the confinement of shoes!:P_
16) Current longing: _I’m excited to see Laura this evening!:)_
17) Current desktop picture: _Aaron Cobbett photograph of Chinese woman painting a clown:P_
18) Current worry: _I hope Sarah P. is doing better after the lose of her dog:’(_
19) Current hate: _I don’t hate:) *hugs*_
20) Story behind your DJ username: I_ love all kinds of felines:) And, um, the nighttime’s peaceful:) (dark) But the sun is fun too so yeah:P_
21) Current favorite article of clothing: _My prom dress!:D Yeah!_
22) Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex: _Um. ..they can’t have chub, I’m sorry. Wide eyes and straight hair and distinct chins! Oh, and nice abs;P_
23) Favorite physical feature of the same sex: _Not attracted to girls really, but I notice they’re pretty if they have shiny, straight hair, flat tummies, and are willowy and thin:)_
24) Last CD that you bought: _Wow, heh, I never buy CDs. ..people just give them to me!:P I really can’t remember._
25) Favorite place to be: _With loved ones!:D_
26) Least favorite place: _I’m not a big fan of airports, but luckily I’ve always been with Joan or a friend:)_
27) Time you wake up in the morning: _I aim for 5am everyday, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen (like today)._
28) If you could play an instrument, what would it be: _I really want to learn to play the harp better._
29) Favorite color: _Purple, blue, green, white, pink. ..I don’t’ really have once favorite:P_
30) Do you believe in an afterlife: _It’s not important._
31) How tall are you: _5’7”-5’8”. …probably like 5’7.5”:P_
32) Current favorite word/saying: _"Who said that?", "We white!", "Marque!", "Quality", "Woop woop!", "That's not PG!", "Drop it like it's hot", "I'm to nice for my own good", "Weeee!", "Love me tender", etc._
33) Favorite book: _Right now it’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Tracy Chevalier_
34) Favorite season: _Spring and summer:)_
35) One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: _Amanda Alkier and Aubrey Fine! They were like my best friends in first grade who both moved away:’(_
36) Favorite day: _Aww, all days are fun:)_
37) Where do you want to go: _Weeeeeeeee!:P _
38) What is your career going to be like: _Rewarding and fun:)_
39) What kind of car will you have: _A cute one:P_
40) Type a line you remember from any book: _“I was holding pearls the size of hazelnuts, shaped like drops of water. They were silvery grey, even in the sunlight, except for a dot of fierce white light.”_
41) A random lyric: _“You’ll find me in the club, bottle full of bub. .” *giggles hysterically*_
42) Identify some things surrounding your computer: _Markers, a princess crown, pictures, candy, books, magazine cutouts. .._

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Music: Madonna "Like a Prayer"

  2003.05.11  23.44

Wow.. ..after watching the ever FAB-U-LOUS movie, "Spirited Away", I'm in a bit of an anime mood;P


What Forest Creature Are You?
Aww, I love "Princess Mononoke"!


What Anime Art Style Are You?
Hehe, yup, that does sound like me:P


What Anime Type Are You?
Aww, cute!:D


What Anime Stereotype Are You?
Hey now, that's not totally true. ..if you knew me, you'd know I have a personality;P


What Anime Vampire Are You?
I guess I'm androgynous.. .if I was a man, maybe. Hehe:P


What Magical Girl Are You?
Aww, how pretty:)


Who's Your Anime Boyfriend?
*gasp* Mamo-chan!:D I've always thought he was a lot like Anthony. ..*blush*O:)


What Shoujo Mascot Are You?
I suppose being cheerful is only annoying to those who are unhappy:P


What San-X Character Are You?
Short attention span! Weeeeeee!:P

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  2003.05.04  16.30

Which Teen Movie Queen Are You?
Which Teen Movie Queen Are You?


