12th April 2012

8:49pm: In the News and what a day
UPDATE: Coast Guard: 2 dead in shooting at Alaska station
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Two Coast Guard members were fatally shot at a communications station on Kodiak in what officials said appeared to be a double homicide. They said they have yet to identify a suspect.

The victims were found at their work areas inside the station early Thursday by another Coast Guard member. Spokeswoman Sara Francis said that while the roughly 60 enlisted personnel and civilians working at the station had been accounted for, officials believe a third person was involved in the shooting.

The base and an adjacent school were on lockdown. Officials called on the city's 6,300 or so residents to remain calm and vigilant.

Francis said added security was in place at the base and the school.

The Coast Guard said the victims' identities would be released after family members were notified.

So no car pooling today as I dropped Wyatt off to get the tires changed out. Sunday is the deadline, I believe. So I dropped him off at Capital Service and Jerry Burns was behind me. Haven't seen him in about 3 years. He has a good job now, not as much free time for the bar/pool scene. He didn't know Boo had a baby. We chatted a moment, then off he went. Boo pulled in and picked me up for the Heritage Coffee mocha run.

Off to work. Weird no Sara. Went up to get the water pitchers for room "C" and the sink was plugged with coffee grounds. Nice way to start. So down to floor 1. Fill them up, back up to second floor with the 5 carafes. Then mic test, supply check. No TO forms for the jail escorts. and 7 minutes to on-record time. So I waited inpatiently on the elevator, it creeped and shuddered to th ground floor where it shot away after I got off. Great. Dashed into the office, got my forms, came back out and someone was getting off the elevator. Creeped back to the second floor, threw my forms on the bench, then dashed to open the doors and begin the day!!

what a day. I love my job. Never a dull moment.

Worked through half of lunch while Boo waited for me. She dropped me off at Capital to pick up Wyatt. $80 for mounting and balancing the 4 tires. Then called State Farm as I drove to Domino's. She took $168 for the condo insurance. Dominos wanted 9 bucks for Spinach bread and a Mountain Dew. Then $6 at the parking garage for 4 hours and back to work. We had a guy where the attorneys agreed he would serve 6 months, but the more the judge heard about the victim's injuries the more upset he got. By the time the attorneys were done talking, the judge decided he needed 4 years with 2 suspended. They will come back in 3 weeks after they talk some more.

Other things happened, but none to put here. Off work, decided to stop at Wee Fishee. E was there and grinned at me. "I was just going to call you!" Took the tires home, then went back to Wee. E and the new girl loaded up the tank and home I went. Got home and realized didn't have the undergravel plates. Went back.

Jess was home when I got back and Gina was cooking. I started emptying the original fish tank, leaving just enough water for the Oscar to be covered. Jess helped me carry in the new tank. It took all 3 of us to get it over the old tank, around the chair and into the spot on the hutch. After I got the undergravel plates in, Jess poured the new bag of gravel in and then I started putting the tank together. Two hours later I started putting the golds into the tank. They weren't too impressed, so I waited until there was enough water to start the circulating pump before putting the Koi and the Oscar in there.

The Koi was the only one impressed with the larger new tank. Back and forth it scooted from end to end like a happy child. The others will get used to it in time.

Jon just reminded me. There has been this Toyota camper for sale by the Coast Guard dock, so I went in there to look at it. 4 way intersection. Have to yield to cars coming straight when coming out. So the other side the lanes were both turning. I made my left turn across the intersection as two cars made the left across on the other side. The second one decided to make a wide turn and landed in front of me. No big deal, just enough room. But then he looked up in his rear view mirror, saw me right behind him and slammed on his brakes!!! Idiot - you were the one who pulled in front of me, I wasn't tailing you!
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