What's Your Designer Style?
What's You Designer Style?
Frills, ruffles, florals and girly glamour, you need to get hold of some Oscar De La Renta. Calista Flockhart's favourite range of delicate, feminine gowns, a girly, classic look and an all out sophistication will suit your sweet nature perfectly. You love pastel colours, wisps of chiffon and delicate detail - but you're not adverse to a little sexiness too. There is such thing as too many frills...



What Kind Of Princess Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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  2003.04.24  23.04

Tomorrow's Friday! To-shin-do graduation, woop woop!:P

-- Name: ~Laura Love~
-- Birthdate: ~February 5th, 1985~
-- Birthplace: ~Munci, Indiana~
-- Current Location: ~Dayton (Oakwood), Ohio~
-- Eye Color: ~Green and gold~
-- Hair Color: ~Medium brown~
-- Height: ~5’7”~
-- Weight: ~105 lbs.~
-- Righty or Lefty: ~Righty~
-- Your heritage: ~Lots of Irish and some Hungarian~
-- Your weakness: ~Overly trusting, put others’ happiness before my own, and I’m easily manipulated~
-- Your fears: ~Vertical drops~
-- Your perfect pizza: ~Cheese, and all kinds of veggies as long as they’re not spicy~
-- Goals you'd like to achieve: ~Get my masters in education, get an English and/or art teaching job in a high school, publish a novel, publish and illustrate a children’s book, attain enlightenment, get married, have my own art gallery, have children, progress more in to-shin-do in the black belt levels, star in a play, be a model, etc.~
-- Your most overused phrase on AIM: ~Probably the :-) smiley face~
-- Your thoughts first waking up: ~”Hmm.. .what should I wear today?”~
-- Your best physical feature: ~Everything, physical and internal, combined as one~
-- Your bedtime: ~Between 10pm and 1am~
-- Your most missed memory: ~Any vacations I’ve taken, and my grandparents~
-- Pepsi or Coke: ~Either as long as it’s diet~
-- McDonald's or Burger King: ~Neither~
-- Single or group dates: ~Depends on Anthony’s and my mood~
-- Adidas or Nike: ~Nike~
-- Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: ~Either~
-- Chocolate or vanilla: ~Chocolate~
-- Cappuccino or coffee: ~Neither~
-- smoke: ~No~
-- Cuss: ~Rarely~
-- Sing: ~Yes~
-- Take a shower every day: ~Mostly~
-- Have a crush(es): ~Obviously there’s Anthony, and then there’s the Hollywood hotties~
-- Do you think you've been in love: ~Yes~
-- Want to go to college: ~Yes~
-- Like high school: ~Yes~
-- Want to get married: ~Yes~
-- Believe in yourself: ~Yes~
-- Get motion sickness: ~Not often~
-- Think you're attractive: ~Yes~
-- Think you're a health freak: ~Yes~
-- Get along with your parents: ~Yes~
-- Like thunderstorms: ~Of course, it’s nature~
-- Play an instrument: ~Predominantly piano~
In the past month . . .
-- Drank alcohol: ~No~
-- Smoked: ~No~
-- Done a drug: ~No~
-- Had sex: ~Yes~
-- Made out: ~Yes~
-- Gone on a date: ~Yes~
-- Gone to the mall?: ~Yes~
-- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: ~No~
-- Eaten sushi: ~No~
-- Been on stage: ~Yes~
-- Been dumped: ~No~
-- Gone skating: ~No~
-- Made homemade cookies: ~Yes~
-- Gone skinny dipping: ~No~
-- Dyed your hair: ~No~
-- Stolen anything: ~No~
Ever . . .
-- Played a game that required removal of clothing: ~Yes~
-- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: ~Yes~
-- Been caught doing something?: ~Yes~
-- Been called a tease: ~Yes~
-- Gotten beaten up: ~Yes~
-- Shoplifted: ~No~
-- Changed who you were to fit in: ~No~
-- Age you hope to be married: ~At least circa 22~
-- Numbers and Names of Children: ~A girl and a boy named Aurora and Adrian~
-- Describe your Dream Wedding: ~A fairytale affair~
-- How do you want to die: ~A natural death~
-- Where you want to go to college: ~Earlham College~
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: ~An artist, a teacher, a writer, etc.~
-- What country would you most like to visit: ~Japan and Germany~
In a guy/girl . . .
-- Best eye color? ~It doesn’t matter~
-- Best hair color? ~A normal color~
-- Short or long hair: ~Short~
-- Height: ~Around my height~
-- Best weight: ~On the thin side~
-- Best articles of clothing: ~Classy clothes~
-- Best first date location: ~Somewhere where you can talk~
-- Best first kiss location: ~Somewhere secluded~
-- Number of drugs taken illegally: ~Several~
-- Number of people I could trust with my life: ~Very many~
-- Number of CDs that I own: ~I don’t know~
-- Number of piercings: ~Two~
-- Number of tattoos: ~None~
-- Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: ~A lot~
-- Number of scars on my body: ~None~
-- Number of things in my past that I regret: ~None~


01 | Vertical drops |
02 | Violence |
03 | Immoral acts |

01 | Anna B. |
02 | Meredith T.-W. |
03 | Beth S. |

01 | My boyfriend, friends, and myself |
02 | Anything artsy |
03 | Life and the world |

01 | I don’t hate |
02 | N/A |
03 | N/A |

01 | Pessimism |
02 | Math |
03 | Violence |

01 | Lots of books |
02 | Colored pencils and crayons |
03 | Sour candies |

01 | Talking with Anthony |
02 | Flipping through a magazine |
03 | Brushing my hair |

01 | Get married and have a family |
02 | Be successful in what I choose to do (i.e. meditation, job, to-shin-do, etc.) |
03 | Travel the world |

01 | Be creative (draw, paint, photograph, write, act, play piano, etc.) |
02 | Meditate for very long periods of time |
03 | Love everyone wholly and unconditionally |

01 | Peaceful |
02 | Sensitive |
03 | Loving |

01 | Delicate |
02 | Thin |
03 | Beautiful |

01 | Steal |
02 | Act, think, and speak hurtfully |
03 | Hold a grudge |

01 | Madonna |
02 | Michael Jackson |
03 | 50 Cent |

01 | Yay! |
02 | Aww.. . |
03 | I love you |

01 | Chocolate |
02 | Pasta |
03 | Cheese |

01 | How to Irish dance |
02 | How to do a back flip |
03 | How to be more organized |

01 | Water |
02 | Lemonade |
03 | Tea |

01 | “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” |
02 | “Clarissa Explains It All” |
03 | “Carebears”

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  2003.04.21  16.05

I'm just waiting for my toenail polish to dry before I go out again. I had fun doing this:P


-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

Heh, cool. ..:P

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  2003.04.16  23.17

*A* : ~Act your age?~ ..Yes:) I have that balance of being light-hearted and being serious:)..
*B* : ~Born on what day of the week?~ ..Um, I think it was a Tuesday..
*C* : ~Chore you hate?~ ..Hmm. *ponders* I just do them and don’t think about them. My family helps each other out..
*D* : ~Dad's name?~ ..Kevin:)..
*E* : ~Essential makeup item?~ ..Lipgloss!:P..
*F* : ~Favorite actor?~ ..Brad Pitt. ..*drool*..
*G* : ~Gold or silver?~ ..Silver..
*H* : ~Hometown?~ ..Tehe, Munci, Indiana:P..
*I* : ~Instruments you play?~ ..The piano, and I’ve started playing the harp..
*J* : ~Job title?~ ..Um, associate? I don’t know..
*K* : ~Kids?~ ..Totally! Once I’m married and financially secure, of course:)..
*L* : ~Living arrangements?~ ..“Upper class”, semi-tidy/semi-messy, creative, frilly, girly, yup..
*M* : ~Mom's name?~ ..Marga:)..
*N* : ~Number of people you've slept with?~ ..Several;)..
*O* : ~Overnight hospital stays?~ ..Nope..
*P* : ~Phobia?~ ..I’m working on my vertigo..
*Q* : ~Quote you like?~ ..“People are unable to love others if they first don’t love themselves.” – Buddha..
*R* : ~Religious affiliation?~ ..Theravada Buddhism..
*S* : ~Siblings?~ ..My younger sister (sixteen years) named Joan..
*T* : ~Time you wake up?~ ..Between 5am and 6am usually..
*U* : ~Unique habit?~ ..I carry a pad of paper and a pencil with me always to capture what I see..
*V* : ~Vegetable you refuse to eat?~ ..I’ll eat them all..
*W* : ~Worst habit?~ ..Um, I can get spacey:P..
*X* : ~Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend you best like out of all the ones you've had?~ ..Nate. We still talk, he’s a nice guy:)..
*Y* : ~Yummy person you've seen today?~ ..Tehe, Mr. Martin.O:) *blush*..
*Z* : ~Zodiac Sign?~ ..Aquarius!:D Woop woop! The best sign, of course;P..


~1 minute ago~: ..I was painting my nails:)..
~1 day ago~: ..I was sleeping:)..
~1 week ago~: ..I was probably doing homework:P..
~1 year ago~: ..I can’t remember.. .talking on the phone? Meditating? Who knows..
~I hurt~: ..When I watch the war on the news..
~I love~: ..Myself and all living beings..
~I hate~: ..Hehe, there's no hate in me:)..
~I fear~: ..Some people will never know love..
~I hope~: ..For everyone to live happily, morally, healthily, and peacefully..
~I feel~: ..Peaceful..
~I listen~: ..To whatever makes me feel good:)..
~I hide~: ..When I play hide and seek (and I’m the hidder):P..
~I drive~: ..An ice aqua Toyota Echo:)..
~I play~: ..Like a little girl:)..
~I miss~: ..My friend’s who’ve moved far away (Katy K., Elizabeth C., and Cat)..
~I learned~: ..But still have much more to learn..
~I know~: ..That I don’t know everything..
~I wait~: ..Um. ..I’m excited for prom!:P..
~I need~: ..Water. I haven’t had enough today:/..
~I think~: ..*blinks* I do?:P..
~Current Clothes~: ..My really short blue shorts with sparkly butterflies, purple thong, black bra, blue halter, and a toe ring:P..
~Current Mood~: ..Happy:)..
~Current Music~: ..Rockin’ out to 80s!..
~Current Taste~: ..Peppermint altoid:P..
~Current Hair~: ..In pigtails:)..
~Current Annoyance~: ..Not feeling annoyed..
~Current Smell~: ..My strawberry lotion:)..
~Current thing I should doing~: ..Probably getting my water..
~Current Desktop Picture~: ..An Aaron Cobbett photo of a lovely Chinese woman painting a clown..
~Current Favorite bands/singers~: ..Madonna!:D..
~Current Book~: ..”The Girl With The Pearl Earring”..
~Current Movie In DVD~: ..I think “Beauty and the Beast” is there now..
~Current Refreshment~: ..Still need to get that water..
~Current Worry~: ..Nope, not worried:)..

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  2003.04.14  00.03

Fun times. ..hehe, these things are amusing:) Woop woop!:P

Producing of Love - You radiate joy! You love your
friends, your family, and random other people.
Even though you're of the best of people, you
may need to be careful not to attract love
leeches who only want to consume your love
without giving any back!

Where's The Love?
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Fluffy Bunny. You seem to be confused. You're
supposed to have angst for this test. But you
are a fluffy bunny. You have no angst. You
hop around in joyous glee.

What storm is your angst?
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Heart. You can grasp the humane aspect of things.
The tender and compassionate. That's where
your strengths lie.

Where's your balance?
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  2003.04.07  15.32

Beautiful.. . ...

Cherry Scented. Everything is sunshine and roses
with you. You cling to childhood and refuse to
let go. Someday you might have to take off
those rose tinted Glasses.

What scent are you?
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  2003.03.24  23.02

This makes me blush. ..*blush*


Your Sexual Energy is Green!

Your sexual energy is rich, serene, and abundant like the natural world.

You are always feeling your sexual aura flow through you, like a stream.

Rarely do you go anywhere without it.

You seduce people with your luxurious glow.

You do not have to be obvious to express your sexuality.

Others just feel your serene sexual power that resides within.

First dates are a mental dance for you - as you subtly seduce potential lovers.

In bed, you can easily sense your lovers needs and to flow them as needed.

This spiritual click is your primary sexual strength.

However, sometimes you allow your carnal appetite to go too far, and you forget to be cautious.

While it's awesome and totally liberating to release your inner wild woman... watch out!

Sometimes your pheromones may mislead you.

Check out Natalie Portman and Julia Stiles for some green sexual energy guidance.

When it comes to the hot matches, people who have shades of red, yellow, and pink are strong possibilities.

What Color is Your Sexual Energy?

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva

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  2003.03.14  00.25

Brrrr.. .I'm cold!:P *giggles*

You have a mysterious kiss. Your partner never
knows what you're going to come up with next;
this creates great excitement and arousal never
knowing what to expect. And it's sure to end
in a kiss as great as your mystery.

What kind of kiss are you?
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  2003.03.12  23.38

I absolutely adore this movie!! And she's my favorite character! (I also love her as an actress)

Which chicago Character Are You?

Brought to you by Faytrial

*ponders* That's all true except I'm not dumb! I exceed most people, actually:P

Which Stupid Stereotype Are You?

this quiz was made by Erin

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  2003.03.12  01.01

I'm such a good person.. .I rescued many insects like spiders and ants today:)

Which greek goddess are you?

brought to you by Quizilla
You are Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. You are a trendsetter and always know what’s in style. You're used to getting what you want, but don't get spoiled and make sure you have enough sense.

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  2003.03.10  23.19

Ladeeda, having fun. ..:D *giggles* Wee! My artwork made regionals!:D

001. :name: ~Laura Love:)~
002. :do you like it: ~Sure do:)~
002. :nicknames: ~Angel Eyes, Lorla, Kitty, Faery, Belle/Beautiful, Sweetie, Love, Barbie, etc.~
003. :if you could change your first name, what would it be: ~I don’t want to change it. ..~
003. :sex: ~Female~
004. :birthday: ~February 5th, 1985~
005. :age: ~18! Woo!:)~
006. :star sign: ~Aquarius:)~
006. :height: ~5'7"~
007. :place of birth: ~Munci, Indiana~
008. :current residence: ~Dayton, Ohio~
009. :hair color: ~It’s natural again.. .I like it better that way. Light brown:)~
010. :eye color: ~Green & gold~
013. :writing hand: ~Right hand~

014. :do you bite your nails: ~Eww, no~
015. :can you roll your tongue: ~Yup yup~
016. :can you raise one eyebrow at a time: ~Sure can! Hehe, an acting skill;)~
017. :can you blow smoke rings: ~I don’t smoke, and when I did I didn’t try:P~
018. :can you blow spit bubbles: ~Gross~
019. :can you cross your eyes: ~Ow, that’s bad for your vision~
020. :can you flip your eyelids out: ~Eww, oww!!~
021. :tattoos and where: ~Can’t think of what I want yet. Nothing ugly like words, though~
022. :piercings and where: ~Currently only my ears.. .I shrank them so I can where dangling earrings again!:)~
023. :do you make your bed daily: ~Of course~

024. :what goes on first, bra or underwear: ~Bra~
025. :which shoe goes on first: ~Actually, now that I think about it I think I put my left one on first. ..~
036. :speaking of shoes, have you thrown one at someone: ~Poor person.. .no~
037. :how much money is usually in your wallet: ~As much as I think I’m going to need. I’m a rich girl so right now I have like $100 in it:P~
038. :what jewelry do you wear : ~Always 8 rings, lots of pretty, delicate bracelets on each wrist, dangly earrings, and the number of necklaces/chokers varies~
039. :what's sexiest on a guy: ~A sensitive soul~
040. :what's sexiest on a girl: ~A nurturing soul~
041. :would you rather be on time and look okay or late and look great: ~Be late and look great:)~

042. :do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it: ~Real ladies twirl;P~
043. :how many cereals are in your cabinet: ~One box of Cheerios~
044. :what utensils do you use eating pizza: ~A knife and fork~
045. :do you cook: ~Certain things;P~

046. :how often do you brush your teeth: ~When I wake up, after lunch, and before bed. Floss too!~
047. :how often do you shower/bathe: ~Once every other day~
048. :how long do these showers last: ~Lol, I take those movie-star Hollywood showers.. .~
049. :hair drying method: ~Sometimes towel dry, sometimes blow-dry~
050. :do you paint your nails: ~Yes~

051. :do you swear: ~I try not to, it’s such a lazy way of speaking~
052. :do you cover your mouth when you cough: ~Of course~
053. :do you spit in public: ~Eww, gritty. No~
054. :do you pee in the shower: ~Ewww! No!~

055. :the c.d. player: ~”Affirmation” by Savage Garden~
056. :person you talk most on the phone with: ~Anthony, Katherine, Anna, Katy, Renee, Emily G., Jocelyn, etc.~
057. :what color is your bedroom: ~Pastel green~
058. :do you use an alarm clock: ~Yes~
059. :name one thing you're obsessed with: ~Lip-gloss and lotion!:P~
060. :have you ever skinny dipped with the opposite sex: ~No~
061. :ever sunbathed in the nude: ~Had bikini-top off, but my stomach was face down~
062. :window seat or aisle: ~Aisle~
063. :what's your sleeping position: ~On either side~
064. :what kind of bed do you like: ~As long as it’s comfy:P~
065. :in hot weather do you use a blanket/quilt: ~Nope, just a sheet~
066. :do you snore: ~No. ..I’m not fat~
067. :do you sleepwalk: ~Did when I was little~
068. :do you talk in your sleep: ~Don’t think so~
069. :do you sleep with a stuffed animal: ~Hehe, yeah:)~
070. :how about the light on: ~No, but even if it is on it doesn’t bother me~
071. :do you fall asleep with the television or radio on: ~No, that psychologically creates a light sleep~

072. :had sex: ~Uh.. .Saturday night after Turnabout …*blush*~
073. :were kissed or kissed someone: ~Kissed my doggie this morning:)~
074. :watched “Bambi”: ~Over the summer …so sad when Bambi’s mother dies:’(~
075. :cried: ~Last night when I looked at my grandparent’s photos~
076. :talked on the phone: ~Last night with Anna:D~
077. :read a book: ~This morning.. .before my daily meditation to help:)~
078. :punched someone: ~*waves hand* Pacifist right here:)~

079. :who are you going to be married to and where: ~Marrying Anthony would be wonderful:) Definitely in May. ..either outside or in a gorgeous cathedral~
080. :how many kids do you want to have: ~Preferably a boy and a girl:) Can’t wait to be a mom!~
081. :your profession: ~English teacher, art teacher, elementary teacher, something like that:P A model too~

And some more funness before I travel to Slumberland.. .

Web of Clouds - Light and airy, your web is of aid
and love. None are restricted by its pull,
only cushioned and guided.

What web do you spin?
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  2003.03.10  02.11

Awww. ..this is pure, cute happiness:D

Pure Heart. Go find a Broken Heart to cheer up!

What is the state of your heart?
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